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This half hour Mtv series looks like it was filmed in conjunction with Speeders because it's filmed in some of the same areas with the same cops and music. It's filmed more like that show than Cops as it features interviews before and after the incident. Cameras catch the moment when young men and women are caught by the police while involved in various crimes and misdemeanors, and then the suspects talk about why they did what they did and if they've learned anything from the situation. These aren't all complete summaries yet.

Season 1 (2008)

Ep# Description
Extra Busted Trailer
Busted Behind the Badge 1 - Equipment 101 with Officer Walter Gutierrrez
Busted Behind the Badge 2 - Ins and Outs of a Patrol Car with Officer Walter Gutierrrez & Patrolman Rick Roemmle
Busted Behind the Badge 3 - Practical Jokes - Officer Walter Gutierrez did a traffic stop with 5 guys, he pulled them out, 1 guy was real nervous, so he searched the vehicle, but didnít find anything. He stuck his gun under the seat and pulled it out and the guy was crying, he said it was a joke. Ofc Floriano will say someone has a warrant when they donít and give them a warning. Patrolman Rick Roemmle doesnít always have to be serious, heíll tell people their cars are being towed when they are not. Ofc Lopez says a guy was with a woman and the guy was giving her a hard time. The woman asked to give him a ticket and he said OK. He said she wants you to have a ticket, then let him go.
101 Rich Taser/Jilane/Prostitution Mix-Up - Oxnard, CA 2/5/08 - Ofc Robert Valenzuela has been there 6 years, small town known for harbor and farming, not much to do. Richard (19) says he just hangs out and drinks. Ed & Jenn says heís the life of the party and took his dadís truck while DWI. Friday night on Rose Ave getting ready for the weekend. He spots the truck with no lights on going fast and stops him, racking up violations. He stops then runs for it. Rob tells him to stop running, get down on the ground. He says OK man, Stop running dude, get down. He keeps saying OK, but doesnít do it. Rob pushes him to the ground. He keeps saying OK, but wonít lay down. He grabs him, cuffs him, but he wonít put his arm back, says heís not fighting. He hits him, he says you are hitting me. He tases him and the hand comes back. Here! He wasnít thinking anything except how much pain he went through. He thought it was crap, wasnít beating anyone, wasnít threatening anyone. There is an open case of beer in the trunk. He doesnít know how much of his face is messed up, it tells the story. doesnít want his dad to know he took his truck, so he ran. This is my dadís drunk and I stole it from him, and itís his truck OK, thank you, Iím sorry for screwing your sh-t up. He cries. I screwed him over, it belongs to him and not me. At the station he says he wants his dad to know here his truck is. His friends say he gets crazy when heís drunk. He blames the cop saying he wasnít attacking anyone or murdering anyone so he didnít deserve to get tased. They want a blood or a breath sample. Screw your sample. They aren't playing. It's my dad's truck! The least of your troubles. They would hold him down and take blood. Ofc Ernie Orozco gives him the BAC test and he blows .18. He asks what's .18. He says he had 2 beers. He had more than that. A person is killed every half hour for DWI. He loses his license, gets $5,000 in fines and has to take a 30 hour alcohol course. Now he laughs about it and says he had more. It wasn't worth it going to jail and paying fines. Redondo Beach, CA 2/8/08 - Jaline (17) was driving a car with a broken taillight, a learnerís permit and is out past curfew. Ofc Daniel says she canít drive and has to call her mom to pick her up and she screams and flips at the cops. She also thinks they ruined her life since she is getting tested the next week. A week after she got her license she was busted by the same cop for no license plate. Redondo Beach, CA 2/17/08 - Rickie (22) & Sara (24) went out drinking at On the Rocks club. Ofc Velez & Ofc Salazar go to the club about a call of people having sex. Chris the bouncer tells them they went into the bathroom 7 times, something is going on. They are pulled out and asked why and they donít want to show ID. He says they are questioned about prostitution. They canít believe it and say their friend is a driver, not a pimp. They don't think they look like whores. They donít have enough evidence to bust them. After they thought they were going to jail. #101. 8/23/08
