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In 2006 this Court TV series came after a nearly 5 years void of police videos style when the Wildest Police Videos went off the air in 2001 and now these shows are everywhere. This is the series that goes inside the untold stories of high stakes police pursuits. From high-speed chases to dangerous crashes, "Hot Pursuit" takes you behind the scenes and behind the headlines of some of the most dramatic police footage ever captured, and shows the dangers our law enforcement professionals face every day. 

Season 1 (2006)

# Description
101 Utah 3/5/02 a man in a stolen red Mustang runs a road block/On 4/14/02 a short woman in a blue car attacks a cop after getting pulled over/Merrit Island, FL 9/15/00 a thief hides on a pier/Montana Mountain 10/19/99 a DWI crashes into the back of an 18 wheeler/Marina Park, FL 3/19/02 Mrs. Reynolds DWI test/TX 1/17/01 a car slides into a tow truck/On 8/3/02 a drunk black man in the road takes off his clothes and gets tazed/On 11/19/06 cops ram a man into an Exxon gas station pump/Cincinnati 1/17/01 a gang fight at a school with a fleeing guy getting hit by a police car/Montana 6/14/04 cop rams a car up onto his hood and the suspect starts a shootout, hits spikes and the cop rams him at full speed 1/5/06
102 On 8/14/04 – cops chase a stolen red pick up the vehicle of choice for criminals. 1/5/06
103 A cop pulls a car over onto the grass then an SUV comes sliding off the road and takes the cop right out into the weeds, but he isn’t injured badly. 1/12/06
104 5/8/02 - man and woman jump out of a stolen car as it goes into a dead end and she gets run over and hits a phone pole. FL - a cop goes to a truck at a traffic stop. The driver gets out, goes back in and drives off when the cops is on the door and the passenger jumps out and gives up. He then runs away. 3/3/00 - a man in a white Cadillac races on tights roads, flies around cars, makes fast turns, jumps hills, then hits a drainage ditch, is thrown out the door and runs and is soon caught. 8/24/01 - a cop chasing a car hits a car that turns right in front of him and the camera goes up in the air. After the debris are shown. 1/19/06
105 GA 12/20/99 - a red pickup truck runs through heavy traffic, weaves around a car, goes left around a truck and the cop goes right around the truck and they crash into each other and go off the road/On 5/18 - cops pull over a car full of teens. They pull the driver out when suddenly a drunk guy on foot crashes face first right into the teens car. The cop goes over and arrests him/MO 6/23/99 - a man sentenced to house arrest flees his house and speeds down a freeway. A cop sets up spikes and he hits them. A large trail of sparks fly from his rims as he keeps going. A second set of spikes is laid and he spins out, runs on foot and shoots at the cops. Cops return fire and he surrenders/At a railroad crossing an 18 wheeler goes in front of a train and the train hits it and peels it open/On 9/7/03 - a cop arrests a man on a traffic stop. He checks his pants and a car rams into the police car, knocking the cop and the suspect down. A second cop car shows a car running into both police cars and the suspect is pinned between cars. The cops’ leg is badly injured and he screams and curses. The suspect is unconscious/LA – a helicopter covers police chasing a stolen red Honda on the freeway going 100mph. After three hours he hits spike strips and slows down. The passenger jumps out while the car is still moving, but the driver keeps going and the sparks from the rims ignite the engine. Then he finally gives up/On 12/12/03 – during a traffic stop rubberneckers crash into each other lifting one car on top of another/OK 2/1/00 - police chase a car in the rain weaving all through traffic at a low speed. Cops blockade him, he tries to get around them on the median, spins out across traffic, takes the exit and into the woods/SC 10/14/04 - at a traffic stop a cop talks to the driver when suddenly a car speeds right at him and he jumps up onto the car to avoid him/On 9/8/96 - a cop tries to pull over a DWI. She pulls into her parking space at home and refuses to get out, claims she didn’t see him or hear him the whole time. He asks if she knows she has a flat tire. She says yes, then tries to run into her house. He grabs her and waits for backup. She then starts cursing them out and wants to call her attorney. She curses 10 times then asks why are they arresting her. She refuses to go in the back of their car and curses them out some more. They put her in the back and she fights and curses/A cop chases a red Chevy truck at night through a residential area who takes turns crazy and crashes. The first fat cop doesn’t even notice the guy has run off down the road as he goes to the car/GA 1/12/00 - a cop goes to PIT an SUV on the freeway. He passes by 6 cops, then gets into heavy traffic and races down the shoulder until a truck is sitting there. He comes around and 2 cops block his way. He rams into a cop, goes into the median, gets back, then rams a cop off the road and spins his car out. Then they are arrested. 1/26/06
106 KY 1/23/00 - a woman driving erratically is stopped in the snow and takes off when two troopers get out to talk to her. She stops again and runs again. She speeds up, slows down and makes a u-turn. They catch up to her and she pulls into the snow. They get out with guns drawn and the woman charges them like she has a gun and takes their car. One cop falls face first in the snow/Arkansas 11/4/92 a drunk woman is given a DWI test at the station. She keeps saying how beautiful the cop is and the cop cracks up. She gets mad she can’t vote, then says he has beautiful brown eyes and is Irish, hot blooded. She drops the sign in pad and he jumps. She calls another cop an SOB and says, “he thinks I’m better than me.” She says she doesn’t want to blow in the machine, she wants to blow on him and to kiss him. Then she whines, “why on Earth did god create the world?” He tells her again to blow into the machine. She doesn’t follow instructions for a while/NJ Turnpike 11/28/02 - nighttime chase. The suspect clips another car and showers sparks and parts all over the road. Then his car dies and the cops grab him/AZ – a 4x4 comes