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Season 1
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This series is the closest there is to Cops on Fox. It's the exact same format of 30 minutes following cops, no comments on location, letting them say what they want and following them to calls. But what really links them is that people who worked on Cops, lived nearby and were tired of traveling joined this show in season 2 to stay close to home including Hank Barr & Mark Bozman. The differences are they have no cool theme song, theirs' is an instrumental that sounds like something from Masterpiece Theatre, there's a narrator and they went hi-tech with the graphics. The graphics are of the badges, how long the cop is on the force, cars for street patrol, fancy sounds, plus maps of the counties and areas. It needed some more humor, it's takes itself too serious, plus the narrator slows things down. It's definitely worth watching to get your cops fix when the real show is in reruns. One annoying thing is there are a whole series of shows where the last segment deals with an aspect of the infamous North Hollywood Bank of America shootout. Why not put it all in one special? A very confusing thing is recycling segments at the start so think you've seen the episode, but the rest of the show is new. Three things they did better than Cops are the graphics that have location, how long the cop is on the force and what the charges were. Because of a show like this in LA violating the rights of an innocent woman a new law was passed making it much harder to film Cops or another show like it, that's why there are no more shows filmed there. The first season it was called LAPD. Then for the second season for some reason 'Life on the Beat' was added. Also they started giving titles to each segment. Then the theme song was played on an electric guitar instead of horns to make it more hip. Amazingly the show was on 5 days a week, so there is potentially as many as 600+ episodes out there. The only problem is they do recycle segments so not all episodes are completely new. The four digit episode #s are the official ones, the three digit ones are from reruns that I don't know the official ones. Of the 223 episodes listed, I have the ones that start in bold.

Narrator: Season 1 - Andrew Geller, Season 2-4 - Hank Brandt

Season 1 (1995-6)

Episode Description
101 SPU - South Central 4:29pm/Patrol - Hollywood 4:47pm/Watts - 10:40pm 1995
102 Patrol - Hollywood 3:17pm/Patrol - Hyde Park 4:49pm/CRASH - Exposition Park 2:19pm 1995
104 SPU - Hollywood 1:19pm/CRASH - Exposition Park 4:30pm/Traffic - South Central 4:49pm 1995
105 Air Support - South Central 6:20pm AKA Fleeing Females #273/Patrol - Watts 4:30pm/Patrol - Hyde Park 9:43pm/Bomb Squad - LAX Airport 12:01pm 1995
106 Patrol - Hollywood 12:28am/Patrol - Westchester 11:46am/SPU - South Central 4:50pm/ Patrol - Van Nuys 6:46pm 1995
107 Patrol - Exposition Park 4:17pm/Patrol - Watts 10:28pm/Patrol - Hollywood 3:32pm/SWAT 1995
108 Patrol - Olympic Park 5:27pm/Air Support - Hyde Park 5:01pm/CRASH - L.A. City 10:49pm/Patrol - Downtown L.A. 9:02pm/Foot Patrol - Venice Beach 1:27pm 1995
109 Patrol - South Central 7:51pm/CRASH - Watts 4:20pm/Patrol - Hyde Park 10:31pm/Police Academy 1995
110 Foot Patrol - Venice Beach 2:53pm/Patrol - Exposition Park 5:09pm/SID - Mt. Washington 12:19pm 1995
111 Patrol - Hyde Park 4:42pm/Narcotics - Hollywood 11:05pm/Patrol - Mid City 2:18pm/ Patrol - Hollywood 8:20pm 1995
112 Patrol - Exposition Park 9:49pm/Patrol - South Central 4:58pm/Profiles 1995
113 Patrol - South Central 9:12pm/Patrol - Hancock Park 10:30am/Traffic - Wilshire 7:09pm/Patrol - Downtown LA 4:19pm/Patrol - L.A. City 1:15pm 1995
114 Domestic Violence - Florence 3:44pm/Patrol - Willowbrook 8:52pm/SWAT - South Central 2:01pm 1995
115 Air Support - L.A. City 10:54pm/Patrol - Mid-City 10:01pm/Auto - Van Nuys 4:08pm/ Robbery - Jefferson Park 5:34pm 1995
116 SWAT - Boyle Heights 4:59pm/Auto - Mission Hills 9:46pm/Shots Fired - Pacoima 11:53pm/Patrol - Koreatown 9:15pm  1995
118 Shots Fired - Mid-City 9:32pm/Assault - Crenshaw 5:32pm/Robbery/CRASH - South Central 4:21pm/Patrol/Auto - North Hollywood 8:07pm 1995
119 CRASH - South Central 7:59pm/Assault - Mid-City 3:51pm/Patrol - Koreatown 11:31am/Patrol - Talunga 7:11pm 1995
120 CRASH - South Central 8:17pm/Robbery - LA City 5:04pm/Domestic Violence - South Central 10:11pm/Patrol - L.A. City 4:38pm 1995
1006 Patrol - South Central 10:37pm – it’s a domestic call, a new area for their division, something about a brick. Patrol – Hollywood 1:13pm/Patrol - Exposition Park 2:15pm - Officers make a stop for an apparently routine traffic violation. 103. 9/95
1023 Rookie saves his partner; suspected car thieves. 10/11/95
1040 Narcotics - Central City 4:47pm/Patrol - South Central 3:27pm/Patrol - Downtown 5:49pm/Patrol - Mission Hills 9:40pm #1040. 11/3/95