102 Munchie Run/Gold Caddie/Underage Roundup - Salisbury, MD 5/15/08 - Lindsey (19) finished exams and wanted to get hammered. Deputy Parker is looking for anything strange. He catches her running down the road. She wants to get something to eat. How much did you have to drink? She has no ID, but DWI papers she just got. He gives her a BAC test. She says she only had a couple drinks, doesnít know. Now she says it was 10-11. She doesnít want to go to jail. He says he wonít take her to jail. She blows a .159 and he gives her a ticket for underage drinking. Sheís 5í4Ē, 123 and shows her stomach, she put on weight. She thought if she made jokes heíd let her go. She asks if she can go get food now. He doesnít care. He offers her a ride home, but she says itís only across the street. Her attitude changed, it was up and down. She got it added to her DWI and now she canít drive. She did really bad this semester, got a 1.0 grade because of the drinking. She got fined and had 70 hours community service. 8/25/08
103 Parked in the Shadows/Buzzed Taxi/Angel Dumps - Toms River, NJ 5/29/08 - Brandon (19) & Aimee (19) decided to go celebrate by smoking a joint. Sgt. James Harris says the main problem is DWI. There is 2 spots in this area where kids hang out. He spots a yellow Volkswagen Bug and they are in it. He asks Brandon whatever pot you hid put it up because I can smell it. Brandon says he has no ID and asks if heís being arrested. You can lose your license for 2 years having for pot in the car. They are like deer in the headlights. He has her get out, then him. He says he has a debit card and credit card. He thought his life was over, he just signed for a hockey scholarship and canít get arrested or heíll lose everything. Heíll pay a fine or whatever. His uncle will kick him out. They thought a dead end would be safe and they saw the headlights and knew they were screwed. What could happen, what will happen, how in trouble are they? He says heís never been arrested, he was celebrating his scholarship and was celebrating the way he shouldnít have, never been there before, bad choice. She says itís both of their weed, got it from his friendís brother or something. He says he did it as a teen. She didnít want to lose her college or go to jail. He says his aunt told him if he did anything like this he would get kicked out. He feels bad for getting her into this. She knows one time could screw her. He says he wonít arrest them for it, it will be tested and they will face more charges. She gets the summons for being the driver and he says he'll go to court with her. He was relieved, but mad he didnít get in trouble. He thought he was going to lose everything. They hope they learned their lesson. He wants to be on SWAT. If they werenít so busy they would go to jail. She faces $1,000 in fines and loss of license. 8/26/08
104 Littering and Cigarettes/Track Star/Skinny Dipping - Brick, NJ 5/22/08 - Saul (27) went with Katie (22) to a bar. Ofc Mauro sees them throw something out of the car. He says his license is revoked and he knew it. She says itís her car and sheís drunk. His license is revoked for DWI and he has a warrant. He says he cleared them all on Saturday, but doesnít have any paperwork to prove it. Maureen is the one who tossed the junk and is yelled at. Then Katie says she has the paperwork and she spent $2100 to clear it. Theyíve only been dating 4-5 weeks. It hasnít cleared the system. He gives him a ticket, but does understand everyone is drunk. Mauro says it's very rare someone has their paperwork with them. Maureen has to call her brother to pick them up. Katie stupidly tosses her cigarette out in front of the cops and they tell her to pick it up, that's why they were stopped in the first place. 3 months later she says he still owes her money for it. 8/26/08