around a corner, loses control and flips twice into the shoulder/Broken Bow, Nebraska 6/21/98 – a cop pulls over a beat up van and then the guy takes off. Then he pulls off the road, into a ditch and flies into the trees, lands upside down and the guy is bleeds heavily/On 4/9/05 a black car speeds off, drives all over the highway, on the shoulder to pass, then on the other shoulder. He gets far away then hits another car spinning it out into the median. He’s off on the shoulder, climbs out the window and they taze him. He pulls the wire out, gets surrounded and tazed again and again to no effect. He wields a screwdriver so they have to shoot him and one cops’ bullet ricochets off the pavement and hits his partner in the leg/NC 5/17/05 – a motorcycle being chased speeds through oncoming traffic with a bag of drugs, he takes a turn badly and the cop rams him, knocking him over/Michigan 11/30/01 - a man falls asleep in his car with his foot on the gas. It’s pouring rain and his car catches fire. They pull him out and the car turns into a fireball they can’t put out. He wasn’t drunk, he’s was on medication that knocked him out/On 5/16/97 – during a traffic stop the black male driver walks back to the cop and is given a ticket for tailgating. His passenger says they are brothers, he says they are cousins. A drug dog is brought in and the guy takes off, jumps back in his car, gets shot, dumps the drugs in a parking lot and runs another 150 miles/On 5/27/96 - a car runs on a straightaway for miles, when he goes on a curb to make a turn he hits a phone pole hard/Ohio 9/1/99 - a disgruntled employee steals a garbage truck from his old job. Six cops chase him down the wrong side of the road, then trash falls out and they have to swerve to miss it. One cop tries to get in on foot, then he gets stuck on a hill and they grab him. 1/26/06
107 Tallapoosa, GA 12/31/00 – a man is DWI in a stolen car. He weaves all over, the cop ram him, then ram him again. He keeps going, then rams his trunk hard and smashes it up. He stops, the cop gets out and the guy runs and gets away/A man in red SUV is pulled over and freaks out. He grabs the cops pad and screams and curses that he’s ripping him off and didn’t do anything wrong. He’s gotten speeding tickets before, he knows the deal, he’s trying not to speed again. The cop is all calm and explains everything quietly. When he tells him the ticket is $135 he screams you’re f—king crazy, goes wild and throws the papers out the window and the cop tells him to pick it up or he’ll be charged with littering. He says he’s never heard of a fine like that in his life you goddamn a-hole, his wife has taken money out of his saving’s account because he’s broke. She’s paying his insurance/TX 10/21/97 - a car is pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign. Then a black car driven by her husband pulls in front of her. He gets out and the cop tells him to go back in his car and he says he’s not breaking any laws and comes after the cop. The cop hits him with pepper spray and holds him down. He yells he can’t see and his wife comes over and asks why is he arresting him. He says I haven’t done anything you jerkoff/LA – a helicopter follows a police chase. The car is beat up and the hood is all dented. As the chase drags on people start to come out and cheer him. When he’s finally sopped a near riot ensues with citizens getting involved. Many cops have to quell things/On 6/5/98 - cops PIT a fleeing SUV, it and it flips over and the guy is thrown out the back as it spins out. Then he runs/ON 3/28/02 - cops arrive at a collision. A cop pulls behind the first cop, gets out and then a car crashes into the first car and destroys it while the cop is sitting inside/Hillsboro, NH 8/5/98 - a cop is going to an assistance call and a huge truck is in front of him. He can’t get around it and finally it pulls over, then a red pick up comes flying out of a side street and crashes right into it/A car going the wrong way on a freeway slams head on into another one destroying his car. He can’t get out and the fire dept has to cut him out/On 3/30/01 - during a police chase a car has a blowout showering the cop with sparks. He loses control, then stops and gives up/On 8/3/93 - A car is chased through a residential neighborhood and he drives on the grass, over a median, on the wrong side of the road, blows a tire and brother cops grab him/On 3/17/01 - a DWI is pulled over after driving on the shoulder. He denies drinking anything, but was at a bar. He claims he’s going through a divorce and refuses a breath test. The cop says he can smell it on him. The he tries the divorce line again and cries. He’s pulled out for a field sobriety test and starts the alphabet with E, gets to P then goes back to E. He then admits, “you have me.” He makes him do more tests and he fails them. The guy then gets back in his car to leave, gets out, walks back to the cop, then goes back in his car and takes off. A couple of blocks later he runs into a ditch. 2/2/06
108 Phoenix, AZ – a robbery suspect is fleeing in a dump truck and gets t-boned at an intersection and the massive truck flips over. He runs out on foot and a citizen gets him before the cops/AZ 10/03/02 – the suspect gets a cop in a headlock and fights with 5 cops/Idaho 6/13/99 - at a traffic stop, Larry Espinazo pulls out a Las Vegas PD badge, but he’s drunk. The cop makes him do a field sobriety test. He admits he’s been drinking and says he’s done it for 20 years. He says he’s with Internal Affairs and tries to talk his way out of it. He fails the tests and admits he got him. He cuffs him and obviously he’s drunk and says he’ll give him $2,000 to let him go/Deputy H.E. Skaggs 4/11/98 - during a chase at night, the lead cop gets in front of the suspect to cut him off and slow him down, the cop behind him stays close until the car crashes into them and wipes out/FL 10/27/04 - a white sedan goes offroad, flies in the air, over a driveway and into an electric truck. She’s an old lady on medication who fell asleep/Mebane 3/8/99 - a cop pulls over a black guy who gets out of the car and the cop grabs him, he’s trying to ditch something and the cop holds onto and takes him down and his money flies all over. The cop calls for help and the guy gets