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This hour long Animal Planet show is their version of Cops and goes on the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota, an elite unit are on patrol 24/7. The twenty-two officers and dogs of the world-renowned St. Paul Police Department K9 Unit are dispatched to deal with the toughest cases and the hardest criminals. This show is nothing like their Animal Cops shows. Narrator - Gary Sturgis

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Ep# Description
101 Meet the Elite Part 1 - St. Paul, MN - they have 21 teams. Officer Brady Harrison & K9 Sully - he wants to protect the people, thatís why he has the dog. Theyíve been together 2 years. He can detect people we canít by smell. He lives with him like heís his only son and works from 9pm until dawn. He gets a call of a stolen Ford F150 from the Liquor Barrel with the kids inside. Sgt. Paul Dunnom says the reason the dogs are there is to bring in the bad guys. Cmdr Gregory Pye says they use the dogs like it was their own family. They go the scene and there is a dad wringing his hands. On the freeway the guy dumps the kid and the car. One guy is caught, but the driver ran. Witnesses say they ran over here and one guy threw the girl on the ground like she was nothing. He uses the dog to track him. The dad says he went in to get some beers and his kid was sleeping in the back, when he came out the truck was gone. Officer Mark Ficcadenti says they are more efficient with tracking because of their nose. Brady goes around the corner and into yards. A dog is out and they tell the owner to put him inside. She thinks heís barking at someone. They lose the scent at a house. Later he briefs them at the station that the area is thick with vines and hard to get in, they know the guy is Black Rob and want SWAT to go in and look for him. He got into a house right there. They hit his house and find him with coke on him. 10/1/08
102 Meet the Elite Part 2 - Officer David Longbehn & K9 Cody have been partners 3 years. Heís a good social dog, but is up 100% of the time to get bad guys. They have to watch out for each other. He gets a call of a guy with a gun in a car making threats. Sgt. Paul Dunnom says K9s are not for petty crimes. He spots the black SUV and pulls it over. He tells the guy to come out of heíll get bit. The driver gets out, but wonít get down right away. He was chasing a woman down the street with a gun and said he would kill her. They had 4 cars surround him. Officer Rob Vetsch & K9 Charlie say when he has his uniform on he knows itís time to go to work. Itís play time for the dog. They have been partners a year, heís a high energy dog. He gets a call of a man walking down the street with a gun after he just shot someone in a fight. Heís in black pacing back and forth. On scene they have suspects and he tells them the dog will be fine as long as they are calm. They leave the scene to go to where a suspect is found. He is detained, then told of another suspect that went into an apartment and they go there. He goes upstairs and other cops say he pointed a gun and said this is how we are going to do it. They kick in the door and tell him to come out and he doesnít so the dog goes in. They follow and clear the house, they find a shotgun and no suspect. At home he is the only dog he has and doesnít mind him interacting with the kids. 10/8/08
103 Gangs - Sgt. Paul Dunnom says gangs are responsible for most of the violent crimes. People are fearful to walk he streets and for bullets to go in their house. They have guns and arenít afraid to use them. Officer Mike Ernster & K9 Buzz go to a shots fired call. Heís one of the best detector dogs. The bullet went through the victimís shirt. They are looking for a white SUV with 2 blacks and stop one, but itís a white guy. Guns are prevalent in the gang culture, they find more guns than ever before. They drive around looking for them, finds them and calls for backup. When they run they are willing to fight. More people would rather fights cops than a dog. The driver gets out and backup pulls the others out. In the back they find bullets. In the console is a long barrel handgun. Mark is the head trainer. Pye says heís one of the most qualified in the country. They do train the dogs pull them down by the right arm. No suspect can outrun them. They works hours for the moment they are needed and train the dog to come out on top. Officer Isaac Rinehart & K9 Sully are going to a shooting call looking for suspects in yards. 10/15/08