105 Wacky Tobacky/Pot Pocket/Wrestling With the Law - Slidell, LA 5/29/08 - Deputy Abott says people party all over the place in town. Chad (21) was shooting pool and drinking with Allison (21) and then drove off. They saw the cops and shouldíve gone back in the club. They are stopped for no seatbelts. Dep Gallavan talks to him. She says sheís never been in trouble. They look for weapons and find a bag of weed under his seat. He says they found the good weed in his back pocket. They ask if itís his or hers. Heís been arrested for it before. He has it because it calms him down in life, heíll smoke it from waking up to sleeping. They are both arrested. She was so shocked. Chad keeps talking and wonít listen. He can get a ticket or go to jail. Both were charged with possession. She says she didnít know what was going on. One cop was the dad of a friend. He explains which is the good stuff and bad at the station. Itís his third time. He can face 20 years in jail. He says they quit smoking now, they got fines and probation. 8/28/08
106 Underage Birthday Bash/Weed Seeds/Pay Your Tickets - Calvert Co. MD 5/17/08 - Dep Sher Mike Naecker says itís a quiet county. Jason (24) & David (19) Scott (20) say it sucks there, itís lame. It was Jasonís birthday so they were all wasted. Mike goes to the party because of a complaint. Cops stepped in dog poo and had to wash it off. Jason is usually good at handling cops. Cops go in the downstairs room and find pot. People were running all over losing their minds. He says they brought it in, he canít have it in the house or heíll lose his job. They split them up by age to test everyone under 21. They write what they blow on the BAC on the test on their hands. They got tickets and fines, some of them already had alcohol fines. Slidell, LA 5/23/08 Ė Sgt. Mike Ferrell says itís a busy area, kids will try anything. Scott (18), Benjie (18), Cody. Ofc Godwin pulls over their car for no seatbelts. The belt was down, he saw him hide something. Ben says he already has charges for pot. Cody says he tried it once and didnít want it. Ben has a $5000 bond and is in court now. Heís shaking and they wonder why. Judges are strict about it. Scott says he smokes so much he doesnít know the car smelled like it. They search the car looking for pot and donít find any. Scott says he has no drug charges, no job. Has zig zags on him. He smokes some last night, has seeds on him, wants to grow some. He has a pot pipe on him. They give him a citation for it since he has no history. Ben says heís been smoking weed since he was 13. Scott is now on probation and has to take drug tests every week or heíll go to jail. He has no job, has to get an education first. 9/2/08
107 Warm Beer/Sniffed Out/Car Comedians - Slidell, LA 5/29/08 - Dep Jeremiah Abbott says they try to turn old town into Mardi Gras. Chris (18), Scott (18) & Ryan (17) are stopped for no seatbelt. They are all pulled out because they can smell alcohol. Scott is on probation for weed. They find beer in the back and say they all can go to jail. Ryan says he picked up some and heís arrested for it. He says he hasnít drank any, but it doesnít matter. Heís all scared and cursing. Now he says it wasnít worth it. They are going to a party and cops might check it out now. Charges were dropped, it was made into a warning. He wants to stay out of trouble now. Glendale, CA 5/17/08 - Ofc Paul Lopez says itís a very busy city because itís near LA. Varand (19) went to court, had no seatbelt on in front of the station and got busted for it before. He just got out of court for an overdue seatbelt ticket that went up to $720. 9/3/08
108 Camping Cramping/Thirsty Thug/Snow Day - Worchester Co. MD 6/6/08 - Dep Trader has been there 3 years, they have lots of campgrounds and kids getting drunk. Matt (18), Ryan (19), Hunter (18) & Josh (18) were camping, drinking, lighting fires and blowing horns. He sees them with 2 coolers and asks them about beer. He says they arenít 21 and he whooped at them going by. Matt admits itís his car, he isnít going to lie. He had cooler of beers and liquor. Hunter lets him check his truck because he knows the booze is in Mattís car. They can get kicked out of there. He wants to talk to them all individually and see what they say. Hunter doesnít want to be in trouble, he doesnít drink at all. They all blame Fat Matt. He makes them dump it all out in the sink. It was a weeks pay for him. They were honest so he didnít arrest them. They wonít bring booze anymore. Oxnard, CA 6/7/08 - Ofc Crenshaw says there isnít much to do, but go to the beach. Billi (20) says she sits at home and takes care of her sisters. She was out playing baseball and saw some guys and they gave her a joint. 9/4/08
