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This one hour Court TV show is their answer to MSNBC's Lockup as it mostly focuses on aspects of prison life. Eventually it came into it's own after branching out into police on the border and SWAT units. It aired sporadically and it is no longer listed now that they are Tru TV.

Season 1 - 2006

Episode Description
Vice Squad Miami Miami is known as a vacationer's paradise... with a notoriously seamy underside. Fighting crime is Miami-Dade Police Department's Tactical Narcotics Team – or TNT. These squads attack narcotics at the street level - busting large numbers of buyers and sellers. TNT even places its female officers in harms way, posing as prostitutes to lure in drug-peddling johns. Now you can experience life on the mean streets undercover with the "real" Miami Vice. 5/1/06
Supercops Check out what goes down when the cops call the cops! Featuring three of the most elite and highly-trained law enforcement teams in the country, they takes you into the fray with the most acclaimed SWAT teams in the nation. #103. 5/15/06
Prison Gangs No menace in America's penal system is more dangerous than prison gangs. Now go inside the California Correctional Institution at Tehachapi, where brave men and women gather intelligence, break secret gang codes, and attempt to head off gang violence before it starts. 8/28/06
Women Behind Bars Women Behind Bars - Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville. TPFW - Warden Jewel Steele says women are getting more violent. It’s maximum security and you can get attacked for anything. Unit 3 is the 24 worst women. Cpl Burton Staggs says they are violent, escape risks or dangerous to themselves. Christa Pike was 18 when she was sentenced to die, the youngest in the country. In 1996 she tortured, mutilated and killed a girl for flirting with her man. 9/8/06
The Border War A war looms on America's borders. New threats of violence, drugs, and terrorism threaten to rage out of control. Tasked with curbing these threats to national security are the Department of Homeland Security's sister agencies, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Join Border Patrol officers as they fight human smugglers, gun-runners and ruthless drug cartels, and ICE agents as they apprehend detains, and deport these dangerous criminals.

Season 2 - 2007-08

The Prison Code When you work inside one of America's toughest prisons, you can expect to be verbally abused, physically assaulted, and to have to put your life on the line daily as you interact with extremely dangerous inmates. Meet the Correctional Officers or "Keepers" as some call them, tasked with the job of watching over hardened criminals. In this documentary special we visit Calipatria prison in Southern California to get a first person account of what it takes to guard over four thousand violent hardened criminals. 8/3/07
Alaska's Toughest Prison The snowy glaciers on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula make up the backdrop for the bleak home of 500 of the most dangerous criminals the state has ever seen. Isolated from the United States prison mainstream, the Spring Creek Correctional Center houses a brutal and chaotic society of depraved and desperate felons. Come inside Alaska's toughest jail for a face-to-face look at the disturbed convicts and hardy correctional officers who must struggle to keep them under control. 8/10/07
Gangs Behind Bars Welcome to CPS Sacramento–the New Folsom Prison. Its modern sprawl of towers and razor wire project a sense of security and order to the outside world. But inside its ramparts, does a bloody gang war rage? A special that reveals the toxic truth beneath the stoic appearance of day-to-day prison life. 8/17/07
Teen Lockdown Inside the Juvenile Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Pendleton, Indiana. Witness one of the grittiest corners of society – juvenile prison. From the shocking extractions of dangerous juvenile prisoners from their cells to the deployment of the weapons unit to maintain calm, to the dramatic parole hearings where underage offenders learn their fate. 8/24/07
America's Toughest Jail Maricopa is one of the largest jail systems in the country. It has an average daily population of 9,000 and climbing. Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who runs Maricopa has earned a reputation for instituting controversial programs like housing female chain gang prisoners in tents in the desert and even making prisoners wear pink boxer shorts as a way to deal with prison theft. Go behind the walls of this unusual prison. 9/7/07
Prison Tactical The quaint riverfront town of Fort Madison is famous for more than its beautiful scenery and small town flavor. It’s also home to the inmates of the Iowa State Penitentiary, who outnumber the prison’s staff by a ratio of twenty to one. After a series of deadly riots nearly brought the facility to its knees, the prison created CERT – a team of expert correctional officers charged with managing ISP’s inmate population through superior tactics and training. We take you inside the world of the prison elite as they fight on the front lines of one of the country’s deadliest state penitentiaries. 9/27/07
Surviving Prison  West TN 07. 5/25/08
Supermax  Utah State prison houses men in women in a prison within a prison known as Supermax for the worst offenders who commit crimes inside the prison and are locked up 23 hours a day. 08

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