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This all real video clips show first aired in 2002 and picked up where shows like Real TV or the  World's Most Amazing Videos left off when they went on the air filling a void. A couple of years later when these kind of shows came back they used some of the footage, but many clips remain exclusive to this show. Originally the shows were an hour each, but 4 years later they re-edited them into half hour shows with a new a younger announcer - Jim Curry.

Hour episodes (2003)

# Description
1 Lee Barden got into martial arts in 1973 when he saw Bruce Lee. He wanted to be a nunchuck expert and did more and more elaborate routines. One night he decided to light them on fire. His assistant used too much lighter fluid in the plate where he lights them and then he kicked more on Lee trying to put it out. Sonya Sweat was the EMT who at first she thought it was part of the show. Walter Faulker was his partner and said drop and roll, but there was nowhere to go. He goes into the audience and people swat him to put him out, then Walt uses bottled water and everyone throws water on him. He was burned over 40% of his body, his legs and arms are burned and has scars. He would use fire again, but his wife won’t let him. He has two babies to think about. Santiago Zoo, Chile – 10 years old Jumbo the elephant, pushes Protea, a 9 year old elephant into a moat pit after a mating attempt gone bad. She’s trapped for four hours and they can’t lift her three tons without crushing her abdomen. Ines Horovitz PhD says it was dangerous to try to lift her by her front legs. She doesn’t like it, wails and tries to get out. Rescuers have to pull her back legs to get her to stabilize and get onto land. Then she gets mad, attacks the harness, then gets out. She might not have wanted to mate and likes them bigger. Thierry Devaux, a Frenchman, powersails around the Statue of Liberty and was determined to land on the torch. Joe DeMara photographs it. Cops clear the area as the man gets caught 30 feet below the torch. Sgt. Michael Lannelli went up to rescue him and lowers down ropes to him and has to haul him up inch by inch. He is saved, then arrested. The base is permanently bent from the rescue and he is charged with 4 misdemeanors and $7,000 in repairs. Del Mar, CA - Bubba Blackwell tries to set a record jump over 22 cars with his Harley, but wipes out hitting the ramp. He jumps 18 wheelers and trucks, in over 100 jumps he only crashed once. Jamie Blackwell says she heard the bike didn’t sound right. His gives an interview from a stretcher after breaking his pelvis in 3 places, broke 9 ribs and punctured both lungs, but god performs miracles. He’s not going to quit. Dunkerton, IA - Roger Hill became a storm chaser after being a lawyer. One day his group finds an F4, 200 mph bearing down on them. It’s a massive cone with debris kicking all around it. They get lost, pull over and says he’s fine, then it comes right at them. He tapes outside as the wind pummels them. Then it takes out houses. They escape at the last minute. After they find a car in a tree, two people died and there is a circular saw blade 60 feet up in a tree. His goal is to see as many tornados as possible before he dies. Deputy John Lucy tries to pull over a woman at night and she goes to run him down. They give chase and she hits a divider going 100mph and rips the side of her car up and loses a tire. A helicopter follows and she gives them the finger. Her car shoots sparks as she keeps going down the freeway into town. Then a cop PITs her and spins her out. Another cop pins her in the front. She guns the engine, they break her windows out and pepper spray her. After 30 miles it’s over. Bakersfield, CA – during the national speedboat races Dave Promintz races his hydroplane “Just Another Toy”. He gets up to 220mph, then the boat lifts, crashes down, rips apart and tumbles as he’s thrown out. Rescuers pull him out and he’s not injured. He goes up to the booth to watch the crash. His drive shaft was ripped off. He lived because of the capsule. He quits it to race top fuel dragsters instead. Reno, NV - Erik Burud spots a deer stuck out in the ice. He shoos a coyote away and calls the rescuers. Paul Patocka says you can’t talk to a deer. After 2 hours they finally get it out. The vet checks it out and is OK. They let it go and it runs right back into the lake. Erik comes back later to find the deer out there and uses his lasso to pull it back in. On his third try he gets it out all wet and stupid looking. This time it runs home. Nejapa, El Salvador – the September carnival culminates in the flinging of flaming rags. They are soaked for three months in advance. It goes back to the 1740s when a volcano erupted and St. Jerome saved them. Young men reenact the fiery battle with the devil himself. They toss the rags at each other and they explode in flames, but no one is injured. KS 6/17/01 – a woman parks her car on a bridge and threatens to jump. Deputy Robert Burkhead arrives to talk to her and positions himself between her and the 40 foot drop. She asks for water and then makes a run for it. She climbs up, jumps and he grabs her by one arm, but she goes over. Deputy Doug Pryor and a man run over and grab him and pull him back up. He calls 911 to say she jumped, is in the water and face down. His arm is broken and they go down the embankment and they pull her out the water 100 yards downstream. He swung her over to the deeper water instead of the rocks by grabbing her. Clinton, AR – National Chuckwagon Racing Championship. Dan Eoff started the races 17 years ago. On Labor Day weekend it draws 20,000 people to pay tribute to the old west. There are bucking broncos and all other kinds of races. Peggy Eoff says it’s not for novices. Last year there were 22 ambulance calls and 2 airlifts. The women race too. 3,000 people on horses watch. Des Moines, IA – Anthony Handy shoots through walls of an apartment and people flee for their lives. His girlfriend left him for using drugs. He throws stuff at cops and comes out the window waving a gun. Then he starts a fire in the apartment and smoke starts pouring out. He kicks out his screen door and falls on the patio. He screams for help and they tell him to drop his gun. Flames pour out the window and 4 cops run up to save him. They cuff him and are trapped up there as flames spread. They have to wait for the fire department. The walls start melting as cops climb down. He gets first degree arson and terrorism. Bosporus Straits, Turkey - a man with a boxcutter and a noose around his neck threatens to jump off a 200 foot bridge. He climbs over the side and hangs on the rope realizing how high up he is. Then he wants help from cops he tried to attack. Billings, MT – Motorcycle Hill Climb Championship – bikers races up a near 400 foot vertical face. Dusty Beer says there are so many things to worry about and he’s the champ. There are many scenes of people losing it. One man has the bike fly out from under him and takes out a bike catcher. Only 1 out of 10 make it to the top. 4/14/03