up and tries to get away. Two citizens come over and help him before backup arrives/On 8/10/94 a cop joins a chase in the pouring rain on a freeway. One cop leans out of the car and shoots at the suspects tires, he misses and does it again and misses, they go over a bridge and he fires 3 more times and misses. A cop rams him into another cop, then rams him off the road. He fires at police and they unload on him/Indiana 1/20/03 - a man buys 3 crates of cold medicine and won’t pull over. One cop hits a pylon and gets knocked out. A second car chases him down the side roads and back on the freeway. He hits a spike strip and sparks fly from his truck. They pull him out and find meth and a lab inside/A man carjacks a red pickup truck and holds the driver at knife point and races down the freeway. The man turns into the median and flips over in a large cloud of dirt/Willoughby 6/12/01 - a man speeds away and crashes into a guardrail. He takes off and cops drive around looking for him. He runs right in front of them and the cop takes him out with his door/On 5/13/05 - a female cop pulls over a car for seatbelt violations. She goes back to her car and a truck hits the police car and jackknifes/LA police chase at night caught by helicopter. A stolen car drives on the wrong side of the road, they throw stuff out, try to ram the police and drive around and around the neighborhood, gang members take u-turns and keep going around and around, at an intersection they and 2 cops go around in circles, the passenger hangs out the window and gives signs to the large crowds gathering in the streets. A person throws a garbage can at the cops, the pull into a dead end and bail out on foot. The passenger is caught on a foot bridge. 2/9/06
109 On 6/25/01 a cop on a traffic stop has to jump on the roof to avoid getting hit/On 2/13/00 a black man fights getting cuffed by a white cop in the street and onto his hood until citizens assist/In Ottowa 9/3/91 a man puts his license on his roof, rips his rearview mirror off in a fit, throws garbage on the street and the cop makes him pick it up. He screams, curses and gives him the finger/A man drives in the rain on medians, shoulders, through deep water, grass and crashes while trying to hide from a helicopter/IN Ohio a DWI field test in the snow. The man fights, runs, tries to get back in his car, but cops have the keys. He gets maced, knocks a cops hat off, gets hit with the baton and then shot/On 5/2/93 a man drives with his door open then rolls out the back door on a turn/In TX 10/29/98 a car blows a tire doing 100mph, his engine catches fire, he wipes out and the car blows up, but cops get him to safety/Two thieves jump out of a stolen car as it's moving and the cop chases them on foot, then 2 more jump out later and walk away/In Alabama 1/28/01 a DWI weaves all over and stops. He claims he doesn't know his ABCs, can't read or write, doesn't want to go to jail and fails the breathalizer. He's done it before, but keeps whining that he wants the cop to cut him a break/A murderer runs in a pickup truck and a citizen stops him/In Los Angeles a stolen motorcycle goes 130mph through traffic/In MI 7/18/01 a DWI man jumps out of his car and the car keeps going/In Los Angeles a thief in a maroon car runs right into a bus, jumps out on foot and turns around to run into the cops' arms. #109. 2/16/06
110 A 5 hour stolen Winnebago chase ended up getting stuck in the desert/On 2/11/05 a woman is stopped for not have a license plate in the front a large turkey appears to chase the cop/In KY 1/10/01 a suspect runs and intersection at t-bones a car/A bank robber in a blue car runs out of gas, runs, hops a fence, falls and drops all the money/In FL a bank robber hits a curb on a turn, loses 2 hubcaps, goes on the grass, clips a tree which gets stuck on his hood and wipes out/On 5/24/97 a vehicle wipeout in the rain almost hits people/Live chase coverage of a red pickup truck goes over a median and crashes into a fence, smashing the windshield/In FL a man carjacks his ex-wife and cops PIT him and spins out 3.5 times over the grass/On an LA freeway a bank robber in a red car spins out across 5 lanes and hits the guardrail and they refuses to get out while surrounded by cops/On 10/11/98 a stolen car with no taillights is stopped and he jumps out of the moving vehicle/A civilian driving an SUV forces a drug dealer being chased to spinout and then cops PIT and ram him/On 3/27/02 a truck chase goes all night, gets PITted then he locks his doors so cops break in/Gill Costello hit his landlord with a hammer and stole his car. While cops chase him he calls 911 and keeps yelling, "They're gonna hurt me."/On 4/29/05 kids joyride in the rain, spin out, hit a cop, stops and the cop rams him, then he leaves and cops ram him into the bushes. Mike runs on foot and gets tazed. #110. 2/16/06
111 Florida - police chase a guy in a black SUV with a helicopter is overhead. He goes through traffic the wrong way, heads into parking lots, goes near a school and the cops try a PIT and he goes over a median. Then they PIT him into a truck that veers into an oncoming lane across the median, the cop spins out into a tree and wrecks/GA 4/30/02 - a woman in a 4x4 runs in the pouring rain, she might be 1096 - completely insane. They box her in and she stops. They get out to arrest her and she takes off. They catch up to her again and PIT her and she spins around 3 times into the median/K-9 footage/Ohio 1/12/05 - in the cold and fog, cops pull over a woman who won't let them check her car. A K-9 is brought in, gets a hit and the woman takes off. Down the road she stops and gives up/Iowa 1/7/05 - a camper spins out into an icy median. Officer Brian R calls for backup and they record an SUV skidding across the ice into the police car/LA - A man steals a taxi and is caught by a helicopter. He races through traffic the wrong way then gets rammed and caught after 180 miles/Cops catch a car fly across the road in front of them, into a wall, across the median, then it flips over and over and lands on it's back/AZ - a carjacker in an SUV has stolen 6 cars in one day. With a helicopter overhead, he goes through the desert, rams a blue vehicle off the road to carjack it, but cops are too close and he runs. He's caught