104? Patrol - Woodland Hills 5:51pm - phony credit card and ID for a $4000 computer/Robbery - Leimert Park 7:11pm - a kids bicycle, a present for his 11th birthday is stolen/Profiles - Sgt. Linda Thompson collects money for a new bike for xmas for the 11 year old/Training - Palos Verdes 8:48pm - the dive team searches a sunken car. 197 5/20/95
1049 South Central - Man with a Gun 10:31pm - An armed suspect puts police in the line of fire/Lost 2 Year Old (1:07pm) a mother is reunited with her lost daughter/Stolen Vehicle (2:11pm) a joyride in a stolen car is cut short/Hyde Park Assault (4:01pm) 11/16/95
123 Auto - L.A. City 8:08pm/Patrol – Hollywood 1:47pm/Patrol - Hollywood 1:15am/North Hollywood 5:04pm. 1995
124 Auto - South Pasadena 10:10pm/CRASH - L.A. City 9:01pm/L.A. City 9:58pm/Patrol - South Central 4:19pm. 1995
125 At Risk Kids - Van Nuys 8:42pm/Auto - South Central 3:28pm/Patrol – Koreatown 2:17pm/Patrol – Westlake 2:41pm. 1995
126 Domestic Violence - L.A. City 8:24pm/Patrol - Watts 2:31pm/Shots Fired - Mid-City 1:49pm/At Risk Kids. 1995
127 At Risk Kids - Hollywood 5:23pm/Griffith Park 7:35pm/Burglary - Koreatown 8:05 am/Patrol - Hollywood 1:37pm. 1995
117 Patrol/At Risk Kids - South Central 8:01pm/Patrol - Hollywood 4:03pm - mental man destroys a hotel bathroom to escape/Vice - Downtown 10:32am - bootleg VHS movies #06695.1995
135 Robbery - Hollywood 3:56pm/Auto - Larchmont Village 1:08pm/Assault - L.A. City 4:45pm. #135. 1995
1 CRASH - Pacoima 8:59pm/Narcotics - Hollywood 10:01pm/Patrol - South Central 6:11pm 1995
1 Narcotics - South Central 4:35pm (Same as #218)/Burglary - Mid-City 8:07am/Patrol - South Central 9:57pm/Profiles - Officer John Futrell 1996
1 Patrol - Hollywood 11:20pm/Patrol - North Hollywood 2:19pm/Homicide - Jefferson Park 4:25pm/Patrol - Sundland 8:20pm 1996
1 Assault - Downtown L.A. 9:38pm/Detectives - Watts 6:01am/Auto - Hollywood Hills 12:11pm 1996
1 Auto - Winnetka 8:41pm/Robbery - County Club Park - 8:25pm/Assault - Watts 10:03pm 1996
137 Air Support - Exposition Park 5:15pm/Robbery - L.A. City 9:43pm/Patrol - Hollywood 9:59am #137. 1996
138 Shots Fired - Koreatown 12:15pm/Domestic Violence - Los Feliz 9:38pm/SPU - South Central 5:31pm #138. 1996
196 Shots Fired - West L.A. 11:15pm/Detectives - Mid-City 6:40am/Burglary - Hollywood 3:42pm/Assault - Mid-City 10:45am #196. 1996
1102 Patrol - Hollywood 8:15pm - Relationship has violent end/Patrol - North Hollywood 5:20pm - auto robbery in progress/Technology - mirror tool/Metro 114 - Foothill 2:27pm - firing range. 153. 2/27/96
158 Patrol/Pursuit - West Adams 9:45pm/Crash: Crenshaw 6:33pm – Narcotics – black ex-con man with an old, rusty .32 caliber – Detective Kenneth Belt/Detectives – Winnetka 1:21pm – illegal car dealers/Reseda 2:33pm/Patrol: Woodland Hills 9:45pm – traffic stop with warrants. 1996
1 Patrol - Olympic Park 5:27pm - Officers Tom Kimrey and Officer Rich Sharp pass by a car at the gas station that gave them a hard, weird look. So they run his plate and it comes back stolen/Air Support – Hyde Park 5:01pm/CRASH – L.A. City 10:49pm/Patrol - Downtown L.A. 9:02pm/Foot Patrol – Venice Beach 1:27pm 1996
1115 Detectives - Downtown LA 6:11am – forgery scam with half a million in bad check/At Risk Kids – West Valley Station – three kids in a stolen car/Patrol – Hollywood 4:18pm – dry cleaners customer complains. 3/15/96
1116 Shots Fired - Hollywood 7:25pm/Silver Lake 9:09pm/Patrol - El Sereno 7:23pm/Jail - Van Nuys 11:47pm #202 1996
1118 Homicide - South Central 8:23pm - Southeast Division - Stabbing suspect refuses to surrender/Domestic Violence - Hollywood 1:11pm - prisoner in restraints/Shots Fired - South Central 10:33pm - witnesses finger murder suspect/Assault - Panorama City 8:10pm #1118. 3/20/96
131 Assault - East L.A. 5:34pm/At Risk Kids - L.A. City 10:15pm/Domestic Violence – North Hollywood 8:11pm/Patrol - Hollywood 2:18pm/1959 safety film - Part 1 Intersection Control. 1995
132 Auto – Exposition Park 5:10pm/Shots Fired – Watts 7:38pm/Domestic Violence - Westlake 8:46pm/Domestic Violence - Mid-City 10:57pm 1996
1135 CRASH - Boyle Heights 10:09pm - Hollenback Division/Burglary: Conga Park 8:23pm/Robbery: South Central 4:08pm - Stolen-car pursuit; foot-chase; search for armed suspects; robbery. 130. 4/26/96
1137 Robbery - Koreatown 1:27pm - Robber takes a baby hostage/Highland Park 9:46pm - hidden knife/Auto: South Central 4:19pm - lowrider convention/Profiles – LAPD/Rod Carew - search for a bone-marrow match. 4/30/96
1141 Homicide - Monterey Hills 12:18pm, Backyard murder; drug bust; extortion; toy-gun wielder. 5/6/96
1 Air Support/Patrol - South Central 9:37pm - Officer Dave Randou & Officer Donovan Lyons/Stolen car: Hyde Park 10:22pm - Officer Teresa McIntosh & Officer Ken Phillipe/Exposition Park 5:15pm - Officer Jorge Gonzalez/South Central 8:24pm/Highland Park 10:19pm 1996