2 Various sprint car race crashes and explanations. Steve Fehrman drives a car sponsored by a Mortuary and his methanol fuel line breaks, douses him in fuel then it ignites setting the car and him on fire. He jumps out and rolls himself out. White River, Indiana - Kim and Kirk Medders, their 14 month old son and 2 friends are on a boat ride. Rain went over a damn and their boat got stuck on a waterfall. The propeller is caught on a ledge below. They are hanging at nearly a 45 degree angle and Kirk hurt his back. The fire department can’t get to them and toss life vests. The area below is too treacherous to swim. Sgt. Chip Sunnier and Sgt. John T. Kelly from the police lead a helicopter rescue. They are worried they might knock the boat loose with the prop wash. The harness was only made for one so they have to hand the baby up to the chopper and Kim rides hanging underneath. They take her to shore and come back one at a time. It took 3 hours. Cpl Mike Medrano goes to a hotel fire started by a child with matches. The roof is the only thing on fire. Lt. Homer Thompson pulls down parts of the roof so it doesn’t burn. Then the roof suddenly collapses on them. Chief Ron Moss is knocked down and Mike jumps out of the way. They can’t find Homer, they think he’s buried, but he fell back through an open door and was trapped in the room behind him and is able to walk out a minute later. Montana - Nick Baldwin & Mike Nugent go to college and ski on their days off. They film a ski movie on the slops. Mike Hoffman is a rescue worker who explains about the two kinds of avalanches. They set off slab avalanches in preparation. Mike goes down and a sea of snow starts to follow him. Then he goes down and gets buried. Nick is filming, leaves the camera and holds onto a tree. He is OK, but Mike is under 10 feet of snow. He walks hours for help and they are able to get Mike out. He broke his femur, pelvis and 2 ribs. He tumbled through space and knew he was going to die. He was in the hospital for two months. New Castle, Delaware – police go to a domestic call. Officer Trinidad Navarro arrives and he starts shooting at him. They cut off electricity and water. Chief John Cunnigham Jr. decides to wait him out. After two days he comes out for food bait and they distract him and tackle him to the ground. All the neighbors had to be evacuated for 2 days and cheer them. Los Angeles, CA – a woman robs a store of 2 packs of pampers and flees in a jeep. Police chase them while both have kids in the back of the car. She goes fast, through traffic, blows intersections, takes fast turns, then heads out to the 10 freeway and gets it up to 100mph. Eventually she hits a barrier, then jumps out, climbs a fence and runs across traffic, can’t get over the other wall, then runs back and cops take her down and drag her off the road. Cops clear the jeep and there are 3 small children who exit. Now she faces 10 1/2 years in jail instead of a small fine. Uruguay - An entire pod of false Orca Dolphins strand themselves on the beach. John Heyning says they might do it searching for food. They can’t get back in the water and people work all night to roll them back in. It takes 10 men to move each one. But the big ones weigh 2 tons and military helicopters are brought it. It takes 16 hours to move them all. Des Moines, IA – a demolition team wires up an old warehouse. They have a camera inside that records each of the columns in the basement blowing up one at a time. A few days later the battered camera is found intact. Boca Raton, FL – Hank Schiffer drives a white van into a sinkhole thinking it’s only a few feet deep. The van is completely engulfed with his two dogs Smokey & Scooby trapped inside and he has to pull them out before it is underwater. He drove from his house to get food a few blocks away where a main had broken and caused an 8 foot sink hole and he drove right into it. Salinas, CA – at an airshow Wayne Handley flies a red aerobatic plane with Oracle on the wings. He does a hammerhead stall at 2000 feet, aims straight down, his engine fails and he slams into the ground. After he says he was trying to bring the nose up, did at the last second and hit the belly at 26 Gs. A month later he is flying again. He had to have a vertebrae removed, so he’s three inches shorter. He crashed in front of his family and friends so he would never to stunts again. FL – a man enters a convenience store with a gun and demands the money. Cashier James McDonald was a former cop and refused to move or do anything. The man comes around the counter and he knows the gun is fake so he won’t give him anything. He grabs the register, pulls on the plug and then some woman comes in he drops it and runs. They get his plate and he is caught. Two years later a man comes in with a gun as James is in the back talking to a woman. He goes up front, she leaves, the guy pulls the gun against his head and fires into the ceiling. He gives him the money then he sees the gun is empty and jumps him. He goes down, drops money and James grabs his bat and chases him out the door. Los Angeles, CA – police chase a car of teens in the Hollenbach division. They go the wrong way, turns their lights out, run intersections, play chicken with civilians and taunt the cops. Police policy is not to ram the car so they have no fear. They even stop at one point to check the tires. They keep running into Monterey Park where the police are allowed to ram them which they do right away and knock them across the road and spin them out. They are busted. Santiago, Chile – torrential rain floods 75% of the city. Bridges, roads and railroads are wiped out. A man tries to take two horses across a flooded river and falls off as rescuers try to pull him out. He knocks a man over and they all make it. Anaheim, CA – a suspect runs on the freeway at over 100mph, he blows off the freeway and takes an exit fast, goes into a dead end, runs, takes an alley and hides under a white SUV in view of the chopper and is caught soon after. FL – a serial robber is armed and trapped. He makes a run for it and a K-9 is let loose and takes him down. Des Moines, IA – a third time sex offender was caught knocking on a woman’s window. Cops surround him and he runs for it down the road as cops chase him and take him down blocks later. 4/16/03
