The Interrogators

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This hour show is their answer to The First 48, but the cases have been solved and they rebuild the case by using the real footage from the interview and taking the detectives now to reenact the rest of the case.

Season 1 - 2009

Episode Description
Baptism by Fire Tulsa, OK 12/3/99 - Det. Jeff Feltonís first murder case. He says Ronnie Federhoff was covered in burns, dead for a few days. There was a blood trail from the shed to the body and on a gas can. Julia Ann Barton & Dennis Sewell were living with him, were ex-cons and were gone. He says Ron and Julia were lovers, they had a fight, he said he was going to kill himself and poured gas on himself and set himself on fire. He was alive when he left, he didnít think of calling the police. He knows where the gas can was, says her finger was cut, but he didnít do it. Sgt. Mike Huff was brought in to help. She says they were engaged, but were fighting and flirts with Jeff. She liked Dennis and Ron was jealous. She cries and avoids the hard questions. She wanted to leave, he didnít want her to and they fought about it. He pulled a knife and she got from it. Then he pulled out the gas can and poured it on himself and lit it. She got burned from it. Dennis was there the whole time and did nothing. She denies getting the gas can. Her DNA matches the blood on the can and shed. 3/6/00 - she is arrested and changes her story. She says Dennis told her to say that. They both wanted to be with her and they all fought. She was cut from a knife, Dennis started pushing him, she went to her room, Dennis cursed him out. Ron went into her bed, wouldnít leave and she got the gas and poured it on him. She told him to leave and the Dennis came in and lit him up. She is a victim too. She is charged with first degree murder and Dennis as an accessory. She got life in prison. He got 120 years. The Heart of a Killer - El Paso County, CO 8/19/02 - Det. Jeff Nohr shows where they found Amanda Hanson (15) on Pikeís Peak. She was naked and beaten. Erin Hanson her mom talks about her smile. It was the most horrific crime scene heís ever seen. There was blood everywhere, her clothes were far away, she was strangled and sexually assaulted. Her friends say Michael Baldwin (21) said he did it. 8/21 - he is found in hiding and covered in scratches. Det. Cliff Porter & Det Ken Larsen are brought in. He says she was a good friend, they were at his house, she wanted to go for a walk, say on some rocks and he was attacked. She led him into an ambush by ten Nazi skinheads. She helped them and used rocks and he punched her, she went down not breathing and it was self defense so he ran. They were disgusted. He says they werenít dating and he was too drunk to have sex. Cliff couldnít do it anymore. Ken tells him all he said was BS before. He says they had an argument, he was pissed off, was drunk, she tried to calm him down, he didnít want to hear it. She hit him, he grabbed her and pushed her away and hit her hit. He admits he loves her. He wanted her to stop yelling so he strangled her until she stopped moving and he dropped her. He pleas guilty to first-degree murder and got life without parole. #101. 4/5/09
Heart of Darkness  Tulsa, OK 6/7/07 - Det Vic Regalado lead. A man beat a black woman to death in the street at 3am. The blood trail led to a nearby apartment set up like a torture chamber. Gary Howell (30) was found hiding in the attic. Det. Jeff Felton assisted. Gary says the stuff is for bondage. He was drunk, went for more beer, saw the woman, asked her for a ride and she got in and he asked how much for anal sex. She left, he went home. Police came and he ran into the attic because he was DUI. He doesnít talk about the murder, just repeats his story about drinking, eating and his dog. He denies being a fight, he has long nail scratches on his back and says he doesnít remember anything. What do they want him to say? They need to investigate more. They want DNA. His shoes have blood on them and match bloody shoeprints at the scene. Then he rambles about injuries, his son, wife, girlfriend, jail, court, judges. Sgt. Mike Huff is then brought in. Then he says it happened in his garage, she hit him with her purse. Then he switches and gives a fake confession. After 3 hours he admits he hit her, stopped her heart. He pleaded guilty to second degree murder and got 35 years. Innocence Lost - Binghamton, NY 9/7/05 - Det Dennis Redner & Det Jeff Wagner work together. Taniya Cologne was 5 months old, her mom Brittany Barnett found her beaten with multiple head injuries and took her to the hospital. Christopher Brault (26) was watching her and is brought in. Heís mad and denies it. He says she fell off the couch while he was in the bathroom. The story doesnít match. He just repeats it. He denies knowing anything about hurting the kid in the past or anyone else doing it. He wonít answer about taking a lie detector test. They say he didnít mean to hit her that hard, he just wanted her to stop crying. Then he admits smoking pot, he spanked her too many times hard and she fell to the floor head first. Jaylene Johnson now helps watching her and she recovered. Chris got second degree assault and 7 years. #102. 4/12/09
Ultimate Betrayal  Tulsa, OK 7/28/03 - Det Mike Nance lead. Karen (43), Whitney (17) & Kalin (14) Chappel were murdered in their house. 5 years later the family is still coping with it - Laya Turner & Sheena Chappel. Lorenzo Brown (17) a friend of the family was also living there. Day 3 Lorenzo calls and wants to meet in the park. He was there because Whit wanted his money, he gave it to him and it was cool. He stayed over and Don Dee came to the door with a gun ran in and shot everyone and made him finish of Kalin with a knife. He ran out of bullets, so he lived. Don was mad they used his car and left the window down and it got wet. He then stole a PS2 and rims. He IDs him and canít believe they found him right away. His story doesnít make any sense, but they have to follow it up. Don was found, but was innocent. Sgt. Mike Huff goes to talk to him knowing Don is next door. He admits stealing $700 from Whit, but didnít have it. Then says it was $800 and they had problems because he took care of his family more than Whit. He told him he had the money at home and she said to stay over and theyíll get it in the morning. He didnít have it though. He couldnít face it so to stop the fight he killed Whit. That was it, then he realized there were witnesses and used up his bullets on them. Kalin wasnít dead so he finished him with a knife. He admits he lied about Don, it was all him. He pled guilty to 3 counts of first-degree murder and got life, but killed himself a year later. 