outside a toy store/CA - a hit and run driver is all alone on the freeway and suddenly turns left into a wall, his engine catches fire and suddenly gives up/Nevada desert 4/29/02 - a 15 year old kid steals a school bus by threatening the driver with a samurai sword. He kicks up a cloud of dust and goes very slow on the winding roads. The spike strips don't work the first time, he goes off the shoulder and the spikes get him the second time. He loses control and the bus fishtails all over, rolls and skids off the road. They grab him and find plans he had to blow up the school/South Dakota 2/2/04, 8:45pm - cops get a reports of a break in at a storage facility. The find a guy who says his storage door is frozen shut. Police go to assist and see a shotgun in his truck. They ask for ID and if he has weapons. He stalls and then runs off. They catch him and he yells they are freezing his face. He breaks free and shoots at them. They fire back and hit him three times. He has 3 guns and a hunting knife on him/Texas 10/30/00, 3am - stolen camper pursuit. A cop gets lost in the parking lot. Another cop approaches him and he hits a curb, guns the van, it goes nowhere and smokes up a huge cloud. It's full of teenagers/Las Vegas - a beat up 1970s car is downtown going 70mph until he crashes into the Sahara hotel wall. The shirtless white guy with a mullet wrecks it and the runs into the hotel and hides in the kitchen. 2/23/06
112 Mobile, AL – Officer John Angle pursues two thieves who robbed a bank and fled in a black Buick into a neighborhood. They stop, speed off, stop again and shoot out their own back window and hit the police car in the windshield twice. They keep shooting and run into a ditch. They keep firing and John yells, “Show me your hands motherf-er.” One man turns onto the road and then hits it in reverse. John’s car was hit 34 times, but he was not injured/A car thief flies through and intersection, goes through traffic, weaves in and out of more traffic, almost hits a pickup, goes through more intersections, then hits a spike strip. The car smokes like crazy as he turns into a parking space/A teenage car thief drives through a Mobil Station and hits a car head on going the wrong way. The driver takes off, runs down the middle of the road and is soon caught. A guy in the front and two girls in the back are pulled out/On 8/12/04 – during a car pursuit, the female passenger jumps out on the median, then the male driver speeds away. A few miles later he stops, jumps out, almost gets hit and runs/LA – a man in a truck with no roof and trunk runs at a slow speed. He hits a spike strip and eventually jumps over his hood as the truck is still moving. He asks someone for directions and then cops get him with a flying tackle/Texas 4/16/97 – Four teens steal a car and run for hours until they crash into a stop sign/LA – a man in a black pickup runs through traffic, turns through a front yard, goes over sidewalks and through red lights. A cop throws spikes from his car window and multiple helicopters track him as he drives the wrong way through a construction zone. He almost hits people in a crosswalk, then suddenly stops and tries to get into his mom’s house, but she won’t let him in. She hugs him outside and he’s cuffed/On 7/15/05 - He’s a burglar with multiple warrants flees in a gray Chevy after trying to get pulled over. He takes a turn too fast, hits a curb, spins out the wrong way and rams a police car. More cops join and he takes another turn too fast, goes over a curb, spins out, keeps going, goes over a median, hits a tree and the car dies. He runs out on front/A a slow speed chase with a female in a black van who blows red lights, turns the wrong way and then holds pictures out the window to passerbys for sympathy/On 3/20/02 - a car runs on a freeway, goes across a long median, weaves in and out of traffic, then across another median and gets PITted/On 5/3/96 4am - a car is pulled over and the guy has no ID. He takes off, hits a guardrail, has a blowout and the cop loses sight of him in the fog. Soon after he finds the car crashed in the bushes/MI 3/18/96 – at a traffic stop the female passenger is drunk, cuffed and put in the back of a police car. She climbs in front of the police car and steals it. She gets it over 100mph and then spins out again and again and is surrounded. 2/23/06
113 Ohio 6/21/01 – a man steals a police car in Logan Co and flees with the lights on. He weaves in and out of traffic, cars move aside and he rear ends a car nearly destroying it. The passenger comes out in pain, but cops ignore him/Ohio 4/24/02 - a man flees in a stolen car and goes 120mph on an interstate. He weaves through heavy traffic, goes on shoulders and they throw a spike strip in the median, but he misses. He digs a muddy path through the median and kicks dirt into the police car. They he pulls over and runs/On 4/25/02 - a car is pulled over for going too slow. They give him a field sobriety test and he can’t walk a straight line. He tries to show a leg problem and takes his pants off/Columbus, OH 8/18/02 – a man with no headlights is pulled over, but he runs since it’s stolen. He takes a turn too fast, goes up a hill and is launched into a brick wall of a bank. Cops check him and he gets charged with B&E on the bank too/Tyler, TX 10/26/98 - cops pull over a car and question the driver. The passenger struggles, tries to grab the cops gun and they fire on him and he runs into the woods/FL 6/13/99 - a helicopter flies over a fleeing car at night. Their tire blows, they run on foot, climb into a prison yard and get trapped. The cops wait for them at the only way out/Wickliffe, OH PD 10/30/02 – Dave, a former cop, is wandering around a parking lot. He lost his job and his girlfriend. He pulls a child seat out of the car and they shoot him with beanbags. He then runs into the car, takes off, blows a tire and they surround him. They see he has a gun and they back off and pelt him with beanbags again. He drops the gun and they grab him/Alabama 6/18/00 – a DWI slow speed pursuit. Deputy Humphreys chases him and another cop joins him in a rolling blockade. They bump him onto a side road and then he drives through the grass, down a ditch and back up. He tries to turn around and hits the police. Soon