3 Seoul, South Korea – a helicopter tries to put a sculpture on top of a bridge to commemorate the 1988 Olympics. Bruce Bergquist, a helicopter expert, explains what happens. It lets it down and then hits his own downwash and can’t get any air, starts to sink and the blades hit the sculpture and goes down the side of the bridge, crashes into a fiery wreck and the rest goes into the river far below. The three pilots die. Los Angeles, CA 4am – a van stalls in the fast lane of a construction zone. Paul tapes a Mustang hitting it at full speed. Two people are trapped, but he can’t get to them. Then a speeding car skids out to miss it and crashes into another car. He calls it in. Then another speeding car slams into the wrecked van. Then another and they get out to check each other. Idaho at dawn - Rick Maker is a house manager called to the scene of a neighbor who broke into a house through the window, but it turns out to be a deer. They open the door and it runs out, runs around, gets back in, runs out, then through another window. Shannon Ehrman owned the house, he saw the blood, was shocked and didn’t want to be there. Then the deer jumps back out the window and runs right at the cameraman. He drops the camera and runs. The house is destroyed. When Shannon sees all the damage he wants to cook it. Two people moved out the next day. Cocoa, FL – Samuel Watts is armed. A female bill collector left papers for his wife and he tried to run her over. SWAT is called in. He then comes out and shoots at police 11 times. Officer Barbara Matthews was stunned. Officer Joe Buscamo says they want to establish a repoire with him. He goes back inside, then comes out and shoots 10 more times. Sgt. Gordon Teachworth says bullets were hitting everywhere. They decide to take him out. Bullets fly off the pavement and hit their cars. Barb says don’t do anything stupid. He then runs out with the gun to his head and they shoot at him. He runs back in and shoots back. Barb was almost hit. They hit him a few times and runs outside and collapses all bloody without the gun. No cops were hit. He had no care for their lives, he was trying to shoot out their gas tanks. He survives and faces a life sentence. Warren Township, Indianapolis – 21 year old Stephanie Long goes off the road into a frozen lake. David Wilkes and 7 other people hold the car up so it doesn’t sink. She’s out cold and it’s freezing. Stacy Gerlich from the LAFD explains what hypothermia is. That’s what was happening. Then the car starts to sink and water starts going in her mouth. A woman tries to hold her up. Phil Miller hooks his truck to her car by chain and pulls it close to shore. The fire department arrives and pulls her out. Div Chief Sean Ferbrache FD says the people saved her life. After there is a ceremony to honor the people who saved her. They don’t feel like heroes and she’s grateful they stopped. Dallas, TX – a homeless man steals a truck hauling a large bed of wood and a forklift. People go out to see it and encourage him. Cops drive them back. He hits traffic then smokes out the back. He drives after people who wave at him. Cops start shooting out the back tires. Then the rims grind into the asphalt and the sparks ignite the lumber. A huge fire ensues. Then one of the flaming wheels goes off and rolls down the road. He drives across a median and gets stuck up on a curb. A white van with a tactical team follows and cops jump out and fire at him. He gets away, then swerves back and forth and spills wood all over the road. Now the forklift on the back is on fire, then the falling lumber hits a school bus. Police race to catch up to him, but he swerves them out of the way. He then suddenly stops. It turns out he was shot and had lost too much blood. Cops jump out and grab him. He was supposed to be in court that day for stealing another truck. Michigan – the Clinton River is raging from a rainstorm. Three people died there in the last 2 days. Cameraman Dave Meinhard was sent out to cover the story. He interviews a ranger and then kayakers come down the river right near the log jam where a girl just died. Then one girl gets caught under the log and screams. A second girl comes next to her to help, but can’t. He drops the camera and climbs on the logs to pull her out. Then the second girl is stuck and he pulls her out too. Miami, FL – a man steals a white SUV and runs down the road. Paul Leveritt was the man’s friend, he suddenly beat him with a hammer then tried to stab him. He took his car and ran. He goes through a tollbooth and spins out, then throws it into a wild reverse and keeps going. People watch it on TV, then someone on the road throws a rock right through his window and it hits him on the head. He calls 911 screaming they are going to hurt me over and over. The female dispatcher tries to calm him to no avail. He gets up to 100mph, goes over a median, hits hard, loses a tire, goes off road and dives out of the SUV. Then it runs over his leg and he flips out in agony. Paul was letting him stay with him to kick his drug habit, that’s how he repaid him. Hawaii, Big Island – a volcano erupts and Don Swanson and others vulcanologists go right up close to it. People walk on the lava field and sometimes fall through. The air is too hot to breathe. Nebraska pan handle - Jim Leonard is a stormchaser. He gets caught in a storm of golf ball sized hail. It pounds down all around so he pulls over. Dr. Roger Wakimoto, UCLA atmosphere, explains about hail. Then it turns to baseball size, starts smashing in his windshield and destroying his car. Then the emergency broadcast comes on and it gets worse. The roof starts to buckle, the back windshield is taken out. After he gets out and there are hail stones all over, some as big as his hand. His car is totaled. Las Cruces, NM 2/17/02 – George Montoya works alone at a convenience store and his kids don’t like it. Two men come in and are nice, but are wearing hoods and gloves. He asks them if it’s that cold outside. They say yeah. When he opens the drawer the second guy runs around at him with a knife. He starts kicking him and the second guy jumps the counter to help. Each attack him with 8 inch knives. George’s body knocks the drawer closed. The stop attacking him and need him to open the drawer again. They tell him to open it or they’ll kill him. He tells them to take it, it’s cool. One says you are going to die. He then looks down and sees the floor is covered in blood. He was stabbed 7 times and needed 15 stitches in the head. He was in the hospital for 10 days and the store refused to pay him so he quit. Montgomery, AL 4/9/01 – Cpl Mike Darden pulls over a man and is real nice to him. He knows he’s under suspicion so he writes him a summons and is free to leave, but he starts asking him questions about guns and drugs. Then he starts to get scared. He says he asks everyone these questions when he stops them. He asks if he can search, but he can’t legally hold him. The guy isn’t happy about it, he doesn’t know why he should. He calls in a K-9 unit which is legal. The man says he’s nervous around police and wants to call his mom. They say no and grab him. They guy fights them both and goes for the cops gun. They take him down and more cops take down the passengers. They find a Mack 10, rocks and 1.7 pounds of powdered cocaine. Montana – extreme skiing competition. Lots of scenes of guys wiping out. One has his back burned, one goes up the ramp and hits the steel deck. 4/18/03
