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This Court TV series started airing on Monday nights and runs an hour long. Watch as people become heroes in the most death-defying rescue attempts ever caught on tape. Some of the footage is old and we've seen it before, but the difference is that they interview the people involved in the rescue to explain what it was like. After 5 episodes it was still listed as airing each Monday for the next 4 weeks, but something else always aired instead. When it started airing on truTV it became something new.

Season 1 (2007)

This season ended fast, even though new episodes were on the schedule for weeks, they never aired.

Ep# Episode
1 Goldbridge, British Columbia, Canada - Ray Archer and friends tape their extreme snowmobiling. Plus, a mother and son are saved from an apartment fire, but what happens when the womanís daughter has been left inside? And, when a construction worker gets pinned in a muddy trench, firefighters risk everything to pull him out before the walls collapse. New York - George Washington Bridge. A man climbs 500 feet up a scaffold. Officer Kevin Gormley leads a group up to find heís cutting himself with a box cutter. Officer Peter Hutzel thought he would cut them. Then he pulls out a cigarette drops the rest and says one for the road. Peter distracts him, the man drops the knife and falls over. They grab him and escort him down. #101. 9/12/07
2 Niagara Falls, NY - a man walks out into the water and stands pinned on the edge. Plus, firefighters are locked in a race against time to free a man crushed and trapped. And, can a lion tamer save his brother from the jaws of a lion? #102. 9/17/07
3 Sacramento, CA - John Agnos basejumps off an 1800 foot tower and his chute gets caught on the powerlines 200 feet up. A firefighter tries to rescue a man inside a burning building; a pilot sets out to help hikers stranded on a crumbling hillside; and rescuers try to help a boy swept away by a flash flood. #103. 9/24/07
4 Jacksonville, FL - Officer Folin Christmas goes to pull over a teen in a red SUV, he guns it, goes over a curb, spins out in the rain, spins out again into a puddle, tries to turn, spins out and almost hits Folin. A BASE jumper is stuck on a cliff; firefighters try to rescue people from a house; a paramedic tries to free a youngster caught under a school bus. #104. 10/1/07
5 Pemberton Valley, British Columbia, Canada - at the Big Dog Snowmobile Shootout Tim McGregor is the previous champ going on a final run to win up the mountain. #105. 10/8/07

Season 2 (2008)

After 3 1/2 months the show returned on truTV and it's not the same show anymore about rescues. It comes on after Most Shocking and the logo has been changed to match it and is now basically the same. It makes it unlikely the first season will be rerun even with revamping.

6 Sudden Terror - Blue Ash, OH - Charles Bennett is a wanted fugitive. Officer Knoll spots him and the suspect does a u-turn and tries to ram him. Daryl Black was in the car just getting a ride. He knew something was wrong when he tried to get away and was petrified. He went head on into cops and he tried to grab the wheel and they swerved and couldíve flipped. Then cops ram him in the door at a high speed and he still reverses it. Cops jump out and open fire. Heís rammed and a cop jumps on the hood and is firing into the windshield. Daryl is hit by glass and blood. Charles was an ex-con who didnít want to go back to jail. Daryl was yelling he didnít know if he had a gun, he barely knows him and was just a neighbor. A would-be robber faces off against an armed store clerk; and the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain is caught on film. #201. 1/30/08
7 Brace for Impact - Marietta, GA - cops chase 4 armed felons. Sgt. William Rowand joins when they launch through an intersection and yells for them to pull over. He blows around cars in heavy traffic on the shoulder. They lay spikes and he goes into the median to avoid them, loses it, goes back across the road, into the grass, then back over. He races back over all the lanes again, takes an exit too fast, wipes out, rolls over ejecting 1 man who gets up and runs. Cops come for all around to grab them. #202. 2/6/08
8 Cheating Death - Cleveland, OH - convenience store clerk Owen Rufty smokes outside when a customer he knows walks up and smashes him in the face with a rock then beats him on the head with it. They fight for 7 minutes and he beats him until heís a bloody mess, then takes off. He lived to get 72 stitches in his head. The man didnít seem aggravated or anything. The 36 year old suspect got attempted robbery & manslaughter. #203. 2/13/08
9 Madness & Mayhem - Los Angeles, CA - a man in a white car loses his mind and tries to push another car at a neighborhood intersection by flooring it and his tires create a smoke storm. He turns right onto a lawn, runs over Tiwan Barton, hits a bush, gets stuck and neighbors hold him there. Tiwan thought he was dead or in pieces, the wheels ripped skin off his body, but he recovered. Police charge the man with felony DUI. A man goes on a rampage with a tank; a riderless motorcycle at a raceway flies into a crowd; and a police officer struggles with a knife-wielding man. #204. 2/20/08
10 One False Move - Texarkana, TX - Officer Kelsey Coleman chases a pink Cadillac only going 40mph with no headlights. Then he makes a turn, floors it, takes a turn at 120mph, loses it, launches into the air, hits a phone pole and explodes in a ball of fire. He runs over and finds the driver is a 15 year old boy in his momís car. His ankles were broken and had to be dragged out. A pileup during a bicycle race; a firefighter's training exercise goes up in flames. #205. 2/27/08
11 Horror on the Highway - Fort Worth, TX - cops chase a car after suspects rob a fast food place. He runs through main streets and gets on the freeway at 120mph. He spots spike strips, goes to miss them, blows into a truck, parts fly off all around, then he hits a guardrail, opens the door and collapses because of a severe head injury. #206. 3/5/08
12 Caught in the Crosshairs - Macon, GA 07 - Brandon Fields works at the video warehouse movie rental store. A man with a bag over his head runs in with a broken bottle yelling Ďgive me the money.í He tells the female cashier to give him the money and she freezes. So he fights back and starts pushing and pounding him against a counter. He gets the mask off and tosses him over the counter. The guy runs for it and he tells him Ďhe better run cuz,í then he does a victory dance and says Ďdid you get that on camera?í #207. 3/12/08
13 Lethal Ladies - Lexington, KY - a drunk flight attendant is removed from a flight. She says I don't like you people as they go to book her. She wants medical attention because she's thinking about punching some people. They go to get her ID and she flips them off, curses them out and is taken to the ground. They find a vibrator in her bag and they laugh. She doesn't care and says all she did was get drunk, thank you for getting me fired. She wants to go to solitary. Two cars go for the same parking spot from both directions and crash. The woman in the white car gets out and the one in the red car floors it until she can push her car out of the spot. Then she walks casually away and police arrive. Annapolis, MN - Uncle Bob's Fudge Kitchen is closed. Ann Delgado enters drunk and starts eating the food. Bob Lawinger says she ate about half a pound of fudge right there. She moves a counter and falls over. She loads up a huge back of fudge and leaves. She tries to get a free room at a hotel across the street and she tries to flush the evidence when cops arrive. #208. 3/19/08
14 Seconds to Live - Newberry Co. SC - at Roberts Express Mart a taxi loses control and smashes through the front door. Then she floors it out in reverse kicking up smoke. Michael Burnside was there and was in shock. The store fills with smoke and people yell for help. One man was thrown on the hood of the car and launched. A woman got slammed into the counter. Los Angeles, CA - a man dressed as a mailmen enters a check cashing store to get in the back and pistol whips the screaming cashier. He grabs money from each room and bashes her every time he goes by. He kicks her, then leaves. She lives after many surgeries. Running with the bulls - a man is ripped out of a window and thrown to the ground. He's knocked out and the bulls keeps slamming him across the street into a wall. A man pulls it's tail and distracts it. Then it goes back and hits the man one more time as he's pulled into a door. Road rally - on a turn car #51 loses it and flies through the air and plows into a cameraman and 2 spectators. #209. 3/26/08