109 No Beer, One Beer, Two Beers/Walk the Line/Bike Bust - Seaside Heights, NJ 6/20/08 - Ofc Rich Roemmele says itís a small tight knit community, lots of alcohol and bars closing all at once. Brian (20) went out drinking at the boardwalk with friends. He pulls them over and Brian denies drinking, but he smells it. He asks him to step out and gives him a FST. He canít follow the pen with his eyes. Do you need to be placed under arrest? He says heís sorry, heís just paranoid. He asks him honestly how many beers he had. He says he had 1 at home, not here. He has him count on 1 leg and he doesnít know what comes after 1009, 2000, 2001? He doesnít count like that, whatís next 11,000? Hereís arrested for DWI. Brian says to be honest he drank 2. This is your third honest with me. There is zero tolerance. He says he has a job interview Tuesday, he canít do this. They take him to the station and give him a BAC. He blows a .09. Rich says itís physically impossible for you to have only 2 drinks hours ago. Then he says he had a shot. He really had 2 shots of rum. He gets failure to maintain lane, DWI, underage drinking. He says he lost his momís trust. He couldnít get the job and works with his mom. He has $3000 in fees and rides a bike. Calvert Co. MD 5/18/08 - Dep Gray says itís a small town, biggest complaints are CDS, DWI. Aaron (21) is out riding his bike and she stops him. 9/4/08
110 Should Have Swallowed/Pink Flamingo/Splashy Splashy - Calvert Co. MD 6/14/08 - Dep Mark Fitzgerald has been there 2 years, they are about an hour from DC. Matt (18), Johnny (18) & Elston (20) say there is nothing to do 1 movie theater in town, so they went to the beach. Mark checks out the beach, you have to live there to go to the beach. He wants to find out why they are there. Another cop stops them and they want to make sure nothing was going on, someone was moving around in the truck. John says he was scratching his leg from an infected tattoo. They search the truck and find a straw with residue right where he was moving. They cuff them all and ask whatís wrong. They werenít doing anything wrong and didnít know why they were arrested. They always hang out there, didnít now it was a problem. They test a straw for coke and itís positive. He asks Johnny when he snorted it last, he doesnít do drugs, doesnít know where it came from. He is trying to be a cop and doesnít want it mess up his life. Elston says he didnít use it, didnít see anybody use it, never saw it before. Matt doesnít know about cocaine. He says he has a hand injury and takes vicadin for it, he has to snort it, he thought he got rid of it. He has a prescription bottle for it. He also finds a dollar bill with residue on it. You arenít supposed to take it like that. He gets sick from pills, he has to take it like that, doctor said it only comes in pills. They will charge him, let him go and test it in a lab. They arenít mad at Matt for it, it was a misunderstanding. Now he says it wasnít a good idea to crush it up, it came back negative. His dad is a cop, but he hasnít told him yet. Seaside Heights, NJ 6/19/08 Ė Patrolman Rick Roemmle says the boardwalk is their main place or tourism. Bobby (19) & John (19) were at the boardwalk and grabbed a pink flamingo from a stand. 9/8/08
111 Brawl Bust/Public Urination/Sex at the Beach - Calvert Co. MD 6/28/08 - Dep Mark Fitzgerald says itís on the Chesapeake Bay, known for scenic boating. Alex (18) was at a gas station and fought with Jason (20). Mark goes to a fight call, pulls up and they are swinging. He tells them to get on the ground and they donít listen. Alex tosses a knife. Heís from Huntingtown, Jay is from Patuxent, they are rivals. They were fighting earlier at the Fast Stop and they were told to leave. Now they are here doing it again. He says they followed him. Jay says he was pushed and punched Alex in the face. One guy tells Mark thereís a gun in the Mustang. Jimmy (21) owns the car and is on probation. He doesnít need a charge. He didnít say anything about a gun. He checks him and doesnít find one. They donít want to press charges. Both donít need the trouble and Jay already has charges. Take off, donít do it again. Alex wants to be a Navy Seal. A month later they are glad they didnít get arrested and didnít fight when they saw them again. 9/9/08