after he gets PITted and rammed. He jumps out and grabs the guy’s arm through the window. He won’t come out, so he opens the door, pulls him out and sits on him/On 9/13/99 - a cop pulls over Cadillac, the cop gets out and the car takes off. A long weaving pursuit through town ensues. When he catches up the car starts shooting at him. He slows down, catches up and they shoot some more hitting the police car. Then they go offroad, get back on the road, backup arrives and blocks the road. He crashes right into the police car at a high speed turning his car over. The cops jumps out and gets into another police car and catches the guy/A hostage situation – a man comes out with a vicious dog on a leash he can barely control. He tells them to back off, but cops distract him on one side and a cop gets him on the other side with a flying tackle as cops cheer him on. Then the dog takes off/Bowie, CO 8/13/02 - a pink Cadillac drives very slow past midnight. They try to pull them over and then they turn on Honeysuckle and increase speed. They get onto the main road, floor it and the cop can’t keep up. Then the car loses it and slams into a telephone poll causing an explosion. Turns out he was a 15 year old kid who stole his moms’ car. The fire department arrives to check him. 3/16/06
114 On 11/12/02 - a fleeing shoplifter takes a turn and cop misses a PIT attempt, then he swerves and the cop misses on the second try. On the third try he turns left, swerves around parked cars, then the cop rams him at an intersection. At the next intersection the cop takes him out/Sugarcreek, MO 11/10/02 – at a DWI stop of a truck the suspect is given a field sobriety test. The guy is a mess, does the test, doesn’t do well and punches the cop in the face. He goes for the cop and he pulls his gun, but the guy curses him out and gets back in his truck and leaves. He stops later and gets out and curses out the cop and says he pays his taxes. He then curses him out again and drives off. He goes down Spooky Hollow Rd and the guy goes down winding dirt roads and gets away/On 2/26/93 - a DWI pursuit of a truck that grinds his gears and weaves around. They pull Mr. Sheffield over and question him about how much he had to drink. He says he had a beer or so. He gives the alphabet, does some and says and so forth/On 1/7/01- a DWI truck is chased and proceeds along at a very slow speed. He then waves the cops over and he stops. They pull him out, cuff him and search him. He’s said he’s had enough to drink/Mebane 4/11/99 - a high speed pursuit continues for miles weaving in and out of traffic. Then the guy just jumps out going 40mph and rolls over and over. They pull him off the road and cuff him. He’s badly hurt, but still tries to struggle/CO – a thief drives a truck through a field and is followed by a helicopter. He gets back on the road, goes through another field, back on the road, then drives on the railroad tracks, loses his tail gate, keeps going then suddenly stops and runs. He runs into some high brush, goes into a creek then waves to the police in the helicopter. He lies down and the farm owner arrives with a shotgun/On 6/6/92 - at a traffic stop two cops get out and a passing car clips one of them. The cop runs back into his car and chases him down. It turns out the guy is 100 years old. He’s charged with failure to maintain control and leaving the scene of an accident. The cop shows the damage to his clothes/On 7/9/01 – during a traffic stop the guy is high. He fights the police, tries to get away and the cop holds him down on his car and cuffs him. The guy screams, rants, moans and raves because he’s on PCP. He yells, “I want a little piece. Now one would ever know he was dead. He likes his brother’s wife and he’s young. My mom is the devil, David is my father.” It takes 4 cops to get him in the car/At a traffic stop a cop pulls the driver out and asks if he had anything to drink. He says nothing he only bought a 6 pack. He was beating on the radio to make the lights come on. He doesn’t want a field sobriety test, he’ll just blow into a tube. The cop finds something in his pocket and the guy runs, the cops grabs him, he slams into the car, fights in the street and comes out of his clothes and runs/SC 5/20/01 - a DWI pursuit weaves in and out of the night time traffic. They blow out her tires and she is forced to stop. They pull the hysterical woman out and she says she didn’t do nothing wrong. She started driving and her car took off, she didn’t do anything to it. It was out of control, she was afraid someone would shoot her, she hasn’t had anything to drink and just wants to go to church/OH 12/6/02 - a son of a sheriff was stealing people’s mail. He gets pulled over, but takes off in the snow. He misses a roadblock, still won’t stop and weaves in and out of heavy traffic in the rain. He swerves to miss a second spike strip and wipes out. He skids across the road and flips over and over in the median. EMS arrives to take him away. 3/2/06
115 Ohio 4/2/05 - Cops are at the scene of an accident in the rain as a tow truck is picking up a white car when a truck comes flying along and smashes into the car destroying his truck. 3/9/06

Season 2 (2006)

201 Idaho 10/4/05 - cops lay down spike strips and the cop gets off the road. The van coming tries to get around it and slams into the cop car with the strips, launches in the air and spins around in pieces. 6/1/06
202 Jared Fitzgerald crashes a stolen Corvette. 6/1/06
203 Los Angeles, CA – a man is wanted for shooting and undercover cop. 6/8/06
204 Los Angeles, CA - a Toyota 4x4 holds up a bank and runs down the freeway. 6/15/06
205 First Federal Savings Bank, CA - road rage incident. A man is cut off and pulls a gun  6/22/06
206 Los Angeles, CA – a man in a blue pickup runs and his sister runs out to try to stop him. 6/29/06
207 Los Angeles, CA – two robbery suspects take an exit that is just a dirt road over a cliff.7/13/06
208 9/10/? - A cop pulls over a woman for making an illegal turn, no turns Mon-Fri. She begs him not to give her a ticket. 7/20/06
209 Boynton Beach, FL 8/6/04 - Officer McNevin pulls over a woman in an SUV. She is a model who tries to get out, he tells her not to, she asks why he pulled her over. 7/27/06