192 Assault - Hollywood 4:19pm/Patrol – Hancock Park 12:01pm/Patrol - Hollywood 12:15pm. 
193 Domestic Violence - Koreatown 10:04pm/Patrol – Mid-City 2:58pm/Auto – North Hollywood 9:51pm 1996
142 Assault - South Central 10:52pm/Patrol - Hollywood 4:58pm/Robbery - Hollywood 4:11pm 1996
143 Police Academy - Elysian Park 2:28pm/Assault - Hollywood 2:45pm/Domestic Violence - Chatsworth 8:10pm/Profiles - Exposition Park 3:01pm 1996
144 Detectives - South L.A. 6:08am/Robbery - Van Nuys 10:30pm/Auto - North Hills 10:51pm/Profiles - US Marine Corps Air Station Tustin 1996
145 Assault - Hancock Park 10:31am/Patrol - Fairfax 9:18am/Patrol - Athens 9:38pm/Traffic - Mid-City 2:19pm 1996
200 Assault - L.A. City 4:32pm/Patrol - San Pedro 6:10pm/Domestic Violence - Hollywood 1:35pm 1996
149 Robbery - North Hills 5:39pm/Domestic Violence - South Central 4:48pm/Air Support - Central L.A. 9:17pm/Patrol - Watts 7:21pm 1996
150 Shots Fired - Watts 9:44pm/Assault - Hollywood 2:43pm/Patrol - Van Nuys 4:37pm/Robbery - L.A. City 8:28pm 1996
151 Patrol - Westlake 8:08pm/Patrol - Sun Valley 10:22pm/SPU - El Sereno 8:39pm/Domestic Violence - Mid-City 6:38pm  1996
152 Narcotics - Koreatown 9:06pm/Domestic Violence - Country Club Park 3:33pm/Patrol - Mid-City 4:30pm/CRASH - Crenshaw 2:20pm 1996
154 Patrol - Westlake 3:28pm/Assault - Winnetka 9:12pm/Patrol - Sun Valley 7:30pm/Metro 114 Training - San Fernando 1:08pm 1996
155 Patrol - Canoga Park 2:19pm/Patrol - Westlake 5:51pm/Patrol - South Central 7:45pm/Metro 114 - San Fernando 1:51pm  1996
156 Patrol - Reseda - 5:36pm/Patrol - Jefferson Park 6:52pm/Auto - Toluca Lake 4:32pm/ Metro 114 - Crenshaw 1996
159 Auto - Foothill Station - 9:08pm/Patrol - Mid-City 3:18pm/Patrol - L.A. City 2:47pm/ Profiles - Charity Boxing 1996
160 Shots Fired - L.A. City 9:42pm/Burglary - South Central 8:37pm/Robbery - Koreatown 4:38pm/Profiles - 18 cops go to Mexico 1996
161 Domestic Violence - Westlake 3:46pm/Auto - South Central 12:38pm/Patrol - Hollywood 2:18pm 1996
163 Patrol - South Central 9:32pm/Auto - Athens 4:31pm/Patrol - L.A. City 1:42pm/Profiles - 300 cops win medals 1996
164 Pursuit - Northridge 10:25pm/Patrol - Westlake 2:30pm/Patrol - North Hills 10:04pm/Robbery - South Central 10:15pm  1996
169 CRASH - Hyde Park 5:20pm/Patrol - South Central 5:43pm/Patrol - Watts 9:26pm/ Vice - El Sereno 11:20pm 1996
170 Patrol - Westlake 12:25pm/Patrol - Watts 7:40pm/Patrol - South Central 5:18pm/Patrol - L.A. City 7:38am 1996
172 Patrol - Hyde Park 10:05pm/Patrol - Sunland 10:50pm/Patrol - L.A. City 5:10pm/Narcotics - Wilmington 10:51pm 1996
173 Auto - South Central 9:05pm/Air Support - Downtown L.A. 10:08pm/Patrol - Hancock Park 11:31pm/Domestic Violence - L.A. City 2:58pm 1996
174 Vice - Hollywood 12:03am/Shots Fired - South Central 9:24pm/Narcotics - Westlake 4:18pm/Auto - L.A. City 8:42pm 1996
175 Assault - Canoga Park 10:21pm/Patrol - Hollywood 7:45pm/Assault - L.A. City 12:27pm/Patrol - West L.A. 8:03pm. 1996
176 Shots Fired - Harbor City 10:08pm/Patrol - L.A. City 2:52pm/Homicide - Watts 3:08pm/ Patrol - Hollywood 12:19pm. 1996
183 Robbery - Westlake 5:34pm/Patrol - South Central 7:15pm/Auto - Westlake 1:57pm/ Profiles 1996
184 Patrol - Watts 10:00pm/Pursuit - Hyde Park 5:36pm/Assault - Echo Park 1:45pm/CRASH - Devonshire 7:31pm. 1996
215 Patrol - South Central 3:59pm/Detectives - Downtown L.A. 6:42am/Patrol - Hancock Park 8:27pm/Technology - police car 1996
216 Patrol - South Central 4:17pm/SPU - Watts 8:16pm/Auto - North Hollywood 7:19am/Patrol - South Central 2:59pm 1996
217 At Risk Kids - Mid-City 1:18am/Shots Fired - L.A. City 2:07am/Narcotics - Koreatown 4:03pm/Detectives - Mid-City 6:58pm 1996
218 Patrol - Hollywood 11:20pm/Narcotics - South Central 4:35pm/Air Support - Exposition Park 5:15pm/Profiles - 11/4/95 Officer Marty Guerrero 1996
225 Patrol - South Central 4:45pm/South Central 5:30pm/Patrol - Westlake 2:15pm/Domestic Violence - Westlake 2:15pm/Profiles - Downtown L.A. 4:18pm 1996
228 Robbery - L.A. City 2:16pm/Robbery - Watts 9:27pm/Patrol - South Central 5:41pm/Patrol - South Central 7:32pm. 1996
230 Shots Fired - Watts 4:51pm/Patrol - Leimert Park 9:31pm/Patrol - Winnetka 10:25pm/Auto - Westlake 9:16pm. 1996
231 Narcotics - Hollywood Division 3:21pm/Patrol - South Central 8:20pm/Patrol - Echo Park 3:18pm/Assault - Westlake 9:01pm. 1996

Season 2 (1996-7)

Episode Description
2001 Rival gang members catch a mother and son in crossfire during a shoot out; a woman tries to fight off a purse snatcher; police are in hot pursuit of a wayward canine who bit three people; and a couple in a stolen car ask cops for directions. 9/9/96
