Leave it to Beaver (1957-63)

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Some rare specials and parodies I recorded.

Purina Dog Chow Commercial with Beaver, Wally & Miss Landers 1959
Second City TV - Leave it to Beaver w/John Candy as the Beaver and Dave Thomas as Eddie Haskel 9/25/77
Talk Soup - Wally & The Beaver "Insane in the Membrane" rap 1997
MSNBC Time & Again Special - vintage NBC TV interviews & news clips include - 2/29/80 - Jerry Mathers & Tony Dow, 8/22/80 - Barbara Billingsley, 2/5/82 - Jerry Mathers, 5/15/82 Hugh Beaumont dies, 8/10/84 - Richard Deacon dies, 9/11/86 - tour of the Mayfield sets, 7/12/88 - Jerry Mathers with Bob Costas, 5/14/89 - Barbara Billingsley, 2/28/90 - Harry Shearer, 10/27/98 - Ken Osmond with John John Seigenthaler, 5/14/89 - Barbara Billingsley, 7/27/98 - Jerry Mathers. 1999
Mad TV - Leave it to Blink 182 11/24/01
George Lopez - Leave it to Lopez #61. 10/26/04
Ready, Set, Change! - Leave it to Beaver Kitchen w/Ken Osmond (2005)
TV Land's Myths and Legends - The Ghost & Mrs. Gabor - was Jerry Mathers killed in Vietnam? #1. 1/10/07
Bellflower, CA 50th Anniversary Parade w/Jerry Mathers 10/07
Good Morning America - 50th Anniversary special with Barbara Billingsley, Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Ken Osmond & Frank Bank 10/4/07
TV Land Awards 08 - Jerry Mathers (6/15/08)
TV Land's Myths and Legends - Curses, Corpses and Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper on Leave it to Beaver #206. 11/12/08


Interesting facts I noticed while watching the show.


Season 1  (1957-8)

It's a Small World #Pilot 4/23/57 - an Eddie Haskel (Harry Shearer) type tells Beaver he can get a free bicycle if he collects 1000 milk caps just to get rid of him. So he and Wally round them up from wherever they can including taking them from neighbors. Mr. Baxter (Richard Deacon who would play Fred Rutherford) of the milk company saves face by agreeing there is a contest and buys them the bike. Soon after he gets in trouble when he learns the contest is a fake. He takes the bike back and Ward says they didn't really earn it. Later the milk company decides the contest is really a good idea and decides to give Wally & the Beaver the bike after all, but they refuse since they didn't earn it. In the end Ward rewards them by buying one bike for both of them. Max Showalter (Ward), Paul Sullivan (Wally).
Beaver Gets 'Spelled' #903A. 10/4/57
Captain Jack #901A. 10/11/57
The Black Eye #902A. 10/18/57
The Haircut #908A. 10/25/57
New Neighbors #907A. 11/1/57
Brotherly Love #909A. 11/8/57
Water, Anyone? #904A. 11/15/57
Beaver's Crush #913A 11/22/57 - The Cleavers face a problem when Beaver develops a crush on his teacher.
The Clubhouse #911A 11/29/57 - Eddie, Tooey and Wally make plans for building a clubhouse.
Wally's Girl Trouble #905A. 12/6/57
Beaver's Short Pants #912A. 12/13/57 - With June away, Aunt Martha dresses him in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit.
The Perfume Salesmen #910A. 12/27/57 - Wally and Beaver try to experience success by selling nasty perfume.
Voodoo Magic #914A. 1/3/58
Part Time Genius #906A. 1/10/58 - An IQ test reveals that Beaver is a genius.
Party Invitation #916A. 1/17/58 - Beaver learns that he's the only boy invited to a girl's party.
Lumpy Rutherford #917A. 1/24/58 - Ward offers Beaver and Wally tips on handling the town bully.
The Paper Route #915A. 1/31/58
Child Care #918A. 2/7/58
The Bank Account #919A. 2/14/58
Lonesome Beaver #920A. 2/28/58
Cleaning Up Beaver #922A. 3/7/58
The Perfect Father #921A. 3/14/58 - Ward tries to be more of a pal to his sons.
Beaver and Poncho #924A. 3/21/58 - Beaver and Wally hide a lost dog rather than seek its owner.
The State vs. Beaver #923A. 3/26/58 - Beaver fears his father's wrath when he gets a summons for driving a go kart.
The Broken Window #925A. 4/2/58
Train Trip #926A. 4/9/58 - The boys wheel and deal to get home from Aunt Martha's on $1.20.
My Brother's Girl #927A. 4/16/58
Next Door Indians #928A. 4/23/58 - Beaver tries to prove that his block was once the scene of an Indian battle.
Tenting Tonight #930A. 4/30/58
Music Lesson #929A. 5/7/58 - Beaver tries to move into the family spotlight by taking music lessons.
New Doctor #933A. 5/14/58
Beaver's Old Friend #931A. 5/21/58 - Beaver tries to save his old teddy bear from the trash can.
Wally's Job #932A. 5/28/58
Beaver's Bad Day #935A. 6/4/58
Boarding School #934A. 6/11/58
Beaver and Henry #937A. 6/18/58
Beaver Runs Away #941A. 6/25/58
Beaver's Guest #938A. 7/2/58
Cat Out of the Bag #939A. 7/16/58