20 Irwindale Racetrack, Los Angeles - scenes of car crashes. Todd Burns #4 & Kevin Wood #34 race. Kevin gets ahead, clips Todd, they both hit the wall, Todd’s front gets on top of him and they hit a support post and it rips apart. Todd is OK, Kevin is stuck, but they pull him out too and the crowd cheers. New Zealand - 12/31 – beekeeper Chris Robinson was driving home in a truck with 80,000 bees and it crashed into a ravine. His legs are broken, he’s trapped and the bees sting him over and over for 12 hours. Brent Karner explains about bee stings. He called his wife to say where he was and she called the rescue team. Rod Walker is a friend who helps. They can suit up, but Chris can’t. They use the helicopter to blow the bees away. He’s pulled out alive with 100s of stings. Birmingham, AL 6/18/00 – Bobby Barr is doing a ride along with his friend Deputy Philip Humphreys. 15 minutes in they go to pull a car over doing 87. It turns into a chase and he tells him to stop or he will ram him. Another cop from Trussville gets ahead of him to slow him down and he rams the cop. He keeps going, they get back in front of him, then the guy drives into the ditch and across the median onto the other side of the road. He makes a u-turn and hits Phil. Then he PITs him, he spins out in front of him and then crashes into him. He jumps out and cuffs him. After Bobby says it was the most adrenaline, fascinating, dangerous event of his life. He wants to do it again. Hawaii – Jamie Guajardo and friends decide to skydive. He’s done it over 300 times, but his friends are doing it for the first time. They get up to 11,000 feet and jump. He showboats, does some rolls, then pulls his chute. He’s an adrenaline junkie, so he decides to swoop the ground at a high speed. He does a hook turn too fast at 100 feet instead of 500 and he hits the ground at 52mph. He couldn’t feel anything, he broke his left femur in half, had to have a rod put in, screws in his knee and hip, broke his right leg and spent 45 days in the hospital. Clare County, MI 3/17/01 – Deputy Christopher Van Horn pulls over a man for weaving. He asks how much has he drank since he smells it. The guy cries that he’s going through a divorce and wants to get home. He says he had 3 beers. He takes him out to check his eyes. Then he says he had too much to drink, but his kids are home with the babysitter and he has to get home, his mom is out of town and he will not go to jail. Chris says that’s not up to him. He gives him a field test and he fails. He calls for backup, then the guy puts his hands in his pockets and jumps back in his car, starts it up, gets out, then runs back and drives off. Soon after he wipes out into a ditch. Shattuck, OK - Dave Ferguson is racing a speedboat and soon after the start at 150mph he loses it, flies in the air and spins around and the boat disintegrates. The cockpit capsule is made of Kevlar, is still in tact and floating. A boat races out to grab him and he waves. It’s the same as an F-16 with roll bars and oxygen inside. On shore his 9 year old twins Nathan and Slater join him, he says he’s fine, but they won’t let him get up. His wife Kelly tells them they are putting a brace on him. Valencia, Spain 01 - Sidecar motorcycle racing – Chris & Pete Founds are racing their first pro race after 7 years. 20 seconds in they try to cut someone on a corner, their front wheel locks and they slam into a wall at 120mph and the bike shreds. Pete bounces along the wall and Chris is thrown into traffic end over end. He’s bumped, but didn’t know he snapped a ligament in his ankle. Pete eats gravel, it was fun, might do it again. Their $50,000 dollar bike is wrecked. Turkey Victory Day Celebration – Ankara's Hippodrome arena – 1000s watch the army doing maneuvers. Army skydivers crash right over the ground. Then 2 more incoming tangle their chutes and Karabalu hits the street hard. The other man hits a tree, but is OK. Medics run over, but he makes a full recovery. Willoughby Hills, OH - 12/6/02 – two men are stealing from mailboxes. Officer Matt Naegele pulls them over. He knows the guy, has dealt with him before and knew he was wanted for warrants. He takes off and Chief Christopher J. Collins joins him. He’s in the median and the suspects drive right at him. The passenger freaks and tries to get him to stop. Two 18 wheelers set up a rolling blockade, but he makes it past. The rain turns to snow and they call for spike strips. He sees them and swerves to miss and skids off the road to the right, keeps going into the median and then slides, flips 3 times and stops in the median. The driver was thrown into the backseat and knocked out. Matt puts one man into his car and he says, “I has had seizures.” He’s airlifted out. An 8 point male mule deer is on a property. The pure bred chow doesn’t like it though and barks. The deer is unphased. They stare each other down then the deer puts it’s antlers down and charges hitting the dog. Then the woman taping freaks, but the deer leaves it alone. Bolivia – a suicidal man is barricaded in his house and is torturing his wife in front of police. Sub Lt Ruben Sosa Guerrero says he could see him stabbing her in the leg. Officer Enrique Chavez says there was something blocking the door so he kicked it. It is a tank of propane gas and when they get it open the gas sprays everywhere. They run in to grab the woman, but the man lights a match and the place explodes. They grab the suspect and the woman, but one cop is trapped inside and burned. The woman got third degree burns on her hands. She says to call the police before you are this abused. A man on meth rams 3 police cars. His girlfriend inside tries to get him to stop. He drives in a parking lot and they ram him and open fire. The car smokes wildly and he guns the engine trying to free himself. They fire again into the smoke. They tell the cameraman to get down and fire 70 shots. The car is full of holes when they go up to it and yank him out and the dog jumps on him. He yells for his mommy. Police are under investigation. Mesquite, TX – cowboy poker at a championship rodeo. Men sit around a table and a bull rushes them. Cody Werthum is taken out by the bull. The bull goes in and destroys the table and Jason Williams wins. Each man puts in $100, who ever is left in their chair wins. The next night the bull goes right at Cody again and he hops right over the bull. Mario Diaz isn’t so lucky. AKA 2009. 7/30/03