15 Midnight Madness - Longview, TX - Robin Adams works at the EZ Food Mart, which closes at 11pm. At 10pm a man comes in and fires at her without saying a word. She ducks, it misses her head then she pulls a gun on him and he runs for it. She fires at him and he escapes leaving bullet holes in the window. She refuses to quit the job. #210. 4/9/08
16 Wild & Out of Control - New Orleans, LA - Wendell Fridley stops his car when a guy says he cut him off and comes over and punches him through the window. His son tapes it from the backseat as the young guy taunts him, curses him, talks like a thug and tells him to get out and heíll shoot him. He spits on him and he pounds on the car hood. Wendell finally jumps out and punches him in the face and he goes down as cops show up. Cops saw him beating on his car and cuff him. #211. 4/23/08
17 Fighting Back - Gloucester, MA 5:30am - Jason Edwards was on line at a convenience store and saw Ricky Marshall outside looking crazed. He runs in the door, throws a lotto machine off the counter and hops over. The old clerk grabs a claw hammer and whacks him. The thief fights back and Jason jumps in to help. He gets the hammer and uses it on him. Ricky punches the clerk on the way out. He was caught because he had a prison ID and got another 3 years. Beacon, NY - Gary Kemp goes to his truck and is attacked by a wild fox. He beats him with a bag of bread and it leaves. It comes back, but a dog chases it away. He had to get rabies shots. Aiken, SC - a man goes in a convenience store and asks for 4 quarters from cashier Vickie Jones. He tries to get in the register, she jumps on him and screams the whole time. She gets him in a headlock and he escapes. Gary Murphy was caught 3 hours later and got 15 years. #212. 5/7/08
18 Full Throttle Crashes - Gaffney, SC 7/26 - Officer Johnny Miller spots an 80s Datsun cruising and was going to give him a warning. He's heading to a flea market to sell his wife's clothes for drug money. He stops, then rams the cop in reverse. The passenger jumps out wanting no part of it. Then on the next turn John rams him hard and the trunk pops open, then he spins him out on another turn. He pulls the driver out at gunpoint. He didn't want his wife to find out. Mountain Home, ID - the Thunderbirds fly at an airshow and Capt Chris loses it, slams into the ground at full speed and explodes in a massive fireball down the runway. He ejects at the last second and lives, but isn't happy. Nisni, Russia - at the Moscow Bike Show warmup a man circles and crashes into another coming cycle down the track. Both are thrown hard, but walk away. #213. 5/21/08
19 When Tempers Flare - Lancaster, PA - Becky Bednar works at a supermarket and a drunk naked man comes in and starts trashing the place. He throws chairs around and breaks stuff. Matt Irwin goes over to talk to him and he swings at him. He says he was 'doing it for minimum wage' and wanted a cigarette so they give him a pack until cops arrive to take him away. Seelands Grove, PA - Tim Krape races on a dirt track and gets bumped by a rival and spun around. He waits for him to come back, rams his car and gets thrown out. He then gets out and attacks the opposing crew chief for mouthing off. The entire team jumps on him and he couldn't breathe. His wife runs over, pulls guys off and punches one. Karate tournament - two men are fighting and the ref calls it. They punch after the whistle and the ref goes in and headbutts one, kicks him in the face and stomps his head and goes after another man. He was helping his school. OK - at the victory Christian center Billy Joe Daugherty is touching people in the front and a man punches him in the face. He goes on stage and 4 men hold the suspect down. Billy continues to preach as he bleeds from his eye saying sometimes you see it coming, he didn't. #214. 6/4/08
20 Horror on the Highway 2 - Los Angeles, CA - gang members run in a white car and launch in the air showering sparks. He goes around and around hitting a parked car and almost hits an 18 wheeler head on. Cops take a turn too fast and crashes into the corner of a furniture store going right through. The whole thing is captured by helicopter. Cops back off so they run. When the driver bolts, cops are ahead of him and arrest him. Madison, WI - Officer Patrick Lau pulls up to a stolen donut truck that dropped pallets in the street. Warren Whitelightning runs for it with the back door open and everything starts spilling out from donuts to racks. Officer Aaron Chapin joins up and says there were only 3 pursuits in the last year in their town. The truck stops, then the guy throws it into reverse and slams into Aaron because he's trapped. Soon after Warren just gives up. Circleville, OH - a trooper helps teens who skidded off the road in the ice. Then a car loses it, hits the police car, the cop falls and it the car keeps spinning hitting the SUV. A motorcycle cop stops to help a truck and another motorcycle crashes right into him throwing the bike into the cop. Philadelphia, PA - a cop making a traffic stop stands outside a car and a minivan slams into the cop pinning him to the car in pain as it goes by. #215. 6/11/08
21 Disaster on the Job - Niagara Falls, NY - A man stands at the edge of the waterfall and Gary Carella goes out to rescue him, but there is no way to get to him. A helicopterís blades knock him down. They toss him a ring to pull him to shore and it pulls him under the ice. Sgt. Moriarity goes under and pulls him out and harnesses him to Gary and lifts him up. Ordu, Turkey - the fire chief gives a safety lesson in the street. They light a bonfire with lighter fluid and it blows up in the firemanís face. He runs away, then tosses the fluid can into the fire, but it sprays out and burns the chief. Summerville, SC - Sgt. Randy Botten pursues a robbery couple. They go offroad, crash into a bush, the man jumps out and starts shooting. Randy fires back as he runs away and hits him in the arm. He waits for backup and they arrest the female passenger. He was caught later. A bullet was found in his door that didnít go through. #216. 6/18/08
22 Sudden Terror 2 - A car runs a red light, a motorcycle t-bones it, the two riders are tossed off it and knocked out. The driver eventually gets up. The passenger had no helmet and broke bones and has a concussion. Texarkana, AR 10/15/05 - Officer Randy McAdams goes to a train derailment. The area is covered in gas and at first he thinks it's fog. It smells like chemicals so he throws it in reverse, then the whole sky in front of him explodes and fills with fire. Trees burn and powerlines catch fire and explode. He has to wake people up to get them out of there. A propane car leaked and exploded, houses were erased to their foundation. Indiana, PA - Sean Hetrick works overnight at a convenience store and is reading the police blotter. A man comes in with a blue mask and a gun asking for money. He's too nervous trying to open the register. Then he finally gets it open not wanting to die. He takes the money and orders him down. Three men walk in, see it and leave. Then the robber takes off. #217. 6/25/08
23 Cheating Death 2 - Dayton, OH - a man crossing the street is hit by a car that is t-boned by an old lady who ran a red light. Heís hit where the impact dent is so it doesnít crush him. San Adrian, Spain - Juan Sandoval is rammed by a bull into a wall, it rams him, then smacks his head into the wall. It backs off, then charges him again while men grab its tail. Lake City, FL - Sgt Shawn Raggins chases a stolen van. They get off the highway at 100 mph and cuts off a pickup that turns into them. It flips 4 times, goes over a wall, flips again and kicks up a dust storm. One thug is thrown out onto the road. #218. 7/9/08
24 Taking Back the Streets - Kent, WA - Tammarie Jones works overnight at a hotel and a masked man with a knife hops the counter. She calls 911 and tries to beat him back with the phone. She yells and pulls his mask off. They fight and he stabs her in the lower back, then in the thigh and the blood loss is bad. He wants the money and she tells him she doesnít have the key. He believes the lie, leaves with nothing and she survives 3 stab wounds. London, England - a man enters a jewelry store, puts gloves on, so the owner is suspicious and locks the door. He grabs a chain and canít get out, demands them to open the door and they swing at him with a metal rod. He jumps the counter and knocks the old man down. They beat him with poles and chairs and he breaks the counter. He says you open the door or she dies. They open the second door, but not the first and heís trapped in the front as police arrive. England - George Ristov owns a video surveillance store and a man uses a crowbar to break in the door. Most every camera in the store is pointing and recording him. He grabs a laptop and drives away and they have his face and license plate on tape. #219. 7/23/08
