Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force

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Season 1

This A&E half show has had an hour special and is like the Marshals segments on Fugitive Strike Force. While that show takes plays in Las Vegas, these are there east coast counterparts and the action is mostly the New York/New Jersey area. They show is very action packed as we only get to see the exciting parts of cases that can spread across days. They are the best of the best, hunting down the worst of the worst. Mandated by U.S. Congress after 9/11, the Task Force is made up of multiple federal, state and local agencies, and has the unique ability to transcend jurisdictions in order to work together, unfettered by local boundaries, towards the common goal of catching these violent fugitives. Based in the heart of NYC, A&E has been granted singular and unprecedented access by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Marshals to ride along with the agents of the NY / NJ Division, the busiest unit in the country, as they track down the most dangerous criminals on the run. These highly trained 'good guys' catch almost 4,000 'bad guys' each year - that's 10+ every day.

Season 1 - 2008-09

Ep# Description
101 Third Times a Charm - New York City 5:45am - Supervisor Tommy Kilbride has been there 11 years, earlier you get up the better. The go for only the most violent, murders, armed robbers. Cmdr Lenny DePaul is with him. Deputy Michelle ‘Michy’ Mendez is called in about Aubrey Oliver Powell. He was deported and came back and is a wanted violent felon. Deputy Mike Romani listens. 12/9/08
102 Roxanne's First Fugitive - Manhattan 8:43am - Det Roxanne Lopez is getting deputized, she’s been a cop for 11 years. Lenny DePaul swears her in. She has a case with Det Oscar Lopez she wants to present. Michelle welcomes her in. Carlos Ruben Aguilera (27) is wanted for raping a 13 year old 2 years ago. A team of marshals hunts for a sexual predator in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. while Detective Lopez handles her own search in Spring Valley, NY. 12/9/08
103 Hide and Seek - Kalif Logan is shot 13 times with an AK-47; Detectives Peppers' and Potucek's search for Kalif's killer takes them south through the woods of North Carolina. The search for Kalif Logan's killer takes police south through the woods of North Carolina. 1hr 12/16/08
104 Valentine's Day Heist - The US Marshals track a female bank robber who robbed a Richmond, VA bank at gunpoint. 12/23/08
105 Sneaking Back in - A seven-time convicted felon sneaks back into the country after being deported to his homeland of Jamaica.  12/23/08
106 Pep Takes it Personal - Detective Peppers and his team search for the prime suspect in a case where a young man was shot and left paralyzed during a robbery. 12/30/08
107 Fingerprints Don't Lie - Commander DePaul pulls together a special group when INTERPOL informs him that a kidnapping and murder suspect has been tracked to the New York area. 1/6/09
108 15 Years Running - Deputy Michelle Mendez tracks a criminal that has been on the run for 15 years. 1/6/09
109 Timing is Everything - Commander Lenny DePaul and Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici track a man with a lengthy and violent criminal history. 1/13/09
110 Houdini - A robbery suspect escapes from the interrogation room; Detective Peppers believes that the key to finding the fugitive is to locate his girlfriend. 1/13/09
111 The Colombian Cartel Doctor - A Colombian physician associated with a powerful drug cartel flees to the U.S. after being convicted of murdering his wife. 1/20/09
112 On the Stroll - Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici and Officer Jesus Demung pursue a case involving a woman convicted of promoting child prostitution. 1/27/09
113 The Bronx Boys - Deputy US Marshal Michelle Mendez searches for two friends from the South Bronx who have been on crime spree that seems to becoming progressively more violent.  2/3/09
114 Roxy's Sweep - Detective Roxanne Lopez organizes a tactical strike involving over 100 US Marshals and area law enforcement officers in an attempt to capture 65 fugitives that have been charged with serious crimes. 2/10/09
115 Escaped - Commander DePaul and Deputy Mendez search for an alleged gang member who escaped from custody. 2/17/09
116 Bloods of Newark - 8:05am - Peppers says they have a gang problem they are tackling. He lives there and takes it personal. Lenny, Dan P & Bobby Olmo meet about the Bloods. They are looking for Najee Bell (19) he has 7 arrests for guns and drugs. Bruce Roman (27) is wanted for killing a man, he’s been running for 6 months. 2/24/09
117 With Friends Like These - Detective Peppers searches for a suspect wanted for murdering a childhood friend; Pep turns to his mentor for help when the case goes cold. 3/10/09

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