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MSNBC examined the issue from the inside-out, gaining extraordinary access to many of the nationís most notorious prisons. The stunning results are revealed in Lockup, its series of ten, one-hour documentaries, which premiered on June 11, 2000. John Seigenthaler hosts up to 2006. These aren't all the ones as I'm not sure how many there are, just the ones I have.

Episode Description
Inside Stateville Correctional Center IL Ė Thereís a briefing for the 7-3pm shift. Itís maximum security with 2600 inmates. Officer Michael White is on tower 14 watching the yard as new inmates arrive. Omni Walton says people kill each other, itís a bad, scary place. Construction began in 1916, opened in 1925 and is the only prison building that has a round roundhouse. 2001
Inside Folsom In 2002 there was a major riot with 100 prisoners involved. Itís near Sacramento, itís the original building made of granite with steel doors that have been there 120 years. Walls go 30 feet up and underground 15 feet. In 1937 the warden was stabbed to death. It was built for overcrowding in San Quentin. Daniel Bell has been there 4 months, many people have died there and heís terrified. 2002
Inside San Quentin Scott Peterson, Richard Ramirez & Richard Allen Davis are there. It opened in 1852, on 432 acres and is crumbling and dirty, has no electrified fences and little security cameras. Cops wonder if every day will be their last. Sgt. Michael Barker shows the areas all have to go through to get in or out. At nearly 150-years old, San Quentin state prison is one of the most famous, one of the most notorious penitentiaries in the world. It is steeped in history, a very violent one. Today its walls are crumbling. The institution has become outdated, contributing directly to an overwhelming increase in both the number and severity of brutal assaults by inmates. Includes never-before-look inside Californiaís vicious death row. 2003, 2006 update
Inside L.A. County Jail It starts with a temporary jail known as twin towers. 2000 come in each week. Chief Taylor Moorehead runs it, he's in charge of 20,000 prisoner. They have 20 buses to bring them in. They got 600-800 a day in the beginning. In this special 2-hour edition of Lockup, MSNBC takes you inside one of the largest jail systems in the world. The L.A. County Jail is made up of eight different facilities spread across 50 miles of southern California. Unlike a prison where an inmate has been convicted of a crime, those coming to the L.A. County Jail are either awaiting trial, transfer or bond payment for release. MSNBCís cameras will take you behind the walls of this overcrowded and violent jail system, including the dangerous Super Max facility, where the cityís largest riot happened. 2003
Inside Wabash Valley Correctional IN - 1/3 of prisoners are mentally ill, 700 of them are there. Craig Hanks has been there since it opened in 1992, itís maximum security on 500 acres. The worst are sent there and go to the SHU. Sgt. Dan Haskins works there and thinks most people donít want to know what goes on there. Itís not made for treatment. Douglas McCombs has been an inmate there for 3 months. 2005
Inside Kentucky State Penitentiary It opened in 1889and is called the Castle on the Cumberland. Julius Tackett says it will take your life if you have a chip on your solider. Judge Bill Cunningham says it had a sign over the door 'Abandon all hope ye who enter here.' 2005
Inside Anamosa State Penitentiary Iowa It was built from limestone in 1880 and 1300 live behind 35 foot walls. Warden John Ault talks about the dangers. Lt. Fred Pasker says you have to be careful. Thereís predators and prey. Lt. Jay Scovel says you canít assume anything. In the hole they get 1 hour a day out. 2005
Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, LA It's the second largest prison in the state opened in 1979. Colonel Kirt Guerin says they all arrive on Mon & Tues. Michael Fernandez has 3 rape convictions. Warden Cornel Hubert says they arenít there to judge, just make sure they serve. Jackie Durham draws blood for disease. Richard Michaels first came in 1986, they all have their hair cut off their head and face. Majir Clyde Span says cell block 2 is the worst one who canít get along. Asst Warden Frederick Boutte says sexual infractions are very serious and they lock them up for that. One gay was caught and put in the hole. Ahmed is called s pimp, heís been there 4 years for coke. Heís in the working cell block for selling drugs in the yard. He has to do 90 days before returning. AKA Louisiana State Penitentiary 2005
The Penitentiary of New Mexico  Deputy Warden Joni Brown runs it, Lawrence Miera wants to get out. Lawrence Jaramilo & Major Dean Lopez have been there since the old prison. Carlos Cervantes has been inside since 1975. During February 1980 there was a deadly prison riot, for 36 hours prisoners took over and the riot raged out of control. The place was destroyed and 33 prisoners were killed. Vintage TV footage of the riots are shown. Cell block 4 was where the snitches were and they went after them. One was brutally burned and the floor still shows the spot, they can't get rid of it no matter how much they paint it, the black comes back. There are axe marks in the floor where someone was chopped up. Joe Sears says they formed gangs after so they wouldn't be caught alone. 2006
Return to Corcoran People say how it is hell. It's on 900 acres with 5000 inmates, 25% are doing 25 to life. Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan are there. 2006
Inside Iowa State Penitentiary It's on the banks of the Mississippi built in 1839. CCU is for mentally ill inmates. Lt. John Fedler leads the staff that are specially trained. Jeff Hershberger is depressed, was on work release, couldn't find a job, robbed, ran from the police, hit a cop with his car head on to kill himself and the cop died. He got many more years added on. 2006
Inside Holman Correctional Facility It opened in 1969 located in Atmore, Alabama. It's maximum security, the only death row in the state. Jamie Knighten has been there 12 years. More than 1000 are there. Warden Grantt Culliver says they have basic up to serial killers. 2006
Return to Rikers Island They were first there in 1999. They say after 5 years there is 90% less violence and less prisoners. One guy has been there 30-40 times. They call it the Rock, Penal Colony. Zay Skinner says itís easy to get cut or raped, itís messed up, you donít want to be there. Cmdr Martin Horn knows everyone there is a criminal and is out to hurt you. 2006
Inside Spring Creek Alaska Seward is the only maximum security prison in AK. 500 are there. Barry Sapp says heís a pimp and smashed his whore. Ernest Rogers robbed a hotel and hit someone with a hammer. Steve Blevins cut through someone. Asst Sup Thomas Reimer says people come from all over to get there. AKA Alaska 2006
Inside Indiana State Prison There's a 40 foot high wall a mile long that dates back to the Civil War holding 2000 inmates. Superintendent Ed Buss says 70% of them are there for murder. Officer Jeffrey Batchelor says they had so many assaults that they had to isolate people to cut it down. 2006
Inside Utah State Prison Itís the largest high security prison in the state with 4000 inmates on 680 acres and they still have firing squads. Itís violent, you have to watch your back since you never know when you will get attacked. Warden Clint Friel says itís tripled in size since heís been there. Wasatch is one building, they have male, female, everything. 2006