210 2/15/06 - 6 cops chase a truck and he weaves around the cars even though a helicopter is over him. 8/3/06
211 10/20/02 - a woman is at the station waiting to be processed. She curses at cops that they don't give a sh-t about anything. 8/3/06
212 A cop gives a field sobriety test and the man says he’s drunker than a skunk. Why is he driving then? 8/10/06
213 6/4/05 - cops pull of a Volvo after seeing them fill up their trunk with kids. She opens the trunk and there are 3 kids inside. 8/10/06
214 5/1/02 Sgt. Caldwell and cops chase a thief in a stolen car down the freeway. One cop PITs him and he spins around and around and around into the grass. 8/16/06
215 Cpl Daniels chases a car who pretends to pull over and makes a u-turn. He weaves through traffic, reaches into his glovebox and starts tossing things out the window. 8/16/06
216 Zionsville 8/16/01 - cop pulls over a truck, says he's license just got off suspension, but he still has a bunch of tickets and asks him about them. 8/30/06
217 VA - a cop pulls over a blue pickup truck. While the cop is asking for his license a wild turkey comes walking across the road toward the cop, then it walks around the passenger side and jumps on the back of the truck. 9/6/06
218 TX 6/2/01 - cops chase a biker with a girl on the back. Neither have helmets as he swerves around water patches. 9/6/06

Season 3 (2007)

301 Richmond, TX 6/2/06 - a couple wanted for carjacking shoots at cops as they chase them. 1/12/07
302 Salt Lake City, UT 3/7/03 - a drug trafficker is on the run from cops in a Jeep. 1/12/07
303 Williamson Co. TX 6/16/06 - cops chase meth dealing biker into cornfield. 1/18/07
304 Finley, OH 3/25/06 - Cops are looking for Dante Jamal Henry for trying to get a license with fake documents. 1/18/07
305 Des Moines, IA 1/28/06 – Ed Burke has a history of running, got away last time and has 2 warrants. 1/25/07
306 Canton, GA 2/28/06 – cops chase a red Pontiac with teenage bank robbers. 1/25/07
307 Three men kidnapped a woman and run away in a red Aerostar minivan. They weave in and out of traffic, on the shoulder as an unmarked police car shadows them. 2/1/07
308 Denton, TX 8/1/06 - cops stop a speeding blue pickup truck who pulls into Edgar's convenience store. 2/1/07
309 MI 7/13/06 – cops chase a black Ford Explorer after a stop for fake plates. 2/8/07
310 Santa Rosa Co. FL 9/23/05 – a woman threatened to shoot a bank teller and stole $3000. #310. 2/8/07
311 4/11/06 – a man steals a fast car and races down the highway. 2/15/07
312 Salt Lake City, UT 10/14/06 - two women stopped for speeding run for it. 2/15/07
313 Hima Co. AZ – cops chase a young guy through rush hour traffic at high speeds, weaving around cones on the wrong side of the road. 2/22/07
314 Jackson, GA 11/6/05 – a suspected drug runner being chased signals at first, then wildly passes on the shoulder around 18 wheelers. 2/22/07
315 Brownsville, TX 10/19/06 – cops chase a stolen car heading to Mexico. 3/1/07
316 Canton, OH 7/16/05 – cops pull over and SUV that takes it’s time stopping. 3/1/07
317 Palm Bay, FL – a man carjacks a black pickup truck and runs through residential streets. Cops are all over the road and can’t all make the turn. 4/10/07
318 Clarkesville, TN 9/6/06 - Sharise Richardson (34) got a minivan with a bad check and runs from police. She works at a daycare center and has kids with her. She runs down the highway, takes a turn too fast, spins out on the grass, comes back up, crashes into a cop car twice, then hits the cop when he jumps out and gets around them. She cuts through a Shell station, goes in a neighborhood, crashes and is caught to earn $600,000 bail. UT 2000 – cops try to stop a truck and finally shoot a tire out which flames and sparks. He won’t stop until he loses control. He gets on the phone and won’t listen to police to come out. He then smokes a cigarette and walks around. A SWAT team runs over and takes him down. GA 4/18/05 - cops chase a drug runner in a stolen car. He races around traffic, goes on the shoulder, then gets PITted and spins out into the guardrail and gets smashed. Cops run over debris that flies off. They rip him out after. 4/17/07
319 Hardeeville, GA 11/8/06 - a man steals a pickup truck and runs down the freeway. 4/24/07
320 3/18/05 – Rookie Officer Timothy Greene chases John David Phillips a three time convicted felon. Then he stops and opens fire on Tim. 5/1/07

Season 4 (2007)

S1 Best of Hot Pursuit: World's Worst Drivers - Hottest Drivers - Steubenville, OH 3/15/06 a man with pot in his trunk crashes and catches fire. 1 hour 10/9/07
401 Warren Co. KY - Cops serve a warrant on Russell and he runs in his white El Camino carrying a gun. 10/16/07
402 Des Moines, IO 6/6/05 - cops chase a man they know, a drug dealer called Uncle Bob. 10/16/07
403 AL 2/25/02 – a Pontiac Firebird tries to run down a state trooper and they shoot out his window. 10/23/07
404 Duchesne Co. UT 2/28/06 - a cop pulls over a black SUV and asks how he’s doing and to shut it off. 10/23/07
405 Lavonia, MI 5/7/06 - Three guys run after robbing a fast food restaurant. 10/30/07
406 West Lake, OH 4/17/07 - 19 year old Justin McFadden robs a house and runs in a van with bumper falling off. 10/30/07
407 Canton, OH 3/10/07 - Bobby (35) has warrants and runs at 120 mph and passes cars without braking. He is chased over 16 miles, passes cars on the shoulder, cuts across multiple lanes, takes an exit and gets t-boned by a black truck at an intersection. The truck spins around, the red car is trashed and he needs to be cut out. 11/6/07
408 Tampa, FL - a helicopter follows Emmett Bunkley who abducted his girlfriend’s 3 year old. He wanted $50 for her, but she didn’t have it. A van pulls in front of him to stop him, but he rams his way around. He goes the wrong way around traffic and they learn he’s a criminal who just broke out of prison. He goes the wrong way, hits a truck on a turn and cops pin him there. He jumps out, runs, they chase him down and tackle him. The boy in the car wasn’t strapped in, but was OK. He gets multiple charges of kidnapping, child abuse and tons more. 11/6/07
409 FL - cops chase a white Chevrolet S10 pickup truck that does a u-turn in the dirt, races on the shoulder and passes cars on either side. They lay spikes and he hits them doing 90mph, swerves into a cop car, flies into the air and spins around. The driver is thrown out. He asks if anyone is dead, he was scared brother. His neck hurts and EMS carries him away. 11/13/07
