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This National Geographic show documents prison life, just like the MSNBC show Lockup. Each episode is an hour. There is no real season of episodes as they air sporadically.

Episode Description
Gangland Pelican Bay State Prison, CA - twice a week buses arrive with gang members. The worst of them come there. It was meant to stop the gangs, but it has become gang HQ. It's a goal to make it there, once you get there you've made it. 2/22/99 - footage of an assault on the yard. It's a university for criminals, they hone their skills there. Gang leaders put out hits and run drugs from prison. #1. 5/15/06
Predators Behind Bars Lebanon Correctional Institution in Dayton, OH - Rule #1 is no contraband. New arrivals are at the bottom of the heap. They are 1 step from a maximum security prison with 2200 inmates, 9 cell blocks, 3 tiers, each with 250. Most are violent criminals, 30% murderers, 25% sexual predators. Dedricus Albert is the head of the Crips who executed a man who didnít pay him for drugs. #2. 5/15/06
Inside Maximum Security Oak Park Heights, MN 10/27/05 - Micah Boyle is seen getting into a bloody fight. He's 25, first entered prison at 13 and got 6 years for arson. He was in 12 fights at the last prison and this is his third here. He's willing to settle everything with violence whether you like it or not. It's made to house the most violent, 5 levels high, 9 complexes with 60 men each. They are killers, rapists, molesters and will lash out at any time. One headbutts a guard. Officer Kathy Johnson lets them out for lunch in their own unit, it's the most dangerous time of the day. Anything could set them off. #3. 5/15/06
Gang War Salinas Valley State Prison, CA - 120 violent men are in one room. A white was stabbed by 2 Southern Mexicans who cut his neck, back and hands. Suspects were pepper sprayed. 70% inside are gang members. They have 200 attacks a year. Lt. Joseph S oversees C yard. They have 4 yards and that one holds the most violent. #4. 12/3/06
Women Behind Bars Valley State Prison CA - 3900 of the most violent thieves, drug users, carjackers and killers are there and ADSEG houses the worst. They yell and scream and fight all the time. Officer Albert Anderson suits up with a vest, kevlar gloves, spray, baton. Erline Mitchell says they are from hell, get in trouble, agitated and angry. They have to yell to get anything. She started drugs at 10. At 21 she did GTA and ran over a man while drunk. #5. 2/17/07
Total Control Alexander Correctional Institution, Taylorsville, NC - Wed 2pm new inmates arrive. It's the state's toughest prison. A murderer isn't happy about his first strip search and uniform. They separate the things he can and can't have. 25% aren't leaving and they house the worst in the state. Keith Whitener lets them know who runs the place. It's not the prisoners home and cells, it's theirs. They won't stand for drugs, gangs or sex. #6. 2/17/07
Gang vs. Family UT State Prison - 8am new inmates arrive. Lt. Dale Whitney does R&O and doesnít know what their crimes are. 80% of inmates in the state are there, housing men & women. Of 4000 inmates, 25% are in gangs. The problem is they create their own society and try to run crime & drugs. To prevent hookups they stay inside 23 hours and have to fill out a form in case the die. Inmates put their gang first, even over their families. With parole just a few weeks away, a female inmate struggles between being faithful to her gang and raising her 3-year-old daughter. #7. 9/9/07
Newbies Wyoming State Penitentiary 3/07 Ė the only Maximum Security in the state with murderers & rapists. They have escaped and killed on the inside. The staff is at half capacity. Warden Michael Murphy says the oil industry gets more workers than them and they lost many in the last 2-3 years so they started recruiting out of state. Recruits have never worked in prison before and have 9 weeks to train. Kelly Cooper (26) came from MI for the job. Travis Depalma just got out of college. Brian Moyer (52) is an ex-marine, he knows itís job security. #8. 9/9/07
Tent City Maricopa Country Jail - 10,000 inmates are in 6 jails with more arriving every day. Phoenix is overflowing. Sheriff Joe Arpaio will make room no matter what, he'll put tents up to Mexico. 2000 are under tents. They get no extras, no tobacco and guards are fully armed. They tolerate no disrespect and have to call everyone sire or maam. #9. 10/28/07