North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women Itís near Raleigh on 30 acres with 1100 inmates. Warden Annie Harvey says they committed all kinds of crimes up to murder. Sheís been there since 2000 and to get respect you must give it so they can maintain human values, but you have to do the time. A cell is 8x8 and 23 hours a day inside for segregation. 2006
Return to Pelican Bay It opened in 1989, they first visited in 2000 during lockdown and went back in 2005. Itís a state of war, stabbings, shootings, they are the new Alcatraz. Itís to isolate the worst inmates. Violence is normal, throats cut, rat packs Ė 5 on 1. Warden Richard Kirkland says they have 700-800 incidents a year and get points for breaking rules. Lt. Ernie Madrid says they house the worst of them, level 4. Sgt. Sam Banke says the worst from other prisons are sent there. 2006
Inside Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex Tennessee - Itís surrounded by mountains. Sgt David Bunch says itís the last stop. Jason Davis says he could hear people screaming up the road. Charles Dykes says itís the most violent prison. Warden Jim Worthington says they take them from all over. Cumecus Gates says he works 7 days a week as an inmate. Itís 23 hours in, no contact with others. He has to deal with the worst, they throw stuff on him, the job is good because he gets out of his cell. He got 22 years from committing armed robbery in a prison, he robbed guys of their weed with a knife. 2006
Return to Valley State Chowchilla, CA - the number of female prisoners has gone up 50% in the last 10 years. They were there in 2000 and returned in 2005. It was built in 1995 on 640 acres, one of the largest womenís prison in the world with 3600 inmates. Sharon Fennix came in at 19 for murder and is now 41. Sheís seen people beat and ODed. 80% are there for drugs. Warden Gloria Henry says most commit crimes to support their drug habits and they end up there. She feels they need to return to the community better than when they came in. They have no one to teach them and have no life skills, just survival. Lori Culberson & Keisha Clark are coming in for the first time. Itís scary, they donít know how to feel. The world's largest correctional facility for women. 2006
Kern Valley State Prison, CA There are 33 prisons in CA with 170,000 inmates. It opened in 2005 and will hold 5000. Warden Joseph Gonzalez says they want to rehabilitate them. Jeffery Cattera says there is no rehabilitation. Aaron Yost says itís a model against rehab. Kenneth Griffin says it opened early, they donít have enough cooks and the food is too late. Sean Hayes says you are surround by 1000 killers and everyone is a stranger. Since the prison is new itís a turf war. Officer Castellanos says the place is ready to explode. Yost (43) got 35 to life for meth. He says he has no history of violence, but since he got in he has multiple violent write ups. Heís in ADSEG for attacking a cellmate. A maximum-security facility in Delano, CA. 2006
Inside Miami-Dade Corrections Itís the 6th largest jail in America with 7000 inmates and 100,000 processed a year. Director Charles McRay says the pretrial detention center is the main building and busiest. Officer N. Neal says they donít know what they are facing until they come through. Ofc P. Byrd says a man came in dressed as Superman and he got upset when they took his cape. Sgt. P. Valdez says they have a major problem. Alfonso Young (39) says heís a binge drug user booked for robbery. Heís been there 20 times for stealing to pay for his habit. He gets to call his mom and heís the only screwup in the family. He does crack and prozac. Heís put on the 8th floor for mental health and spends 1 day there. Maximum security has 24 per cell. Also the challenge of dealing with minimum and maximum-security inmates, including some with sexually-transmitted diseases. 2006
San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Gang's All Here Gangs control prison politics. A Code 2 alarm goes off. Sgt. Thompson says 2 guys attacked him and follows the blood trail. He's a Mexican gang member and they have no suspects. An ex gang member says they fight for each piece of the yard for their people. You get stabbed for not staying in your area. 9/7/07
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Killing Time It has it's own zip code It's the same thing every day, they have to find things to do. One guy paces back and forth for hours and the time goes by. Tory Commiskey is there 2 years for robbery and in protective custody because his dad's a cop. 9/14/07
San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Conjugal Visit  It's a time for intimacy and business deals. George Mariscal is there 2 years for drugs and does tattoos. He hates it and knows cops are doing their job. If he gets off drugs he won't be there. He's been in and out of jail since 17, he's 36 now. The only way to get off drugs is to be in jail. 9/21/07
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Bad Boys, Bad Boys It was made to hold 3000, now it's over 5000. Some people think they made it when they get there. Scanvinski Hymes has been in jail since he was 18, he's 37 now. They have a video of him talking about what they did to him and he flips out and attacks. He has the highest classification score in the jail, over 2000 points. He has over 40 felonies in jail, but hasn't killed anyone yet. 9/28/07
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Weapons 101 There's a long history of violence. Sgt. Thompson says Carson is where they are separated from general population. They are handcuffed 23 hours a day. Darrell Lil D Samuels is there for assaulting a cop. He was 9 years old when he was first caught breaking into cars. He's got multiple gun charges, he got out, the went back for having a gun. He has a son and wants to be a dad since he never had a dad. 10/5/07
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Slammin' in the Slammer  17 counties send prisoners there. It has high and low risk inmates and is under staffed. David Silva got 11 life sentences and has been in jail since he was 12. He robbed stores because it was a rush he couldn't explain. He could do whatever he wanted which is better than being a CEO. There is a consequence since He got 526 years and 11 life terms. An annual poetry slam, which enables inmates to express themselves, is highlighted. Also how inmates are classified based on the severity of their crimes and behavior. 10/12/07
Inside Riverbend Maximum Security Institution  Nashville, TN - itís the most violent and has the highest security with 700 inmates. Warden Ricky J. Bell has been there since 1995. Itís the worst of the worst and most secure. James Hunt says the screaming never stops and it drives you crazy. Tirrell Shropshire says normal people lose their minds, itís like dying of cancer. 10/19/07
Holman: Extended Stay - He Takes No Prisoners Warden Grantt Culliver runs it and has zero tolerance for violence. ADSEG holds 200 and if they donít behave there the only thing they can do is move them around. Jammy Bell is moved to a shower for messing his cell up. He says the guy above him threw feces in his vent, he canít sleep. 12/10/07
Holman: Extended Stay - Snake and Fluffy They have 1000 inmates and ADSEG has the worst. Bobby Ray Gilbert has been there 19 years out of his 43. He got life when he murdered at 18 and wants to blow up the whole place. Heís got 2 life sentences plus 99 years and 40 years. His mom Cathy Hartline says they were both abused and they are close. He says he didnít have a childhood and humor wasnít allowed. A guy owed him money, he got a rifle, shot and killed him and took his wallet so he got murder/robbery. A look at inmates who are considered Holman's most dangerous. 1/1/08