Season 2  (1958-9)

Beaver's Poem #936A. 10/2/58
Eddie's Girl #955A. 10/9/58
Ward's Problem #940A. 10/16/58
Beaver and Chuey #942A. 10/23/58
The Lost Watch #943A. 10/30/58
Her Idol #946A. 11/6/58
Beaver's Ring #953A. 11/13/58
The Shave #950A. 11/20/58
The Pipe #944A. 11/27/58
Wally's New Suit #949A. 12/4/58
School Play #957A. 12/11/58
The Visiting Aunts #951A. 12/18/58
Happy Weekend #959A. 12/25/58
Wally's Present #945A. 1/1/59
The Grass is Always Greener #947A. 1/8/59
The Boat Builders #958A. 1/15/59
Beaver Plays Hooky #960A. 1/22/59
The Garage Painters #961A. 1/29/59
Wally's Pug Nose #963A. 2/5/59
Beaver's Pigeons #962A. 2/12/59
The Tooth #952A. 2/19/59
Beaver Gets Adopted #954A. 2/26/59
The Haunted House #964A. 3/5/59
The Bus Ride #967A. 3/12/59
Beaver and Gilbert #966A. 3/19/59
Price of Fame #956A. 3/26/59
A Horse Named Nick #968A. 4/2/59
Beaver's Hero #948A. 4/9/59
Beaver Says Good-bye #969A. 4/16/59
Beaver's Newspaper #970A. 4/23/59
Beaver's Sweater #971A. 4/30/59
Friendship #972A. 5/7/59
Dance Contest #973A. 5/14/59
Wally's Haircomb #965A. 5/21/59
The Cookie Fund #974A. 5/28/59
Forgotten Party #975A. 6/4/59
Beaver the Athlete #976A. 6/11/59
Found Money #977A. 6/18/59
Most Interesting Character #978A. 6/25/59

Season 3 (1959-60)

Blind Date Committee #13204. 10/3/59
Beaver Takes a Bath #13208. 10/10/59
School Bus #13201. 10/17/59
Beaver's Prize #13209. 10/24/59
Baby Picture #13212. 10/31/59
Beaver Takes a Walk #13206. 11/7/59
Borrowed Boat - Beaver & Larry borrow a boat from some guys to go out on the lake and are arrested when it turns out to be stolen. #13210. 11/14/59
Beaver's Tree #13202. 11/21/59
Teacher Comes to Dinner #13213. 11/28/59
Beaver's Fortune #13205. 12/5/59
Beaver Makes a Loan #13219. 12/12/59 - Beaver takes action when Larry fails to repay a loan.
Beaver the Magician #13218. 12/19/59
June's Birthday - Beaver buys a gaudy French blouse for his mom's birthday and she's too embarrassed to wear it which makes Beaver sad. #13214. 12/26/59
Tire Trouble #13220. 1/2/60
Larry Hides Out #13221. 1/9/60
Pet Fair #13215. 1/16/60
Wally's Test #13222. 1/23/60
Beaver's Library Book #13211. 1/30/60
Wally's Election #13216. 2/6/60
Beaver and Andy #13223. 2/13/60
Beaver's Dance #13224. 2/20/60
Larry's Club #13226. 2/27/60
School Sweater #13217. 3/5/60
The Hypnotist #13225. 3/12/60
Wally and Alma #13227. 3/19/60
Beaver's Bike #13231. 3/26/60
Wally's Orchid #13230. 4/2/60
Ward's Baseball #13228. 4/9/60
Beaver's Monkey #13229. 4/16/60
Beaver Finds a Wallet #13207. 4/23/60
Mother's Day Composition #13232. 4/30/60
Beaver and Violet #13233. 5/7/60
The Spot Removers #13234. 5/14/60
Beaver, the Model #13235. 5/21/60
Wally, the Businessman #13236. 5/28/60
Beaver and Ivanhoe #13237. 6/4/60
Wally's Play #13203. 6/11/60
The Last Day of School #13239. 6/18/60
Beaver's Team #13238. 6/25/60