23 Nickel Heights, OH – a backhoe rips through a natural gas line at a 7-11 construction site. Fire Chief James Castelucci evacuates everyone. Suddenly a phone pole erupts in fire from a spark, then a fire ball covers the entire area, swirling bigger and bigger. It gets up to 1500 degrees and cars start to burn. Over 100 firefighters get on scene from 11 departments. A fire truck is 275 feet away and so hot when they cool it down the windshield breaks. Joseph Mocsiran told his wife to turn on the TV and see her car burn. No one got hurt. Alexander City, AL – 17 year old Tony Bruno went out with his dad Tony Sr. to go quail hunting for the first time. Dogs flush them out, each man has a field of fire. They shoot a bunch and after a while the dog finds a new area. Dad stays behind to film and Tony takes a few shots, then shoots his dad and he goes down. The camera deflected most of the pellets, but he was hit in the face. Bath, Canada – Josh Mane skis down a mountain called Delirium Dive. He decides to take a short cut and the announcer says there must’ve been a shortage of brains for him. He then comes to a cliff with a 100 feet drop, takes a short jump and loses a ski. He tries to get it back on, then tumbles over the cliff, he slams on the rocks and cartwheels down to the bottom and slides along the snow. A rescue team pulls him out with only a broken wrist and a gash on his leg. He’s interviewed in the hospital and is happy about it. Chicago, IL – black ice on a highway sends many cars skidding. Vincent Snowton said it was like being on an ice rink. Brad Barltey went out to film for the news and it went on all night. Steven Tate hit a wall twice and spun around. A cop gets behind him then a car plows right into the police car, doesn’t even try to move and flips over into a bus. The police car is hit into Steven’s car. Now the cop needs to be rescued. It turns out the guy was DWI. Then they decide to close the road down after 45 wrecks, but no one dies. Farmington, MI - Kerry McLean is an inventor who made over 100 contraptions. 5/20/01 – he creates a monocycle – a motorcycle with one huge wheel and 225 horsepower engine. He thinks it can go 150 mph and goes to test it out as friends watch. He gets it up to 25, then guns it, but loses power. He can’t shift and works on it making repairs. He gets back on, then guns it up 50mph. When a car comes at him he hits the break and starts to wobble, loses it, then flips over. He bruises his lung, tears a shoulder blade, hurts both eyes and takes 2 months to recover. He rebuilds it to make it more safe by adding rudders and fins. Mikey Mean is skydiving and goes to pull his chute and blindsides his friend Corey. He spins around and lands OK. Mikey lands OK soon after. Mohawk River, Glenview NY – Fireman William H. King says the area around the dam is like a washing machine called the Drowning Machine. Greg Terrill does water rescue and says people get sucked in. Gary Davis saw a boat get sucked in and calls Chief Don Gerding who says two rescue boats also got stuck. They are standing on the lock while Julie jumps and is still tethered to the line. They get her in the boat, but she’s still on the line and they start to sink and gun the engine and she gets pulled back under the pouring water. Lt. Tanya Colleton saw her rope pop up and started pulling on it. She pops up out of the raging water for 30 seconds and is pulled on land. They go back for Robert Halford. He has to jump in the water and they’ll tow him out. They still have the 2 boys to rescue. Second Chief Arnold Briscoe Jr. lowers a harness down to AJ and pulls him up. 12 year old Justin Davis is next, then 10 year old Ryan. 8/24/01 – a cop is racing to a call and a car cuts out in front of him and he flips. A cop driving at night in black ice spins out, goes off the road, spins and goes over the other side of the road. Peoria, IL 11/30/02 – Officer Parnell drives over a bridge that is out because there were no barricades because vandals had stolen the signs. The camera shows him going off 20 feet upside down. Bob Felt is a skydiving instructor. He joined a 16 man formation to film them. They all get together, he pulls his chute, it twists all around and he tries to untangle it. He realizes he’s getting too low and goes to pull the reserve and it isn’t there, it shifted. When he pulls it he has 3 seconds before hitting and he hits a tree, but was OK. Davis County UT 8/12/01 – a 17 year old boy involved in a domestic jumps into a pickup truck and runs. He gets it over 100mph and Trooper White tries to box him in and he floors it. They lay spike strips, but he avoids them. He cuts across 3 lanes, takes a turn doing 70, then suddenly turns offroad and plows right into a cement overpass on purpose, but he lives through the suicide attempt. Crash test footage - Rusty Haight is the human crash test dummy. He dresses up like one at the Collision Safety Institute in San Diego, CA. He’s been in over 700 crashes, but only got a pair of minor injuries from air bags. He shows the cops his red mark from the steering wheel to show what it looks like in case a suspect tries to trick you that they aren’t driving after a crash. His thick rubber crash test mask is to keep glass out of his face. Los Angeles, CA – a high speed chase at night. A pickup truck hits the center divider as a helicopter follows. He squeezes between two cars, hits a car, swerves hard, hits a car into the divider showering it with sparks. His back tires blow apart. He goes off the freeway, loses it on a turn, spins around wildly, blows a red light, then pulls into someone’s lawn, jumps out and hops a fence. He runs into an area with heavy trees in a complex. Cops surround him, but he disappears. AKA 2015. 10/8/03

Half Hour Episodes (2007-08)

101 Statue of Liberty, NY - Thierry Devaux from France is protesting landmines in Europe by flying a gyro with a parachute and trying to land on the arm, but his chute gets caught and he’s stuck hanging over the side with no way up. (footage from Ep.1) 2002