Holman: Extended Stay - Locked Up Love Lt. Fuqua works ADESG where the 200 worst are. Contact is limited since itís highly explosive. Officer Stonewall deals with the yelling. Sgt. Black says most told her she wouldnít last 3 days and never thought she would make sgt. Itís always a challenge. Jammy Bell yells at her. Bobby Gilbert has no problem with her. Terrance Mosley is her biggest problem. Heís obsessed with her and likes to masturbate in front of her. Inmate relationships are explored, the strain that prison can place on relationships with loved ones; the dangerous side of relationships between inmates; obsessions. 1/1/08
Holman: Extended Stay - The Shakedown They have 5 security levels and had 4 major incidents last year. One was a bad stabbing, but itís a low number for the prison. Lt. Lewis shows the weapons they found - pieces of fence, homemade boxcutters are the most popular Ė a razor between 2 pieces of wood. They have to search everyone or else they wonít find it. They are understaffed and the warden helps with traffic. That night 6/4 someone was stabbed in the honor dorm. 1/1/08
Holman: Extended Stay - Til Death Do Us Part 170 will die, 360 serving life and the warden is the executioner. Anthony Patterson & Eric Blanding have a group called Deep South Mafia and they write music and sing. They grew up in Birmingham, Ant is a Crip for life, in for life for robbery. He got put in with rivals and they stabbed out his eye with a pen. They sing Baby Butterfly and think it will be a hit. Inmates on death row and others serving life sentences are profiled. 1/1/08
Holman: Extended Stay - You Wanna Work Where? The hardest thing is dealing with problem inmates. The warden has to be firm, fair, tough and understanding. Last month he lost 6 staff and is going backwards. Itís a lot of pressure, the staff is tired from all the overtime. More stress, less tolerance, more violence, more call outs, more people doing more shifts isnít good. Lt. McKee says they have good recruits. Cadet Hardy is in training and has been preparing for 7 months. The challenges faced by the officers and staff including the problems caused by unexcused work absences; finding new men and women to replace departed personnel. 1/1/08
Raw: Criminal Minds Rasha Drachkovitch explains about what itís like talking to prisoners in 12 prisons, you donít see evil until itís across from you. Seward AK - Carl Abuhl says the other inmates are punks and the guards are punks. He caved in someoneís head, the skull was in pieces, but he hung around too long because he was interested in decomposition. He got 70 years, plus 6 months for putting a cat in the microwave and nuking it, it was chewing on a corpse. In 2004 he killed his cellmate because he was bragging he killed his mom. He couldnít tell on him, he wonít be a rat. He couldnít take it anymore. Criminals featured on the "Lockup" series detail their crimes; and shed light on what life is like behind bars. Five inmates are interviewed, including one who claims to have been possessed by the devil. #1. 1/2/08
Raw: Hell in a Cell They have lots of free time on their hands, will they make good use of it? The most stress is at intake. Joliet, IL Ė They have a boot camp intake. They canít keep their gym shoes, no excuses and are yelled at.. They can only have 24 pictures. James Chrans is the warden. Anyone who causes a problem is taken out to maintain control. David Hale says for some itís a homecoming. You can always tell the fresh fish. Andrew Dykman (23) went in for the first time on statutory rape. #2. 2/11/08
Inside Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility Indiana Itís the end of the line for kids who are repeat offenders. In segregation they show the restraint chair. Then an inmate transfer in the hallway suddenly goes wrong. The man starts screaming, doesnít want to be moved, starts kicking the doors, they pepper spray him and he fights 5 of them. He says you donít have to move his hand like that. They tell him to relax. Sgt. Russell Anderson says he went to counseling and didnít get the level he wanted and flipped out. He stopped after the pepper spray. Plus the rehabilitation programs it offers. 2/11/08
Raw: Violence Behind Bars They film in extreme environments, most people wouldnít go there, you have to keep your guard up, violence can break out at any time. Corcoran - they were there in 2000 & 2005. Rob Dorfmann says when he went in he had to sign a document knowing if he was taken hostage there would be no negotiation. When the alarm sounds and the guns come out it takes your breath away. They were doing a cell search with the dogs and it was normal. Then the alarm sounded and everyone ran outside. Every inmate has to go down or be considered a fighter. Sgt. Mitchell says 2 guys were getting wild. Riots; weapons used; attacks on prison officers; how prison officials fight back. #3. 2/18/08
Raw: The Convict Code There are 2 set of rules - the prisonís and the convict code. Mind your business, stay with your race. Wabash, UT - Dan Wooden says guards donít run it, inmates do. If they donít get along they will be moved. They are only there to lookout and give their food. Sgt. Danny Herring is one of 2 guards for 95 men. He says they can have it, what can they do? They arenít in charge. Ricky Hale says you donít rat on people or itís an elevator ride down with no elevator. Tony Duran says you donít talk to people, donít get into peopleís business, respect yourself and others. Heís in 22 years. Now they are coming in young and donít care. Officer Gladson at San Quentin says you can tell the new guys, they donít know where to go. A gangster will get a hold of them and tell them what to do. How the unwritten rules of prison apply to child molesters, gangs, homosexuals and women. #4. 2/25/08
Inside Angola - Louisiana State 5148 men are there, half are murderers, 90% will die there. Itís 18,000 acres, the largest there is and the bloodiest prison. Warden Burl Cain says their mission it to correct bad behavior. If they can save 1 person from violence itís worth it. Church is optional, work is not. Sean Vaughn works at their TV station, the only prison one in the US. Robert Bone wants his life to mean something. All employees, but 1 are doing life. They broadcast 24/7 in the prison. Ringside is their popular show, they box with other prisons once a month. Hassan Henderson is doing what he loves, he gets a small amount of pay. The rodeo every Sunday attracts massive crowds. Also the correctional facility's annual rodeo; the use of dogs to track escaped prisoners. 4/27/08
Raw: Ever Present Danger Rasha says they attract attention, but not the kind you want to attract. Mike Elwell says itís controlled until all hell breaks loose. Seward - Sup Craig Turnbull says itís the most beautiful prison in the US. Sgt. Gary Elde works House 1 - the worst of them. Antonio Roberson is doing 60 for murder. He curses them out, wants more food. He wonít be assaulted and not fight back. He refuses to get out of the cell and they have to extract him. They pepper spray him and heís become immune to it. They have to go in and use a stun shield on him. He smeared crap all over everything and thinks heís tough for fighting back and not being a girl. The dangers that await prison inmates, including drug-related altercations and assaults on child molesters, are detailed. #5. 7/7/08
