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This National Geographic Channel show documents people who went to another country to work or vacation, broke the law or were captured and went to prison or were kidnapped. The actual people involved tell their story and we see a reenactment of it. At the end sometimes the real place is shown. Each episode is an hour. This is not the same show as Locked Up.

Season 1 (2006-07)

Episode Description
Peru 9/96 – Jennifer Davis & Krista Barnes - young Americans are promised a luxury holiday in Peru in exchange for bringing back cocaine to California. Instead, they find themselves facing six years in prison. Watch the dream become a nightmare in the real world of drug smuggling and Peruvian prison life. They each do 3 years and almost no one speaks English. Jen returns years later. #101. 7/28/06
Venezuela 11/96 - James Miles & Paul Loseby from England have a chance encounter with a Russian drug lord becomes a ticket to hell when two young Englishmen fall for promises of money and beaches. Relive their terrifying story from the contact to their 10 years in a Venezuelan prison to their desperate escape. They try to smuggle back 22 pounds of coke for $8000 each. They are caught and do over 4 years. #102. 8/06
Nepal 4/92 - Piers Nernu from the UK is traveling the world and runs out of money in Hong Kong, so he and his friends agree to smuggle gold into Nepal. He smuggles 60 pounds of gold from Hong Kong to Nepal and does 8 months in prison. Their contacts keep them hooked up with supplies for 3 months, so they can't appeal. The only way out is by king's pardon. #103. 9/12/07
Colombia 10/01 - Palm Springs, CA - Glen Heggstad said it was the perfect life, he ran a successful judo school, but it was boring. He thought to feel alive he would ride his motorcycle all the way to the tip of South America and back. He left for the 8 month trip. The Pan American highway ends in Panama and he has to airlift his bike in Columbia. He knew it was the kidnap capitol. He got his bike the next day and rode off. Because of motorcycle kidnap gangs he had to wear an orange vest. Students told him it was safe if he didn’t look rich. #104. 9/25/07
Mexico 9/04 - Lucy Baker and Scott Campbell were living their dream. Working little and playing hard in Ibiza for the summer season, neither wanted the party to end so when the party moved on, so did they but it wasn't long before they were heading for broke. Out of luck and out of money, the offer of the holiday of a lifetime and a healthy reward at the end seemed just too good to be true All they had to do was bring back a little cannabis into Amsterdam, where was the risk in that? They go to Costa Rica to bring back 5 kilos of pot to Amsterdam, but on the way back they must connect in Mexico and are found with 15 kilos of cocaine and get 10 years in prison. #105. 2006
Sydney 9/18/92 - Mark Knowles flew from the UK to Australia and smuggled $250,000 cash to Taiwan. Later he was to smuggle cocaine from San Francisco to Australia and ate 67 condoms full of drugs, almost died, was caught, had to have surgery and did 4 ˝ years. #106. 2007
Margarita Island  1/00 - When 45 year-old yachtsman Donald MacNeil had a call from Denis Wale and his friend offering him a month's freelance teaching in the Mediterranean he couldn't believe his luck. But as the month drew to an end, Donald's suspicions that this trip was not all that it seemed became terrifyingly real. For a chance to split $50,000 he was given a new course Venezuela, to collect 30 million worth of cocaine. Donald's good fortune was about to become a nightmare that would change his life forever. They both do 5 years. #107. 2006
Thailand 2/3/93 - Sandra Gregory a British English teacher falls ill from dengue fever, exhausts her funds on medical expenses, and subsequently feels compelled to resort to drug smuggling; having no experience in that area, she is summarily detected and incarcerated. She was arrested for smuggling 89 grams of heroin and got 8 years. #108. 2006

Season 2 (2008)

