Ill-ustrated (2003-04)

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Season 1 | Season 2

Season 1 (2003)

# Description
102 Michael Jackson's Indestructible music video/Bush's speech on world hunger/Nelly teaches a college grammar class/Courtney and Yoko: a new reality show/Bush attempts to make his own website and send e-mail/Celebrity Blind Date: Anna Nicole Smith and David Lee Roth/Answer the Friggin' Question with Michael Stipe, Ja Rule, and Bjork/CRL: Congressional Reports Live/Kurt Loder interviews Moby about selling out all of his songs to corporate advertisers. 10/17/03
103 Michael Jackson's Taxicab Confessions with Robert Blake/Axl Rose gets a job at McDougals/White Bitches - Christina Aguilera/Violence: The Movie/Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown do a drug awareness commercial/Happy Days/Spank: The Ugliest Monkey/Shrek/Where Does Bad Breath Come From?/P. Diddy's new music video/Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Moby in Spider Man 2. 10/17/03

Season 2 (2004)

201 He-Man's Queer Eye makeover/The Passion of the Christ 2: Beyond Thunderdome/The Good Time Party Squad visits Andy Dick/George W. Bush's Punk'd gets Dick Cheney/Mtv Glock Get Shot with Fifty Cent contest/E!s Whack off the French Riviera with Brooke Burke/C-Span Senate 2006: Is a tort the same as a muffin?/Camp X-ray Vacation/Christopher Walken calls 911/Naughty Beaver/VH1's I Love 5 Seconds Ago 5/17/04
202 The Time Pervs visit Helen of Troy/Celebrity Cock Fighting/Courtney Love Rocks - I Unpacked My Expletives/Bush's Friendsters/Steve-O's Balls/Guitar Central's Social Assimilation Classes for Musicians/Trista and Ryan's The Rest of Their Lives/Bush in Space/The new commissioner of education for California: Calista Flockhart/Black Eye for the White Guy with Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Wanda Sykes, Shaq, and MC Hammer/The new director of fitness for California: Marlon Brando 5/21/04
203 The Good Time Party Squad go to Robert Downey Jr.'s birthday party and try to get The Olsen Twins to do drugs/President Bush visits a fortune teller/Sly Stallone and Arnold have a sleep over/Pete Rose opens up his own hair salon/Land of the Politically Lost/Donald Trump opens up his own hair salon and takes over Pete Rose's hair salon/Jackie Chan screen tests new partners for Rush Hour 3/Clay Aiken comes out with "I'm a Virgin (but I'm not gay)"/C-Span Senate 2006: is Carrot Top funny?/Late Night with Steven Hawking & Keira Knightley 5/18/04
204 The Time Pervs visit Joan of Arc/Freaky Friday with George & Jenna Bush/Saved by the Bell: The Movie directed by Ridley Scott/Michael Jackson's Cancer Kids/2004 Presidential Debate with special host Snoop Dogg/Justice is blonde when Anna Nicole Smith becomes a judge/Gollum and Smeagle interview Michael Moore/Sly Stallone directs a movie about Biggie and Tupac with Mr. T as Suge Night/The Joe Lieberman Snooze-o-matic from Demco 5/19/04
205 Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger play together/Tupac & Biggie's Romantic Moods/Washington Squares, Brody Kids & Howard Dean/Yogi Bush & Boo Boo Cheney/Band Members Reunited - Rick Allen's arm/WB Shirtless Tuesday/Samuel Jackson PSA - the more you f--king Read/TKX - Ted Kennedy Experiment/Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'Reilly/Bush's robot monster. 5/21/04
206 The Time Pervs visit the future/The Home Shopping Channel: The U.S. Constitution/Axl Rose gets a new job at McDougals 2/Tom and Rummy's Right Wing Ice cream commercial/The Shield's Vic Mackey visits The Andy Griffith Show/The Home Shopping Channel: Innocent Blood/American Chopper/The Home Shopping Channel: A Dirty Bomb/Willie Nelson and The Strokes/Help reinvigorate your sex life with John and Teresa Kerry's instructional DVD/R. Kelly's Parallel Universe 5/28/04
207 Harry Potter and friends have fun with their wands; the Good Time Party Squad hits the motherload; Michael Jackson makes new friends in space. 6/4/04
208 Don Magic Juan chooses the next Pimp Apprentice; the Nostromo crew encounters Michael Jackson; no one notices when Bush dies. 6/11/04
209 The Time Pervs go back to 1995 to prevent Bill Clinton from making a huge mistake/Dick Cheney is The Six Bazillion Dollar Vice President/Ad for the 2005 Drudge Environmental-Holocaust SU/John Kerry Pro Snowboarder video game/Donald Rumsfeld's new fragrance Balls cologne/VH1's 87 Greatest Celebrity Butt Cracks/Tom Brokaw reports on a violent hockey attacks/Samuel L. Jackson PSA smoking pot is for f--kheads!/The founding fathers discuss the idea of e-mail/Ron Jeremy: Living/The founding fathers discuss the idea of internet dating. 6/18/04
210 Introducing Bush's new running mate William Hung/Before They Got it Right - Finding the right catchphrase for The Apprentice/Mascots have problems too - Hoot, Smokey the Bear, and the Crying Indian confront Scruff McGruff about his crime-eating disorder/Celebrity Keno/John Kerry flip-flops/Jay Mohr hosts the Last Comic Book Hero Standing/John Kerry flip-flops 2/The Nemesis Game - Spider Man/The Rejected Advertising Mascot Anarchists/The stars of Ill-ustrated have fun with Rick Moranis, Michael Keaton, Michael Jackson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 6/25/04

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