Raw: Prison Love  Some of the most compelling stories are about intimate relationships behind bars. They are quick to say they love you, but when you do something they donít like they cut you. Holman - Keith Precious Mason is into feet. The warden says if they arenít causing a problem and not openly having sex they let it go. They say every man wakes up aroused, thatís the problem with prison. Pelican Bay - Adolph Green says this isnít the place for a flamboyant homo and he tries to be a girl. Some call him a girl, some laugh at him. Some are hiding it, some donít like open gays. There are no friends in prison. Theyíll play games with you, but when something happens they turn their back. KY State - Matthew Campbell calls himself Amy and burned down his school at 15. Itís hard being gay in prison because guys want sex. Theyíll take what they can get. Many arenít gay on the streets and are in prison. In the yard he wanted to play backgammon and everyone laughed at him. #6. 7/12/08
Raw: The Daily Grind Itís loud, intimidating and fascinating. You do whatever you can to release frustration. Some cut themselves. Itís a hate factory. Anamosa - Mark Smith says itís extremely boring, itís crowded, like sending a kid to their room. Itís perfect for getting into shape. Brad Love says itís so clichť to go to prison and to work out, he had too much idle time and he got into it, it takes out frustrations. David Morrow says you work everything all week long, each day you work a part of the body. Itís one of the few places they find encouragement. Ashanti Henry weighs 170 and lifts double that, they help him and egg him on. They constantly come up with interesting waya to exercise. Stacy Winner lifts garbage cans, they have to get creative when they take the weights away. Warden John Ault says itís good to have weights, it keeps them busy, they canít plot. #7. 7/19/08
Raw: The Devil's Workshop There is too much time, idle hands are the devilís plaything, lots of kids turning 18-19 and hitting puberty filled with rage, young, full of energy, been in since they were 15. KY State has an autoshop, Rikerís Island makes bread. They make weapons and they just need to have a point. There is always a shank museum in every prison. San Quentin - Ofc Feudner displays a zip gun and how it works. Speedy shows how to make a weapon, he lights toilet paper on fire to melt a plastic coffee cup lid, when itís hot enough he can roll it up to a point, puts it in the toilet to cool it. It canít be detected with a metal detector. Badger section goes into lockdown after a stabbing. Now they will search all the cells and put everyone in the yard. The crew doesnít want to piss off a block, they want it at the end of their prison tour. Ofc Hamilton says the I-beams are good for hiding weapons. #8. 7/26/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Love and Hate David Salazar, a Serenio, is attacked in the gym and wonít say by who and they have to investigate. Ofc Soto has to take him to the hospital. Sgt. Lawton conducts the investigation after getting the alarm. They search the overflow gym for weapons. Ofc Love says they strip search them and look for blood or wounds. David says he was sweeping under his bunk and got hit in the head, then kicked until he was knocked out, it was 3 guys. Itís nothing, just a skull fracture. They have no cameras in the gym. Ofc Torres finds bloody boots in the trash. Ofc Robles says they arenít talking and are ditching the evidence. They take blood samples from the shoes. All the clothes are state issued, everyone has them. Ofc Scaife finds blood on pants in Carlton Moranís laundry bag. Heís doing 3 years for grand theft and is the head cook on the yard. 8/2/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Everyone Gets Got In the SHU cells are 8x12, prisoners are shackled whenever they are moved. Sgt. Martinez wears a face guard at all time because they like to shoot and thrown things at them. Christian Knighten is a Mexican Mafia member doing 79 years for murder, robbery and drugs. Heís white, but his heart is brown. He claims he was innocent and wanted to earn it. He invited a guy over to his cell to do drugs, choked him and snapped his neck, then he bashed his head in with a pipe, blood was all over and he flushed it down the toilet, bleached the floor and wrapped him up and put him on the bunk. When he was hungry he used his body as a hot plate to cook. An eyeball popped out and they donít know where it went. After 15 months his original charge was overturned and he couldíve gotten out, but had these new charges. 8/9/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Prison Politics Warden Derral Adams says they have 5600 prisoners including Manson and Sirhan Sirhan. Sgt. Rangel says itís a shock when they get off the bus. Matthew Trevino says he hears itís serious. Ralph Abdil says he heard itís really bad, donít let them tell you itís not. They process, ID and orient them. One guy is there for the 6th time, he prefers to be with the whites because of the politics. Heís 6í2Ē, 150. People stay with their own race, thatís the way itís been. On A yard they have an attempted murder. Capt Field says they found a weapon, injuries are serious and itís a crime scene. He is ambulanced off, they have a suspect and have to find out why. Then they have 2 more suspects. Ofc Castro strips them. Ofc Love swabs him because he has blood on him from the victim. They are sent to the SHU. Jeremy Towner is there and was told it was welcome to hell. Heís doing 111 years and was told not to deal with any other race. Heís doing life and knew he needed a knife because he wanted to survive. He went after a white guy who was wanted for not getting into a race fight. 8/16/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Hugs Not Drugs They opened in 1988 and theyíve been dreaming of ways to smuggle in drugs. They do 3 random cell searches a day. Ofc McMurrey finds a cell with lots of apples and a long shank and will write them up. Sgt. Lopez says itís not sharpened to a point, so itís not a weapon yet, itís just dangerous. In San Quentin Andre Johnson got orders to assault Ofc Howard Burchfield by his gang. He had 16 months to go and thought it was his life or the cop. He was told a blue bag would come down for him with everything and it did 3 days later. Howard came over and asked if he needed a light and then he speared him in an artery. He ran away and dropped. He knew the knife had no prints and everyone tossed everything out when it happened. No one knew who did it. A guy ratted on him and he got life without parole. His wife wanted to know why. She got the knock on the door at 3am. He says he was a foot soldier, Howard was killed because he was too nice. She wonders if he has any remorse. Now heíd rather be killed than Howard. 8/23/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Lockdown Itís all about survival. In fourth months they saw lots of violence, but not on staff. 100 miles away in Tehachapi on the news is a story of 3 officers getting stabbed. Warden Derral Adams says they have to lockdown to stop it. Capt Field says they will limit their movement and access of the Southern Hispanics. It only affects them, but the stress covers the prison. Duane Crazy D Dixon is doing life for murder. If he has to kill someone he will. He doesnít care about write ups, they canít take anything from him. He wonít let some young cop tell him what to do. Officer Faldon is 21 and has been there a month. The first week or 2 was nerve racking, but heís getting used to it. You never know what happens when you come in. Capt De Veiga teaches him the ropes. Look for anything out of the ordinary like shotcallers talking means drug transactions or assault on staff. Looks for sudden movements or arguments. Itís better to put the yard down and investigate. After you are here a while you learn senses you didnít know you had. The air gets thick with tension and you know an attack is coming. 9/6/08