25 Madness & Mayhem 2 - Charlotte, NC - cops chase a stolen SUV that races through town. Lt. David Baucom says they had no regard for anyone. They go after the cop laying down spike strips and she gets out of the way, but they still hit the spikes. Then they lose sight of them and a landscaping crew flags them down that they were carjacked. A helicopter catches sight of them going past cops. It has a trailer on the back with a mower. It fishtails, the mower flies off and slams into them and locks the truck backwards in place. They run for it on foot and are caught. Arevalo, Spain - in a bull fighting ring amateurs try to deal with the bull. Some are drunk and jump right out of the ring. One guy is hit in the back and thrown into a wall, flipped over, spun around and his pants are down and heís beaten some more. Mint Hill, NC - Marty Baucom buys gas and goes inside to pay. Two men he cut off in an intersection followed him and come into the station. They yell at him, then start punching and kicking him on the ground when a clerk tries to break it up. He gets hit with a wine bottle and then they leave. They were later arrested. Glendale, CA - at a gas station a truck rams in reverse through the door and a man runs in pretending he has a gun. They fight it out and the man grabs the register while the clerk beats him with the phone. Ofc John Balian said he never saw something so brazen. The door was open. Chickasaw, AL - cops chase a truck thief who races over 110mph on city streets. He goes head on into Sgt. Brad Penton just missing him. He thought he would scare him into giving up and he wasnít affected. He goes around a cul de sac, goes up on a lawn, through yards then jumps out and runs. His partner is yanked out the window. The catch the driver later and he screams. On a horse race track the lead jockey is thrown, the horse stumbles, takes out another horse and the third horse tries to get over and is thrown. #220. 8/6/08

Season 3 (2008-09)

26 Wild Women - Mobile, AL - a man robs a gas station with a mask and knife. Latarchia Edwards says he told her 'bitch give me all your money' and she thought it was a joke. She takes her time and he hops the counter holding duct tape. She gets the mask off and fights back. It wasnít going to be her. She knocked the knife out of his hand and then started punching him out of fear and runs out the door. The guy falls, then runs with nothing. He was caught because of the tape and prints. Cleveland, OH - Melissa Haas & Jennifer Mayer are filmed for TV in a Tic Tock bar. Mel is trashed and tries to get a guy to pay for her drink and took his money. Jen told her to they had to leave and pulled her out. Jen pulls her hair and takes her down. Then they punch and kick. A cook pulls them apart and they go at it. Then Mel has to be carried away. They say they are best friends since 2, itís love/hate. Harperís Ferry, WV - Chief Donald Buracker pulls over a woman who she gets out and comes at him. He warns her and says to get her hands out of her pocket. She says no. What did you pull me over for? She wonít put her hands out, screams at him. Her passenger and dog tell her to stop. She gets in his face yelling what is your probable cause and he holds her against the car. He had his hands full. She said to call for backup and he does. They tackle her and take her to jail. She got felony DWI and obstruction. Wilkesboro, NC - Kenny Anderson goes into a diner when an old woman hits a car, panics, floors it and goes through a diner. Kenny is slammed across the room into the counter. Elain Shaw thought someone was dead. Ken wasnít hurt and was amazed he heard the crash and was thrown. It was more dangerous than when he was in Vietnam. #301. 9/17/08
27 Young & Reckless - CO - two guys rob a convenience store with womenís thongs on their heads. One grabs the female clerk and holds her until she opens the register. The other steals cigarettes and he yells to him hurry up Joe, get the car. He has a huge tattoo showing, making it easier to ID him. Boyton Beach, FL - two teens steal a Camero, race down fourth st, fishtail into a lawn, hits cans and mailboxes goes across the road and hits a fence. Cops run over and they try to speed off hitting the cop. They open fire on them. Newnan, GA - Deputy Chris Seagrest goes to pull over teens in a stolen SUV. One of them calls 911 and says heís been kidnapped and held hostage by a gun. Chris was watching the whole thing and knew it was a lie. They raced into a construction zone at 90mph and he knew someone would get hurt. They lose it, flip over, bounce on top of the cement wall and land upside-down. Both lived and are ambulanced out. Chris would tell them to stop before they were dead or in prison. Waterford, WI - Adam Shortland goes to get gas for his mower in a gas can. He leaves his car running and in neutral. It rolls away and he doesnít even notice. It goes down the hill and into the 10 foot reeds. He hears the bump, but doesnít notice itís his car. People come over to look and then he notices itís his car. They had to tow it out, but it was OK. Montgomery, TX - Brandon Oliver has to film a Spanish music video for school and all he knows is Gasolina. He decides to make a bonfire by pouring gallons of gasoline on a woodpile. He lights it up close and it explodes on his face. He yells ow it burns, my hands, my face. Peter Oliver his dad was shocked. He was burned bad, they were really stupid. Scottsdale, TX - a teenager tries to go from one truck bed to another at 40mph while smoking, he slips off and slams into the pavement. He is able to walk away and is upset he lost his pager, dude. Bellevue, WA - a man steals a bait car and crawls around back with his butt hanging out. Ofc Kurt Rasco says he went down a dead end, he should know better if heís stealing a car. Kurt is on a motorcycle and almost gets run over. He goes after another cop and the cop opens fire on him and one hits him in the head and he rubs it. He dodges and bends off, yells, cries and says he shot me. Then they stop the car. He just got out of jail 6 weeks earlier. #302. 9/24/08
28 Disaster on the Job 2 - Orlando, FL - in a liquor store with party lights and a disco bar employee Abuslam Ahmad is fired. He storms out and comes back with a gun. Cpl Tony Brisinte says he came back and tried to fire, but it was empty. They call police while he is out loading the gun. He comes back in and goes right by the guard and fires at the owner hitting him in the back. He goes around the counter and races after him and they run around and around, then he leaves. He was caught in TN. Lancaster, CA - Sandra Camacho works in a convenience store and likes it. Then tires race, a car goes around the gas station, almost runs over a guy, hits his car and goes right through the entire store. He was drunk and said nothing. Atlanta, GA - Crown Jewelry store has a 70% off sale. Four hooded gunmen run in and fly over the counters. One goes in the back with a rifle, others smash cases and grab. Farsar is knocked down and his glasses broken. One has a security shirt. They grab over $250,000 and run. Visalia, CA - Mario Sanchez & Frank Bautista work at an auto repair bay when a cow enters. Mario didnít know what do and Frank said give him water. He says OK and the cow charged him. He meant it as a joke and didn't think he would. He climbs onto a bench to get away and hits it. Frank distracts it and it comes after him. It was round up and sent back to the farm. They got a lasso for next time. Everyone comes in and goes moo now. Fort Smith, AR 1/21/02 - Mona Williams is selling cigarettes in a store. A man says he was looking to see how much it is. He then runs around the counter and hits her in the face knocking her off her stool. She says sheíll open the register. He says I donít want any money. He then kicks her in the head. She doesnít know him and asks who he is. He keeps kicking her and she yells what do you want. He beats her with the stool until it breaks. He tells her she better stay down and he leaves. Her arm is broken and her neck is covered in blood. Cpl Mikeal Bates never saw a tape like this. Herbert McIntosh was caught when it was shown on the news. His wife was caught shoplifting and he went back for revenge. It wasnít even Mona who caught him. She wants to know why he did that. He got 30 years. #303. 10/1/08