102 Lee Barden wants to be the best martial artist, even better than Bruce Lee, so he does a nunchuck fire display in a ring in front of a crowd. He lights them up from a liquid soaked plate, flames get on the ring, his assistant goes to kick it out, but kicks the plate of fire onto Lee. (All footage from Ep.1) 2002
103 White River, Indiana - Kim and Kirk Medders, their 14 month old son Elias and 2 friends are on a boat ride. Rain raised the water level over a damn and their boat got stuck on a waterfall. (All footage from Ep.2) 2002
104 Cocoa, FL - Samuel Watts tries to run over a bill collector who comes to his house. Sgt. Gordon Teachworth leads a SWAT team a s Sam comes out and fires 11 times at them. (All footage from Ep.3) 2002
105 Turkey - an earthquake devastates the country. A rescue team from Fairfax, VA led Capt Dan Bickham Jr. arrives 2 days later to help and finds everything around them had collapsed. 2002
106 Phoenix, AZ - a man steals a 13 ton dump truck at rush hour and helicopters cover the chase. He runs around cars and blows intersections. Doug Click saw it on TV, left home and it went right by him. 2002
107 Pretty Prairie, KS - Jim Reed & Katie Bay film a landspout that turns to a tornado. It’s out in a field and isn’t kicking up dust so it looks invisible. Then they realize a new tornado is coming down right above them. 2002
108 Mohab, UT - Basejumper footage. Bud Conner got into jumping because he’s scared of heights. He judges the Tombstone Challenge competition where they put cameras on them as they jump. 2002
109 Sixteen women skydivers want to set a canopy stacking record. They set the record, then break off and #6 collapses. Becky Livingstone and her friend get caught in a spiral. 2002
110 Ken Berg records skydivers jumping in tandem, but when he opens his chute the lines tangle. He releases the reserve and it too is tangled. It finally untangles so he goes to follow where his chute bag lands since it is expensive. 2002
111 Dorset, England - Jonathan Clark was in a yacht race on Poole harbor when a boat gets caught against a ferry. Mark Cole goes in a lifeboat trying to rescue them when waves push the boat over under the ferry. 2002
112 England - Danny Watts holds the Renault Formula Racing speed record. On the Olton track he hits the car in front of him, lifts up in the air, flips over, goes across the ground, grass, hits the wall, goes over it and back down and shreds to pieces. 2002
113 Trinity River, CA - John Lane and 19 others white water raft though the mountains. It’s class 5, 1 step below a waterfall. One raft of 6 goes up the rocks and 1 spills out. The next raft goes over the fall and gets sucked back in the hydrolic and spins them around and around. 2002
114 Portland, OR - Dennis Butler and friends climb the Mt Hood Volcano. Suddenly a large crevasse swallows up 9 men, dropping them down over 20 feet. 2002
115 UT 4/15/01 - Trooper Steven Bytheway spots a drunk going the wrong way on the freeway at over 100mph. He blocks the traffic so innocent people don’t get hit. They have to race to keep up, hit a construction zone then find a chance to PIT him, he goes into a wall, spins around, hits Steve, knocks him across the road and he comes back to find the drunk knocked out. 2002
116 Bowie Co, TX 8/13/02 – Deputy Kelsey Coleman spots a car with broken taillights and goes to stop them at a store to help him fix it figuring he’s an old man. The guy doesn’t stop, but doesn’t speed up. 2002
117 Harrier Air Show Crash - Coast of England - at the 6th Annual Lowestoft Airshow Anthony Cahn flies a VTOL jet and hovers, then loses it, ejects and it crashes into the water. Peter S. Bowen flies Harriers and says you have seconds to eject. He lands into the plane and fuel breaking his foot. A rescue boat has to save him. The $50 million plane was lost.  Motorcycle Quick Change Pursuit - A motorcycle rider shows off for the cameras while leading California cops on a wild 110 mile-per hour freeway chase. The only thing that can keep up is a police helicopter - until the slippery suspect mysteriously disappears from its sight! Houston School Bus Rescue - Schoolchildren cling to life in a school bus that is stranded in raging floodwaters. A helicopter crew faces impossible odds in treacherous conditions to lift the children one by one to safety. Slab Sandwich - A construction worker gets his leg pinned between two massive slabs of concrete. While his odds of ever walking again grow slimmer, local firefighters put their faith in a high-tech method of saving him. Colombian Kidnap Rescue - In Bogota, Colombia, a band of mercenaries is hired to get back a child who has been brutally kidnapped. Cameras capture everything on the daring raid. Swedish Base Jump Busted - Swedish daredevils parachute off a construction crane into thick fog. Surviving the terrifying fall is one thing, but will they be able to keep a step ahead of local police when they try to flee the scene? Doggie Digout Down Under - When a six-month-old puppy gets stuck in a filthy sewage pipe under six inches of concrete in Auckland, New Zealand, local rescue workers go to extraordinary lengths to reunite it with its worried mother. #4. 2003
118 Tangled Parachute Accident - Panama - Oliver Miranda and friends are skydiving. He jumps and his chute tangles, then his reserve tangles with it. He spins out of control and slams hard into the ground. He has blood and his mouth and his back is broken in 2 places. One man yells at the large crowd to stop moving him. It took 8 weeks to recover and he made the front page of the paper. After he says he was going to die, he messed up and didn’t cut the first chute before he deployed the reserve.  Car Jack Take Back - When carjackers steal a man's prized truck, he takes action and jumps into the truck bed and dials 911. The pursuit is filmed from news helicopters as the victim relays the thieves every move. High School Football Brawl - High school football players get a new lesson in fair play when their parents show them how to really hit the competition. Taiwan High Seas Rescues - The only thing worse than a ship floundering in high seas is a ship floundering in high seas when it's on fire! Over 100 Taiwanese fishermen have to be airlifted off their burning boat and time is running out for their safe rescue. Mount Etna Eruption - An independent videographer makes the journey to Italy to film the spectacular eruption of Mount Etna. His journalistic instinct draws him closer and closer to the volcano sometimes too close. Street Thieves Vigilantes - Brazen street thieves in a small Mexico city routinely mug and snatch jewelry in broad daylight until a group of shop owners and other volunteers take the streets back by rounding up the hoodlums and marching them to the police station. On a Wing And a Prayer - The rescue is on in a small New Zealand town to save a seagull, ironically impaled on a church's ornate stone crucifix. #2. 2003