104 Rookies - Officer Nicole Rasmussen & K-9 Chase do swimming games. They are the latest explosives team. Itís a great time, very busy, best job out there. Theyíve worked together a year and a half, out of school a year ago. Heíll know when she picks up on something like a warrant on the screen. Cops watch a deal for a gun sale and are called when they move. They want K-9s in the lead in case they run. Itís a silver Toyota Camry east on 94, 2 inside, no plates, temp tag. Mark Blumberg & K-9 Cobra join. They stop the car on the left side and when they get out the car takes off. They get word of a .357 in the car. Itís the most dangerous thing they get into. Innocent people all around a criminal that wants to get away. They lose sight of them and when they find the car empty, they took off on foot. They wait for K-9 and start searching from yard to yard. A suspect is caught elsewhere, not by them. Heís the driver, the gun was fake. Regional trials - all dogs have to go to get certified. The training never ends, but there is fun and competition. Three are there for the first time. Isaac Rinehart & K-9 Sarik, Officer Mike Ernster & K-9 Buzz, Mike Davis & K9 Augie, Officer Mike McAlpine & K9 Deuce are there. Itís 3 days. Officer Mark Blumberg & K-9 Cobra have been there 15 years. His family knows he wants to be safe and has back up. Heís called to search a car for drugs. Criminals get creative on hiding drugs and they would miss what the dogs will find, they canít mask it. He keeps hitting on the dashboard and they pull out the radio and find drugs back there. They also find illegal brass knuckles.10/22/08
105 Teamwork - Chief John M. Harrginton says keeping the city safe is their priority. Officer Mike Ernster & K-9 Buzz say after 6 hours he lets him play in the park. Heís a drug dog and is called out to search a vehicle. They have info that heís stashed something. He has to clear he car of things that can hurt the dog or food. He jumps on the center console and where the lighter is 3 times. They have to rip out the tray and there is a sock shoved up there full of crack. He wouldíve gotten away if it wasnít from the dog. They encourage the handler to be child like with rewards. Officer Mike Davis & K-9 Augie do criminal apprehension training. The dog needs to win every time and he rips the guard off his arm. They get a call of a chase where they lost the car, then they find it and the suspect took off. Officer Isaac Rinehart & K-9 Sarik also head over. Why they have a large K9 unit is because they are the best dogs, itís tradition. The car crashes, the driver was caught and the passenger got away. They find a lot of meth on him. They use dogs from both sides to flush him out. Sarik hits on a bush and the guy is hiding in it. They canít see in there and tell the dog to hold onto him while he crawls out. They use the dog on felony calls, not minor ones. The dog bit him on the arm and head and heís all bloody. He thought they wouldnít look for him. They have to take him to the hospital. He mightíve had a gun, so they werenít going to go in and find out. Mike has been doing it for 8 years. He worked with a K-9 handler who mentored him and he wanted to do it. 10/29/08
106 Hide and Seek - Sgt. Paul Dunhom says they are searching for dangerous desperate people who hide in ceilings. They canít camouflage their tracks. Officer Mike McAlpine & K-9 Deuce have been together 7 years, got him when he was 2. It took 2 days for him to like him. Dogs donít like tight spaces with one way in or out. The dog has to be controlled. They do training with the dog running through pipes. Later they get a call of a maroon Sable with a headlight out that ran from police and they lost him. They find it crashed into a house and the black man in white shirt ran. A witness says he jumped the fence, went through and jumped the back fence over there. There are people out in all the yards who saw something, but it distracts the dog. Officer Jim Nash & K-9 Bingo back them up. Officer Jon Sherwood says the problem is there are lots of guns when people run. The dog goes up to a house and a door, they think heís in there. They know he ran there, knock on the door, but the woman has no idea that someone ran into her basement. They go in and look. Heís not there, but heís interested in the kitchen. The woman says she has nothing to hide, but wonít let them check. She goes inside and starts locking things and they see movement inside. She wants a search warrant and they have to get one. An SUV rides around and the woman says the car that crashed is his. She says they stole her keys, she doesnít know who did, didnít report it, but knew where to find it. They donít believe her. She says not that car, the one in the garage. They get the search warrant and she still wonít open up. They kick in the door and pull the woman and her friend out. The dogs are ready to go. She gets mad they knocked her garbage over. Heís not in there, but the basement has dirt by the crawlspace that wasnít there when they first searched. He went under the house in the crawlspace. The dog bites on his arm and pulls him out. The suspect has warrants for robbery, he says heís innocent, though it looks guilty. He blames the city and is full of excuses. The woman is arrested for aiding him. 11/5/08