29 Bedlam in the Burbs - Roseville, CA - Officer Wayne Neideg goes to the call of a woman who rigged her car to run and it stuck, she left it going around in circles in the street and didnít care. People watch it and cops close the street. After 20 minutes it crashes into a fence and trash cans. Wayne ran up and pulled the wire out and they didnít file charges. Los Angeles, CA - a red car runs from police and a helicopter broadcasts it on TV. A whole tire comes off. Billy Rangel saw it on TV and knew it was his street. Then the guy climbed on his wall and onto his roof. His dog ran out and scared him. He hops a fence and his other dog chases him down the road. He was going to sell the dog, now heíll keep him. Midland, MI - Kevin Howard films his 1949 Studebaker truck in his driveway after thefts. Then the paperboy comes up, reaches in and grabs a TV, drops a paper and rides off. Ofc Mark Taglauer thought it was amazing how much time he spent in his garage to get him on tape, he was busted. He got probation and community service. Lake Delton, WI - 8 inches of rain breach the dam. Tim Fromm sandbagged all day around his house. Then the lake empties and the water flies by. A house rips in half and goes into the water, another house slides right into the water and is carried away. Then his house is ripped down and washed away. The 270 acre lake drained in 2 hours. Bradenton, FL - a home security camera catches a teen walking after he had a fight with his girl. The girl comes back with her car and floors it into him. He flies through the air and slams his head. She hit a pole after. He goes to Joseph Scottís house for help and he wonít open up. His shoe flew all the way to his door. The girl got a year in prison. The kid ran away limping. Holly, PA - Barbara & Mike Selig have bears in their yard and they call the police. One bear opens the door of their car and goes in. Inside it shreds the whole interior of the car. #304. 10/8/08
30 Dangerous Duos - Charlotte, NC - Donnie Jones and his grandfather John L. Porter rob a bank. Capt Allen Brandon says the third man handled the people and pepper sprayed them. They herd people into the vault and take the money. Cops arrive and chase them in a car to the Applegate apartments. They hit a dead end and Don tries to jump out and they hit his door and knock him back. All 4 are caught including Angela Laws the driver. Tamarack, FL - a clerk stocks soda in a convenience store and 2 guys run in wearing a Scream mask with guns and rob him. Across town Stefano Madrigal is falling asleep when they come running in and jump over the counter and grab him at gunpoint. He doesnít know how they fit through the small space. He opens the register and gives them the money. They are gone in 30 seconds. He thought it felt like an hour, he thought they wouldíve killed him if he did something wrong. Philadelphia, PA - a sale at a mall attracts purse snatchers. The husband and wife team target a dad talking to 2 kids they followed from the bank. She puts up a shirt to block the camera and he grabs her pocketbook right off their cart. They came from the bank with a tax refund and it was gone. Orlando. FL - a large clerk with tattoos is working the register when two kids come in with a rifle and Spider-man masks. He ignores them, then grabs for the gun and rips it out of his hand and slams him down. The kids run out and he has the gun. Commander Spike Hopkins says they fled on bicycles. They got away, but got one good shot on tape, 14 year old black kid when his mask came off. Also got prints. Sapulpa, OK - cops chase a red 94 Pontiac Firebird. Ptrl Steven Zamudio was going to tell him he had a taillight out, but he makes a u-turn and goes head on with cops. Steve says he was going to get him. He goes down steep hills, E on 21st, they got up to 115mph on the roads, E on 23rd, then crashes into a curb, into a building on a right turn. The woman jumps out screaming he told him to stop, he was stupid and thought she would die. The driver ran because of warrants. You have to live with the results of who you run with. #305. 10/15/08
31 Commuter Chaos - Buffalo, NY - on a packed subway car teens start yelling at each other and chanting. David Slatyon says it was bad news, knew something would happen. They push a couple to get their seat. They donít want to and get up and the girl is pummeled and the boyfriend is beaten from all sides. Annmarie Bykowicz couldnít get the phone to work and wanted to help. Everyone was watching and David jumped on them. He breaks it up, then gets beat down. He saw blood dripping onto his jeans and thought it was really bad. Heís bloody and gets punched again and then the train stops and they exit. Los Angeles, CA - a van stalls on a freeway and gets plowed into by a Mustang at 70mph. The couple sits there stunned. A car swerves to miss it and hits another car. Then another car hits the van, a car rear ends the Mustang, then the fire department arrives. San Diego, CA - on 15th street there is construction. Maurice Luque says a walkway was put up so people could go by without injury. Then the walkways collapses down the whole block. People run from all over to try to pull it off the 15 who were inside. Oxnard, CA - Teresa Senator is at 5th street when the light changes and sheís across the train tracks and an Amtrak train plows through her trailer. She is able to jump out with her dog uninjured. She heard a thump and thought what the heck was that, her eyes were like oh my god, the gate drops and she had 2 seconds to think she was dead. Columbus, OH - Ken Miller rides a bus to work. A man gets up to talk to the driver, then comes back and goes to steal Kenís mp3 player. Ken pulled back and they fight for it and the thug hits him and comes right out of his shirt then starts pounding on Ken. The bus driver walks over, then leaves. Everyone else just backs off. Ken kept getting beat and saw spots. Ken grabbed his nuts and pulled and twisted and the thug leaves. Ken got up bloody and said I canít believe none of you did anything. His eye was blacked and ribs were bruised. #306. 10/22/08
32 Fighting Back 2 - Tulsa, OK - a man goes to rob a supermarket with a gun. Craig Stutzman was shopping and he told him hands up and move front. A man fixes his shoe so the thief fires at him. Craig sees the gun had jammed and he went after the guy. He pounds and tackles him, he hits the door and flips him over, his shirt comes off and they go into the shopping carts. The man pistol whips Craig and he drags him outside. The old manager goes outside and kicks the thief. Then cops arrive and arrest Tony Cleveland who gets 50 years. South Wales - teens are hanging out in a park when a drunk guy comes over and punches a guy in the face, then punches 2 girls in the face, kicks the guy who is down, then knocks a girl down. He goes back for the guy, then the girl. He keeps beating and kicking the guy who is down. He leaves and a cab driver knocks him out cold before he hits the ground. Tulsa, OK - Debbie Ellison & Jeanne Casey work in a liquor store and decide to give up the money if they are robbed. Danny Carter comes in to rob the place. He has his hand in his pocket, says itís a gun, then they see itís a comb and start whacking him over the head with bottles. He runs out and they chase him. He was returned to jail. Encinitas, CA - a man comes up to the counter in a store with a laundry basket. He says to Eric Piva to load it with money. He asks if heís crazy. He says he is. He tells him to load it himself mofo. Eric comes around with a bat. Then he pulls a blowtorch and lights it. He starts swinging and the man backs off. Rock Hills, SC - a man goes to rob a convenience store with a sawed off rifle. He tells Kwame heís going to kill him. He fires, ducks and they start fighting for the gun. He is thrown into shelves, the gun fires into the door, it shatters, then he falls over a display. He kept saying he would kill him. He drags him outside hoping for help. He got the gun away and the man ran off. When he mask came off he knew the guy. #307. 10/29/08
33 Campus Chaos - Shelby, NC - David Allenís roommates were tired of him making noise in the morning and covered the floor with hot butter. He wipes out into the wall, then goes to class thinking he was a klutz, comes back and wipes out again. His friend did it, then called him on the phone. When he went to answer it in the kitchen he flies through the air. He gets up and runs over to Johnís door and starts pounding on it and cursing him out that heís going to get him. Starkville, MS - MS State vs. Alabama NCAA football. Skydivers land on the field and Bill Wasser lands hard and flips over. Lynn Wasser saw him hit and thought he was dead. His leg was broken, femur and pelvis were shattered when paramedics ran over. He was in front of 50,000 people. Gainesville, FL - a man asks John Kerry a question and keeps going on and on about Clinton getting a BJ. Cops jump him and he asks what did I do? He wants help, yells donít tase me bro, donít tase me. They tase him. East Lansing, MI - students want to have a banned block party. Capt Ton Johnstone says it used to get really violent so they banned it. Riot police arrive and they start pelting cops with rocks and bottles. Cops shut down the 4000 people. Erin McCaul was inside and heard the warnings. They thought they wanted to get tear gassed. The gas is fired into the crowd and everyone starts running. 68% of those arrested found it online, didnít even go to MSU. Houston, TX - Shauna Luke is a cheerleader who is tossed during a routine and hits the parking lot with her head. She was in shock and had a concussion. She thought she was paralyzed, but recovered completely. #308. 11/5/08