112 Party Boat/Too Trashed to Dump/Pump in the Trunk - St. Tammany Parish, LA 7/6/08 - Deputy Thomas Wood says they have numerous nautical miles of waterways. Tiffani (20) & Josh (23) were on his 2 level party boat drinking. Cops stop the boat and itís obvious thereís alcohol on board. He admits to drinking and he just got out here. He canít be drinking if she's driving. She tried to hide her beer, but admits sheís drinking. He can be fined $500 for allowing it. She knew she was in trouble and was freaking out. He gave her a summons. Another girl is also 18. He will give Josh a FST, but he says he wasnít driving, Daniel was. He gives Dan the test and he fails. He gives the test to Josh and he passes. He just wanted to have a good time and party. Later he says he makes sure they have a designated driver and no underage people when he parties. Tiff has to go to community service and was fined $500. 9/10/08
113 Drunk DD/Underage Beer Buy/Eviction - Calvert Co. MD 5/17/08 - Ofc Mark Fitzgerald has friends and family that are cops. Ashley (22) & Amber (21) say it was her birthday. They went to a bar and had a good time. He stops them because a headlight is out She says itís her friendís car, they switched cars so she had the bigger one. She hasnít been drinking and sheís driving unfortunately. He gives her the eye test. She doesnít know why, hadnít drank in 12 hours. He has her step out, she asks if she needs her shoes. Up to you. He gives her the eye test and heel toe test. She says it hurts her feet, she had blisters on her feet from dancing all night, the sidewalk isnít even and wants to do it on even ground. He says he just did it. He says she can go on the asphalt or put her shoes on. She has trouble doing it again. She says he was wasting her time. He says she has too much in her system, something. He gives her a BAC test. She blows a .095, but denies having any drinks at all. He arrests her. She could care less about her shoes, she looks guilty, but sheís not. He says itís impossible for her to blow that. She hasnít had anything today. He says itís 2 hours old and itís obviously more than nothing. Her friends had to walk from there. He says she isnít guilty, has to go to court. 2 months later her parents arenít happy, she had to get an attorney and is facing fines. 9/11/08
114 Beach Bust/Drunk Jock/No Wake Zone - Calvert Co. MD 6/20/08 - Dep Nick Defelice says itís a small growing community with water on 3 sides. Sam (18) & Mike (18) say they went to the beach to chill and light a bonfire. Other cops spotted people down there and Nick joins them. He spots a fresh chicken sandwich on a car and thinks he must be down at the water. They find Mike and smell alcohol. They ask where his friends are and he tries to lie about it. Christina (20) was there, didnít know it was cops. Mike was trying to hint to his friends the cops were coming and 2 of them hid in the woods. One guy pops up, then Chris is found. They are underage drinking, have open containers and are trespassing. They want to know where they got it from. They paid someone at the store. They just got there and haven't really been drinking. They make them dump the beers and walk them back to the cars for BAC tests. Mike blows a .05 and asks if thatís bad. Sam blows .03. They give them tickets and say we should get warnings. Itís a $500 fine.. 9/15/08
115 Cops in Shops/Forgotten Roach/Sixer Warning - Seaside Heights, NJ 7/4/08 Ė Ofc Rich Roemmle says has been there 10 years and is getting ready for the 4th. Cops in Shops is where they go into liquor stores looking for minors buying beer. Husein (26) & Ralpha (25) from Hackettstown went to a liquor store and a 16 year old outside gave them money to get them any alcohol. They are caught on surveillance inside and outside. They ask for the bottle to be wrapped separately. Rich is in TCs store and follows them out. He chases down the kids on foot and has a unit get the adults. They hid it behind cars and are both 16 and cuffed. Rich asks them how they feel they are caught. Husein was shocked he was cuffed, he had no part of it, it was his cousin, he told him not to. Ralpha was released. He wasnít thinking when buying them Vodka, wanted them to have a good time. At the station he feels bad, didnít know they were 16. Is he getting arrested? You already are. Will I have a record? Yes. Disorderly person. He has to go to court. He thought they would be mixing it, not drinking straight. If they went into traffic and got hurt it would be his fault. He was fined $500. Later he had to apologize to his family about it. 9/16/08