Season 4 (1960-1)

Beaver Won't Eat #13254. 10/1/60
Beaver's House Guest #13251. 10/8/60
Beaver Becomes a Hero #13252. 10/15/60
Wally, the Lifeguard #13256. 10/22/60
Beaver's Freckles #13253. 10/29/60
Beaver's Big Contest #13255. 11/5/60
Miss Lander's Fiance #13261. 11/12/60
Eddie's Double-Cross #13260. 11/19/60
Beaver's I.Q. #13257. 11/26/60 - Beaver scores genius level on an IQ test and everyone is proud, until he learns the new kid switched names with him so he wouldn't be made fun of. 
Wally's Glamour Girl #13259. 12/3/60
Chuckie's New Shoes #13262. 12/10/60
Beaver and Kenneth #13265. 12/17/60
Beaver's Accordion #13266. 12/24/60
Uncle Billy #13268. 12/31/60 - When Billy arrives with all his tall tales Beaver believes them and is let down to find out he's a fake.
Teacher's Daughter #13264. 1/7/61
Ward's Millions #13263. 1/14/61
Beaver's Secret Life #13269. 1/21/61 - Ward and June are upset by the dangerous adventures in Beaver's diary.
Wally's Track Meet #13270. 1/28/61 - Eddie & Lumpy start a towel fight and Wally is the only one caught and he gets suspended.
Beaver's Old Buddy #13271. 2/4/61 - Beaver is excited about an old friend coming back to stay over, but they get bored fast.
Beaver's Tonsils #13272. 2/11/61 - Beaver refuses to submit to a tonsillectomy at first.
The Big Fish Count #13273. 2/18/61 - Beaver and Gilbert try to win a puppy by guessing the number of fish in a tank.
Beaver's Poster #13275. 2/25/61 - Beaver goes at it alone when artist Ward refuses to help him with an art project.
Mother's Helper #13274. 3/4/61
The Dramatic Club #13267. 3/11/61
Wally and Dudley #13276. 3/18/61 - Wally is forced by June to take a friend of hers' son who is a square under his wing.
Eddie Spends the Night #13278. 3/25/61
Beaver's Report Card #13277. 4/1/61
Mistaken Identity #13280. 4/8/61
Wally's Dream Girl #13279. 4/15/61
The School Picture #13281. 4/22/61 - Beaver makes a face on a dare while his yearbook picture is being taken.
Beaver's Rat #13285. 4/29/61 - June refuses to let Beaver keep his recently purchased rat.
In the Soup #13287. 5/6/61
Community Chest #13284. 5/13/61
Junior Fire Chief #13288. 5/20/61
Beaver's Frogs #13282. 5/27/61
Beaver Goes in Business #13258. 6/3/61 - Beaver and Gilbert organize a lawn-mowing business, but have trouble getting work.
Kite Day #13286. 6/10/61
Beaver's Doll Buggy #13289. 6/17/61 - Beaver is worried about being seen wheeling home a doll buggy for his coaster car.
Substitute Father #13290. 6/24/61

Season 5 (1961-2)

