I Want a Famous Face (2004-05)

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This half hour reality show is from Mtv and follows young adults on their journey to get plastic surgery to look like celebrities they want to look like. It holds nothing back including the surgery and the recovery which is brutal. They also show a short story from someone who had surgery that went bad. Mtv has a warning that they didn't encourage or pay for the surgery. I have most of the Season 2 ones, just need the others from Season 1.

Season 1 (2004)

# Person(s)/Celebrity
101 Mike & Matt/Brad Pitt 3/15/04

Season 1 (2005)

201 Vived/Carmen Electra 3/29/05
202 Jenee/Tiffani Thiessen 4/5/05
203 Jay/Arnold Schwarzenegger 4/12/05
204 Kelly/Jennifer Aniston 4/16/05
205 Crystal/Britney Spears 4/26/05
206 Martin/Ricky Martin 5/3/05
207 Nikicia/Janet Jackson 5/10/05
209 Crystal Z/Brooke Burke 5/24/05
210 Audrey/Jessica Simpson 5/31/05
211 Jamie/Posh Spice 6/7/05
212 Gia/Pamela Anderson 6/14/05

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