34 Clueless Crooks - Las Vegas, NV - Goodfellas Bail Bonds is robbed by two thugs. Dale Hazel answered the door and saw the guys had guns. The man comes at Dale with the gun and they fight for it. Dale used to be a cop so he gets a hold of the gun and they went into the corner. He friend comes in and tries to cuff him. He drags them both outside since they were on the strip. The second guy ran for it. The first guy came back for his hat. Cops soon got them, he was a former client. He mocks them for having 2 of them and a gun and couldnít get it done. Oakland Co. MI - Chris Obberson calls police saying he was robbed by a whore. Deputy Dean Lambouris arrested him. He is drunk, has drugs and they put him in the police car and he kicks out 1 window and tries to break the other one with his head. He knocked his false teeth out says to pick them up. Itís a felony for destroying police property. Dayton, OH - Judge Mark Katherine Huffman talks to K Wilkins who wants to represent himself. He wants them to get a tree, bring it in, hang him and lynch him. She yells at him not to speak. He keeps delaying the trial, she tells him she has warned him again and again. He says he doesnít understand. She says he does. Then he fakes a heart attack. The observer doesnít even wake up. Heís found guilty and gets 42 years. Fresno, CA - Nith Khamsone is a blackjack dealer. A man puts up a bag of weed for his bet. He tells him thatís no good. He then asks if itís too much. He gets mad and Jimmie Jones comes over. He thought it was a joke, but it wasnít. He was on a major high. He says he has a prescription. He had pot in all his pockets. The prescription card was fake. #309. 11/12/08
35 Brace for Impact 2 - Brace for Impact 2 - Williamstown, NJ - a group clears debris from an airfield. John & Craig start goofing off by smashing trucks for the group. Craig hangs from the chain hanging from the crane. They spin him around as fast as they can, he slams back into the cab and is knocked out. Norway - basejumpers dive from a 3000 foot cliff and wait to deploy chutes as long as they can. Avery Badenhop has a camera and waits too long and smashes into the rocks. He was knocked out, but wasnít injured. Fort Lauderdale, FL - tropical storm Fay hits. Kevin Kearny goes out to kiteboard because of the big wind for 6 hours. Heís whipped around, slammed into the ground, then lifted up and smacked into a building. He couldnít get the chute off and was knocked out. He broke ribs and vertebrae. Peekskill, NY - Mayor John Testa wants them to lift, turn and move a 118 year old historical firehouse. It starts to crack down the middle, then turns to rubble. John collapsed, then a man says his father is in there, heís dead. He was under it, but he ran out at the last second. Farmington, AR - Cpl. Jerry Bowen chases a man fleeing from a domestic. He rams him into a ditch and he keeps going. He thought it would be bad after that. He goes head on into cops, they try to box him in and he tries to get out, locks bumpers with Jerry and they both hit an underpass and flip up and down. They had to break the window out to get him. Blake Kilpatrick was arrested. Huntington, England - a girl is in the candy aisle when an old driver smashes into the store and knocks the whole aisle she is looking at. Phoenix, AZ - three people wait for a bus and are sitting. A red Sedan is cut off, swerves and hits all of them. Gilbert Barrota saw it from his security camera and ran out. A woman hit the wall and was able to get out. Her daughter was pinned and the man was stuck underneath. They push the car off and all are OK. The driver wasnít hurt either. Argentina - at a race track a car spins out on dead manís curve, one goes around, off the track, into the wall, flips over, hits a fence and goes over that. His tires locked. He crawls out of it. Soon after a red car does the same thing, hits a tire wall and launches 30 feet in the air and is destroyed. Isle of Man - TT Manx Grand Prix - motorcycle #34 ridden by Paul has a shock absorber snap, he starts wobbling, crashes, heís thrown into a wall and slides down the road as the bike keeps going. He broke everything in his upper body. #310. 11/19/08
36 Stoned Cold Justice - Jacksonville, FL - Leah Logue is drunk in the bathroom at a college football game. Her sister Brooke Logue films her waiting for a stall. She runs for a stall and slams into a door headfirst and is knocked down. Someone has to pick her up. Boca Raton, FL - a drunk man sleeps in his black Bentley. Cops find him and he calls his lawyer. Cops tell him to hang up and he says heís not going to do it. They grab him and he fights and curses them. They slam him down and keeps asking what are they doing to him? They have to tase him, but heís still angry and refuses to cooperate. The phone goes off the hook on him. Citrus Co. FL - Larry is hitchhiking and staggering so cops check on him. He says he canít believe he canít do the simple things in life. He asks if they want to slam his head against the car. They are just mofo white bread, he was born there, he owns the county, they just got here. They tell him to calm down. He says did I screw your wife or something, honkies rule here and gives them the finger. Corpus Christie, TX 5/25 - Capt David Cook got the call of a barricaded shooter. The victim escaped from Jose Barrone. He sits out the window on the phone, drinking, is high, slams on his chest and waters the lawn. He has family is in the house so SWAT backs off on a raid. They cut the power and phone and he asks them whatís up. They give him a search warrant and he stands there reading it and they come at him from behind and slam him to the ground. Wheatfield, NY - Deputy Kevin Smith finds a van that hit a phone pole and snapped it half. The driver fell asleep. A drunk comes through the police roadblock and ignores yells. He hits the power lines, pulls the pole along, it knocks Kevin down and the pole goes up, around and slams into the van. Toledo, OH - Ruben Rangel is drunk on the floor of his elevator trying to get out. Doug Wiederhold goofs on him and tells him heís on the wrong floor. He falls, crawls out and gets back in. He slams into the door, falls out and they tell him heís on the wrong floor again. He runs back in, crashing into the wall, gets out again and falls on his face. He stumbles around and falls down drunk. He was shown the tape and decided not to drink again. Southmead, England - a teen runs into a store with a samurai sword. Heís so high he just attacks and jumps on the counter. The cashier Kumar gets the sword away and he runs and starts throwing bottles at him. His family comes out the back and start beating him with a broom and he goes down. #311. 11/26/08
37 Senior Smackdown - Italy - an old man has a lot of junk on his lawn and his neighbor has had enough of him. A news crew comes to cover it. One says he will spill his guts on his lawn. They start punching and the junkman clobbers him and he goes down hard. Medics work on them, no bones were broken. At a wedding three women dance together and an old man wants to get in. A guy cuts in and he wants in too. He spins around them, hits a woman in the face, then runs in a circle and hits his face on the ground. South Lake, TX - Dwight Bosworth has a Hummer that was scratched. He installed cameras in the side of it after it happened 3 times. Then a 72 year old man comes up on it and makes an X on it. He couldnít believe it. They put it on the news and got 20 tips. He was caught and was mad about gas gussling cars. TX - an old woman steals a red Chrysler Sebring that is a bait car. She says oh Jesus no. No, my god! Cops shut it down and pull her out at gunpoint. She is 69 and had been involved in robbery earlier. Malverne, AR - an old man is stopped for dangerous driving. Cops talk to him and he gets out all mad. He goes back into his truck and grabs his quad cane and hits the cop with it. He wonít let it go and they have to fight it away from him. He kicks while they cuff him. Carson, CA - Vera Robles Dewitt is former mayor and at a city council meeting she gets mad that they are interrupting her and taking her time. They tell her to calm down. She says they hired thugs, assaulted her and if you question the mayor they get you. She goes out and a woman calls her a bitch so she swats her on the back of the head with papers and the woman goes down screaming in agony and says she was hit in the eye. They order her to be arrested, not to leave. Argentina - at a wild bronco event a man rides one and is thrown onto his head twice. When his hat comes off heís bald. Pompano Beach, FL - at a large store an old man grabs a pack of socks. Det Tony Hierrezuelo says he pretended he was a customer. He waits until no one is around and goes up to the clerk with a gun. She gives him the money. No one knew it was a robbery. He takes the socks with him like a career criminal. #312. 12/3/08