2002 A woman attacks her boyfriend with a steak knife; a young boy is shot in the face with a pellet gun; a woman calls police claiming her husband gave her a fat lip; and security cameras catch a gang murder on tape at a gas station. 9/10/96
2003 Detectives investigate the murder of a woman shot in her car; heavily armed SWAT teams serve arrest warrants during early morning raids; police are called in during a property dispute; and a suspected gang member leads officers into the projects of Southeast LA. 9/11/96
2004 Rampart Division officers serve a series of warrants on suspected drug houses; a fight erupts between a security guard and a gas station customer; a young boy's grandmother comes to his rescue during an attempted kidnapping and officers in hot pursuit of a possible stolen van. 9/12/96
2 Blood Alley (Homicide - South Central 9:18pm)/She’s Threatening Me (Patrol - Jefferson Park 10:46pm)/The Evacuation (Patrol - L.A. City 10:10pm)/Spineless Shooting (Assault - Westlake 3:14pm) 1996
2005 High Speed Takedown/A Failure to Communicate/Grad Night Disturbance/D.O.A. Suspect #189. 9/13/96
2006 Fortress of Terror - Neighbors point Detectives toward a secret militia group hiding at a North Hollywood neighborhood/Truck Stop - a woman's car is crushed by a truck on the freeway/Highway Tragedy/Walk-By Shooting - sniper casually walks away firing at civilians. 9/16/96
2007 A possible drug deal ends in a shooting; female roommates fight as officers try to keep them apart; an apartment building threatens to catch fire after trees erupt into flames; and a man is shot in the neck during a robbery. 9/17/96
2008 A man believing his girlfriend is having an affair attacks her friends with a knife; residents attack a suspected drunk driver trying to flee from an accident; police protect a demonstration for homicide victims; and officers respond to reports of a man found dead in the local park. 9/18/96
2009 A store owner is shot in the face during a possible robbery; a two year old boy calls 911 during his parents argument; a gunfire report turns out to be the filming of a movie; and officers find a suspect's children asleep in the car during a drug bust. 9/19/96
2010 Same Old Story - Undercover officers target buyers and sellers during a drug sting/Kids in Danger - officers bust a woman trying to buy drugs with her children in the back seat/Shots in the Dark - cops spot potential suspects in a shooting minutes after a crime broadcast/Total Destruction - a suspect flees from officers and crashes into a house. 134. 9/20/96
2011 Slashed/She Tried to Kill Me/An Artificial Life/Hail of Bullets 128. 9/23/96
2012 Wrong Target/Southeast Crime Spree/Backup on Hoover/Land Cruising/Tailgate Chaser 129. 9/24/96
2013 The Second Time Around/Second Chance Pursuit/Mounted Training/Deadly Force 133. 9/25/96
2014 Night Flight/Crash & Run/No Ransom/Lewd Conduct/Two in the Bush 188. 9/26/96
2015 Shooting on Hoover St./Caught in the Act/Road Rage/The Ties that Bind 191. 9/27/96
2016 Cornered and Captured/Pregnant & Beaten/Mounted Patrol/Arson Murder/Deadly Force 194.9/30/96
2017 Arcade Shoot-Out/No Fly Zone/Halloween on 77th/Bus Stop Sex 195. 10/1/96
2018 Chopper Take Down/Day Long Diamonds/One Minute Warning/Bullets Everywhere #198. 10/2/96
2019 GTA Strippers/Blood Brothers/Cry for Help/Home Entries #199. 10/3/96
2020 Murder victim; prostitution sting; stalker hides in car trunk. 10/4/96
2021 Bullets hit a car at an intersection during a gang ambush; officers discover a stolen cell phone during a traffic stop; and neighbors call police on a suspected dope dealer. 10/7/96
2022 A man is found dead in a hotel room after a party; a man's ex-girlfriend vandalizes his house; a check forgery suspect is caught by officers; and CRASH officers go after a robbery suspect in an early morning raid. 10/8/96
2023 Death in the Street - Detectives investigate a Valentine's Day murder/Hot Car… - officers try to stop a man from forklifting a car that's on fire/Chief of the Day/Many Cars, No Owner - police impound a man's car when he can't prove ownership. 10/9/96
2024 Street Sweeper/The One that Got Away/Mean Streets/Over the Line/Check Bleaching #232. 10/10/96
2025 A deaf man is found gagged and stabbed in his own apartment; a deli owner is accused of threatening customers with a handgun; a man is suspected of beating his girlfriend; and a man is arrested for selling fake ID's. 10/11/96
2026 Home Invasion Robbery - A woman in fear contacts a 911 operator as burglars ransack her home/Shot in the Hood - a suspected gang member is shot while running for cover during a drive-by shooting/Blind & Scared - a blind woman threatens pedestrians with a knife/Undercover Chop Shop/Unscheduled Bus Stop - police surround a city bus reportedly containing a gunman. 187. 10/14/96