Inmate U Ironwood State Prison, CA - it's in the desert, hot, violent, overcrowded and dozens of new inmates arrive. It was built for 2200, but is up to 4700. Too many people means more violence. They are ready to fight and work out all day. Riot footage from the year before is shown. Lt. Smith works the yard and has heard a fight is coming. They stop a guy who points at them to see why. All 4 gyms have turned into housing units and she always has to watch her back. #10. 10/28/07
First Timers Gladiator Camp: Fort Dodge Correction Facility Iowa - Thomas Boggs (19) goes in for the first time and is doing 15 years for a knife attack. It's an 18-25 year old prison to reform them, but it's become a proving ground with regular fights. Camera footage is shown of many of fights. Tom started committing crimes when he was fired, he attacked a stranger at the mall. He's anti-social, stays alone. #11. 1/13/08
County Jail Portland, OR Multnomah County Detention Center Fri 9pm. Everyone arrested in the city will end up there. One woman curses them and yells not to touch hear, though sheís cuffed. She was drunk, attacked her boyfriend and strangers. Dep Bledsoe says you canít predict how it will go, could be dead, could fill every cell. They get 100 a day, 45,000 a year. They are put in a waiting room to wait for prints and photos. 2/3 are drug users, many on meth. Sgt. Gordon says anything can happen at any time. #12. 3/23/08
Surviving Stateville Outside Chicago, IL there are 1500 inmates, 60% for murder, 20% for rape, most doing 20+ years. All prisoners start there and go through reception and are transferred out after a few days. It was built in 1925. In 1990 it was wide open, they didnít have their own ambulance, but one was there all the time. They have one roundhouse left. Sgt. Baldwin says itís safer because you can see all the way around. There are 9 cops for 400 inmates. Terry Dibble killed 2 men in one day and has done 10 years out of 55. He designed tattoos to remember his crimes. If you donít have someone outside this is an all consuming fire that will get you. His mom hooked him up with a girl 6 months ago. #13. 7/20/08
Life on the Outside Donovan Green is a Crip since 11, he did 14 years for armed robbery. He doesnít look for violence anymore, but if it comes heís ready, heís not afraid of it. He got a college education inside, he wants to be a man and take care of his family. His has 2 strikes when he returns to family in Palmdale, Los Angeles. His daughter was 2 when he went in and has only seen her once since then. She missed having him there. He wants to get a job so he can be OK. He has trouble sleeping, he feels like heís from the stone age, canít deal with people talking on the phone all the time, he doesnít talk that much. His sister in law Natasha has been in prison 3 times and tells him what he needs to do. #14. 9/14/08
Women on the Edge Wayne Co. Detroit, Hamtramick - Cpl Griffin works alone with 60 women in a pod. They have no weapons, just help phones. One has been there 24 years, knows you can die, get hurt, if you get lax you can lose an inmate. Womenís Wellness is the new program to keep them from coming back. One woman has been smoking crack for 23 years. Cammie runs counseling 5 days a week. Once they are done with pain they can move on. Selina Newels (32) is getting out soon, but it is full or rage. She came in for robbery and did 10 years. She had 2 kids and 1 died. She fought all the time, stabbed and beat people. One cries about being molested. Cammie Jewel used to be an alcoholic and homeless, she knows the drill. Iesha Smith has a huge scar on her face from violence. Selina thinks sheís ready to go home early because she got a GED. Ofc Buffy Tesin and her team are police. They go out and bust drug addicted hookers and that will cause the drug houses to be shut down. She has a list of women ages 14 to 62 to bust. They want to get them off the streets into rehab called Fresh Start. Rukia Cartwright AKA Tamika doesnít understand why sheís being arrested. She has been arrested before and wants to be off TV. They are taken to court the next day and offered a chance at treatment. Itís 2 years and a chance to wipe the record clean, the first one in the country. #15. 10/26/08
