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This episode guide covers a National Geographic show that is like Real TV or the  World's Most Amazing Videos. It shows interesting real life events caught on video.

Most Dangerous Moments - Wild Encounters - 4. In China a Panda Bear attacks a man sitting next to it's cage and rips his jacket off and they pull him way. 3. Anchorage, AK - a woman climbs over a 20 foot wall to take a picture of Binky the polar bear who gets her leg and breaks it. 2. Sea World - during the killer whale show, a man is riding one whale and the other whale is supposed to jump him and lands right on him breaking his back. 1. Honolulu, HI - Alan Campbell was working with Tyke the elephant. The elephant flips out and tosses a man like a doll. Alan goes to save him and gets knocked out. It steps on them and runs out the door. A man tries to close the gate and gets thrown and mauled. Cops shoot at it as it runs down the road after cars. After 30 minutes it is shot to death, Alan was also killed. Animal Rescues - 3. A group tries to subdue a grizzly bear to save it and move it to the wild. They drug it, but it's not enough. The bear goes after them, rams the car head on, jumps on the hood and attacks them before running out. 2. Mazula, MT - a bear climbs a tree, they shoot it, it falls out and hits a trampoline going up 15 feet. 1. Scotland - on the west coast of the Isle of Skye Chris Murray jumps in the water after a cow rescue and hurts his back. Nature's Fury - 3. Lago di Maggiore, Italian Alps - Dominic takes his camera and family to the lake. They heard strange noises like explosions and didn't know the glacier was moving. People got right under it as a  piece falls, then a massive sheet behind it. Then people are pounded by the water and a dozen are thrown in, but no one is killed. 2. Alps - Andy Stafferton and friends are flown high up to make a film. Then a large sheet of snow breaks loose at over 150 mph. It was breaking and cracking around them. He was yelling and screaming as it rolled over him. All 3 lived. 1. Moore, OK 5/3/99 - Gary England issues a tornado warning. It was 40 miles away and building. It's a giant blender pulverizing and shredding everything in sight spitting it out. It's clocked at over 300 mph, the biggest one ever. It goes right over Jennifer's apartment building. She was buried with 5 day old kid. Fire arrives to cut her out with her kid. She never thought she would make it. Painful Rituals - 3. Pentecoast Island, South Pacific. Willie & Phillip Warren prepare to jump 80 feet off a tower with only vines on their legs. Any miscalculation is sudden death. Phillip jumps from 25 feet safely. Warren jumps from 80 feet. He hits the ground, but is OK. 2. Brazil - the Bullet Ant gives the most painful sting on earth. For the Satoa Moai tribe's ritual to become a man the ants are drugged, then woven into gloves and put on boys' hands. They have to wear it for 10 minutes. They scream in pain, it's like having your hands on fire as is unbearable. After the gloves come off, the venom burns. They have to go through it 20 times. 1. Puket, of Thailand - a religious frenzy festival. Jhide whips himself into a frenzy with incense and emotion. 5 giant skewers are put through his face. They parade themselves down the street and people go down in worship. It's sacred pain - knives, swords, everything through tongues. Amazing Challenges - 3. On the Tsangpo River bed in Tibet Doug Gordon leads his group to kayak the river since no one has ever done it. He's pulled under water for over 30 seconds before he's spit out. He has to go down an 8 foot waterfall and it drags him to the middle and spins him over holding him down until he drowns. They never see him again. 2. Bathen Island, Canada - north of the Arctic circle Dwayne Thomas, Sean Richards, Sean Ellison & Ian climb shear peaks to basejump them. They get sick, frostbite and are down for days before they get to the top of a 3,500 foot cliff and jump off. 1. Loizeaux Demolition Inc. - clips of bridges, the largest gas towers, the Omega Radio Tower radio tower in Argentina, 17 buildings Villa Panamericana & Las Orquideas in Puerto Rico and the J.L. Hudson Department store in Detroit being imploded. The Seattle Kingdome is the largest building by volume ever brought down at  40,000 cubic meters, 23,000 tons in 2000. 2005
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