Episode Description
Korea 5/27/94 - English teacher Cullen Thomas smuggles 2 kilos of hash in the mail from the Philippines and got 3 ˝ years. He found himself subjected to a Korean cell when a short walk off the beaten path turned into crime, a tale that he has since turned into a book about the deprivations and trials of his experience in prison. 6/30/08
Uganda 3/1/99 - Mark Ross his friends Rob & Susan and 12 other tourists were kidnapped in Uganda by Hutu rebels. These "Interahamwe" were involved in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Tutsis in the 1994 Rwandan genocide - the massacres ended when the rebels were driven into exile in the Congo. The Interahamwe forced the hostages to march for hours through impenetrable jungle, eventually splitting them into two groups. Marks group managed to negotiate a safe release at the Congo border, but the other group suffered a terrible fate - they were hacked to death by rebel machetes. To this day, Mark finds it difficult to comprehend what happened - and the Interahamwe are still fighting to return to Rwanda. #202. 7/7/08
Philippines 5/01 - New Tribes Missionaries Martin & Gracia Burnham are captured by Abu Sayeed terrorists and are held captive for over a year waiting to be ransomed until a military raid rescues them, but Martin is killed. #203. 7/21/08
Bangladesh 2/92 - Lia McCord leaves Houston, TX to smuggle heroin from Bangladesh to Switzerland for $20,000. She’s caught with $1 million worth and gets life, but only does 4 ˝ years for good behavior. #204. 7/21/08
Kuwait 1988 - Scott White from the UK is living there when he sells 250 grams of hash to an informant and gets 5 years in prison. After 2 years he’s able to escape during the Iraqi invasion. #205. 7/28/08
Chechnya 7/97 - Camilla Carr & Jon James from the UK go there to work with children and are kidnapped by rebels and are raped and held 14 months for ransom. #206. 8/4/08
India 9/29/94 - Rhys Partridge is taken hostage by Omar Saeed Sheih of the Mujahadeen in hopes of having 11 terrorists released from prison. 10/16 - Bela Nuss is also captured and held hostage separately. After 32 days they are accidentally found by police. Saed was found 11/1 and released from prison in 1999. He was captured after involvement in the 9/11 attacks. #207. 9/8/08
Pakistan 5/10/02 – Amardeep Bassey is a British journalist who goes into Afghanistan to report on the war, but has no return visa and is arrested as a spy when he returns. His guide Hasoud stays with him in prison and he gets out 26 days later. On 5/10/08 they reunite. #208. 9/15/08
Malaysia 4/23/00 - South Africans Monique and Callie Strydom were on a romantic diving holiday in Sipadan, Malaysia when they were brutally kidnapped. Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim militant group from the Philippines, took them to their island hideaway in Jolo 200 miles where the hostages were held for months. Monique and Callie faced a terrifying ordeal and were nearly killed when the Philippine army attacked the terrorists in a botched rescue attempt. When, after four months, Monique was released, she was forced to leave her husband behind on 8/28/00. #209. 10/6/08
Taiwan 11/18/97 - McGill Alexander and his family are held hostage by most wanted criminal Chen Chin-hsing for 26 hours. McGill and his daughter are both shot in the reckless police raid. He wanted his wife and brother-in-law freed from prison, instead they got a new trial and got 15 years and life. Chen was executed in 1999. #210. 10/13/08
Ecuador 6/98 - Daniel Van De Zande goes with Jake from Miami to Ecuador to get $160,000 in cocaine to smuggle to Amsterdam. Desperate for cash he agrees to do it for $7,000 and gets busted, ending up in one of Ecuador's most notorious prisons. #211. 10/27/08
Peru 8/11/96 - Russell Thoresen goes from Miami to Peru for 2 weeks with his girlfriend Kim so she can smuggle back 3 kilos of coke for $13,000. She ditches him so they force him to do it and he’s caught with 6 kilos taped to his body. He got 8 years, but was out in 1999. She probably set him up,, but he never could find her. #212. 11/17/08

Season 3 (2009)

Cuzco Peru 1/20/07 - Sarah Johnson & Simon Burke from Milton Keynes England try to smuggle back 9.5 kilos of coke. She gets 7 years, he wasn’t in on it and got 10 months, but is still not allowed to leave to this day. #301. 4/1/09
Caracas Dave Evans a broke blues musician attempts to make some money by smuggling 7 pounds cocaine out of Venezuela to Amsterdam. He gets transferred to a US prison after a few years and gets out early. #302. 4/8/09
Kidnapped in the Philippines 996 - A missionary escapes after being kidnapped by members of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf and tortured for 13 days. #303. 4/15/09
Puerto Vallarta A man is wrongly accused of shooting two policemen during a drug bust in Mexico. #304. 4/22/09

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