116 Arrested Guest/Whose Birthday Anyway/Unpaid Ticket Arrest - Chico, CA 7/19/08 - Ofc Schmid says he has been there a year, it's a busy town with bars on Fri Sat Sun, having a good time and causing trouble. April (18) had a bad day and decided to go out, drink, party and was walking to a friendís house. She is causing a disturbance and hitting a guy so they call cops. The guy says she just showed up drunk at his house and he filmed it because he didnít know her. Robert (23) saw she was drunk, didnít know what to think or if it was a setup. She admitted she had too much to drink. She says she never blacked out before and it was scary. She doesnít know what happened. She says her DOB is 2000. Rob says it was 1990, he checked already. She canít get it out and drops it, sheíll be fine if she leans on the wall. She knows Rob, went to school with him. He says heís 5 years older, so itís not true. She says she never knocked on a random guysí door before. If he didnít call the cops sheíd still be wandering around. She doesnít remember the cop or what he looks like. She asked him if he likes what he does and enjoys it. What? Handcuffs. Itís part of the job. She says she probably went to school with Schmid. Now she doesnít remember that. She doesnít know how much she drank, she had an empty bottle in her purse and a couple beers. She drank more than her legal limit. That would be none. She almost falls out of the car. She blew a .24 and couldíve died. She says whether or not she is drunk or not itís OK. Sheís a freshman right now, so sheís fresh. Rob was weirded out by it, who is she how did she get there? They only thing she remembers is the holding cell. She went to jail that night. 2 months later she says it was a wake up call. No charges were filed. 9/17/08
117 Panty Play/Somebody Call a Taxi/Boys Night - Lake Milton, OH 6/12/08 - Cpl James Davis says itís a small rustic town, great place to live. Aaron (20) came home and found his safe missing, Ashley (23) was the only one who knew about it. She says he blamed her. He says he was dropped off at 11, why didnít you call until 12:30? I was questioning my ex who has the key. He says she is a sweetheart. She says he still loves her, she doesnít love him. He says itís weird that only his safe is missing, only has important papers inside. Can you show me where your ex lives? They walk across the street to see them sitting in the backyard. Ash says they used to date. She was nervous and didnít make eye contact with them, was all over the place. They were the only 2 people who knew it was there. She wasnít allowed to touch it and didnít have a key, nothing in it was hers. They were outside and in the perfect position to see his house. She says they just got there. Anything that was hers? He says she models and had pictures in there. She didnít want the cop to know that. He says bikini and stuff in magazines, how many guys can date a magazine model? James asks if they were nude? Yes, she has a nude magazine. Her stuff was taken and those are things you donít want there. She says there are no pictures in there. She admits lying to the cop because it wasnít his business. Then she says there a booklet he told her about. Then she admits there was nude pictures, but doesnít care if anyone sees it. She likes being nude. They canít arrest her, but she has been lying so it doesnít add up. They have them make statements about what they saw, if they lie they will be charged. He still loves her, thinks she could've taken it. 2 months later - it hasnít been found, she doesnít care and hopes to be in Playboy. 9/18/08
118 Righty Tighty/Tattooed Troublemakers/Smoking Out in Mom's Car - Lake Milton, OH 6/14/08 - Ptrl Jeffrey Christy says they have little traffic stops up to shots fired. Brian (21) pulled into the grocery store and the cop was sitting out there so he stalled. He pulled him over for no license plate lights. He doesnít have a license on him, itís suspended. He doesnít know if he has anything illegal in the truck. He also has a warrant so they arrest him. He admits he has a warrant for no license and a pot pipe. Jeff asks again if he has anything. No. You will be charged then if he finds it. The truck is a mess, door handle is falling off, it was a crap shoot. They find a tube and he starts shaking bad. He says itís a match holder and it's empty. Heís nervous about jail. He wanted his milk and bread and to go home. The bring a K-9 and he jumps on the back twice. He didnít care if they tore it apart. Are you saying my dog is lying? No. They find roaches and he says there is seeds on the floor. A bad night to come to town. He wants to know if they are reading his rights. They do. He didnít have the funds to pay the warrants. He learned not to screw up. 2 months later Ė he hasnít been arrested again. 9/19/08