107 The Heat is On - Summer gets very hot. Sgt. Paul Dunnom says more people are out which makes more conflict. Officer Jeremy Ryan & K9 Ranger know what cars belong where and has a sense of where things belong. They go to a shots fired call and suspects ran from the scene. A naked man is dead on the sidewalk, they shot him 6-7 times. Dogs have a limited time of searching in the heat because they dehydrate. They go around to where a Nike shoe was found in the street. He probably ran out of it, so they search from there. A man in the house there says itís not his. They get no hit from it. Officer Mike Davis & K9 Auggie were chasing a guy in a white t-shirt and lost him. Later Jeremy takes the dog to the lake to swim around and keep him cool. That night they go to a burglary in progress at a recycling business. They pull up and can see the guys inside and go in with the dogs and catch 2 guys. They say they are looking for a bolt for his minibike. They walked in through a hole in the fence, heard something and were wondering what was going on. They look for another suspect, but donít find anyone. They think if they didnít have the dog they wouldnít have found them. They were stealthy, knew they were wrong. Chief John M. Harrington saying the dogs save the day. 11/12/08
108 Violent Crime - Sgt. Paul Dunhom doesnít get shocked, after 25 years he has seen everything. What people do over simple things is terrifying. K9 Countermeasure training at night for a violent domestic assault. Brady Harrison is the suspect in a bite suit. He flips out and yells, there are lights, violence, spray and batons. The dog gets down on him and pulls. Then they tase him, itís all a rush for him. Officer Brady Harrison & K9 Sully go to a robbery call. Young males took 3 guitars and ran. They have to be prepared for suspects to be heavily armed. The victim says they were sitting on the bench in the park playing guitars with 2 friends. Seven guys pulled up and attacked them and smashed the guitars, they didnít even want them. It can be a gang initiation. Sully starts tracking them and finds one in the bushes and bites him. He screams and says heíll come out, heís the only one there. They keep looking for others. The victim is glad one was caught by K9. Officer Nick Kellum & K9 Juda have been there 4 years. He always wanted to do it, donít have to be tough for the job. Always check your weapon. Heís always worried and goes to a call of a shooting, 2 people hit. They donít have a suspect. You need to go as a job, not personal or it will affect you. The woman is 7 months pregnant who is hit through the door. No idea where they ran. A woman is supposed to be involved so they go to her house. They have to go where they could be shot. The father says she isnít home. They search with the dog and donít find her. The phone rings and the mom says thatís not her. 11/19/08
109 Guns Kill - Mark Ficcadenti says gun crime has increased over the years. Sgt. Paul says it used to be rare, but now shots are fired every day. They find a variety of guns, foreign, handguns, rifles, expensive & Saturday Night specials. Any gun can kill you. Mike Davis & K9 Augie are being trained to become tolerant of gunfire. They walk him around and Pete starts shooting. He looks over, but doesnít freak out. They move up in caliber and walk around and shoot. He barks wanting to get him, but he canít. They go to fire over the dog and put stuff in his ears, but he keeps shaking them out. He fires loudly and the dog doesnít respond. Later they go to a call of a man wanted for shooting 4 people. John B & K9 Andy go to the back and Mike takes Augie through the front of the bar and they pin him. They get him out and he has a gun in his sock. He yells he didnít do anything. They get a call of a gun robbery of a cab, black male, white shirt, dark jeans. They talk to the cab driver. He got $80 in small bills. He took him to the gas station and he wanted money. Police came and the guy ran for it. They look for him and a guy goes riding by on a bike that matches the description. He crashes into a fence and gives up. He ran because he was scared. He has money, but no gun. They go back through a yard and find the gun. The driver IDs him. Paul canít understand why criminals kill people for minor things. 1/7/09
110 The War on Drugs - Drug users are violent, typically spur of the moment crime. Mark trains them for a high risk traffic stop with and without the dog. The man is armed and on drugs. The first time is without the dog. Brady Harrison runs for it and gets away. Sgt. Paul Dunnom says the dogs are trained to always win. They do it again and use the dog. It takes him down by the arm. Ofc Bob Vetsch & K9 Charlie provide support for a UC who has gone undercover for months in a drug ring. The cop is making a deal for crack, he tells him the police car is just where a cop lives. They make a deal and move in. They yank him out of the car and the dog is right there wanting to get him. The dealer says it wasnít crack, it was salt. Thatís what he wanted and got it. What about the last 8 or 9 times you sold to him? He doesnít know, doesnít have any idea how long they were watching him. They check the car and find a large metal weapon. Itís a mandatory felony charge. Ofc Bob Edwards & K9 Rico say drug users commit burglaries, they arenít major crimes, but cause an effect on the community. 1/14/09