2027 SWAT executes an early morning raid on a robbery suspect; cops capture a roof-top burglar stealing the building's electrical wiring; officers nab a group of suspected car thieves; and a young girl falls victim to stray gunfire. 10/15/96
2028 Gang fighting erupts as officers chase down suspects responsible for the shooting of a child; a grandfather calls for police assistance with his troubled grandson; officers search for a missing boy last seen on his way to school; and the bomb squad shows off their equipment. 10/16/96
2029 Officers console a family whose relative fell victim to a drive-by shooting; a hotel manager calls in police after seeing drugs sold from a room; Mayor Richard Riordan joins officers on bike patrol in Hollywood; and a Wilshire sting operation targets suspected drug users and dealers. 10/17/96
2030 Gang warfare claims another life in a drive-by shooting; K-9 units are sent in for a group of suspected car thieves; and police are called in when residents spot a stranger at a neighbor's house. 10/18/96
2031 Bullets fatally wound two victims during a drive-by shooting; a motorcyclist tries to conceal his identity from officers; a landlord is convinced that his tenant is a terrorist; and mini-market employees attack suspected shoplifters with beer bottles. 10/21/96
2032 Air and ground units are in hot pursuit of a stolen vehicle as a suspect waves a gun at them; suspects flee the scene after crashing into a mailbox; a suspect tries to ransom drug money from his girlfriend; and police search for a man exposing himself to beach goers in Venice. 10/22/96
2033 Officers try to control the crowds at Venice Beach; an argument escalates to gunfire; a pair of suspects steal a car to avoid the walk home; and a divorce becomes ugly when a woman falsely accuses her husband of a crime. 10/23/96
2034 Southeast officers serve multiple warrants simultaneously against wanted gang members; a suspected drug dealer is found holding a probation officer's badge; a misunderstanding leads to a full blown fight; and Grand Theft Auto suspects lead officers on a hot pursuit. 10/24/96
2035 A young boy is shot during a drive-by shooting in South Central; officers respond to a domestic violence call in the nick of time; a traffic accident leads to a fight; and an undercover vice sting focuses on johns soliciting prostitutes. 10/25/96
140 Nowhere to Hide/Slam Dance/Crawl/Gunfighters 1996
141 Caught Red Handed/Bomb Squad Forklift/Strong Arm Robbery/Jumped in, Shot Out 1996
185 What a Lady/Dangerous Toy/Another Round/Victim in Red 1996
186 Narco Round Up/Citizen's Arrest/Kidnapped/Van Go 1996
209 Run for Your Life/Home Grown/Something to Hide/Witness Protection Plan 1996
210 Rock Garden/The Party's Over/Loose Tooth, Loose Ends/Street Fighters 1996
211 Shooting Game/Big Brother Bully/No Protest Protest/K-9 Capture 1996
214 Flash Point/Eagle Eye/Wrong Side of the Tracks/Night of Terror 1996
2057 Hog Tied – Narcotics Watts 2:50 am, Drug suspect attacks officers; domestic fight; prowlers; evictee refuses to leave. 11/26/96
203 S.W.A.T. Comes Knocking/Fatal Crossing/Sidewalk Sucker Punch/Tragic Ending 1996
205 G.T.A. Bailout/Fly Now, Pay Later/Street Justice/Armed Takeover Robbery 1996
207 A Family Affair/Drugs & Guns/Hidden Knives/Code 37 Kids 1996
208 Nuts and Bolts/Misdirected Rage/Driving Without Consent/Sniff and Scratch 1996
226 Don't Axe Me/Shots in the Park/Camaro Custody/C.R.A.S.H. Warrant 1996
229 Prostitute Decoy/Naked Truth/Hollywood Story/K-9 Track Down 1996
235 Slice of the Party/Insurance Fraud Arrest/Grass, No Papers/Cut to the Bone 1996
121 If the Shoe Fits (Burglary - North Hollywood 7:12pm)/Shooting in Progress/Mid-Day Meltdown/Harbor Vice Sting 1996
122 Take Out Window/Trapped Victim/Dog Pound/Bullets and Burgers 1997
148 Maximum Force/Hand Out/Survival Shooting/Eating Crow 1997
220 Breakaway Murder/Concealed Weapon/Suspect at Large/Shallow Grave 1997
221 Safe Detonation/Ring of Thieves/Unwelcome Visitor/Rooftop Surveillance/Speed Kills 1997
222 Officer Down/Roof Party/Screwdriver Bandit/Natural Causes/The Little Gun 1997
223 Officer Needs Help/Compacted Car/Dangerous Combination/Mystery Shooting 1997
224 Jekyl & Hyde/Cave Man/Neighborhood Watch 2/K-9 Caper 1997
2090 Bank Robbery Hostage (L.A. City 10:01 AM) Family Savings Bank - Bank robbers hold a teller hostage/No Jacket Required - naked man/Who's the Victim? - assault suspect/Suspect at Large - freeway pursuit. 147. 2/14/97
2109 Night Sun Capture - Stolen police car/A Likely Story - victim becomes the suspect/Suspect at Large/Outraged Citizens - hit-and-run/Crack Alley - crack smokers. 4/17/97