410 Forth Worth, TX 3/31/05 - Jorge Zulenka takes off from a traffic stop in an SUV and tires to run over a cop. He has a half pound of meth and 7 guns. He runs through a mall, then gets on the highway. Officer Tommy Taylor lays spikes and the guy goes after him, but hits the spikes and slows down. They get in front of him and stop him on an exit. He holds a gun to his head and they yank the girl passenger out by her waistband. Then they yank Jorge out and arrest him. He faces 35 years in jail. 11/13/07
411 Palm Bay, FL - Rob Miseragua was stopped, then he took off and cops chase the wanted dope dealer with a huge rap sheet. He swerves around cops and cops have to go around cars on the grass to keep up. He takes a left, then u-turns and almost hits a cop on foot. Cops are everywhere and one spins around and around to get back in it. He takes a right turn and goes out on foot as 4 cops run at him down the road. Another cop cuts him off and the cops jump him. He says he can’t breathe. It’s because his mouth is full of drugs. 11/20/07
412 Warren Co. OH - Adam Carpenter kidnaps a woman and holds her hostage in her Chevy as he runs. He escaped from jail, runs from cops, hits spike strips, his tire shreds, he hits a car and spins it out. A second tire shreds and hits the cops, then a third tire blows off. 11/27/07
413 Gwinnett Co. GA 6/29/06 – Officers Peters & Roberts chase 2 bank robbers. They stop, then take off on 78. They blow an intersection, just miss traffic, hit a spike strip and lose a tire. They make a turn, hit a car, the tire explodes, they hit dirt and kick up a cloud and cops crash into their door. The passenger jumps out with a bag of cash and is caught. The driver gets away, but his partner gives him up later. 11/27/07
414 Fort Wright, KY 3/7/07 - Sgt. Newsom chases Willie Q. Gordon who ran for expired tags. He does 90mph down I75, has no license and blows around traffic on a bridge. He runs red lights, takes a turn into traffic and on the third light he hits a minivan. After an hour of sitting he tries to run, but is caught. 12/4/07
415 Pinehurst, GA 8/3/04 - a drunk who is high with no license runs in a stolen car. He runs between cars and passes 18 wheelers on the shoulder. Cops stop traffic and he passes on the opposite shoulder, takes an exit and rockets down surface streets. Cops get ahead of him and he burns rubber when he brakes, crosses a median, then another and gets stuck and gives up. 12/4/07
416 Jacksonville, FL 7/22/07 - Officer Christmas chasse Jose Vialona (18) in a stolen Mercury Mountaineer. He spins out in the rain, keeps going, swerves all over, almost gets hit, then speeds down the road, crashes into a pole and explodes. He says his ankle and seatbelt are stuck. 12/23/07
417 Boiling Springs, NC 10/12/06 - a girl tries to run over her boyfriend who broke up with her. Cops chase her, jump out in front of her on foot, she goes offroad and comes back. She then rams cops on a turn. They yell for her to pull over, she goes in a ditch, gets around them and she rams cops throwing dirt on them. On a street she hits a car with cops all around and is taken down. 12/23/07
418 Cops spot a stolen silver SUV driven by with Steve Stickles in a gas station after he murdered someone and stole their checks. He takes off down Hwy 10, then goes down the grass and the other way. Unmarked cars arrive from all sides, he runs on foot and they catch the fat guy. 12/30/07

Season 5 (2008)

501 Women at the Wheel - In FL Carol Swanner escapes from a prison exam, takes a car and runs. Police move in, then drop spikes, she loses 2 tires, wipes out across the road, hits an embankment and comes back down, then is yanked out to go back to prison. FL 7/24/97 – a woman is given a FST. She messes up the alphabet xyzg whatever. Let me see you do it? He says I’ll count for you. She curses him out and says yes I drank, that has nothing to do with it. She’s arrested and goes to kick cops and is taken town flying through the air. She then claims she didn't kick anyone. Pepper Pike 9/15/07 - cops stop a mom in a school parking lot. She says she just came to give her kids homecoming tickets. She works here, volunteers all over the place. They smell beer. There is no reason to lie. She’s trying, is so embarrassed. She fails an FST and empties are found in the car and trunk. 9/7/08
502 Nowhere to Run - 8/2/07 - Ofc Sean Thompson chases an armed robber and rams his red pickup truck hard, then again until he stops. Brevard Co. FL 9/13/07 - a helicopter follows Trevor Collins who is drunk and high and radios it down. He goes into the Sunoco station and pulls up to a pump. He gets out, then jumps in when cops arrive and takes off. He tries to avoid spikes, but hits them. He crashes on a turn, tries to run and falls down and cops jump him. Multiple bait car footage. 1/1/00 - a bald guy has the window broken out on him. TX 3/5/03 – Ofc Fritch chases a motorcycle rider down a dirt road. He finally stops, won’t get off the bike and the cop knocks him off it. 9/7/08
503 Over the Limit - Lauderdale Co. FL 7/31/05 - Ofc Mould is almost run over by a drunk and has to chase him down. His family is in the car and they ram him, make him spin out, then hit him again. He slams the cops on the grass to escape. The cop knows him, can’t remember his name. The guy wrecks, the car flips and the dog runs for it. Chuck Stevens says he wants to be chased, but thought he had the skills to get away. OH - a man is pulled over, gets out, says to get back in. He doesn’t listen. He was driving through a yard because someone ran him off the road, he talked to him and he left, only had a couple beers, doesn’t know his alphabet very well. Then he says a dog ran out and he swerved to miss it. What about the guy? No guy, dog. Melbourne, FL 5/23/07 – a man says he had a little bit and wants to go home and go to bed. Cops give him a FST and the man says I gotta fart. He bombs the heel to toe test. He just wants to go home. He’s arrested - no farting. 9/14/08