Wally Goes Steady #16108. 9/30/61
No Time for Babysitters #16107. 10/7/61
Wally's Car #16103. 10/14/61
Beaver's Birthday #16110. 10/21/61
Beaver's Cat Problem - a rich ladies cat keeps following Beaver home. #16112. 11/4/61
Wally's Weekend Job #16102. 11/11/61 - A jealous Eddie jeopardizes Wally's job as soda jerk.
Beaver Takes a Drive #16111. 11/18/61
Wally's Big Date #16106. 11/25/61 - Trouble begins when Wally and Eddie swap dates from a rival school for their dance.
Beaver's Ice Skates #16114. 12/2/61
Weekend Invitation #16113. 12/9/61
Beaver's English Test #16116. 12/16/61
Wally's Chauffeur #16117. 12/23/61
Beaver's First Date #16105. 12/30/61
Ward's Golf Clubs #16119. 1/6/62
Farewell to Penny #16118. 1/13/62
Beaver, the Bunny #16121. 1/20/62
Beaver's Electric Trains #16120. 1/27/62
Beaver's Long Night #16124. 2/3/62
Beaver's Jacket #16125. 2/10/62 - Beaver wants the same leather jacket Richard has, but when Richard loses his, Beaver lets him borrow it at night to cover for him
Nobody Loves Me #16122. 2/17/62 - Convinced nobody loves him, Beaver considers running away.
Beaver's Fear #16126. 2/24/62 - Beaver joins Wally and his pals for a day at an amusement park, but is terrified of the rollercoaster.
Three Boys and a Burro #16129. 3/3/62 - Beaver, Richard and Gilbert buy a burro, but none of their parents want it around.
Eddie Quits School #16127. 3/10/62 - Eddie gets a job as a mechanic and acts like a big shot making the guys jealous, until they learn the truth, that he's screwing up at work.
Wally Stays at Lumpy's #16130. 3/17/62
Beaver's Laundry #16123. 3/24/62 - Beaver's up to his neck in trouble when he helps Richard with the family wash and flood's June's laundry room.
Lumpy's Car Trouble #16132. 3/31/62 - Lumpy drives Ward's car to a track meet, breaks the rules and flood the engine.
Beaver the Babysitter #16133. 4/7/62 - A 10-year-old girl develops a crush on her baby sitter Beaver.
The Younger Brother #16131. 4/14/62 - Beaver falters in trying to live up to Wally's basketball reputation.
Beaver's Typewriter #16134. 4/21/62 - Beaver's all thumbs when it comes to his new typewriter that he convinced Ward would help him with his schoolwork. He pays Eddie to do it which makes him look bad.
The Merchant Marine - Ward and June suspect Wally is about to join the merchant marines with Eddie. #16136. 4/28/62
Brother Versus Brother #16135. 5/5/62 - Mary Tyler sweeps Beaver off his feet and thinks are good, until she falls for Wally.
The Yard Birds #16137. 5/12/62 - Beaver and Wally try to clean the yard with a minimum of exertion, but take too long and the junkman is unavailable, so they get Lumpy and Eddie to help, but they dump everything in a vacant lot and are caught. 
Tennis, Anyone? #16138. 5/19/62 - A pretty lady uses Wally to make her boyfriend jealous.
One of the Boys #16104. 5/26/62 - Wally is asked to join an exclusive club, The Barons, but he's too good for them and that's why they want him.
Sweatshirt Monsters #16139. 6/2/62 - Beaver and the guys all buy sweatshirts with ugly monsters on them, but Beaver is the only one to wear his to school and gets in trouble.
A Night in the Woods #16140. 6/9/62 - Wally takes Beaver and his pals camping when no adult is available. When Eddie and Lumpy try to scare them home so they can use Wally to get them dates, Eddie falls off a cliff.
Long Distance Call - Beaver rings up a hefty phone bill when he calls baseball's Don Drysdale. #16143. 6/16/62
Stocks and Bonds #16141 6/23/62 - The boys learn a lesson when they invest in the stock market and they can't chose the stock they want which does really well...at first.
Un-Togetherness - Wally tries to bow out of the family's vacation plans when he falls for a pretty librarian. #16147. 6/30/62

Season 6 (1962-3)