2154 Hollywood 211 - Dealer conceals cocaine/Neighborhood Intruder - gang rape/Suspect at Large - Yanick Peneloni/Unwelcome Tenants/Unfinished Business - domestic violence. 7/17/97
2155 AK-47 Murder (Sun Valley 11:03am) Homicide – Foothill Division. Drive-by shooting kills drug dealer/Concerned Neighbor - elderly woman falls/Boxing the Clown - high-speed pursuit/Dusted and Busted #2155. 7/18/97
2 Cracked Molar/Teen Rape/Can’t Take Anymore/Domestic Frustration 1997
2 License to Go - Patrol: Hyde Park 8:30pm - Officer Andrew Buesa & Officer Carlos Quintero spot a car driving erratically. He refuses to pull over, they call for backup and the black guy pulls his van into a driveway and gets out. He's wearing a Mickey shirt, seems oblivious, says there is no one in the truck, has trouble following instructions, says he was just coming home. He has no license, so he was bringing it to his girlfriends house. They ask what's wrong with him. Does he think he can just go home and nothing is wrong? He's going to lose his car. His wife comes out and says that's her husband, but won't say his name. Then she says it's Ronald. He says he doesn't have a license, never had one, he's 40 years old and has never gotten stopped before. His car is getting impounded and he is getting ticketed. He has to go to an impound hearing, but is free to go. He's lucky, maybe saved a life on the road. Street Preaching - South Central 7:25pm - Officer Tamara Van Dunne & Officer Mario Vasquez/Lethal Star - N Hollywood 9:17pm - Officer Luis Torres/Guns, Cash and Carry - LA City 5:30pm - Officer Richard Boyer, Officer Juan Sanchez, Officer David Shearman, Detective Marc Zavala/Ocean Motion - Marina Del Ray 8:08pm - Officer Mel Stevenson & Officer John Mardesich  #251. 1997
2 School’s Out – Narcotics Hollywood 9:52pm – they are going to an abandoned pre-school on 70th and Sunset. It’s a place for drug users and squatters. 1997

Season 3 (1998)

Episode Description
179 Quick Change/Double Whammy/Entrance Denied/Salvage Operation 1997
204 Mystery Shooting/Tools of the Trade/Normandie Falls/Liddy Takes Charge 1997
206 Resistance Arrest/Blood Debt/Misused Machete/Newton Vice Sting 1997
213 I Ain’t Coming Out/Cel Phone Collision/Neighbor Assault/Sky Tracer 1997
234 AK-47 Pursuit/Stabbed/Homicide Investigation 2. 1997
236 Breathless Pursuit/Party Busters/Invisible Gun/Family Ties/Qualifying Rounds 1997
237 The Hit Man/Dangerous Warrants/Gangster Off the Street/D.U.I. Rollover 1997
238 Wild Mustang Roundup/Bark and Find/Wrong Place, Wrong Time/Hollywood Crackdown 1997
239 Suspicious Vehicle/C.H.P. Air Assist/A Shot in the Dark/Parallel Pursuit 1997
240 House of Fire/Dialing for Drugs/Rum and Coke/77th Cluster 1997
241 Upstairs/Downstairs/Booked & Boogied/Uninvited Guest/Harley Hassle 1997
242 The Running Game/A Strange Twist/Broad Daylight/Death Stop 1997
243 East Side Story/Five Dollar Fight/No Trespassing/Pistol Packin' Parolee 1997
244 I've Been Q'd/Might Be Murder/Bathroom Break-in/Shot for Twenty 1997
245 Terminated Pursuit/What's a Homicide Detective?/Narco Assault/Marijuana Forest 1997
247 In the Closet/Sideswiped/Too Many Visitors/Clockwork Takedown 1997
248 Bailed and Busted/Bottoms Up/Soldier of Misfortune/Let's Make a Deal 1997
249 No Love Lost/Sudden Ending/Tangled Tales/Hammer Time 1997
250 Warrior Camp/Fair Warning/ Beaten Bloody/Over the Line 1997
266 Stop and Go/Growing Pains/Post Game Show/The Dating Game/Two Pints Too Low 1997
269 Perimeter Lockdown/Mace in the Face 2/Over the Line/Night Shots 1997
279 Drug Alley/If the Shoe Fits (Burglary - South Central 6:14pm)/One too Many/Flushed Out 1997
280 Concealed Weapon/Road Rage/Frightened Mother/No Restraint 1997
2 Loaded Conflict (Shots Fired - South Central 5:17pm)/Privilege - Not a Right (Auto - Hollywood 4:41pm)/Air 217 (Air Support - L.A. City 5:18pm)/Too Young to Drive (Kids at Risk - L.A. City 5:18pm) 1997
2 Snake Shot (Shots Fired - Country Club Park 4:49pm)/Overheated Bar-B-Que (Domestic Violence - Sylmar 6:35pm)/Police Escort (Patrol - L.A. City 4:06pm)/Toy Story (Patrol - Westlake 8:57am) 1997
299 Jump Start (Patrol - South Central 7:21pm)/Living in Fear (Domestic Violence - South Central 5:10pm)/Beer Battle (Assault – Hollywood 4:00pm)/Suburban S.W.A.T. (SWAT – West Hills 8:00am) 1997
298 Arcade Shoot-Out (same as #195)/Air Assist (Air Support - Montecito Heights 6:10pm)/Auto Trader (Auto - South Central 9:15am)/Fingered by K-9 (Assault – Pacoima 8:00pm) 1998
2 True Love (Auto - Van Nuys 4:51pm)/Rush Hour Rage (Patrol - Sherman Oaks 5:43pm)/The Balcony (Patrol - South Central 11:15am)/A Shot in the Dark (Air Support - L.A. City 6:16pm) 1998