Corcoran: Extended Stay - Road to Redemption They can do their time and go home or become more destructive inside. The path they choose is life and death. Bryan Modglin started with selling drugs in Little Rock, 3 years later he went for a robbery and beat them up. His dad then wanted to hire him to take out a relative for molesting his 8 year old daughter. They told him where and when. He got ready, waited for him to pull up to daycare, then started firing into his truck. He kept firing, didn't know how many times. He thought it was righteous, but it turns out it was a custody battle that could've been a lie. He testified about it and now is in SNY. He then lost an arm in a car accident. Assoc Warden Lopez reviews for ADSEG placement. Ed Smith has his case heard for murder in prison. He says it was postponed for a year. They say he was delaying it. He says he's been waiting to be interviewed a year, how could it be for murder? They say he will be held there pending the DA process. His cellmate says Capt Field is a part of it, you know we haven't done it. Field doesn't know what he did, he's taking time to vent at him. He doesn't want to talk to a psychologist. If he took it personal he's working in the wrong spot. Ruben Cruz is doing 27 years, he stabbed his cellmate, they tried to kill each other, it's survival. He stabbed the guy 17 times and his gang disowned him. He goes to review about going to SNY, he'll have to have a cellmate. He agrees to it and is happy about it. He did 22 months in ADSEG. Now he knows gangs are a dead end. 9/20/08
Pendleton Juvenile: Extended Stay - Zero to Sixty It's Indiana's last stop with 300 inmates and has to deal with impulsive teen behavior. Lt. Gary Burke says when they become angry then can go from 0 to 60 in a minute and will think about how to get out of something. Troubled prisoners go to SEG. Sgt. Chad Evans says they look for immediate satisfaction in lashing out and don't think about consequences until later. He tells them to let it pass and they won't. Superintendent Mike Dempsey says it's much more challenging and frustration is a daily business. One black kid (17) has been there 3 years and is going crazy in SEG. He's tossing everything and tying things like he's going to hang himself. He won't come out so they have to extract him. They pin him into a corner. They are much more reckless, 10 times worse than an adult. They'll explode, fight and apologize when it's over in 3 minutes. He's put in a restraint chair. He gets stressed out, real mad, just acts up and couldn't tell what was going on. He doesn't know where his anger comes from. Chris Blessinger goes around talking to them, they go in groups and have to learn to apply their skills. Never a dull moment there. Eric Courtney says he gets threatened 3 times a day and he won't put himself in a situation where he can get hurt, as a counselor he has fought and wrestled with kids. Stedman Baird (18) was there last time, but now he's back again. He fought with a guy and got put back in. He's nervous about getting out, it's been 3 years. They could be normal, then fight and you don't know where it comes from. One thing that doesn't work today might work tomorrow. A candy bar could lead to a huge fight. 9/27/08
Pendleton Juvenile: Extended Stay - Everyone's Got Baggage A signal 10 call comes in. Jacob Shauntee (19) is banging into the window and punching himself. Robert Guffey saw a guy looking over there and knew something was going on. Alana Shirk is the nurse who says you aren't going to see these things anywhere else, a lot of kids there are like him. Sometimes you give respect and you'll get it back. Robert says he was definitely serious. He says the patrol officer got him and he was going to give it back, see if he could back it up. He didn't like the way he was asked to move. He's a self-mutilator. If he can calm down they'll move him out. Randall Salyer sees 150 patients a day. Lots are self-mutilators. Many of them were cursed at or yelled at their whole lives. Michael Jones (18) is in the gang unit. Eric Courtney says he was filled with ignorance. He was born into white supremacy. He did break-ins, burglary and grew weed. He had a picture of Eva Braun as a centerfold in his cell and knows he was ignorant. He lived by white rallies, cross burnings, Aryan Nation. Now he's friends with the blacks. One says he's a good guy and will help you out. Super Mike Dempsey has a meeting and is upset about an attack that caused 12 stitches. Roderick Patterson says three guys jumped someone and they don't know why, you have to be ready for everything. They are to be put in SEG. Brandyn Cox says they got the wrong guy. Nathan Brady says they think it's us. Justin Boggess has been there 18 months. He's an Imperial Gangster in the Folk Nation. He started at age 9, got a felony and his family gave up on him. 10/4/08
Pendleton Juvenile: Extended Stay - Under Pressure Anything can happen, some days are more chaotic than most. Roderick Patterson says signal 2000 is escape. A guy ran for it and took off. Sgt. Chad Evans says they had a signal 10 and 2 escapes this morning. He struggled and is now relieved to be back. He says he was mad, cops get on his nerves, they pick on him, doesn't listen to them anymore, has family problems, lives on the streets. Lt. Gary Burke says they went from 17 to 24 in SEG that night. Kenneth Howell (18) is finding some way of getting out, he almost made it over the fence last week. He's not afraid of being cut, he's had enough pain in his life that it would be a scratch. David Donahue says DOC has become a solution for difficult kids. Ken spent ages 10-12 in a mental hospital, at 13 he got into fights, threatened his case worker, kicked him out of school and now he's here. Supt. Mike Dempsey says the number one issue is placement for them. Ken says no place will accept him for his mental history. Mia Black says D complex is low functioning. They just fight and don't know how to talk to people. Edgar isn't going up a level and freaks out and cries. They put him in time out. Andrew Huff (18) & Abel Villegas (18) are waiting to get out. Andrew has arson, theft, probation violation and threats. Abel hopes to go home and play football in college. Mike says they have to prove it to him they are ready to get out, like a parole board. Abel is in Serenos 13 gang, had no dad, lots of anger. Andrew says you build up stress like a bomb and explode. 10/11/08
Raw: Inmates Gone Wild  It's inaccurate to say there's never a dull moment, there are plenty of them. The monotony is broken up by moments of sheer terror. Colorado State - Shawn Shields says for them to quiet down. He got 12 for robbery, then got another 16 for stabbing another inmate. He fixed his door so he could get him. It was a verbal altercation. There are 16 of them living behind closed doors with stress, not a nice place. Riverbend - Officer Joseph Gower Mills took away recreation from a man for making a racist comment. He then bit him on the arm so fast and hard he has nerve damage there. On a video Willie Hill got a hold of a female officer and shackled her in his cell. They negotiate with him through the cell and then the extraction team sets off a flash bang and rushes him. They blast him with pepper spray and pull the woman out. He is carried outside uninjured. He got 2 months in ADSEG and more time on his sentence. They do cell extraction training. Officer Edward Davis says the more training they get the better. Warden Ricky J. Bell has them do a cell search. Terrel Shropshire is doing 8 years for car theft. He says they are shaking him down for no reason and calls it harassment. They take down his pictures and he has headphones he wasn't supposed to have. Mike Elwell says they were confiscated and followed him back to his cell. He gets mad they took his headphones. They had no number on them that's why. He wants them back and is mad they opened up all his new soaps for no reason. They treat him like an animal, it's like being buried alive. He says it's like being a cancer patient dying slowly, it's like rape. He doesn't know anything about guards being assaulted, they assault inmates. 10/18/08
