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This half show A&E is a lot like Cops except it only focuses on an elite squad in the Newark New Jersey area whose sole goal is to stop car theft.

Episode Description
Saturday Night Newark, NJ - Sgt. John Rice has been there 23 years and loves it, never gets sick of it, loves taking the bad guys off the street, getting cars back to their owners. Deandre Evans says heís a legend. He started it when Newark had the #1 crime rate in the country. Thurs 9:18pm - they spot a car going in reverse and give chase. He crashes into a fence, runs for it and they lose him. They find the paperwork in the car and call the owner. Kaitlyn says he carjacked her with a gun. They hear dogs barking near an abandoned house and check it. The owner says itís the second time theyíve taken it from him. Donít leave the car running. He ran into a store and they guy jumped in and he fought him and was dragged. He got it back in 10 minutes. Friday 8:02pm - Ofc Joseph Scuorzo is deploying a bait car. They leave the keys in it. Det Tony Del Duca has a gang tattoo chart. They have their guns and vests. Sgt. Robert Deitch says heís patrolling while they wait for a hit on the car. They find a stolen car drop off spot where cars are broken into and dumped by amateurs. One has the battery removed and they tow it. A couple guys hang around the bait car and then jump in. #103. 8/28/08
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight Newark NJ - HQ Wed 8:37pm - Officer Mike Gallaro mocks Det OC Gathright for vacuuming. Det Dan Papa briefs them. A sgt. was shot in his car, always have someone watching your back. If you stop a car and donít radio it in, you are benched. There is no #1 car anymore. Sgt. John Rice says they will take anything that runs new or old. Itís busy, more cops are out. They have a parked car getting stolen, the passenger is waiting for the driver. Sgt Robert Deitch races over. They grab the passenger, he says his friend went down there. He went in a house, doesnít know which one. Itís red with something written on the back. Thatís him down there. They all run there. Det Andre Evans says thatís his cardio for the day. They call him Jabar. He says itís not his car, didnít take it, doesnít know the other guy. Funny, he knows you. He was just walking, wasnít him, heís a married man. So what you can still steal. Thus 9:18pm - Ofc Anthony Trajer sets up a bait car. Det Tony Del Luca is in the control car. Dan will be watching it. He parks it and leaves the keys inside. Kids on bikes throw a garbage can at each other nearby. John looks for cars with broken windows or ignitions popped out. They find a stolen 18 wheeler that is still running. They broke the window and were trying to steal gas. The load is carrot juice. 12:30am - the bait car is still there. A guy on a bike kicks it and goes by again, opens the door, comes back and jumps in. They chase him and shut it down. The guy jumps out the window and they give chase. He runs between buildings and disappears. Robert says they make coffee for the nights, thatís when crooks are out so they need to be out. They spot a green Ford Escort that comes back stolen and all units race over to block them in. Mike gets behind them and Tony takes over. Itís raining and he pulls into a Checkers for food and they block him in the drive thru. A big crowd comes out so they need to get out of there. The driver says he has no warrants. They didnít run or fight, they just wanted their burger. If they are clean they can go home tomorrow. Timothy Kacon, Omar Ferrel, Joseph Boher & Radee Fedd are charged with receiving stolen property awaiting trial. #106. 9/11/08
Bail Out, Bail Out Northern NJ HQ - John Rice says there are 8 trucks out for blocking with heavy bumpers. They are impressive, people ask what they are, what are they doing. It protects the truck if they make contact. Stolen cars canít push their way out. Ofc John Doherty says they are intimidating, you know you are done when 4 are around you. Tues 9:48pm - a car speeds by them, so they chase it down. He races down streets and makes fast turns. Mike says they need the plate and cuts him off to get it. Tony says itís a stolen felony car connected to a robbery or murder. He blows a tire and heads on 78W. He stops suddenly and runs out across traffic and jumps a wall. He goes into yards and disappears. They search yards and canít find him. Sgt. Maurice McCoy says itís a fast highway. He had no traffic when he ran, but they had a lot. #112. 10/23/08
I Don't Think I Can Make it in Jail Newark, NJ - they have 4 cameras on the truck and can run 4 plates per second. Dan Papa says it runs 1000s of plates. Wed 10:00pm - Det Andre Evans says they have the helicopter up too, a treat for them. They spot a stolen gold Dodge Stratus and he takes off. Chief Berg is in the chopper and finds him. Det James Russo says they hang back until the time is right. He gets caught in traffic, then turns onto Grove. He parks and they come from all sides. They like there is no chase, no one was hurt. They take him back to the station at 4am. Heís not nervous, heís OK. He knew it was stolen. Gathright talks to him. Heís 21, asks if heís going to jail. He has warrants, doesnít think he can make it in jail. Heís been caught doing it before. He has to go before the judge, that means he has to wait in jail. He starts crying. Heís sorry. They say itís not the end of the world. Thursday 9:30pm - Mike gives out the hot sheet. There was a shooting last night, a drive by that missed the target and hit a 6 year old. Kyle says it makes things interesting for them. #113. 10/30/08

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