2 Motorcycle Maniac (Pursuit - Sunland 10:40pm)/Room Service (Narcotics - South Central 3:51pm)/Buckle Up (Patrol - North Hollywood 4:04pm)/Love Hurts 2 (Assault - Watts 6:11pm) 1998
2 Cornered and Captured (same as #194)/2 Bloody Victims (Assault - Koreatown 7:30pm)/Tiny Victim (Shots Fired - L.A. City 4:15pm)/Love on the Rock (Assault - South Central 2:30am)/Hot Dog (Patrol - South Central 11:26am) 1998
2 Full House (Air Support - South Central 6:06pm)/2 Lethal Weapons (Assault - South Central 1:00am)/Cucamonga Cougar (Auto - South Central 11:20am)/If the Shoe Fits (Burglary - L.A. City 3:33pm) 1998
2 Bomb Evac (Bomb Squad - L.A. City 10:35am)/School of Hard Knocks (Patrol - L.A. City 6:55pm)/My Boyfriend’s Back (Air Support - Hyde Park 3:10am)/Quick Recovery (Auto - South Central 4:02pm 1998
281 Armed Takeover Robbery (L.A. City 4:50pm)/Homecoming/Impersonation/Sidewalk Shooting 1998
282 Crisis on the Freeway/Dialing for Drugs/Weapons Warrant/Eye Contact 1998
283 Gun Chucker/Fast Track/Armored Car Part 1 & 2 1998
284 Van on the Run/Subway Safety/Foiled 211/On the Trail 1998
285 Home Invasion/Red Hot Cherokee/Barroom Blunder/Possible Kidnap 1998
286 A Twisted Tale/The Balcony/Persistence/The Whole Truth 1998
287 Parallel Pursuit/Banking on Metro/LAPD Dive Team/Death Camp 1998
288 Hook and Ladder/Child Protection Act/Unlucky 13/K-9 Weapons Training 1998
289 Nuts to You/Cutting Family Ties/Roof Check/Get the Demon Out 1998
290 Ladies Night Out/Hanging Together/Looking for Trouble/Poetic Justice 1998
246 Cold Blooded Murder/Full Speed Ahead/Round Two/The Rescue 1998
254 Run for Cover/Blood on the Wall/Party of Four/Central Bike Narco/Close Call 1998
146 Silent Witnesses/The Swarm/Biting Back/Over Exposed 1998
177 Night Flight/Caught By SWAT/Wilshire Attaché/Shots on Western 1998
178 SWAT Challenge/Stomped/Foiled Ambush/High Speed Takedown 1998
180 A Federal Case/Pepper Spray Takedown/Field Show-up/Aerial Command 1998
212 Alley Cats/Boomerang/Family in Tow/Crowd Control 1998
219 Diapers and Drugs/High Risk Call/Shot Six Times/Hook and Rake 1998
233 Death Grip/Portable TV's/Stranded/Tools of the Trade 1998
3105 Drug users in an abandoned school; dogs attack; stabbing; disgruntled restaurant patron. 4/24/98
3106 Crying Wolf - rooftop sniper/Coffee Break-Up - scalding-coffee assault/Pit Bull Attack - angry cat owner attacks dog/Found Out - elder abuse. 4/27/98
3108 Armed-robbery suspects nabbed; pervert at elementary school; break-in; liquor-store robbery. 4/29/98
3114 Death Grip - Fight ends in gunshots/Portable TV’s - burglar steals TVs/Stranded - drug suspect arrested/Tools of the Trade - bank robbery. 5/7/98
3122 Gang Warfare (5:22pm)/A Common Occurrence/Suspect at Large - Juan Fernandez Orosco/Compound Fracture/Mistaken Identity. 5/19/98
3127 A chop shop; a parking violation; a drug bust. 7/7/98
3132 Explosive Situation - Bomb scare at the Turkish consulate/I Shot the Sheriff - gangsters fire on sheriff's deputies/Kissing Cousins/Double 187 - fighting females. 7/14/98
3133 Side Swiped – Pursuit: South Central 10:30pm - Fleeing motorist hits police car/CHP Assist - outstanding warrant/Hand Canyon/Exotic Dog Lover - stolen dog at a topless bar. #3133. 7/15/98
3134 Lead Pipe - Domestic: Sylmar 6:30pm - Foothill Division, Domestic violence; Locked Down Perimeter - SWAT/K-9 team/They Want to Kill Me/Back Shooting -gang members target child. 7/16/98
3137 Low-speed pursuit; post-game revelry at USC; Hollywood streetwalkers. 7/21/98
3139 Heroin’s Legacy – Rampart: Homicide Westlake 5:40pm, Decaying corpse; drunken son; stolen bike. 7/23/98
3150 Suspect runs from traffic stop; evicted gang; robbery suspect has gun; air unit supports lifeguards. 8/7/98

Season 4 (1998-9)

Episode Description
4001 Riding on the Rims Pt.1 – South Central 5:18pm, Police pursue, then surround, murder suspects. #252. 9/7/98
4002 Officers use a bean-bag shotgun on an uncooperative suspect; crash and shootout; questioning ends in violence; raid. 9/8/98
4003 9/9/98
4004 9/10/98
4005 9/11/98
4006 9/14/98
4007 9/15/98
4008 211 Runner - A robbery suspect takes off on foot/Midnight Train - a Metrolink train slams into a truck that ran the signal gate/Keyless Entry - a man's ex-wife calls police saying he's suicidal/Sale on 6th - cops go after drug users and sellers on the streets. 9/16/98
4031 Bank Robbery Hostage – SWAT LA City 10:01am, Bank robbers take a teller hostage; stolen-car smashup; violent woman; body in a trunk. 10/19/98
255 Reckless Runner/Everybody Out/Street Sweeper/Pawn Shop Murder 2 1998
256 The Chase is on/Street Nut Buy/Road Rage/Air Bag Dance 1998
257 Nightmare on 65th St/Stop and Go/From Nowhere/Finally Found/SWAT Training 1998