Raw: America's Toughest Jails Riker's Island, L.A. County and Miami Dade are the three biggest ones they've filmed at. Prison is for felons, jail is for convicts, staying under a year. The most dangerous are those who are fresh, drunk and on drugs. LA - Deputy Jack Jordan says the worst are the mental patients not on their drugs. They are angry and lash out. B.K. Eller shows a guy washing his clothes in the sink. Lazaro Angarcia says it's for the birds, they are getting permanent homes. An alarm goes out and they have to leave, the floor is being shut down. There was a problem, but they could stay. Riker's - Commissioner Martin Horn says if you are arrested in NY you will go here, crime goes down because of more arrests. It's the meanest precincts in America. Silvia Gambardella says they are tired, dirty and hungry. From Wall Street to drug dealers they get 80-90 a day around the clock. They train for cell inspections like the military. One guy complains they throw all their stuff out in a pile and they have to dig through it. They x-ray mattresses and find a shank. Carlos Baez stabbed Brathway in the back during lunch. It was a shoe support from a boot. He's arrested in jail and admits he did it on camera. He stabbed him because he's a Blood. The victim denies being in a gang, he doesn't know why he did it. Carlos says he doesn't know his name, he runs with those guys. The victim asks is that a good reason? LA County - they have lockdown drills. Rob Dorfmann says it's intense and they have to be ready. The have video of a riot with races fighting and cops shooting back. John Vander Horck says they didn't have this violence 30 years ago.10/25/08
Raw: Hard Time  It means an inmate who will never see freedom or solitary for years. Elayn Hunt - Col Jeff Tircuit says they have 63 acres of farms. They harvest 1 million pounds of crops to be used at the prison. Cadet Chris Melchior says knowing they have weapons they can use keeps you on your toes. One of the best guys could snap on you just because they don't like you. Joel Baker says he killed 3 people. The judge said he was a pebble in the pond, nothing but white trash. He was a bad ass and he sees young guys who have a chance to get out in 5 or 10 years. He has no chance, will never get out. Kern - Aaron Yost is doing 35 to life. He got 3 strikes after getting caught with meth and is in his 11th year. His parents were hippies and his mom OD'd. At 9 he was rolling joints for them. He hates living with men, he likes women. All he has is his tattoos. He's intense, full of energy. His routine is coming down from the sink, do your business, it has to be clean. When you fart you do it on the toilet and flush or else it stinks the place up. There are repercussions for doing the interview, just for giving up the secrets. A neighbor askswhat he told them. He says just how it's like in the cell. It's all about emotions and what he has to release all the time. As long as that's what he said he supports it. People will tell you how he operates. Guards think he's a white supremacist leader. His role is to be an ahole, he's constantly agitated, has Hep C from shooting up, is tired and, worn out. Time is ticking, his family has died one by one, his future is death.11/8/08
Raw: Friend or Foe?  You can't trust anyone. You can know a guy for 20 years and still be suspicious of him. You have to make friends for protection, but those guys can kill you. Richard Evans & Roger Boshears are in Spring Creek, AK. Rich got in the hole 14 months for tattooing Roger. He shows him how he did it. They would do anything for tattoos. Rich was caught with a rolling meth lab. He was using, cooking, selling it, anything. He loves it, it's like a rockstar life - clubs, girls naked, never sleeping. Roger got 18 years for robbery to support his heroin habit. Crack is dirty, he gave that up for something better. They deal with it by working out 6 days a week. They want to get out and do right, but know they will go out and get high. Roger loves getting high, still has 6 years, doesn't know what he'll do. Lt Ayers at Folsom says if they let their guard down it could volatile. He is joking with a guy for wearing shorts that way, he says we'll see what you look like at 50. A couple guys flash nazi signs and he tells them to leave. Christopher in San Quentin says they don't treat us right, but you can't ask for much. David Richards says he hates cops, they are out to get you, write you up falsely, it's all about money. Officer Epperson works in the kitchen. He knows anything can be used as a weapon and he has no gun. They have no reason to attack him since he has no key to get out. The cook Carter Hill is doing 51 to life. He's been there since 1982, the guards became Cops, now they are gang members in green suits, but Epperson is alright. He's got to live here, can't say much more than that. Just alright? He will give him what he's got coming, all he's allowed by law. Carter says others look at him bad for treating them well. If any tool is missing he has to strip them all down.11/22/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - Taking a Hostage Warden George Tapia says they have Level IV, V, VI. Those are the worst of the worst of the worst. Deputy Warden Lawrence Jaramillo says they are the worst in the state, have to be chained everywhere. They have to go in for a cell extraction. Sgt Art Suazo says Kevin Blanco wonít come out, he has to be sprayed. He covers the door with a blanket and they spray around the door. He says heís going to come out after. Heís doing 13 years for attempted murder. He says they refused his food, thatís what itís about. If they want to play games he will keep playing, They deny it. Capt Rim Huizar says there are things heís not allowed to have and heís mad about it. There isnít much he can do but check his cell and clean it down. He keeps saying he doesnít know what itís about. You threw liquids. He says look at the tape. Ofc Richard Blinzler says he was spraying feces through the door. Itís all on the wall, itís on him. Kevin denies it all, he says there is none, go look. They take him back and he asks where the feces are. They cleaned it. He wants to talk. She wants to know what itís all about. He had a problem with an officer and they didnít want to open the food port. He admits it. Heís going to keep playing games. Ofc Jonathan Dimanche works Level II. Itís a dorm setting, less violent crimes, less restrictions. James Rogers doesnít eat in the chow hall. He makes his own buritos. Chris Meier is doing 6 years. They have mystery meats. He learned how to cook without a microwave. Davon Lymon is doing 10 years for manslaughter. He has 2 kids, he doesnít know if they understand. He told them people die on TV and in the movies. He shot a guy like that. All he has is letters and phone calls. Heís the barber, spends most of the day there. He likes doing designs. Sgt. Pete Jackson says Blanco is unpredictable, been there 10 years. He can be your friend one day, next day want to kill you. Lt. Aaron Vigil gave him a razor to shave and he wonít give it back. Before they extract him he says heíll give it back.11/29/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - Pros and Cons Dep Warden Lawrence is moving Conrad Salazar for