Taste of Freedom - Binghamton, NY 10/17/05 - Det Dennis Redner led. P (22) is found shot on a sidewalk with money and crack. Tallulah Gillespie (19) was with him. Det Bill Martino knew her. In 2003 she was convicted of 3 armed robberies and just got out of prison. They bring her in and she just wants to go to jail or home. Now she is a hardened criminal. She admits being there, but someone else was. She tries to cover her parole violation and they donít care. She says she was in by 9pm, then 2am. They saw her with a gun, then says he had the gun, then she had it and got rid of it. Then says she is going to jail now. They say P told them she had the gun and she canít believe heís alive. They leave and she breaks down crying. She denies doing anything so they act like it was self defense. Then she says he pinned her against a tree and tried to rape her and she shot him. They know there was no rape. She pled guilty to first degree manslaughter and got 20 years. #103. 4/19/09
Cat and Mouse Tulsa, OK 5/12/87 - Janora Fae Stevens was found stabbed to death at home. Her husband was out of town and the son found her. Sgt. Mike Huff led. She was doing chores and there was a bloody struggle. A witness saw someone in a denim jacket. 3 months later Quentin Barnes a neighbor is arrested for burglary and has a denim jacket, but there is no evidence. For 7 years he keeps seeing Quentin. New forensic tests show hair and rug fibers match Janoraís House. Heís arrested 1/13/94 for the murder. Then he says his sister wanted to break into their house, went through a door on the garage and they fought in the kitchen. He has him draw it on the board. He says she grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed her in the back. They know the sister was out of town. She knew her, she couldnít rob a neighbor who knew her. He admits lying to him for 7 years. He denies killing her. It went to court and he got life without parole. 
Missing Body - Tulsa, OK 12/16/05 - Calls come in of Adriane Barker (26) was killed, but there is no body. Det. Jeff Felton led. Doug Ashworth (39) was the last one to see her. They check his house and bring him in. He says people come and go and stay at his house all the time, sometimes he doesnít know them. He denies knowing Adrian or planning on killing anyone. He admits she was there and then left. Heís worried about his parents who live there. It goes on the news and more tips say he did it. 12/21 heís arrested and Det. Victor Regalado now joins. Doug says he woke up to the sound of a robbery. He fired through the door and killed her. He doesnít know where she is. Witnesses say he intentionally shot her. 3 weeks later the man who dumped her in a river shows them the body. Doug got life without parole. Det. Victor Regalado was involved in a shooting where he killed a guy and was grilled out it.
