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Specials | Season 1

Instead of showing Season 2 of Busted in New Jersey which they previewed in a live special in 2008, for 2099 they went back to a concept they piloted twice years back in their True Life series. Those were one hour specials. This is a series based on that - renting a house for the summer in Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore and going to clubs like Bambu, Karma, Beachcomber, etc.


1 Pilot #1 - True Life - I Have a Summer Share - Tommy (27), Anthony (24), Jeff, Mike, Michelle H., Skinny, Kim, Michelle F., Massimo, Rusty, Mark, Amy 2003
2 Pilot #2 - True Life - I'm a Jersey Shore Girl - Dottie (21) & Lisa (22), Erika (21), Stephanie (21), Ryan, John, Stacy, Brian 2004
S1 After Hours 1 - Sammi, Mike & Angelina discuss the show so far. 12/10/09
S2 Extended scene - in the store with Sammi, Mike Ronnie & clerk who asks what’s a Guido. 12/10/09
3 Soup - They call it 'The Veal World' & show banned footage of Snooki getting punched & her attack on The Hills - they are more real/cast on Spike's Videogame Awards. 12/18/09
S3 Mtv's New Year's Eve Countdown - live w/full cast 12/31/09
S5 After Hours 2 - Snooki, Ronnie & Mike get into it. 1/7/10
S5 5 Youth in Revolt Guido Makeover Parody Ads with Michael Cera and the cast - They give him a Guido hairdo, they show him how to fist bump, how to beat back the beat, they get in the hot tub and give him a Guido name. 1/7/10
S4 Jersey Shore Spoof'd - 1/14/10

Season 1 (2009-10)

# Description/Airdate
1 The New Family - Eight roommates move in to their summer share; romance is in the air for Sammy and Mike; Ronnie, Snooki, Mike, Angela, Vinny, Pauly. #101. 12/3/09
2 The Tanned Triangle - the guys invite random women to join them in the hot tub. #102. 12/3/09
3 Good Riddance - Ronnie catches Sammy giving her number to someone else; Angela chooses to leave the Shore for good for cheating on her boyfriend back home. 1hr #103. 12/10/09
4 Fade to Black - Paulie and Mike juggle multiple groups of women; a fight erupts at the bar. Snooki gets punched, but Mtv refuses to show it.  #104. 12/17/09
5 Just Another Day at the Shore - Snookie's violent encounter brings housemates closer together; Ronnie and Sammi's relationship reaches new heights. #105. 12/31/09
6 Boardwalk Blowups - Mike invites women back to the house; Snooki gets into another fight; Sammi questions her relationship with Ronnie. #106. 1/7/10
7 What Happens in AC - The roommates go to Atlantic City; Mike antagonizes Snookie and Jwoww; a roommate reveals her former eating disorder. #107. 1/14/09
8 One Shot - Pauly has a stalker Danielle from Israeli; after an assault, Ronnie lands in jail. #108. 1/14/09
9 Finale - #109. 1/21/09
10 Reunion - The cast reminisces about life at the house. #110. 1/21/09

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