119 Daiquiri Dames/Hot Dog Harassment/Fighting Mad - St. Tammany Parish, AL 5/24/08 - Deputy Jeremiah Abbott says New Orleans is a big city and they imitate it in Slidell. Rebekah (18) & Paige (18) wanted to get dressed, go out and party a little bit. He pulls them over for no license plate or temp tag. Then he spots it folded in the back. They just got the car. He smells the booze and asks what the girl is drinking, looks like daiquiri. It is, but they say itís a snowball. Dep Barros sees them stuffing something under the seat. She says sheís terrified of cops. They arenít sure where the alcohol smell is coming from. They pull them all out. They thought they were looking for cocaine and were surprised. They open a purse and itís full of daiquiris. They say itís all theirs and they are all under age. They find a gallon of it and pour it out and they are pissed they didnít get to drink it. They donít know where it came from. He gives Bec a FST and she passes, but they are all arrested for underage drinking. Kelly says the pills are for her wisdom teeth being removed. She complains about the cuffs. They feel stupid and retarded. They are 18 and donít want them to call their mom. She is an adult, but itís her momís car so they call to let her know what's going on. They give them summons and release them. Becís mom arrived and made her apologize for being rude. Months later they feel they moved on and have moved out to go to college. They made a huge mistake and donít know what will happen at court. 9/23/08
120 Fallen Idol/Munchie Time/Not Built for Jail - Oak Lawn, IL 5/25/08 - Officer Eric Ebenau says they get their share of crime waves from one extreme to the other and they balance it down. Anthony (21) says he was bored, went out to a bar by himself to drink, tried to walk home, didnít make it. He gets a call of a drunk wandering around who tried to break into his house. They ask for his ID. He says he is not a gangbanger. He left his car at the bar and shouldíve called a cab. He wants them to drive him home, never been in trouble before. A man comes over and says a guy came knocking on his window, came inside and scared his daughter. She screamed. Anthony doesnít know about that, heís a nice guy. Kelly says he was on the porch, knocking on the windows. He doesnít remember ever doing anything like that, he wasnít knocking on anyoneís door. He says he was on American Idol Season 5, made to the top 60, now heís a traveling salesman. Donít you watch the show? Yeah, never saw you. He hoped that would cut him some slack. Want my autograph? No. Turn around. They cuff him because neighbors want to pursue charges. He knew he was arrested then. He has no record, never been in trouble. Heíll be charged with disorderly and trespassing. He thought he was getting a ride home. He sang Yellowcard at the audition, thinks heís a 10. He canít sing now, heís too drunk. He was worried heíd sit there longer. Charges were later dropped. A month later he says he stopped drinking. Greensboro, NC 6/18/08. 9/24/08
121 Bad Girls 1 - Lake Milton, OH 6/12/08 Ashley/Salisbury, MD 5/14/08 Kelly/Slidell, LA 5/29/08 Allison 9/30/08
122 Bad Girls 2 - Calvert Co. MD 5/17/08 Ashley/Seaside Heights, NJ 6/21/08 Jane/Salisbury, MD 5/15/08 Lindsey 10/1/08
123 Bad Girls 3 - St. Tammany Parish, AL 5/24/08 Rebekah & Paige/Oxnard, CA 6/7/08 Billi/Redondo Beach, CA 2/17/08 Rickie & Sara 10/2/08
