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This is a companion show to Animal Cops. It has the same exact format. Agents include: Sgt. Charlie Daye, Dierdra "Buffy" Jorgensen, Sergio "Tort" Tortoriello, Fernando Casadevall, Deanna Graff, Kathy Labrada, Lisa Yambrich, Gary Boyett, Lt. Patrick Reynolds, Todd Hardwick, Albert Killian, Bob Freer.

Season 1 (2004)

Episode Description
Gator Love Bite A Wheaton terrier is left in an abandoned car's trunk; an unwanted 8-foot alligator must be moved. #1. 1/5/04
Labrador Life Savers A neglected dog is too weak to give birth. #2. 1/6/04
Gator Sabotage Starved, dehydrated dog; stray goat; alligator in a lake. #3. 1/7/04
Freeway Gator Alligator backs up traffic; aggressive dog. #4. 1/8/04
Three Not So Little Pigs Nearly 50 animals inhabit a warehouse; ducklings trapped in a storm drain. #5. 1/9/04
Once Bitten Twice Shy  A dog is missing in a gator-infested area; dog is trapped in a canal; cat-hoarder. #6. 3/9/04
Snakes on the Loose Escaped snakes at a farm; malnourished horses; aggressive pit-bulls trapped in a car. #8. 3/10/04
Serial Killer Python Twelve-foot python on the loose; man's property is overrun with 17 dogs, stray cats and trash; aggressive stray boar. #9. 3/11/04
Mystery Monster Emaciated dog; strange animals at a restaurant; malnourished horses. #10. 3/12/04
Tiger Trouble A tiger goes to the vet; a vicious dog protects a man whom police must arrest. #11. 4/5/04
Pit Bull Raid Suspected pit-bull fighting location; neglect of cows, horses and exotic birds. #12. 4/6/04
Dog Day Afternoon Rampaging pit-bulls; stray dog and pups; horse neglect; dog hit by car. #13. 4/7/04
Raccoon Attack Wild raccoons take over a woman's house; crated puppies; dog guards dead companion. #15. 4/9/04

Season 2 (2005-06)

Puppy House of Torture An animal breeder neglects dozens of sick puppies in deplorable conditions. AKA Buddy Beats the Odds 2/7/05
Ranch of Death A ranch littered with dead and sick farm-animals swarms with vultures. AKA Raccoon Raiders 2/8/05
Pet Shop of Horrors Investigating a dead puppy in a pet-shop window, officers find many more dogs in need of urgent care. 2/9/05
Left to Die An evicted owner abandons dogs. 2/10/05
Super Snake Princess Owner deprives dogs of food, water and shelter; injured kitten; repeat abuser; gator eggs. 2/11/05
Gators Galore  Trappers must relocate two alligators; pup saved from a miserable death; two abused dogs rescued. 5/13/05
Hoarder Raid A hoarder refuses to give up his 18 dogs. 5/22/05
Massacre Mystery For a year, agricultural patrol officers investigated a series of animal slaughters. A total of 18 cows and horses were stolen, killed for meat, and their bodies dumped on the roadside. AKA Agricultural Patrol Investigation 8/8/05
Skin and Bones A couple known for hoarding animals is forced to surrender 18 dogs being kept at their house. An emaciated German shepherd is picked up after being dumped in an industrial area and an illegal pit bull fighting ring is uncovered during a drug bust. 8/9/05
Mad Gator Momma Three rottweilers are rescued from neglectful owners; fire station staff take in a litter of abandoned puppies before an alligator can get them; and an alligator lays her eggs in the midst of a busy tourist attraction. 8/10/05
Midnight Walker A terrier's owner gets a sentence of six months community service after his dog dies while undergoing surgery for a tight collar embedded in her neck. An owner who refuses to get his dogs spayed and neutered creates problems. 8/11/05
Battle to Live An alligator makes a home in a residential lake and threatens residents of surrounding apartment buildings. Officers respond to calls about an injured cat and a threatening dog and two kittens are found in a locked, impounded car. 8/12/05
Crocs on Course A dog has a gunshot wound; a dog has a collar embedded in its neck; crocodiles are relocated from a golf course; pit bull pups get a new home. 11/1/05
Exotic City Specialized wildlife trappers relocate exotic animals. 11/2/05
Crime and Punishment Miami Animal Services Unit officers look at past cases. 11/3/05
Toughest Cruelty Cases A Wheaten terrier is put in a car trunk then dumped by the road; emaciated goats are rescued from a petting zoo; an animal hoarder; a stray dog is trapped on a freeway. AKA The Toughest Cases 11/4/05
Big Ben When he is evicted from his home, a man abandons two dogs. 6/5/06
Blind Gator A blind alligator comes to the attention of wildlife trapper Todd Hardwick. 8/29/06

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