I Know My Kid's a Star (2008)

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Cast: Marki Costello, Melissa Brasselle, Gian DiFranco, Sandy DiFranco, Alai Divinity, Pam Glover, Devon Goocher, Kevin Goocher, Cheyenne Haynes, Gigi Hunter, McKenzie Knapps, Shannon Knapps, Ivan Kraljevic, Helene Kress, Austin Parker, Jonathan Parker, Hayley Rousselle, Lisia Rousselle, Hayley Sanchez, Cameron VanderWerf, Shari VanderWerf, Mary Jo Wold

Episode Description
Premiere Ten child-star wannabes and their stage parents compete for a chance to be trained by host Danny Bonaduce. #101. 3/20/08
Love Gone Wrong  The children's challenge is to voice a cartoon fly. #102. 3/27/08
Horror Movie The childrens' challenge is to pass a horror-movie screen test. #103. 4/3/08
Head Shot  The children have dance auditions, and the parents must shoot and select a head shot for their child. Another parent-child team is eliminated. #104. 4/10/08
Oliver Twist The kids audition for a stage production of "Oliver Twist," and the parents are given $40 and 20 minutes to buy costumes for their kids in a thrift shop. The kids also work with dialect coach Joel Goldes on cockney accents. #105. 4/17/08
Soap Opera The kids perform a scene with soap-opera actors.#106. 4/24/08
Radio Danny conducts radio interviews with the parents and children separately, and the kids audition to be television hosts. #107. 5/1/08
Finale The final three kids perform for a live audience in a showcase produced by their parents. Later, a winner is chosen. #108. 5/8/08

Format 2008 Thrawn for Thrawn's Realm