Good Samaritan - Tulsa, OK 9/11/07 - Steffan Shemi (27) was shot in the face during a robbery. His parents Karman Laird & David Schlemme talk about what a good person he was. He was with his dad working in the yard and a black man came up for gas money and when Steffan went to give him money he was robbed and shot. The killer Martinez Williams left a large cross on the scene. His ex-girlfriend IDs it on the news. The get him the next day and he says someone stole his chain. He says he was looking for a job all day and was taking car of his mom with Alzheimerís. He saw it on the news, it was stolen that night and he couldnít sleep at all. Vic says he came to his house that night and he didnít answer. They have witnesses he was there. Det. Jeff Felton joins him. He admits he didnít plan on hurting anyone. He got the gun away for him and it went off. Itís not true since he fired 4 times. He got life without parole. #104. 4/26/09
No Shelter South Bend, IN 1/9/07 - Sgt. Randy Kaps of St. Joseph County. Michael Shannon Nolen Jr. (40) Michael Lawson (52), Brian Talboom and another homeless man were found killed and stuffed down manholes. They lived in an abandoned warehouse called The Fort. Sgt. David Wells is his partner. Inside is a major, bloody, violent crime scene with bloody boot prints. Randy Reader was known to be there. 2/1 - the bring him in. He lived there since 2003, but left right at the time of the murder, but he didnít do it. Doesnít know who would or why, they had nothing. Daniel Sharp (54) was also there, has a bad temper. 2/2 - Dan is brought in. He says he hadnít been there in 5 months, which was a lie. He shows his boots without asking and they match the ones at the scene. He thinks his shoes are common, doesnít remember being there, doesnít know why he matches. Doesnít remember being there after the murder. He says lots of people know the place, he didnít kill anyone, doesnít know who did. Sgt. Scott Bryant gave him a polygraph test and he fails. He then slips up and admits he never did anything like that before. He then says him and Randy found all there stuff was taken and the other guys were drunk, laughing and wouldnít give it back. They went after them to killed them with hammers. They go the first 2, then waited for the others. He goes back and shows what he did with no emotion. Amy Patterson, Michael Nolen Sr., Darlene Nolen talk about Mike. Randy Reeder got 260 years. Daniel got 65 years. 
Bound By Blood - Tulsa, OK 6/17/04 - Stephen Soles (29) was found stabbed to death. Det Jeff Felton lead. There was a long blood trail and signs of struggle. Andre Banks (30) matched a witness description of 2 similar looking black men and was living right there. He just did 7 years and is out on parole. His cousin Charlie Ward (19) lives with him. In their apartment they find bloody clothes and cocaine. They bring him in and he says his girl left so could drink and smoke weed. He admits Steve bought weed from him and he robbed him with a machete. He says he wasnít there. He bluffs that they found his blood in his place. He says heís being railroad, just book him. The DNA comes back 2 months later and matches Charlie and Steve. 8/18 - they are both brought in. Charlie doesnít know why it happened, ask Andre, he had nothing to do with it. He wants to see the evidence. Itís a 1 in 490 quintillion chance itís you. His answer to fire the scientist. Next door Andre starts yelling he did it while heís by himself. He runs over to record him. He says he robbed him, cut him and came back again for drugs and this time he pulled a knife on him and stabbed him and he ran off after he was pushed off him. He doesnít know who pushed him, he wonít say itís Charlie. Charlie says Andre told him to go look and he bumped into the guy, thatís how he got the blood on him. He just wants to go home and go to work. He isnít. Andre got life without parole. Charlie got 10 years for accessory. #105. 5/3/09
In the Details Colorado Springs, CO 10/9/02 - Judy Olden - Sgt. Robert Jaworski lead. She was stabbed, beaten, pierced her lung, ear was bitten off. Henrettia Villareal found her ex was cheating alibi she provides details on everything they did together. She has a complete alibi until after a week Judy wakes up and says Hen did it. Det Cliff Porter assists. She asks if she is being arrested. No. Last time she was drunk and she gets really fuzzy, punched her and doesnít remember. She remembered calling her a slut, reaching out for a knife. He says itís not his first marriage, he knows going after the man she loves cheated on her. He was found guilty of second degree murderer and got 28 years. A Killer Speaks - Aurora PD - Det R.J. Wilson & Det Shannon Lucy lead. A neighbors hadnít seen their friend in a head and checked Jason Reinherdt (26). Richard Depaul White (30) was said to have taken his truck. He was a forest ranger and found in the woods. He says heís going to give them the word tonight, there is more than they know. He and Jason were cleaning his guns, his best friend in the world and he took the keys of his truck. Thatís why you did it. No. He wants a cigarette. He didnít mean to do it, but he did kill 3 other people. He says the other were dark haired woman. He picked one up, asked her if $60 was enough, took her, toward the wine, tied her up strangled her, then he did the same the thing with the other 2. He says there were 2 others they will never find in the river. They find the 3, but never the others. He got 3 consecutive live sentences. 