504 High Impact - GA - Sgt. William Round is passed by 4 armed robbers who stole $25,000 from a check cashing store. They race around cars at over 100mph, go in the median to miss spikes, go across the road in a cloud of smoke and dirt, then into the woods. They keep going, then take an exit and spin out into a parked car. Some run for it and are caught. Macon, GA - a man in a white car gets up to 120mph. They ram him, he keeps going and weaves around truck, takes an exit, misses, goes into the grass, tress, a lightpole and spins out, then runs on foot. San Antonio, TX 2/19/04 - a police helicopter loses lift and starts spinning. The pilot calls mayday and tries to land behind an HEB, hits hard in a parking lot and flips it, but walks away. Quick crash footage. 9/14/08
505 Wild Youth - UT 6/15/07 - cops chase 2 teens in a stolen truck racing as fast as they can. They flip them off, hit spikes and keep going. A huge piece of rubber comes off, flaps on the top and cops go in for the PIT and they swerve to stop them, wipe out and go into the dirt. Dardenville, AR 8/24/07 – Jacob Harden runs in a truck, gets boxed in, he rams his way out, then spins out and hits a cop headon. Then he drives into a ditch and jumps out while it’s moving. A cop falls while chasing him. His 2 passengers are taken out. He’s caught a block away. Petal, MS 12/14/02 – Ofc T. Moore pulls over a pickup for a broken light and it’s full of drunk teens. The driver says he’s trying to get them home. They are all drunk, but given warnings. 9/21/08
506 Desperate Drivers - Brownsville, TX 1/21/07 - cops chase a guy with warrants. He loses it going under an overpass, comes back around, hits cops head on, they ram hit, then hit him again and he gets stuck in the dirt, but won’t come out. They jump on the car and smash and kick at all the windows until he gets out. Mohab, UT 1/25/02 - Ofc S Hansen pulls over Breeze Chambers who gives them a fake name. He is wanted for murder. They ram him, then cops slam him around and trash his car. La Hoya, TX 10/20/03 - a van full of Mexicans is stopped and they all run. La Hoya, TX 3/14/07 - cops chase a group of illegals and hit one with his car hard enough to throw him. South Ogden, UT - Chris Colton is wanted and goes to buy food and is caught. The cop warns him he’ll get tased because he knows who he is. He takes off with the cop on the door and drags him. Other cops chase him and he skids out in the snow and crashes into a cop, runs and is caught. 9/21/08
507 Wildest Chases - Blue Ash, OH 8/28/07 - Charles Bennett steals a car, is chased, makes a u-turn on Cornell Rd and tams cops. He races over 100mph through town, then makes another u-turn, makes many fast turns, cops get out, he comes at them and they fire on him. He rams cops again and they keep firing on him until he’s dead. Tampa, FL 7/8/05 - burglars in a black car make a turn too fast, slam into a palm tree and they run on foot. 10/23/04 - a crackhead races his truck the wrong way and gets surrounded by 5 cops. He tries to ram his way out and they PIT him. He tries to run on foot, then jumps out as it’s rolling and crashes into police and is caught with the crack pipe in his hand. 9/28/08
508 Flirting with Disaster - GA 3/7/06 - cops chase a car thief at over 115mph. His girlfriend tries to jump out. She gets back in, races through town, speeds around cars, blows stop signs, cops ram him, then PIT him off the road. Cops surround him and still races, crashes into an electrical box, rams cops hard and dies, the box catches fire. Franklin Ortiz holds a woman hostage in her car. He fires at cops, the woman gets out and runs and cops fire back hitting him. LA 4/3/06 - Tr Robert Harrison pulls over a speeder for 75 in a 50 construction zone. He talks to the driver and then a drunk who fell asleep crashes into him doing 70 breaking both of the cops legs. Schertz, TX 3/3/05 - Michael Kennedy is stopped for 81 in a 55. The cop asks for his license and he pulls a gun. A gun battle ensues and over 30 shots are fired. Mike was hit 3 times and got 75 years. 9/28/08
509 Driving Dumb - West Lansing, MI 8/27/07 - a tan Cadillac runs from a traffic stop and exits on Belleville, then tosses 2 pounds of pot out the window, the cop PITs him and he spins him around. The cop yells at him to get out at gunpoint. Why did you hit my car? I was going to stop, I was scared, had no license and a child support warrant. Laurel, MS 8/31/02 - a cop stops a Penske truck. The guy comes out screaming f—you white nigger mofo, go f—k yourself he has to get to Brooklyn in 2 days. They ask what’s wrong him, then mace him and take him down. He’s in a hurry, so you come out swinging at us? 10/29/06 crash, 4/2/04 chase, 12/3/99 van runs over man, Tallapoosa 1/15/00 - a man gets out of his truck and won’t get down. 6/2/03 - a cop stop s a car, then someone cuts in front of an 18 wheeler and the truck plows into him and the truck goes off the road. 10/5/08
510 Coolest Cops - Tallahassee FL 12/3/07 - Antonio Evans is on parole and running from cops with pot and a loaded gun. He races across lanes, then turns into a fence and hits a pole. He tries to get out and run. The cop warns him, tases him and he goes down. The guy pulls a gun and the cop fires at him twice and he finally surrenders. Aimes, IO - Lt. Jeff Brinkley goes to a car fire in a snowy parking lot. He breaks open the window and can’t tell if anyone is inside. There is a pole down from the crash. Ofc Clint Hurtz arrives and sees the driver. They pry the door open and yank him out. Clint goes back to look at the car and the fuel line blows in his face. Everyone is OK. A cops stops a guy who walking says he’s really drunk. No I’m not. Name is Joseph Stollinger. Let me show you some tricks. You got money for a hotel room and bought booze with it. No I didn’t. I’m on the streets, it’s cold out. What? It’s 80 degrees out! When all you have is a shirt and thing it’s chilly. He wants to stand in the shade. Good idea, it’s so cold. Something magical is going to happen at the count of 3, he sticks his comb behind his head and says he made it disappear. He lets him go. 10/20/06 - PIT, San Diego 5/7/06 - cops push a car offroad, 11/4/92 - a drunk woman at the station says the cop is a good looking mofo, Tallapoosa 11/16/00 - a guy ran because he’s so scared. 10/5/08

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