38 Young & Dangerous 2 - Lauderdale Lakes, FL - two black guys rob a credit union at gunpoint. Deputy Tony Hizz says they are brothers, forced the man in the back at gunpoint. He empties the safe, they have gloves and they want the surveillance video. He hands them a DVD and itís a fake. Both are caught. Winter Haven, FL - Adam Anderson goes to barefoot waterskiing school. He loses grip and slams face first at high speed. He gets up and puts the handle in his mouth and wipes out again. It was extremely painful. San Antonio, TX - at a high school baseball game a guy goes for an inside the park homerun and the catcher elbows him down and slams his mask into the guys face. It leads to a bench clearing brawl. Alma, CO - Joe Large was drinking and went to jump into a dryer. Itís a dual unit and it collapses on him. He broke his ankle. London, England - 4 college guys put an aerosol can in a fireplace and shoot at it with a BB gun. On the third try it explodes. Saratoga Springs, NY - a store has a lifesize horse statue outside. A couple of drunks decide to try to jump on it. Two guys hit it and falls, the first guy knocks it over and it collapses on him. Lansing, MI - cops chase a speeding car with 4 teens. The 16 year old driver hash no license, takes an icy turn too fast, hits steel polls and launches into the air. They all run and are caught. Campabello, SC - Kat Buckner (86) goes to the Briar Patch convenience store for milk. A girl runs over, sees the money, knocks her down, takes her money, jumps in a car and takes off. The girl confronted her the day before wanting $10. North Bend, WA - closing time at a restaurant. An armed man comes in, takes the employee down and leads him to the safe. Sgt. John Urqhart says the manager was only 18 and he was worried. It turns out they were friends, it was all a set up. Ankarra, Turkey - a purse snatcher has her 4 year old sister walk into a wedding reception, grab a purse and leave. Australia - a drunk surfer decides to surf off a roof. He falls off and doesnít drop the beer. He does it again, falls off, hits the ground and the board comes crashing down on him. A girl tries to skate down the rail inside a house and falls down the stairs. Nick Fortini films his friend Eli Gibb hanging by his underwear. Bryan Hammaker hoists him by his underwear onto an ladder and he gets stuck screaming. He falls over from it hurting so bad. His voice went way up. #313. 1/7/09
39 Wild Women 2 - Toronto, Canada - April Hunter naked womenís wrestling league practice. She did a hip toss and gets elbowed in the nose and blood was pouring so she wanted some tampons. Itís good for that, sheís managed to bust, break many things. Newark, NJ - a bus driver takes a turn, her wheel locks and she goes over a curb and right over some cars in a parking lot. The man in the back holds on for his life and says please let me out. London, England - Lily Allen is walking down the street and paparazzi swarm her. Someone mouths off at her and she tells her to come back you f-ing C-. She does and Lily punches her out and tells her to come back for more you skinny bitch. Palm Bay, FL - a woman goes shopping and at checkout they see stolen stuff in her purse. She wonít let them look, security is called. Patrolman George Santiago arrives. A man runs out, grabs them and finds over $100 in DVDs in her purse. she fights them. He knew her, Dr. Dory Bartwell a noted school principal. She now has many charges. Brooklyn Park, MN - Coco Beauty Salon - a Jeep hops a curb, hits 2 parked cars and comes flying through the entire store. William Yun says hair and debris everywhere. The whole store was buried. The driver says she blanked out and didnít remember anything. She just left the dentist. Wilmar, CA - a woman runs from police at night on the 170. A chopper follows. Janet Pope Givens says she was lights out and high. She loses it cutting around a car, goes down an embankment and rolls over and over. When police arrive she was naked with a live chinchilla. Auburn, CA - Desiree Ferhman (16) races dirtbikes. At the starting line the throttle sticks, she loses it, hits a hay bale and knocks out a cameraman. His camera was smashed, but he was OK. 29 Psalms, CA - at a 7/11 a woman starts screaming at people and asks why you called me a gutter whore. Steve Martin says it was totally unprovoked, no one said anything. She goes inside, grabs hot coffee and throws it on them. She says sheís not afraid of them and starts pushing and that sheíll fók them up. A clerk grabs her and they laugh at her. St. Albens, WV - Lewieís slot machine parlor is robbed by a fat local mom with a gun. She puts a gun to her head demanding money. They give it to her and sheís caught a few houses away. #314. 1/14/09
40 Celebrations Gone Wrong - Laredo, TX - Rafael Rodriguez was at his wedding with an open bar and it was drink after drink. Two of the groomís friends go outside and start fighting. One pounds the other and those who break it up get hit. The best man takes his shirt off and goes back to it. The police are called and they stop. New Brighton, MN - John Herlofsky dresses as Santa for his large family. They all go in the garage and he jumps down from the roof onto his truck and falls face first into the windshield. He couldnít see what he was doing. His neck hurt for a week, broke a rib. Richmond, VA - Steve & Cathy Wells get married on a riverboat. At the altar he gets sick and has to sit down and vomits all over. She tries to get it off her dress. He was running a fever and she didnít know it, thought he got cold feet. They have to do it sitting down. Penn State - the football team wins and takes to the streets. Rachid Haoues films it. People start throwing things, taking down a light, ripping out bushes, throwing rocks at cars and starting fires. Police arrive, but canít move over 5000 people. At least no one got hurt. Marta has her 15th birthday. She serves flaming drinks and a moth flies in them and she spills them on her dress which catches fire and she freaks out trying to put it out. People beat it to put it out. Her father tackles her to put her out. Cotswald, England - tossing of the cheese. People run down a 600 foot slope after a 7 pound cheese wheel. On the muddy hill people slip, fall, flip and wipe out. Winners get the cheese. At a wedding the bride is let out of the car and her veil gets closed in the door and is pulled along right into the camera. Jerusalem - Armenian clergy vs. Greek orthodox monks after blocking the tomb of Jesus. People punch and kick each other until police take them away. #315. 1/21/09
41 Riots & Rumbles - Windsor, Ontario - Salmin Baho talks to a man in his convenience store saying 85% of the people around here are screwed up. Then a man runs in screaming, swinging a baseball bat smashing things and saying Iíll kill you. He goes after the other man and Salim throws him a steel pipe and he beats him with it. They both jump him and hold him down. They call the police and he says heís sorry. His girlfriend is a disgruntled ex-employee and he wanted revenge. Mobile, AL - Pat Peterson films a mobile home fire for the news. Then the family arrives and starts fighting each other. Firemen have to stop fighting the fire to break them up. They keep fighting. Green Bay, WI - a drunk gets kicked out of a bar and tries to fight all the cops in the street and they tase him and he drops, then heís easily cuffed. Spartanburg, SC - Boots & Sonnyís restaurant closes, a man comes in the back and manager Shannon West asked what he was doing. He pulls a large gun on him and wants the money in the safe. He turns on him and slams him to the register as Blue calls the police. He then joins him and they tackle and choke him until heís knocked out. Police arrive and take him to prison. West Palm Beach, FL - a man is brought into court for murder and robbery. The victimís brother runs over and beats him. Sgt James Driscoll says there is always going to be an arrest when itís in a courthouse. Italian reality TV show - Tamara & Ciccio argue in the bathroom, then start yelling and screaming, puling her and slamming heads into the wall. A man comes in slamming a cane so he can sleep, but the cane breaks and one takes it. Oahu, HA - a man gets in the way of a surfing competition out in the water. A man on a jetski tells him to leave and he wonít. Another guy surfís over and starts pounding on him and they take his surfboard. He comes back on the beach looking for his board and he gets pounded some more. Then they break his board and give it back to him. Russia - a drunk man at a wedding is upset heís not included and a fight starts and both sides of the family start fighting and chasing each other. A man pushes a woman, then heís kicked in the head. #316. 1/28/09