124 Busted's Yearbook: Class of 2008 - Most Likely to Succeed - Brick, NJ 5/22/08 Saul (27), Chico, CA 7/17/08 Ed (24), Calvert Co. MD 5/12/08 Eric (19)/Class Clown - Slidell, LA 5/29/08 Chad (21), Oxnard, CA 5/25/08 Angel, Salisbury, MD 5/15/08 - Lindsey (19)/Most Athletic - Alpharetta, GA 5/29/08 Matt (18) & Griffin (18), Alpharetta, GA 5/30/08 Walker (18) & Logan (20), Oak Lawn, CA 5/25/08 - Jason (20) & Tom (22), Oxnard, CA 2/5/08 - Richard (19)/President of the Math Club - Oxnard, CA 2/5/08 - Richard (19), Chico, CA 7/19/08 April (18), Seaside Heights, NJ 7/5/08 Ashley, Seaside Heights, NJ 6/20/08 Brian (20) /Captain of Speech & Debate - Oxnard, CA 5/10/08 Javier (22), St. Tammany Parish, AL 5/24/08 Rebekah (18) & Paige (18), Ocean City, MD 6/6/08 - Alexsis (18)/Class Drama Queen - St. Tammany Parish, AL 5/24/08 Kelly (18), Oxnard, CA 2/5/08 - Richard, Redondo Beach, CA 2/8/08 - Jaline/Best Couple - Newton Falls, OH 6/14/08 Brittany (21) & Josh (21), Seaside Heights, NJ 6/21/08 Coy (20) & Jane (20), Brick, NJ 5/22/08 - Saul (27) & Katie (22)/Valedictorian - Redondo Beach, CA 2/17/08 - Rickie (22) & Sara (24), Seaside Heights, NJ 6/21/08 Coy (20) & Jane (20), Chico, CA 7/19/08 April (18), Chico, CA 7/19/08 Ryan (22)/Miss Busted - Salisbury, MD 5/15/08 Lindsey (19)/Mr. Busted - Oxnard, CA 2/5/08 Richard (19) #124. 10/4/08
125 Busted Live - Damien & Tony Yayo host. Sarah is in Calvert Co. MD with Deputy April Litteral and Ryan is in Akron, OH with Sgt. Laughlin/Slidell, LA 5/29/08 Chad (21) & Allison (21), Akron Live - drunk kids false alarm/Toms River, NJ 5/29/08 - Brandon (19) & Aimee (19)/Akron Live - nothing happens/Calvert Co. Live - they pull over a woman without headlights. She says sheís 20, Sarah asks if she's on drugs. No. She'll put them on now, will just get a warning/St. Tammany Parish, LA 7/6/08 Tiffani (20) & Josh (23)/Akron Live - they go to a house with 3 guys playing loud music and are outside drinking who are underage. One guy goes inside and he knocks on the door until he comes out. They ask if they are on TV for Cribs, no wrong show. They have only been living there a week. The guy inside is 18, it has happened before, the other guy inside is asked to get his ID. Has been busted before, first time live, then he says it wasnít here, it was at another house a year ago. The sgt. is mad about this since heís done it before. What will it take you to learn? This will do it. They werenít arrested last time. 3 hours  10/4/08
126 Busted Live Countdown to Lockdown - Features 20 new segments equal to 7 new episodes. Busted Live Countdown to Lockdown - Skyler Stone & Damien host. Ryan Belleville says they have cash outside on a table with a hidden camera to see if someone will steal it. 20. Macomb, IL 9/5/08 - Ofc Josh Creameans says itís a nice place to live, deal with fights, minors drinking. Rico (19) & Michael (22) were at a party drinking and cops came in and busted them. Itís a party where they are selling beer, a UC went in and bought a beer and they are going in. People are all over and cops want to see everyone under 21 and have their IDs. Rico thought if he ran he would be in more trouble. Heís given a BAC and wished he could blow zeros. Heís been busted before for paraphernalia. He blows a .038 and gets a ticket. Heís pissed. Kelly (18) was at another party and came down. She hopes she blows a zero. She blows a .01 and gets a ticket. Itís $200 and sheís pissed. Mike is the only one in cuffs and knew something was wrong. Heís over 21 and wanted to leave. The cop took his ID and wouldnít give it back. He says he gave a free cup, the cop grabbed him that he was the one selling it. He says he didnít take money from anyone, he gave the cop a free cup. The cop handed him a $10 and he didnít have any change. It was his lucky day. Josh tells him to stop yelling, thatís how heís going to do it. He gives him a ticket for $500 and he wants to talk to the cop he sold it to. He says he wonít sign, talk to the judge. Rico says his parents were mad, he wonít drink until heís 21. Itís a dead end street he wonít go down. Mike knows it was wrong, if he sells one to someone who gets in an accident itís his fault. Legal or Not - Is it legal for a woman to sell hot dogs in a bikini? Illegal in NY. Paige Boles & Rebekah Gleason from Slidell episode #119 join them. Now they are famous for the wrong reasons, can get free drinks from bars. They play their segment. They got 32 hours community service, $250 fine, 6 months diversion. They canít get in trouble for the same thing. Body Search Ė undercover cops are searched to see if audience members can find everything they have hidden on him. 5 hours. 10/25/08

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