Locked Up (2001)

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This Discovery Channel show documents prison life in a specific prison - Dixon Correction Institute (DCI) in Louisiana. It's like National Geographic's Lockdown or the MSNBC show Lockup. Each episode is an hour. 

Episode Description
Settling in Hunt, LA Corrections System - they are processed and put on buses to be shipped around 45 minutes away. Colby Baxter is going closer to home. Sterling Lavigne is in 21 years. Desmond Joseph & Gabrielle Willaims are childhood friends. They are going to Dixon Correction Institute - the second largest in the state. Two young convicts consider a youth-offender program; a man who broke his parole feels the system is keeping him down; a former college student works toward good behavior. 2001
Doin' Time Jackson, LA - it’s the most punishing state, DCI is medium security with 1500 inmates. The warden says they can choose the road the follow, their behavior dictates their stay and they can serve good time or bad time. They have dorms and extended lockdown. Clifton “Joey” Thomassie is doing 64 years for drug dealing. He took classes to get a paralegal license and now he gives inmate counseling. An inmate in continual lockdown and older inmates earn trustee status; two young prisoners form a friendship. 2001
Getting Out Everyone inside uses some angle to try to get out, you either are or you aren’t. Jan Porretto is 48, has been in prison since 1980 for first-degree attempted murder on a woman and says he didn’t do it. He got life plus 10. It doesn’t bother him to be there any more, his world stops at the fence, only the people make it miserable. He was a detective, now he edits the prison magazine. They deal with doing time and eventually facing the parole board. 2001

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