Wally's Dinner Date #16154. 9/27/62 - Wally invites his girlfriend out to dinner, but is in trouble when she picks and expensive new fancy restaurant. Even worse, he forgets his wallet when it's time to pay.
Beaver's Football Award #16159. 10/4/62 - Beaver refuses to dress up for his football-award banquet thinking everyone else is too, but he's the only one and is embarrassed.
Wally's License #16151. 10/11/62 - Wally prepares for his driving test, but when he passes June doesn't want him driving.
The Late Edition #16157. 10/18/62 - Beaver goes after a tardy newspaper-delivery boy's job, but changes his mind when he fights the paperboy who turns out to be a girl.
Double Date #16160. 10/25/62 - Beaver prepares to accompany Wally on a double date even though he really doesn't want to go.
Eddie, the Businessman #16158. 11/1/62 - Eddie unwittingly helps his foreman steal ice cream while working with Wally who stays clean.
Tell It to Ella #16162. 11/8/62 - Beaver takes his case to an advice columnist when he's punished for staying out late.
Bachelor at Large #16163. 11/15/62 - Ward and June fear Wally will follow suit when Eddie gets his own apartment. Eddie acts like a big shot once again, but the place is a dump and he's all alone.
Beaver Joins a Record Club #16161. 11/22/62 - Beaver has an allowance now, but neglects the cars that come with the records and soon owes more than he can afford to pay.
Wally's Car Accident #16165. 11/29/62 - Wally does a fat repair job when he smashes the headlight of the family car while trying to help Lumpy.
Beaver, the Sheep Dog - Tired of resembling a sheep dog, Beaver plasters down his hair. #16164. 12/6/62
Beaver, the Hero #16166. 12/13/62 - Beaver scores a game-winning touchdown and turns into an arrogant jerk and gets suspended from the team.
Beaver's Autobiography - Beaver writes a somewhat distorted autobiography. #16156. 12/20/62
The Party Spoiler #16167. 12/27/62 - Beaver is not invited to Wally's party at home, so he sets out to sabotage.
The Mustache #16168. 1/3/63 - Wally grows a mustache to look older.
Wally Buys a Car #16153. 1/10/63 - Ward tries to keep Wally from falling prey to car dealers.
The Parking Attendants - Parking attendant Eddie leaves Mr. Rutherford's car in a tow-away zone. (This is the only episode to feature a black actor.) #16169. 1/17/63
More Blessed to Give #16170. 1/24/63 - Beaver gives an expensive locket he won to Donna Yeager, but all the parents think they are too young for this.
Beaver's Good Deed #16171. 1/31/63 - Beaver gives a  hobo who comes to the door food and a bath. Then he steals Ward's clothes and leaves.
The Credit Card - Wally gets stuck in another town, with no money and needs to get the car fixed. #16172. 2/7/63
Beaver the Caddy #16176. 2/14/63 - Caddy Beaver wrestles with his conscience when he's forced to help his golfer cheat to win a $500 bet.
Beaver on TV 16174. 2/21/63
Box Office Attraction #16175. 2/28/63
Lumpy's Scholarship - Wally has a party for Lumpy, who won a scholarship, but he loses it right before the party. #16177. 3/7/63
The Silent Treatment #16178. 3/14/63
Uncle Billy's Visit - June and Ward leave Uncle Billy in charge of the boys when they go out of town. #16173. 3/21/63
Beaver's Prep School #16180. 3/28/63
Wally and the Fraternity #16181. 4/4/63
Eddie's Sweater #16179. 4/11/63
The Book Report - Beaver bases his book report on the comedy movie version. #16182. 4/18/63
The Poor Loser #16183. 4/25/63
Don Juan Beaver #16185. 5/2/63
Summer in Alaska - Eddie urges Wally to join him on a summer job on a fishing boat bound for Alaska. #16184. 5/9/63
Beaver's Graduation #16186. 5/16/63
Wally's Practical Joke - Wally chains Lumpy's car to a tree. #16187. 5/23/63
The All-Night Party #16188. 5/30/63
Beaver Sees America #16189. 6/6/63
The Clothing Drive #16155. 6/13/63
Family Scrapbook #16190. 6/20/63 (Clips from New Neighbors, My Brother's Girl, Beaver Runs Away, The Shave & Teacher Comes to Dinner) The family has memories when going through their old scrapbook.

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