111 The Veterans - They started in 1958 with 3 dogs, now there's 22. Chief John M says vets are the voice of reason, the stabilizing force. Ofc Jon Sherwood & K9 Bengy say that little dog hits hard. He loves work. They go to a Marshals call that theyíve been to before. Heís bad, armed and hiding. A guy comes out the back instead of getting bit, then another. Inside a woman is found. Ofc Dave Lonbehn & K9 wait outside. The suspect is found in a closet crawlspace and is ripped out. The woman knew this and is arrested. Ofc Mark Blumberg & K9 Cobra have been together 4 Ĺ years and the dog is stubborn. A drug dealer runs from a traffic stop after a crash. A woman is injured, driver is caught. Ofc Brady Harrison & K9 Sully come from the other side and canít find him. SWAT have a briefing for a drug and gun warrant with Sherwood. The suspect runs for his car and is caught. He says heís clean and nothing is found, but he has a warrant. Ofc Nicole Rasmussen sets up for car bomb training. Sgt. Paul Dunnom & K9 Sue train. Heís been there 27 years, his dog is the first explosives dog they have. She finds the 2 bombs pretty fast. 2/9/09
112 Dog Power - Ofc Mark Ficcadenti says German Shepherds will bite. Mcalpine & K9 Duece donít like being held back from getting the bad guy. They get a call of a garage burglary and the Asian suspect runs. Sgt. Paul Dunnom talks about tracking. They catch a man then go for the next one and itís hard to keep up with the dog. They go through yards and over fences, lots, under cars until they are exhausted. They double back and the dog keeps leading them to an alley and over and he goes over a large fence and finds the guy. It took an hour. Deuce is 75 pounds, 42 teeth and will commit to the fight. They train hard. Ofc Nicole Rasmussen & K9 Chase go wild when they go through the carwash. Cops want a parole violator and his PO meets them to describe him. Heís running in the area and might be on a bus so they stop the bus and Chase goes crazy and they catch him. Dave & K9 Chico say the dog becomes a truth detector just from the odor the suspects give off. A suspect violated a restraining order and has a felony warrant. 2/10/09
113 Crime in the City - The Chief says they have to self deploy. Frogtown - Ofc Mark & K9 Shadow go to a robbery at gunpoint of a young black male that ran behind a house on Grotto. One cop catches 2 guys and Mark helps. He waits for backup to search and they are off and running. They find a cellphone, but no suspect. They check him by computer and find he lives around there. They set up a perimeter, armor up and find him. He denies everything, so they need to find the gun and they do. Central - Bob Edwards & K9 Rico grew up there going back 100 years in the family. Mayor Chris Coleman says cops are the family and fabric of the city. Ted & Tad tell him about a big, violent man who will fight that has warrants for weapons charges. Mark Ficcadenti says the suspect has the advantage when they know you are coming. They surround him and he gives up. Jason Brodt & K9 Nitro say the best thing is the reward. His wife Molly is also a cop on the same days. They know what each other does. West District - Summit University - heís been with him 8 years. They are looking for a gunman fleeing a shooting. They search, but come up empty. Molly arrives, they got the shooter in a fleeing car. 2/11/09
114 Wild Weekend - Ofc Mark Ficcadenti says things explode on the weekend, they look forward to it. Brady Harrison & K9 Sully enjoy the buzz. A stolen car blows by him in the rain. He chases them down and they suddenly stop. The driver has an attitude and gets tased. The passenger tries to say he just got picked up and wonít listen. He got felony fleeing. Jason Brodt does training. Ofc Rob Vetsch runs from them and Mike Davis & K9 Auggie chase him. Rob runs from the car and is taken down. John Buchmeier & K9 Andy work overnight. He knew he was the right dog for him. They get a call of a black guy with a gun used in an assault. Mike Davis joins. A man was playing cards with guys and a fight broke out and a guy got beat. The suspect took off, lives upstairs, could still be there. Blood is all over, but no suspect. They get a call of a car running with a semi automatic. He suddenly stops in the middle of the intersection. K9 Andy & Auggie are there. No gun is found. Rob Vetsch & K9 Charlie go to a call of 3 parole violators in a house with guns. Marshall Little their PO briefs them. There are a large group of people out there and one runs inside. The 3 main guys arenít there. 2/12/09

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