258 Homeward Bound/Rampart Roundup/On the Road Again/ATM Murders 1998
260 Chopper Take Down (Same as #198)/Innocent Victim/Bench Brawl/About Face 1998
261 Crack Down/No Sweat/Prostitution Clean Up 1998
262 Air Support/SWAT Takedown/Double Exposure/Child Safety/SUV Murder 1998
263 Armed Takeover Robbery (Hollywood 4:50pm) it’s at a KFC and cameras catch it. Two black guys came in and grabbed one guy by the neck. 1998
264 Hi Tech Capture/Cover Up/Needles & Crumbs/Silent Suspect 1998
265 Sky Bust/Hillman's Command/Pirate Radio/Wrong Turn 1998
267 Page Me, I'm Guilty/Stolen Car, Stolen Gas/Hell on Wheels/Assault Rifle Training 1998
268 Follow My Signals/In Hot Pursuit/Cut and Run/Police Pursuits 1998
4043 If the Shoe Fits (Hancock Park 4:30pm) – robbery/Sniffed Out - K-9 teams hunt burglary suspect; airships back search teams; exchange of gunfire. #270. 11/4/98
4047 Haing Ngor Profile - killing/Caught Red Handed - officer spots bank robbery suspects/Last Peace - air units break up gang party/Indonesian Justice - murder trial. #271. 11/10/98
4049 SWAT Wake Up - flash-bang grenades/Scooter Caper - stolen scooter/In Your Face - bomb squad disarms packages/Bounce & Busted - murder suspect. #272. 11/12/98
273 Fleeing Females/Air & Ground Search/Shell Game/Air 211 1998
274 ID's Sold Here/Sex for Sale/Grady's Last Stand/Alley Execution 1998
275 No Vacancy (Same as segment 2, #218)/Strike Three/Repeat Offender/Day Watch 1998
276 CHP Assist/House Call/Baby & Bottle/Suspicious Homicide 1998
277 Empty Roll/CHP Assist 2/Eyes Don't Lie/The Balcony 1998
278 Stop & Go Pursuit/Midtown Bomb Scare/Back Stabber/Quick Change 1998
4050 Officer Down: Pursuit, residential warning becomes a showdown; city tour. 11/13/98
4060 Dead End - Attempted suicide/Stand Off - car theft suspect/Suspect at Large/Rock Garden - narcotics caper/Police Memorial. 11/27/98
40 Witness to Murder – Officer Frank Scurria, Hollywood/Chase/No Headlights/Crossroad/Tracks of Time 1998
253 Stopped in his tracks – Code 3 Shots Fired. Arleta 8:43pm – they race over to search for the suspect. They find him, he’s a crazed, shirtless Mexican guy. 1998
259 Death Tracks/Cars, Bats and Guns/Jagged Edge/D.R.E. Training 1999
4080 Pursuit of supremacists; traffic stop results in drug bust; gangs; good Samaritan is killed. 2/12/99
4081 Caught Red-Handed – Patrol: Sun Valley 9:02pm, Bank shootout; thieves are caught in the act; assault victim.  2/15/99
4083 The Duel - argument ends in violence/Borrowed Trouble - expired registration/Real World Training - SWAT/Conrad Torrez Story - Bank of America Shootout. 2/17/99
4084 Hot Pursuit - stolen vehicle/Desperate Measures – man locks self in closet with belt - attempted suicide/Sudden Impact/SWAT – Bank of American shootout 2/18/99
4085 Hi Beam GTA - grand theft auto suspects lead police on a chase/Air Support /Southeast Bad Boy - an escaped juvenile committing robberies is recaptured/Crash - the Jaws of Life is used to free a woman trapped in her car/Bank of America Shootout - The Whole Story A wrap-up of the North Hollywood bank shoot-out. 3/3/99
4 Snake in the Grass - Officer Chris Cervantes/2x4 Trouble - Officer Jim Flickinger/Smoke Screen - Officer Claudia Castruda & Officer Ken Boyles/Hit and Miss - Officer Peter Harris & Officer Michelle Lopez 1999


Run for Cover One hour TV special features of all kinds of news clips and a couple behind the scenes stories from the show. Richie Forman is a cameraman for the show LAPD who wears a bulletproof vest and rides in the back with his soundman Roberto Chiapalo. Officer Mark Maldanado & Officer Joel Espinoza go to the call of a homeless man causing a disturbance. He's a big black man in purple shorts. They tell him to relax and he asks why. Then he fights them and jumps up. The two cops struggle with him, he goes for a gun and Richie drops the camera and stops him from getting the gun. He didn't care about TV anymore. Mark Bozman from LAPD films 5 days a week. Officer Randy Goens & his partner are riding, find a stolen car and give chase when she runs. It's rare to have a woman run. She crashes into a car, they get out and she takes off. Her car goes through the air at an intersection. She takes a turn and goes up a telephone wire in the air. She throws it in reverse and comes back at them. They jump back in their car and she takes off again. They go down Juniper, then her whole left rear tire comes off and she has to slow down and suddenly gives up. There are 3 women in the car who are told to drop to the ground and are cuffed. Car pursuits are the most dangerous part of the job. 1998

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