Kids Behind Bars The Youthful Offender System (YOS) Boot Camp in Pueblo, CO - itís the last chance for violent teens before they go to adult prison as they are charged as adults. Martin Ramirez (16) has been in and out since 12. Heís been kicked out of every school, maced, but graduated. He wanted respect from everyone. He beat his girlfriend, forced her to have sex with a gun to her head. Heís in a gang and called Malo. Cameron Payne (18) spent 5 months in jail waiting for sentencing and his parents moved away. His mom loves him, but he caused her a lot of stress. Heís in for second degree assault for forcing his girlfriend to have sex and he had kidnapping charges. Itís Zero Day where they get in your face and scream at you. Sgt. Valencia says they look at you like you are a joke and they think they are intimidating with their gang, but it wonít cut it. They push them through military exercises to instill discipline. They make Ramirez hold a canteen out and he canít do it. Cameron is looking at 9 years in prison. Both of them throw up and have to go back. They have to elbow through a sand pit, then are hosed off. They are exhausted. They have to run into their cells and get checked by nurses. Then they have to write about the day. In the big house they will be sold out by the older inmates for sex or drugs. The suicide rate in prison is 36 times higher for teens. Day 2 - a 14 hour day begins. They canít talk or walk forward, they have to go to the side and get their trays. They have to carry out a mattress and make a bed in front of everyone. They are a team now, not individuals. Itís 11 Ĺ by 8Ē for the sheets. Ramirez says Payne doesnít know what heís doing, but he canít let him fail. Payne has trouble with commands. CAPE is punishment - lots of physical exercise for screwing up. Sometimes for nothing. #16. 12/10/08
Alaska Bush Troopers 1pm Yukon Kuskakwim Correction Center YKCC Bethal, AK - 115 men await trial or serve sentences, itís the most remote jail in the country. Edmund has been there 4 times. He has an alcohol problem, got drunk and beat his girlfriend. Alcohol crime is an epidemic in the outback. Leslie says most are under the influence. Southwest has the most homicides in the state, highest sexual assault rates in the state. Edmund Harry lives in a village where alcohol is illegal and he makes his own. He wants his girl back. Trooper Mike Roberts has to track down a teen burglar in a remote village. His dad was a cop, thought he was so cool. Billy Rivers stole $7000 from the government in Quinahagak. There are 600 people there, itís dangerous. They go to his house and heís home. He says heís not going. We can do it the hard way if you want, you are coming. He lifts him up and he starts fighting. He gets him cuffed and heís upset about it. Heís taken to a village holding cell, the first time as an adult. He cries he wants to go home. Billyís dad is mad and calls him to complain, he has to calm him down. He is restrained and then flown back after he calms down. Heís the youngest one there now and inmates yell at him and whistle. His brother John is an inmate there who warned him what it was like and he didnít believe him. Max Olick is BPSO a safety officer. He has to hold people until the troopers can get them. He was raised there and knows everyone, he has to arrest friends and family. Heís done it 25 years. Alcohol isnít their way, they didnít grow up with it, when it came in they misused it. The jail doors are made of wood and rundown. A $10 fifth of whiskey can go for $300 there on the black market. He shows 40 rifles they confiscated. They are finishing a new building with better cells and public education on alcohol. Trooper Lucas Altepeter says itís mainly safety, but itís different than other places. Itís a lot of violent crime, that have to react. He patrols the waterway for bootleggers. Anyone can be a smuggler. He stops a boat with a family to see if they have anything, but they are clean. By the time he gets to shore they all know heís coming. #17. 1/11/09

Montel Williams - Behind Bars: Inmates Unleashed uses footage from Lockdown 1/21/08

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