Lover on the Run - El Paso, TX - Michael Evans (21) & Danielle Park (19) Det Cliff Porter says he never wants to be a cop. They tried to cancel a fraudulent check at a bank, ran from cops, shot at them, broke into a house and has 2 guns. He says he loves her. She denies ever firing a gun. They can tell from the bullet holes, the residue on the hands and the tests. The ATF sends in Robert McCloy & Det Mike Simler who say itís a second felony on a gun charge, itís no walk, no parole. He thinks heís covering for her. She admits she dumped the bullets after it jammed so he could reload. She says heís going to make up a guy John who did the shooting. He goes to Mike about the John story and they say itís a lie and he admits it was all him, there was no John. He shot. He got 28 years, she 13 years in separate prisons 240 miles away. #106. 5/10/09
Family Circle  Tulsa, OK 4/98 - Det Eddie Majors cold cases. A dozen teens were having a party and masked gunmen broke in and killed Patrick Eli Woods (19) taking nothing. After 6 years Jason Hooks bragged he did it. 1/10/05 - they bring him in. Everyone says he did it, but he didnít, he wasnít even there. He has bible quote tattoos on his arms. He wasnít some time alone and acts guilty. He gave up on god a lone time ago and wanted to kill himself. His dad told him to fók off. He has kids too. He wants talk to Officer Mark Pease who knows him, needs his input. He calls him and he agrees to come down. Heís helped him over the years. He sows up, says heís doing better with his life. Tell the truth. Heís scared, doesnít know. Now he says he was there . He heard ELI had a case for of cash. They beat him up, but found no cash. They gave him the gun to finish him. He admits shooting him. Rod & Sandra Critenndon show pictures and his grave. Jason Hooks pled first degree murder and got 35 years. 
The Edge of Sanity 11/03 - Det. Shannon Lucy bikes to headquarters. A 911 call comes of a gunshot wound to the head behind a convenience store. Dwight Smith (27) has no history of crime. It turns out he went to drugs to earn morning. Det. R.J. Wilson assists. There is security camera footage the night of the murder that he was there. They footage isnít the best thought. He asks all nervous though, knew him 2 years saw twice. He bought X from him that night. He says he went to pick up Frank, then he went home and stayed there. He was told there are cameras all around the store. They say he was caught on camera and he says he is the antichirst. 11/124. He starts breathing hard and get edgy, doesnít want to talk to him. He clears his throat over and over, says he pulled a gun on him he fought back, got the gun and it went off. Frank Harher plead guilty to send degree at go 56 years. 
Stabbing at the Truth - Tulsa, MD 7/15/06 - Christopher Stout & Det Mark Kennedt went to the call of a stabbing at an apartment. Jacq Stout called it in and was hiding. She wants to if he dead. He is. She screams up and down and they donít believe her. They want the truth. She says he called her and said to call 911, he was stabbed. Then she admits they fought, but loved him, they make for it. No big thing it's nothing. She says over and over she didnít do it. The sister did it? She wonít say, she says was beat by her sister. He keep beating her. She finally admits stabbing him because the knife was there. She never mentioned self defense. Jacquenette plead guilty to first degree murder. #107. 5/17/09
Love Thy Neighbor  Boulder CO 11/20/04 - Neal Blattner (65) was stabbed to death in his bed. Det Steve Ainswirth lead. A neighbor saw him and chased him and was cut when he ran from the back of the house. Willis Hown the neighborís story doesnít match the 911 call. De John Zamora 11/23/04 he interviewed him. Chris Schaefer runs the polygraph and he admits to lying. He fails miserably. Hr denies doing it or knowing anything. He doesnít know what happened. He wants truth, honor, not to talk about god. He then starts crying that he tried to rape me, he breaks down, he didnít want to and kept forcing himself on him. He grabbed the knife and he stabbed him through the bed. He wants his wife and lawyer. He got second-degree murder for 24 years. 
Only a Test - Binghamton NY 12/13/06 - Sgt Jack Collins leads. it was a shooting outside a nightclub. Sherman Noorwood had a beef with a guy and was caught he next with a gun, then he says he never had a gun. He acts out the whole crime on the floor. The shooter IDed him. He denies it and says his cousin did it. He shows him the statement. He says how can you see someone shoot you in the butt. They have him and the gun and they do a DNA test and he lies about knowing what DNA is or anything about it. They lie and says he matches. Then he admits he did have the gun. He had the gun, he gave it to him and when the shooting started he got the gun back. He says heís full of it. He then asks when was the last time he shot the gun. He denies it and says they will test him. They also say it matches. He admits shooting 2 or 3, no one was meant to get killed. He got 3 years for weapons charges. 
End Game - Binghamton NY 5/29/03 - Travis Leigh Carr (21) was found in a house torn apart and he was buried under it. Brett Surace leads. He finds a bloody shoe print. Patrick Alexander (23) tossed sneakers in the trash right away. 6/1/03 - he was interviewed. He says he was high, drunk and was caught stealing CDs, He got mad about it, they fought and broke tables and says he would take them. He rushed he and he punch him. He then tossed a hammer at him and hit him in the head. He went down, doesnít know when he was going for, he him a couple times. He kept making noise and told he to stop. He guesses heís a murderer. He tried to each him k be buried him under a pile of stuff. He tossed his sneakers away. Heís not a monster. He stole his PS1 and some game. His family loved him, never had an enemy. He was charged with second-degree murder and got 20 years. #108. 6/1/09

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