Maximum Exposure Episode Guide

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This TNN (Spike TV) show is like Real TV for laughs and it is really funny and contains easily the second greatest video tape footage of all-time - a Venezuelan ammunition factory that explodes and covers a town in unexploded ordinance.

That's Gotta Hurt! #1
Extreme Sports Psychos #2
Nasty, Nasty Critters #3
I Fought the Law #4
Earth: The World's Most Dangerous Planet! #5
Extremely Lucky Dudes #6
Animals Strike Back! #7
It Coulda Been Worse! #8
Wipeouts! #9
Rescue Me! #10
Greatest Hits #11
Comin' to Getcha! #12
Bizarro World #13
When People Attack #14
The Coolest Animals Alive #15
Believe It...Or Don't! #16
The World's Most Dumbest Guys #17
Goin' For It! #18
So You Think Your Job Sucks?! #19
The Max-X awards #20
Max-X Guide to Life #21
The Real Fight Club #22
International Edition #23
Awesome Explosions #24
Like, Totally Overexposed #25
Really, Really Bad Days #26
On the Edge #27
Holy Matrimony: The World's Weirdest Wedding Videos #28
Guns and Hoses: Shocking Stories from the Street - SUV runs over fireman at accident scene and cops open fire; Cops pull over speeding van full of people and shoot two of the suspects with beanbags; College student suspected of robbery takes on three cops; Campers trapped in forest fire; Woman runs from cops, then finally pulls over and steals police car; Cops mistake clown for bank robber; Cops chase armed car thief and get into a shootout; Suspect plays charades with cops and gets shot with rubber bullets; Man trapped in submerged car for 30 minutes; Girl trapped on 7th floor of burning building; Shooting suspect jumps off house roof; Brazilian cops arrest drug dealers and take them to their moms' houses; Russian cops plan a sting for armed robbers; Russian cops bust mafia drug and hooker party Max X List: 3. South Korean firefighter rescues friend from burning building, 2. Arizona troopers use spike strips to stop armed robbers in stolen truck, then the robbers lead cops head on into highway traffic, 1. Burning building full of plastic flashes over and the fireball engulfs firefighters #29
Critter 911 #30
The Max-X Commandments #31
Born to Lose #32
Super Heroes #33
Pain Fest #34
Bad Dudes with 'Tudes #35
Hell on Earth #36
Men are Stupid: 3,147,568,279 Women Can't Be Wrong #37
Special Moments, Special People #38
Recipe for Disaster #39
Wild in the Streets #40
Crash! Bam! Boom! #41
Dudes in Uniform #42
Stupid Morons - A Celebration of Life - College guy swings from rope with no hands and hits head on sidewalk; man rappels off a cliff and hits ground face first; a crazy man videotapes himself making methamphetamine to brag he's better than the man who taught him; Woman records husband flipping jeep; Man climbs into crocodile pit to impress girlfriend; Teenager rides bike off wall and falls on face; Man rides ATV over bank into creek; Man jumps old Honda Civic over hill crest and goes flying over the other side; Teenagers break into abandoned houses and vandalize them; Russian teenager blows up video game console with firecrackers; Texans on roller skates and hit each other with hockey sticks; Delawareans catapult pumpkins; People in Wisconsin swim in freezing waters; Californians moon train; Women swing from tree in swing made from car seats and fall; Murder suspect mouths off in court and gets mouth duct taped; Kids shoot friend on bike with roman candles; Man drives junky car into pond, then his friends pull it out and it overheats and catches on fire; Man attempts to jump between two truck beds and falls into street. Max X List:3. Man mouths off in the back of police car, spits on cop then the cop pulls the man's shirt over his head, 2. Man rides bike down stair rail, falls, and busts crotch, 1. Man blows up containers and buildings while he's inside them #43. 11/2/01
Twisted TV #44
The Future of America #45
Them Friggin' Critters #46
The Max-Ex How to Show #47
Beat Goes on #48
Max Ex Coolest... #49
Talent Show #50
Too Drunk for TV #51
Wonderful World #52

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