Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling (2008)

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This hour long Country Music Television show features a stable of reality show regulars competing against each other to win a belt. More Danny & Gretchen Bonaduce

Episode Description
Down to the Basics The 10 celebrities arrive at the CCW training facility and are split into 2 groups; Hulk explains the rules and teaches the contestants their first three wrestling skills; one of the celebrities is sent home after their first main event. Judges - Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff & Jimmy Hart. Cast - Dangerous Danny Bonaduce, Erin Murphy, Trishelle Cannatella, ButterBean, Dustin Diamond, Dennis Rodman, Frank Stallone, Tiffany & Nikki Ziering. Coaches - Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Brian Knobbs #101. 10/18/08
Talkin' Trash The pressure of the competition gets to two of the celebrities; the celebrities learn three new skills and face off in their second main event. #102. 10/25/08
Pick Your Gimmick The celebrities try to improve their images after disappointing the judges; Hulk steps into the ring for a special practice. Names - Mistress of Mayhem, One Mean Bean, The Winner, Rodzilla & Candy Girl. #103. 11/1/08
Work the Crowd The celebrities learn how to trash talk; the dedication of one of Team Nasty's members is tested; Team Beefcake competes with an injury. #104. 11/8/08
Train With the Pros The teams are combined for their most dangerous match to date; a contestant is injured and rushed to the hospital; Rob Van Dam steps in to help the celebrities. #105. 11/15/08
In-Ring Psychology The celebrities go on a field trip to prepare for their next match; Hulk is forced to step in to calm frustrations; Bill Goldberg tries to motivate the celebrities. #106. 11/22/08
Recap All Skills Hulk teaches the wrestles a new move; the coaches work the celebrities into shape. #107. 11/29/08
Finale The final four step in to the ring for the last time to decide who the champion will be. Two are eliminated with Bean and Rodman in a final match plus a jabroni match with the old cast. #108. 12/6/08

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