42 Wicked Wipeouts - Sarnia, Canada - skateboarders set up ramps in a parking lot and jump fire hydrants. Nigel Christopherís wheels caught on the ramp and he went head first into large yellow metal hydrant. He doesnít remember anything but the thud. Todd Colbert is a pro who shows a proper wheelie. Las Vegas, NV - an amateur tries to do one and the bike shoots out from under him and he goes down his butt and is dragged. The bike was shattered and worthless. Another guy does the same thing with 2 people thinking the weight will help. They both are thrown. Argentina - Gauchos try to break wild horses. One man is thrown head first into the ground stepped on. UK - John Black flies a powerglider and thinks nothing is better. His chute hits a powerline and he crashed into the ground hard breaking his back. He was in the hospital a month then did it again. Manhattan, NY - a jet bound for NC was hit by geese. David Sanderson was on board and heard the boom. They were going down fast and he was told brace for impact and he did. Capt Chelsey Sully Sunnberger lands at 200mph. It was like a rollercoaster going to a halt. The water was up to shins right away. They pop the hatch and wait on the wings for ferries. All 155 were saved. In the hospital he said the pilot did the right thing. Danville, CA has a ceremony in Sully's honor when he returns. Pakistan - a van tips over, blocks the road and people want to get it out of the way. A large group turns it over and it rolls down a cliff almost taking a man out. #317. 2/4/09
43 Disaster on the Job 3 - MMA cage warriors match - Ross Angry Pettifer vs. Rob Evolution Evans. Rob kicks Ross in the leg and he breaks his foot in half and he lands on it. It ends his career. Maple Heights, OH - Fireman Capt Tom Plunkett races to a call of a watermain break, then a gas leak. There was a lot of gas, they could feel it. It hits a phone poll and explodes. It melted siding, burned 21 cars, long day. New Orleans, LA - Mike Aliís gas station. A man who tried to kill a cashier across town comes in, waits in line and pulls a .44 magnum at the clerk, says this is for you and fires. He reaches for it and is hit in the arm. The man just walks out and drives away. They call 911 and he is caught. Lakeland, FL - Johnny Heydenreich races cars, is hit at 160mph, hits a wall and his gas tank explodes. Heís in a pool of gas and the car is on fire. He rolls out face first into the gas. A crew puts him out. Philippines - flooding causes roads to turn to rivers. A truck bringing supplies through the deep water dies. They climb out and it gets sucked down under a bridge. One is grabbed, the others are carried away. Las Vegas, NV - V theater acrobats are outside. A man holds a woman upsidedown, loses it and falls on her. Eiserbyzhan - in parliament a man yells at another, then walks over and starts punching. Another man wants to speak and is made to leave. Brazil - during a soccer game the referee gives the goalie a yellowcard and he hits the ref and starts chasing him until the army can stop him. He is arrested. Modesto, CA - Jared Casey opens a gas station, counts the money and leans back for a minute. A man comes from behind and puts a knife to his throat demanding money. He gives him the register and he leaves. He calls police, but heís long gone. Great Bend, NY - a house catches fire and the news films it. A woman comes over and wants the reporter to leave. A fireman makes her leave. She says they are preying on them and if sheís still there when she comes back, she is dead. She comes back, trashes her camera and goes after another. They want to press assault charges. #318. 2/18/09
44 Outrageous Outlaws - two men dressed as cops pull up to a club, take a baton to the bouncer, go inside and hit the DJ, but the fake baton breaks. They were kicked out for trying to pick up a woman earlier. Now they grab her and yank her out the door by her hair. They torture her for hours, let her go, she turns them in and they got life in prison. London, England - a man runs into a Halifax bank, hops the counter and the shield goes up trapping him. The doors lock and he canít get out, he kicks and tries to ram the door with a chair. Cops arrive and he tries to get in the ceiling and is caught. Boyton Beach, FL - a man robs a convenience with a shirt over his head. He says he doesnít want trouble. Det. Alfred Martinez says his finger was on the trigger and he only got $100. A couple weeks later 3 black thugs arrive with shirts over their heads. They put a gun to the clerk and get the whole drawer and another $100. Glendale, AZ - Melissa Gerhard & Christina Alverez steal a bait car and the driver says you have to tell me where to go, she is fresh out of jail, both are pregnant and smoking. She says yeah homie excited to do this. The passenger calls her man who tells her itís a set up. She says heís fóking dumb. They wipe down the car and are caught. Dallas, TX - 7:30am Misar Hijaz works in a market. He makes sure his gun is ready. A couple guys hang out front, then come in with a shotgun. He drops, grabs his gun and a gunfight ensues. He started shooting in the air, then aimed as they ran. One guy outside doesnít move the whole time. Hialei, FL - Ofc Harold Garzon joins the chase of an armed robbery suspect. The white car runs fast, blows intersections, almost hits a school bus, goes the wrong way into traffic, almost hits a car head on, jumps the median, loses his tire, hits traffic and jumps out and runs on foot. A helicopter films him trying to hold his pants up as he runs. He runs around cars like a rat, comes back, wonít go down and is tased and drops. He had a suspended license, wasnít a robber. #319. 2/25/09
45 Young & Dangerous 3 - Harlingen, TX - Patrolman Carlos Diaz pulls over a car and Abraham Mar whom he knows comes out with a rifle and opens fire. He shoots 10 times hitting him a couple times. Heís caught and gets 99 years. He was stabbed 2 years earlier and Diaz saved him. Brian Polkingham and his friend decide to make a bomb with vinegar, baking soda and more. They put it down, nothing happens, so he goes to open it and it explodes into his crotch. Philadelphia, PA 10/08 - The Phillies win the world series and drunks go wild in the parking lot, they attack a Devil Rays fan, set fires, start beating each other and one is knocked out. Police and firemen move in. Dave Creighton and friends ski on the railing of a metal bridge and he falls over the edge and rips his tongue up. Adonna, Turkey - a 16 year old couple want to get married and the families say no and they want to jump off a roof. Their families try to talk them down and cops rush them. They set up an airbag and both jump, she hits the wall then both land in the bag. Milwaukee, WI - 3 guys steal a car, go to a gas station and one goes out to steal the clerks car since it is running. He hits the building, the clerk gets behind him and he floors it in reverse. Barcelona, Spain - Wade Fyfe skateboards down a long staircase, falls halfway, then starts running and falls face first 10 feet into the ground. He shattered his elbow and cuts open his face. Essex, England - a kid hops the railroad barricade and is hit in the foot by a train losing his shoe. Anarundle Co. MD - pro bikers make a huge foam pit to do jumps into. Tommy Passemante tries to flip a motorcycle and misses the pit, slams, breaks his foot, knee and canít breathe. Forest Park, GA - Aaronís furniture store lets and employee in a guy runs over with a gun and they have $5000. Then one jumps him and they pile on him and get the gun away and call 911. One cut his head open another hurt his arm and cops arrive and get him. #320. 3/4/09
