Man vs. Cartoon

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Season 1

This hour long truTV show took scenes from classic Warner Brothers cartoons of Wily Coyote vs. the Roadrunner and seeing if the stunts they did could be plausible in the real world and if they could really catch the Roadrunner using better techniques. Go here for my list of Looney Tunes Cartoons.

Season 1 (2009)

Ep# Description
101 Rube Goldberg Competition - Wild About Hurry - EMRTC New Mexico Tech - Don Weinkauf, Leonard Garcia, Mike Stanley. A: Joseph Tyson & Justine Davidson, B: Stefan Marr & Caroline Egghert-Pehap C: Daniel Preston & John Korbin- slingshot to hit water can on a stick, pour onto a daisy, light dynamite, launch shoe that frees a mouse trap, the mouse has to grab cheese from a justice scale, which pulls a hand gun that shoots bullets off targets that light a candle that fires a cannon and the ball hits the roadrunner. 6/13/09
102 Rocket Skates/Pendulum Bomb 6/20/09
103 Pendulum Spear/Boulder Drop 6/27/09
104 Fan Skates/Cannonball Rocket Sled 7/4/09
105 Model Plane Bomb/Hot Air Balloon Anvil Drop 7/11/09
106 Steel Plates/Indestructo-Ball 7/18/09

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