making threats. He doesnít know why heís being moved, he thinks heís going to medical. He says he stabbed Aaron Vigil when he was 18 years old with an angle iron. Lt. Aaron says he was mad about the phone and he hit him in the back of the head with a shank and it bounced right off, just a little blood. He was back to work the next day. Conrad says he would take it personal and retaliate. Heís doing 22 years, did 16 so far. Heís got 60 days to go before he leaves. He wants to be able to interact with people, he has no physical contact, canít talk, work on his social skills. He wants to go out into population, itís a big deal. Itís weird to go back after all this time. Dep Warden Dwayne Santiseven talks to him. He thinks he moved because he completed a level, he doesnít know itís about problems with staff. He has to be searched first to see if he has enemies or is a gang member. He says heís suspected. Lt. Joseph Pacheco says he was told an inmate keeps asking him for metal when heís cleaning in Level 6. Then he showed him he got a big piece of metal and he cut it for another guy. They want to find the rest of it. They move everyone out to the yard search for it. Ofc Archie Martinez searched between the heater and the wall for weapons. They find a damaged stool with parts missing that could be used as weapons. David Scritchfield has been there 18 years because of aggravated assault for stabbing the cops. He was originally sentenced to 18 months. He has stabbed cops, threw feces on 30-40 people. He got out of his cuffs and stabbed cops, lost his mind, chased people down and they put him on death row a month. He came in at 19, now heís 38. Itís all extra time he got in prison. Sandra Salazar is his wife, she met him in prison, heís been transferred around, their whole life together has been in prison. They get 2 visits a week. Heís ready to get out, but anxious. They say they just need him, heíll be fine. Heís waiting for 5/19 for the parole board. Itís hard to adjust from prison to freedom. David fell for a staff member Paula Montova and she got fired. She was a nurse, he was a patient. She says they were friends, then they got caught. Officer Brian Ortega says he got a tip and listened to his phone calls and heard it. She was confronted and they brought her in, she denied talking to him until they played the tape. She confessed and was fired. She didnít realize what a security risk she was and isnít allowed to be back. 12/6/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - Fight or Flight They have low level to maximum. Chris Shiverdecker has been there 2 years, they get mad because he slipped out of the cuffs, never caused any trouble. He got locked up at 10 for GTA. Heís been in over 30 prisons, 3 here. He stabbed a guy with jolly ranchers. He melted them down, made it into a comb and itís tougher than glass. He has a tattoo on his forehead, believes in karma and doesnít know how to handle the streets. Heíll be in prison the rest of his life. Heís goes crazy every day being there. Heíll hurt someone, itís going to happen, itís prison, people donít get along. He goes to a hearing after being put on Level VI. He was in a fight, they found 2 weapons. He can go down to Level V since he hasnít been in trouble here. He wants to go to GP. Manager Leroy Thompson says he hasnít hurt anyone there and can slip out of his cuffs. Janine Rodriguez says heís eligible to get out. He has tattoos everywhere, a swastika on his neck. Level II is the dorm where he wants to be. Someone calls Warden Joni Brown a bitch and she warns them they can go back up to V. They can only be there if they are short timers. She has been there 18 years and they look at her as mom. A guy complains he had a borderline urine test and he wanted to question it and they tossed it out. She says he hasnít been in trouble in 11 years, has to wonder. They get a tip that there are lots of weapons in B dorm. They go to search it. They use a dog and it gets hits. Davon Lymon is mad he canít go to the store now. They are shaking them down, looking in their butts, ripping them off. Felix Lewis says they go through their pictures and letters. There is nothing there. They will interview them to see what they know, they say no comment, rather go to the hole. Heís 18th street gang, no drugs or gangs, heís too hold for it, no violence, calmest place heís been in. Heís been in every prison in NM. Major Jerry Roark says they will talk if isolated, two inmates have turned. There isnít always a code. They find a syringe in a hat. The man says itís not his, he hasnít been in his cubicle all day. They check his arms for track marks. He says he has them, he says itís the shower, he doesnít use. So if they give him a UA heíll be clean? Pretty sure, he hasnít used in a month. He shot up. Who you buy it from? Canít say that crazy. 12/13/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - Institutionalized Ofc Amy Lee went up to take Joe Sanchez to a shower and he didnít want to go. He refused, she went to get the sarge. He says he called her some names, her feelings were hurt, then get a job at a church. They pull him out and he gets mad Amy is sitting across from him. She explains what happened. She got Sgt. Jackson after he called her a whore and a tramp. Joe denies it, he said it to him, not to her. He says it was nothing, they brought him here for small petty crap, give him 6 months. Mgr Johnny Arias will move him Monday, he wants to go now. He doesnít get to call the shots. Brown tells Amy she needs to do it the same every time because he wonít forget. Heís up for parole, but heís been there since the riot days 1981. Joe says the time goes so slow, but the years go fast, he was so young when he got in. He wants to have a future, to do something positive, not be old and grey. When he got out he was scared, he couldnít make it into Wal*Mart, he couldnít take the people, sounds and colors, so much noise. Joni Brown talks to Salinas. He got in trouble, says he didnít assault anyone, doesnít know who did, he was there, but wasnít involved, he wants to see the video. She saw it, it was him. She shows the video of him following Ken, gets his gloves, then goes after a guy at the edge of the camera, hits him, he runs out of his shirt and Salinas goes back and dumps his gloves. Kenneth Morgan is seen kicking the shirt and cleaning up the blood with the shirt and pointing to the area. She talks to Ken, he says he wasnít there, didnít fight, didnít clean it up. He should get out, he was helping people. Why should you go back to Level II? He didnít screw up before, itís his first report in a year and a half. He was in the wrong place. He has no reason to lie, itís stupid, he doesnít fight. She will consider it. 12/20/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - War They are under lockdown because Level VI had a fight with LC members overpowering a cop and attacking another gang SNM and Capt Michael Flores is briefing the unit for a shakedown. Sgt. Marcelino Romero shows how they sharpen nail clippers. The file down the panels so they canít altar them with paste and soap. Now they are contraband. Frederico Muniz is upset they have been in lockdown for 3 weeks and heís missed all visits because of someone else in another wing. All clippers are gone and his nails are long. They find a prayer of war and think this means they are preparing for battle. Michael Happy Daily says the last laughs are always on him, heís been in L6 since 03. Heís finally getting out of 6 and is happy to make out alive. Heís scared of hurting his family by coming back. Heís done 8 years, is getting out and wants his mom to pick him up. He calls her. Daniel Good says heís there because someone was killed on the yard and they said he was involved. He got death and fought it down to 20. He has a request for transfer after he waited 3 years for trial and investigation. The form says he was convicted, she has to file new paperwork to correct it. He says heís been in 4 years and 2 days for a battery in L6. She has to file the paperwork and he argues thatís not how committee is done. She says it doesnít matter because it hasnít been filed yet since it was wrong she has to redo it. In 48 hours he will get it, itís just a meeting now. He keeps talking, cursing and arguing and she wants him out. Joni Brown shows death row, where they die, they only killed one person there. Robert Fry is sentenced to die, heís not afraid to die. His death is scheduled, but not guaranteed. Joni shows the table, phone and exit. Rob was convicted in 2000 of murder and had 4 more inside. He killed a man for sledgehammering a girl to death. Another he killed he had known for 14 years and he was 19. Heís trying not to be who he was before. 12/27/08