46 Fighting Back 3 - a kid comes to a guyís house looking for a fight. He says you were messing with my boy. No, heís my friend. You are a skinhead. No, Iím not. You have no hair. You are just looking to redeem yourself for getting beat by Jesse. He comes after the skin who throws him down onto the concrete and beats him down. Atlanta, GA - Jonathan goes to buy a ticket at the train station and a black guy follows him and offers to help and show him what to do. He grabs his wallet and he fights him. He drops everything and chases him down, punches him, chases him on the stairs and puts him in a sleeper hold until he goes down. A friend of the robber comes after him, but backs off. The robber got 10 years. Glasgow, Scotland - a masked man with a hammer comes into a store to rob the place. The clerk pushes him and he keeps going for the register. The clerk starts beating him with a metal chair and they fight for the hammer. He rips the mask off the man who tries to hide his face and heís caught. Fort Lauderdale, FL - two men killed a 5 year old boy and in court the father comes in swinging, then the family jumps in flying across the table, beating them with an umbrella. Cops struggle to pull them apart. The dad got 30 days. Biloxi, MS - Travis Tyronne McCoy is on parole and goes to rob a convenience store. Amal Le noticed him pacing like he was going to steal something. He said he got the munchies and puts a knife to Twin Leís neck and says I need money. He goes for his wallet and fights him yelling for Amal to get the gun and shoot him. She pulls the gun and fires. He goes to get away, fights him and chases him with the gun. It goes on the news and heís caught. Sioux Falls, SD - actor Vinny Jones goes to Wileyís Tavern and attacks a massive man who beats him down. Vinnyís friends have to hold him back. Vinnyís face is bloody and heís arrested. Monterey, Mexico - 2 women work in a jewelry store. A man with a cane and neckbrace comes in with a women, followed by a man with a briefcase. They are all thieves who take them in the back to rob them and take the phone off the hook. They start clearing cases and want to know how to close the door. One gets tied up and the other throws their stuff. Then the men come in and beat them and pistol whip them. She still fights them with a gun to her ribs. She screams for help and they run for it and leave behind lots of evidence. #321. 3/11/09
47 Wild Behind the Wheel - Lakeland, FL - Kyle Woods says Stunt Wars is a national competition for stunt riders. He was announcing and wanted to ride. They ask him whereís his helmet. He doesnít care. He does a front wheelie, the clutch cable snaps and he is thrown backwards and the bike hits him. He broke 3 ribs and fractured 3 vertibrae. Decalb, IL - Jeannine Szostak films a monster truck exposition in a parking lot next to a McDonaldís. He runs over some cars, then goes to jump them, hits hard, ruptures a fluid line and goes into the crowd. Her son Alex & daughter Carrie was right next to it. The truck hits 9 people and gets stuck on the train tracks. Immakolee, FL - Sean Melton films at the drag race track. Heís set up on the side as one car loses it, skids all the way across to his side, hits the wall and starts to rip apart and goes down the wall. He ran for it and the camera was OK. John the driver was OK, his car was not. #322. 3/18/09
48 Bedlam in the Burbs 2 - Diane & Holly Richards have problems with a loudmouth neighbor. She keeps cursing them, leaves them angry notes and paints their mailbox. They call the cops and the woman says someone goes into her house every night and does something to her dog. She comes home to find her window broken and starts screaming insanely. She tells her to get off her property. It turns out her dog wanted to get out and broke the window. They got a restraining order on her. During the interview for the show she bangs on their wall with a stick. St. George, UT - the Santa Clarita river overflows. Dusty Thompson says 10 feet of land was eroded in 10 minutes and started pulling houses down. Robert Duffin was farther away and still lost his house. 27 are gone. Pikesville, MD - a herd of buffalo get into a country club after escaping a farm. Carol Landsman says they smelled bad. Gerald Berg owned them. They are herded onto a tennis court and cops herd them into the trailer. They jump the next and one jumps over their barricade of furniture. #323. 3/27/09
49 Students Gone Wild - Westland High School, OR - Xander Wiabel puts a white beard on and jumps from the second story of the school onto the large Christmas tree for fun. Then the tree falls and he wipes out. He was expelled and arrested. Bloomsburg, PA - at a college block party Jared Fenstermacher films a man on the roof drinking and throwing a can. Then the crowd starts pelting him with cans and bottles. His girlfriend tries to get him in the window, but he doesnít and is knocked down. She finally pulls him in. Chief Leo V. Sokoloski says bottles were being thrown at everyone. Lots of police move in to break it up. Burlington, MA - Ryan Merrillís friend gets in a laundry cart and puts a skate ramp at the edge of 3 stairs in a college. He goes in the air and slams into the ceiling face first. He needed stitches after. At a college basketball game a girl runs onto the court and takes her top off and dances around and goes into the team's huddles. No one on the court is interested. Western Illinois University - Brad Tammen films a naked guy running from cops on Adams street in front of 200+ people. He went to the bathroom in the police car and it was in the paper. #324. 4/1/09
50 Adrenaline Rush - Lake Park, FL - a man comes into Lake Park Towing company to get his car. Kathryn Gaddoury talks to him and he has no ID. He wants something out of his car, acts like heís high and they call the police. He goes into his truck, grabs an AK-47 and opens fire on the building. They call 911 and he keeps firing until he runs out of bullets. He pulls out a handgun and opens fire through the slot in the window. Kathy is hit in the leg, the cops hear it on the phone. Someone else is hit and he leaves. Noah Newhouse grabs a gun inside. The police pull up as he walks out and he ignores them and gets in his truck and opens fire. Cops fire on him and Noah shoots him 3 times and he finally goes down, but lives. Fayetteville, WV - New River Gorge bridge is the highest in the US and on bridge day people basejump from 800 feet. A couple of guys jump together and their chutes tangle and they fall. Then they untangle at the last minute and land safely. Nampa, ID - Dusty LaBeth rides a bull, is thrown off and his hand is caught and the bull slams his head into his face. The horn takes him out, then it kicks him in head. Heís out for minutes and carried away. #325. 4/8/09
51 Senior Smackdown 2 - Riverside Co. CA - Cline Hogg (75) buys a helicopter and goes to take lessons. The instructor is late and he gets mad and decides to lift on his own, panics, loses control and wrecks the whole chopper. He wasnít injured. Okala, FL - at a gas food mart Upsana Pathak works alone at night. Her friend Stan Romberg (68) didnít like her being there alone and stayed with her. A man with a gun comes running in and jumps the counter. Stan charges him and they struggle. A second man comes in, then they both run for it and he shoots Stan in the arm and it goes through. She calls 911 and they get away, but Stan is OK and is her hero. At a party a family gets their grandma to do keg stand. A drunk old man at the beach thinks his pants are his shirt and keeps trying to put them on. He looks at it and still doesnít get it. A friend tries to help. Lincolnshire, England - two old drunks outside a bar hold on to each other, then punch each other and one cracks his head into a wall and the other keeps beating him and they break it up. Hong Kong - at an airport a woman gets hysterical after missing her flight. She screams and rolls on the floor that the plane is still there. They tell her theyíll get her another flight. Her husband says the plane is still there. She pushes security and runs around insane. #326. 4/29/09

Season 4 (2009-10)

52 Best of Wild Women #S1 6/23/09
53 Best of Wild Drivers and Wicked Crashes #S2 7/15/09
54 Wild Women 3 - A woman is trapped inside a polar bear tank; two blondes battle on a roller derby track; amateur pole dancers. #401. 7/29/09
55 Riots and Rumbles 2 #402. 8/5/09
56 Family Feuds #403. 8/12/09
57 Disaster of the Job 4 - A bus driver text messaging behind the wheel takes a detour to disaster; a massive storm during a pro football team's training camp turns players and cameramen into heroes; a deer surprises a liquor store clerk. #404. 8/19/09
58 The Young and the Reckless #405. 9/2/09
59 Adrenaline Rush 2 #406. 9/16/09
60 Senior Smackdown 3 #407. 9/16/09
61 Craziest Crimes Caught on Tape #408. 9/23/09
62 Students Gone Wild 2 #409. 9/30/09
63 Crashed and Smashed #410. 10/7/09
64 Madness and Mayhem 3 #411. 10/14/09
65 Bedlam in the Burbs 3 #412. 10/21/09
66 Horror on the Highway 3 #413. 11/4/09
67 Boneheaded Blunders #414. 11/4/09
68 Sudden Terror 3 #414. 11/11/09
69 Loonies in the Boonies #415. 11/18/09
70 Disaster on the Job 5 #416. 12/9/09
71 Goin' Ballistic #417. 12/9/09
72 Madness & Mayhem 4 #418. 12/16/09
73 Young & The Reckless #419. 12/23/09
74 Senior Smackdown 4 #420. 12/30/09
75 Crashed and Smashed 2 #421. 1/6/10
76 Big Time Blunders #422. 1/13/10
77 Fighting Back 4 #423. 1/27/10
78 Biggest Losers #424. 1/27/10
79 Goin' Ballistic 2 #425. 2/17/10

Eyewitness to Disaster - didn't air when it was supposed too, so hasn't aired, my not exist.

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