119 Motorcycle Track Double Crash Whack - Hagerstown, MD - at the Grand national championships motorcycle racer Jake Johnson went for first and goes into a tank slapper. It goes out of control and breaks in half. He goes flying and is knocked out. Other bikes fly around him and Bryan Smith hits his bike and his bike breaks in half and he’s thrown far. He doesn’t remember anything, was knocked out and airlifted away. Jake only broke his thumb and wanted to race again, but his bike was ruined. Bryan is ranked #1 so he won’t quit. Ohio Drive-Thru Banking Pursuit - When an officer working the graveyard shift flashes his lights and orders a speeding car thief to pull off the road, the crook takes him literally, hitting an embankment, flying 80 feet through the air and crashing right through a bank wall! Hurricane Lili Truck Flip - Hurricane Lili rages through Louisiana and a husband and wife are caught on the interstate. They shield themselves from the gale force winds and pounding rain by pulling behind a high-profile semi. But when nine of the truck's eighteen wheels leave the blacktop, all the couple can do is watch as Lili slays the rolling giant. Fixin To Blow Car Fire Rescue - Police arrive at the aftermath of a devastating head-on collision. A truck is upside down and completely engulfed in violent flames, its fuel line ruptured. But it's not until officers approach the burning wreck that they realize just how terrifying the situation is - the driver is still trapped inside! Stop Trip And Jump - In Southern California, a news chopper catches up to a police chase just in time to see its spectacular finale. The cameraman hits record, and the suspect on the ground hits a light pole! But the thief won't call game. He gets out and runs, then stumbles after one civilian stretches out his leg and says, Have a nice trip. See you next fall. Australia Fire At Your Door - When the worst drought in one hundred years hits Australia, so do the worst wild fires. The insatiable flames race across the landscape devouring everything in their path. Once all the people are safe, firefighters risk their lives running into historical landmarks to save some of the country's most precious artifacts. Teenage T-Bone Rainy Day Pursuit - Two teenage car thieves race over rain-soaked streets to avoid police capture, but a wrong turn sends them crashing into a full size truck. Officers try to keep tabs as the boys run from the scene of the accident. Chula Vista Raising Havoc Dog RQ - Raising havoc is more difficult than it sounds, especially when Havoc is a sixteen-year-old pooch trapped somewhere in the city's miles of underground drain pipes. It's getting cold, and if rescuers don't find the dog soon, he may not see his seventeenth birthday. #7.  2003
120 New Zealand - Onno Bertsma paraglides into powerlines and gets stuck. Evan Roper and his power line crew find him and want to make sure the lines are off. It’s in a narrow ravine and no truck can get there. Chris McKay arrives in a helicopter, but the wind from the blades spins him around violently and he screams to stop. They tell him to use the carabiners from the harness to the wire and cut the chute. He cuts the chute, but only hooks on by a bungee cord. They drop a line far down to get to him without knocking him off from the props. He goes over and hooks him up. He says he got confused up there. 2003
121 Turkey Parachute Hits Cement - Ankora, Turkey - soldiers march for Victory Day and there are displays of military might. Paratroopers come down and some have trouble. Sgt. Lavent Carablue hits another's chute and gets tangled in his line and he falls faster and smacks into the ground and bounces. Rescue workers race over, he's out cold and loaded onto an ambulance, but soon recovers. Snow Roll Pursuit - An audacious suspect leads police on a dangerous high-speed pursuit through Ohio's infamous Snow Belt. But this isn't just any old suspect it's the son of a neighboring county's Deputy Police Chief. Deer Plows Chow - Sometimes small dogs tend to behave as though they're bigger and stronger than the actually are. A chow named Little Bear is going to get a lesson in humility when he discovers that he really is no match for a 250-pound buck. Hot Boat Capsule Crash - Racing speedboats have evolved to the point where they even incorporate F-14 fighter jet windshields into their design. One Oklahoma man is going to owe his life to this innovation as his boat is reduced to scrap metal when a horrible accident takes place as his family watches on. Alabama DUI Box Pit - Nothing ever happens in this sleepy Alabama town. That is, until one sheriff brings a civilian buddy out on a police ride-along. The sheriff's friend gets a front row seat to an event that mostly cops and crooks are familiar with: A full-blown police pursuit. Beekeeper Rescue - Fasten your safety belt and zip up your bee suit. You'll want to be prepared when a Kiwi truck driver crashes on a remote stretch of New Zealand highway with 40 beehives in tow. See what the buzz is all about when 80,000 winged passengers get loose. Irwindale Race Crashes - Irwindale is one of Southern California's hottest racetracks and not without good reason. As one of the most competitive circuits in the United States, it drives even two close friends into battle for first place. Instead of making it to the checkered flag, they'll end up in a mass of twisted metal. #9. 2003
122 Boys on the Hood - Ashley, IL 12/25/02 - three kids use the hood of a car as a sled getting pulled on an ATV. Dylan Drouillard (10) had no concerns about getting hurt. His female cousin gives up after a couple wipeouts. He and his brother stay on and now it's lighter and wipes out on turns at 25mph. On the next turn they slam into a metal signpost. Dylan breaks 3 ribs and cuts his spleen open., so it has to be removed. He has a 1 foot scar on his stomach. Weeks later they show the sign he hit. Keystone Fireman X-Mas Demo - A dried-out Christmas tree is a tasty meal for a hungry blaze, and that's what a group of firefighters are trying to demonstrate in this clip. When the demonstration literally blows up in their faces, it becomes clear these guys are much better at putting out fires than they are at starting them. Snowmobile Hill Climb - Safely speeding down a steep hill in a snowmobile takes skill and experience. Safely speeding up a steep hill in a snowmobile takes lots of ace bandages. Look out