New Mexico: Extended Stay - Get Out and Stay Out Short timers disease is when you are getting out soon and everything bothers you. Haley French says itís his daughterís birthday and heís trying to get out by then. He completed 2 lump sums and hopes it can get pushed through by July 3. Heís scheduled to get out in August. She canít make it go fast, but sheíll get the paper and have him sign it right away. Heís Level 2 and it takes as much as 4 months to go through and the classes would be useless. He thought he was a good dad until this. Robert Lavato Sr. and Jr. are both in there. They got caught in drugs. 3 months after he was born he got locked up. When he got out he was an adult. They are doing 18 and 20 year sentences. They agree to let them meet supervised. If he stayed out it wouldíve been different. Now they are both here with almost the same the charges. Itís weird talking, he hasnít talked to him since he was 11, been 20 years. Itís never to late. Jr. knows itís hard since he doesnít have kids. He hopes to get to know him, he used to not like him, but not anymore. 2/80 - one of the worst riots in the US. Over 30 were killed. James Wigington was there and takes them on a tour. Three inmates took huge fire extinguishers and broke out the control room windows and that was it. Sgt. Filemon Sandoval says they had control of everything after that. Bill Battenfield says they got on bad drugs. Louis Sena says peopleís headís were getting cut off, unimaginable things. One guy cut off a black manís head and carried it around with him, he made an officer kiss it. In Level 4 were the rapists and molestors who were sending SOS signals for help. They were hanging men off the rafters or just throwing men off. One man was burned with an aceltylne torch and the marks are still there. Perry Coates says some escaped in civilian clothes. After 36 hours they were cold and hungry. Filemon went in and tripped over a body in the water. Jimmy Kinslow saw it on TV, when he was transferred back there it was still on fire. They told his parents he was dead. He had gotten out just in time, he had to write a note to them. He escaped from WY and from NM Level 6. Prisoners were cleaning and got into a gun closet and went to the officer in charge who thought it was a toy and they shot him in the arm. Then they went out the roof and used the wires to stay balanced. The walked on top of the wall, jumped the gate and ran for it. The tower was manned only until 8pm then. Now itís 24 hours. 12/27/08
Raw: Killers Among Us Itís intimidating to talk to murderers face to face, but most seem normal after. Indiana State - Supt Ed Boss says 90% are there for murder. Jocco Bailey was selling pot at 16 when 2 guys tried to rob him and he killed one and got 40 years. Heís been in for 17 years, 10 in ADSEG. Capt Jeffrey Batchelor says they are the trouble makers. Itíll give you back problems the rest of your life on steel beds, he folds his mattress up. He gets 1 hour a day out per day. Most of his problems are drug abuse, heís a sociopath, heís been out in general. Heís stabbed people, organized gangs, been in lots of trouble. Itís a delicate balance, some are never going home, if you are and lose your edge they will turn on you. He became a predator to avoid being prey. Kern Valley - James Randall serves food to inmates. Heís worried how his bald head looks on camera. 2/21/81 he came in for murder/robbery at 18. He got 34 to life. He was in a gang from age 9. He brought it with him when he moved. He spent 15 years in the hole for gang activity and became more violent over the years. He made a bomb and blew up a toilet, shot a guard in the face with a zip gun. He doesnít have problems with a cellmate, but he doesnít like men who expose themselves. One guy raped women and gut their nipples off and shot a 9 year old girl in the head. He gave it back to him by sticking his arm up his ass, made him drink out of the toilet, choked him and tried to throw him off the tier. Now he hasnít got in trouble in 3 years and makes greeting cards for kids. On the dark side you are out, but never out. If heís in the store and gang members know him they might get him. 12/28/08
Raw: Survival 101 There is a pecking order, sex offenders are worst. AZ - Lt Jeff Myers says they are constantly beat up and extorted. Spring Creek - Carl Abuhl killed a cellmate when he was bragging about assaulting women. He said to come after him, rape him. He has lots of experience taking out the garbage. Kern - Ray Lowe says itís a badge of honor to kill a sex offender. He got 232 years for child molesting. They call them Chesters - Chester the molester. Corcoran - Christian Knighten says a molester was talking through the vent about what he did and he snapped. He told him he was going to rip the toilet out, smash through the door and rip his throat out. He did just that and they guy was screaming for help, he punched out the window, had a bloody hand, was dragging the toilet and when the guy saw him he was praying for god. He was smashing in his door to get him when the cops stopped him. Riverbend - Edward McKeowan says heíd seen his face on TV a few times and itís unsettling. He became a priest in the 70s. He was kicked out for molesting 22 boys. One of those charges got him 25 years. Heís still a person of faith and now he doesnít have that secret. Everyone says they are innocent. Ritchie Ziggy Hall is fighting to stay in, this is where itís at. Heís been in since he was 12. He got a life sentence for breaking into a drawer in a hospital because he was a habitual offender. Punishment will begin if heís let out. He edits the prison newspaper. Heís very scared of the outside world. He sabotaged his own parole hearing by making his urine dirty so he would fail. Mark Higgins is his prison lawyer who reviews his case. He is up for parole in 3 months and doesnít want out. His plan can backfire, loss of job, transfer to another prison, the hole. He wasnít gay, everything was forced on him, didnít enjoy it. He has a big butt and would tell them how nice it was. If itís too easy itís not a challenge. Lt. Tommy Vance hears his case. He pleads not guilty because he took drug substance classes and it was supposed to be kept confidential. Heís been up for parole twice, he ditched it since he is scared to get out. He doesnít want to say he canít get out it makes him weak. He has to go to the hole for 5 days and loss of his job. He drops the fine. He wonít get parole, so mission accomplished. Mark thinks he failed him. Hall got out in 05, but violated parole and was back in 08. 12/28/08

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