Hard Time

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This hour show from the National Geographic Channel is their answer to Lockup. The spent a year in Georgia and from there started moving to other prisons.

# Description
101 Breaking In - New inmates and correctional officer cadets enter the treacherous world of Georgia's maximum security prisons for the first time. 2/23/09
102 The Ropes - Inmates in one of Georgia's highest security prisons deal with violence, manhood and life behind bars. 3/2/09
103 Tools of Control - At Hays State Prison, the CERT team and its K-9 unit search every inmate and every room for contraband and weapons; "chain-gang Godfather'' Morgan Corley. 3/9/09
104 Changes Behind Bars - Inmates in various stages of incarceration confront how time in one of Georgia's toughest prisons has transformed them. 3/16/09
105 Breaking Point - Two sets of rules exist within the prison walls, the administrations paramilitary ethos and the convict code of respect and retribution. 3/23/09
106 Breakout - Two inmates escape from one of Georgia's most secure prisons, setting off a massive manhunt to capture them. 3/30/09
107 Indiana - Profile of Indiana's Pendleton Correctional Facility with Warden Brett Hize. 4/7/09
108 Alaska - Spring Creek Seward. Victor Stern, Sgt. William Lapinskas, Super Craig Turnbull, John Bright, Donald Joseph, Larry DeBoard, Shawn Belknap, Ronald Smith, Erich Torrey, Dennis Perry, Ernest Rogers, Sgt. Gary Elde, Robert Stockdale 4/17/09

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