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Season 1

This half hour truTV series follows expert helicopter pilots as they work. Ride shotgun with the pilots of Hawaii's Windward Aviation as they perform death-defying rescues over some of the world's wildest and most beautiful terrain.

 Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Windward Aviation - Don Shearer is the owner and he cleans Mannyís chopper saying doesnít like to do work. Manny says he never does it right and he has to show him how. A man calls that his wife went windsurfing and never came back. FD Jack Williams and a rescue diver go in the back to look for her. Sheís 53 years old and could be out far. Itís been 2-3 hours and itís hard to see. They spot huge stingrays and a kiteboarder. Nearby they find her, she lost her sail and hurt her leg. They have to lower a swimmer and a basket and carry her back to land that way. Sheíll be OK. Donna gets a letter from the CA sheriffís office about hiring Manny. Don is mad about it, says heís not loyal, he put lots of time and money into him. Theyíll need to hire someone. Pete cleans a chopper and that makes sure itís OK. Manny is excited about working for the police, itís a tough decision, good hours, more money, closer to home in Switzerland. Don says itís hard to replace people. They can see a fire from their location. Dean goes up with a water bucket. Itís a brush fire, lots of chance to for it to spread. He gets water from the reservoir which adds almost another 1000 pounds. Don wants him to drop it fast, donít do recon. Don also goes up to water drop and tells him to use a canal, but itís not deep enough. Firemen radio up to them to look for other hot spots. They get it out and back at base Don gives him crap for not going fast enough. He talks to Manny and heís not happy with him and he tells him he can have 6 weeks to train another guy before he leaves. Don is happy with that. 12/10/08
102 Don has owned the company since 1990, his wife is president now. He hears the fire department has a call of a 29 year old woman who hit her head on a rock while climbing. Charlie says she is in an area with no way to walk them out. Don is called in and he picks up 2 men on a 150 foot line and brings them to the scene. Itís windy and there are lots of trees. He drops them and goes back for Pete and the rescue sled. Mark Pokini loads her on the sled, but the wind is 50mph and she could get bounced around. She has a severe head injury and lands her back with the rescuers. Then he goes back for the rescuers, they could pull them into the trees as a joke. Instead he hangs them over a nude guy sunbathing. Pete gets the job of taking Crystal and Rachel to their swimsuit model photo shoot and gets to watch them work. They get 90% of the fire & rescue flight calls. They have a huge fire and need all the help they can. Don goes and itís far from good water, so he uses a swimming pool. If you arenít safe you could hit a tree. It blows to another area and starts a new, bigger fire across the road. Pete & Gus also join the fight. It heads in 3 directions spreading a half mile. Firemen say they are out of water. They donít work at night and itís getting dark, but the fire is so bad they keep going. 12/10/08
103 Gus says maintenance is important, the more you know the better you can react in a problem. He likes to play golf on his days off. A female hiker fell of a cliff at Nakalele by the blowhole. Jack Williams goes with him. Firemen said she broke her leg after falling 150 feet. He lands to pick up a fireman on a line to get down to her. She just had kidney surgery and canít take medicine. They put her on a stretcher and the fireman holds it as he goes in reverse to get back on the grass. They load her into an ambulance after. Gus has been flying for 30 years. Kahulai airport - Don puts up an ad for a new pilot to replace Manny. Heís now leaving in 4 Ĺ weeks instead of 6. They need someone with experience, there is no on the job training. Desiree Horton in Los Angeles has been flying since 1990 and wants the job. She goes there to see if she can do it. 12/17/08
104 Gus gets a call of a wind driven brush fire that can get out of control. He was in the army and learned how to fly there. He loads up a water hog bucket. It can be dangerous. They have to get fires quick or else they canít stop them. He finds a reservoir and on the ground they canít get to it. They call Pete to join them. Gus has been alone 30 minutes. Pete goes to get water, but the plug empties it all out. He has to land to repair it. Don races over to join him. He has to leave the bucket to get another and Don goes over to try to fix it. Gus is calm and Don isnít, he wishes he was. Ground crews finally get in. Pete comes back and the new bucket works. Don gets the old bucket to work, not sure why it failed. He calls Donna to bring a fuel truck and extra buckets. There are powerlines close by and lots of smoke making it hard to see the fire. 2 hours later they make a fireline with ground units. Don and Gus land and Don refuels Gusís chopper hot. There are no big hot spots, itís just mop up now. 12/17/08
105 Peteís SUV is a wreck, he says he needs a vehicle that can go to the beach or anywhere. He loves pink and wears it everywhere. The other guys hate it. There is a fire in Kihei and the wind is pushing it fast. Capt Jack Williams is on the ground and calls him in. He calls for backup and gets water from a pool. People all line up with hoses to spray around their houses. They have him drop water on a heated gas container. Keith brings out the fuel truck for him on a cul de sac. He dumps water before he lands so it doesnít kick up dust. He dumps dirt to stop it from crossing the road. It takes 5 hours to stop it. Phillipe & Teddy play a joke on Pete by painting his wreck pink while heís working. When he comes back he thinks itís the coolest thing and his wife won't believe it. 12/24/08
106 Pete goes to a call of a man who fell off a waterfall and they arenít sure where he is. He takes Rescue 10 up with him. They keep looking until the find a couple by the water. They land and let the rescue guys out to hook up so he can lower them down. Heís in the water with a back injury. They lift him out, then load him onto the chopper and fly him to an ambulance. Manny works out on his last day. A man calls that his son and friends went mountain biking in Poli Poli springs and got lost. Dean goes up with firemen to look for them. If it gets dark they might not survive. The bikers call in that they hear the helicopters, but they canít see them because of fog. They finally find them and lead firemen down to them. They were only a half mile down hill from safety. Manny gets a call of an old woman hiker on the crater lost in the dark. Heís too high up to get lift and he has to leave Roger behind. Itís cold and visibility is very low. Firemen load her into a basket and he pulls her out. He makes it back as the sun comes up. A cop died of a heart attack and they drop flowers in formation over the funeral ceremony. Itís the end of the season, Dean retired and Don turned 50. 12/24/08

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