below, because in this crash-laden piece, what goes up almost always comes down - hard! Sprint Car Fence Wreck - One racer never makes it past his qualifying round when his car hits a rut in the track and flips into the air. Then, like a fly buzzing into a spider's web, the car gets stuck in a chain-link fence. The driver hangs uninjured and upside down, but the fence can' t hold the weight of the car forever! Backwoods Pursuit - A crook robs a convenience store for a twelve pack of beer, and then leads police on an aimless pursuit through dense backwoods roads. He finds out that when you're headed nowhere, that's eventually where you end up. Canadian Paraglider - A paraglider turned show boater finds his performance abruptly canceled when a gust of wind blows him into a live power line. 25,000 volts surge through the man' s body, and he hangs lifeless and limp above the ground as stunned crowd looks on. LA Zoo Elephant Rescue - When mammal curator Jennie McNary shows up to her job at the LA Zoo, she finds a troubling scene: 41-year-old elephant Tara is lying on her side. No one knows how long Tara' s been down, or what injuries she may have sustained in her fall. The only thing they do know is that if they don't get the pachyderm standing soon she may never stand again. But how do they lift an 8,000-pound elephant? #11. 2003
123 Niagara on the Brink - Niagara Falls, NY - a man tries to kill himself, changes his mind and stands feet from the edge. Chief John Jacoby couldn't believe his eyes. He'd been a fireman for 29 years and this was the worst thing he's seen. They have the hydroelectric dam turn down the water as low as they can. Sgt. Pat Moriarty goes out to rescue him, but they can't make it in the current. Capt Kevin Caffery comes in with a chopper and couldn't believe it either. They have to stop because of the wind they kick up. He's out there 90 minutes at this point with a 180 foot drop behind him. The chopper comes back and lowers a rescue ring and they knock the man over. They thought it was the end and drop the ring, which is connected to the shore and he's able to grab it. They pull him over, but he goes under and ice shelf. Pat then has to go over and pull him out. Gary Carella wraps around him and they pull him up. After 2 hours he's on land. He can't move his legs and is dragged to a stretcher. It was teamwork between 3 agencies. He made a recovery in a few days. Runaway Jet Ski - In Australia, a day at a water park almost turns deadly when a Jet Ski flies into the crowd at 60 miles per hour. Marlin Jumps into Boat - A day of deep-sea fishing for a Southern California family becomes the vacation to remember when a 250-pound Marlin jumps into the boat, and it's all caught on tape! Jersey Turnpike Pickoff Pursuit - A 100-mile-per-hour chase on a highway in New Jersey is dangerous enough, but in this area, the highway has intersections. It's a cat-and-mouse free-for-all until the suspect makes one critical mistake. Snowmobile Wipeouts - In a new sport called Snow-Cross, snowmobiles are raced on a snow-covered motorcycle track and the results are incredible! Turkish Haircut - In Turkey, celebrating with firearms is part of the culture. What's not is having your hair parted by a shotgun blast. It's a heart-stopping close call. #19. 2003
124 San Antonio, TX - Capt Steve Boldway leads a team to rescue a couple caught in a van on a road with 3 feet of water. Three men go out with lines tied across. They have a 100 foot ladder that can’t reach so they have to walk them out. Brian Bonner is on his first rescue and falls. He is sent into a guardrail and pinned. His partner goes to rescue him and goes under, they are swept downstream and cling onto a downed tree. The others are stuck and try a jetski, which doesn’t move. They use a 4 man team to get to the van, give him a helmet and a vest and lead him out. A team on a zodiac rescue the 2 men stuck on the tree. 2002
125 Quincy, IL - Findlay McCool skydives with others from a 727 and films it. Five of them make a ring, then they pull their chutes. At 800 feet a woman comes right at him and rips through his chute. He cuts it, pulls the reserve and is able to land. He curses her out and asks who that was. After he says he was happy to land and didn’t lose his temper. He thought he hit a tower until he saw her up there. He confronted her about it and they watched the tape and decided not to blame her. He regrets cursing her out now that it’s on TV. 2002
126 Nashville, TN 5/6/02 - Cpl James Campbell goes to a robbery call. Off Stephanie Bellis also went, they were told he was armed with a semiautomatic. The bank gave him a dye pack, which exploded. They look for him and she had no idea he was right next to her in traffic. He jumps out and fires into her car hitting her in the arm. She jumps out and uses her car rolling forward as cover as she fires going backwards. Her gun jams and backup arrives shooting the suspect. He gets up and runs and James goes around to cut him off. She says she was outgunned and her car was hit 14 times. 2002
127 Human Cannonball - Florida State Fair - Ermes Zamperla is a human cannonball who is part of a circus that performs at fairs & carnivals for 14 years without an accident. This time he is shot too far and misses the airbag hitting his legs, breaking his back and hurting his neck. He doesn't remember anything, but knows the elevation was off and missed by 20 feet. He retired after that. Ohio Car-B-Que Rescue - Police respond to a traffic accident and find two vehicles entangled on top of each other in a blazing inferno of twisted steel. Officers risk their own lives and literally walk into the flames to rescue a trapped driver about to be burned to death. Car In Bee's Nest - When a man and his teenage son decide to survey a bees nest on their property, they inadvertently drive their car right on top of it and stir up 30,000 angry bugs. Airplane Snow Plow - A DC-10 aircraft is mired in 3-feet-deep snow in New Zealand. Determined to get his plane off the ground, one over-zealous pilot finds out the hard way that his plane plows snow better than it flies. Atlanta Textbook Pursuit - One criminal suspected of stealing garden tools finds himself at the receiving end of a different kind of tool when police send him and the stolen goods flying all over the road. Kitty-Vac Rescue - A Los Angeles plumber finds the most unique way to rescue a kitten trapped in a drainpipe. He suctions the animal to safety with a drain vacuum as cameras inside the pipe film the entire process. Speed Truck POV Crashes - 12 cameras film a crash from every conceivable angle including inside the cars themselves. Backwards Motorcycle Jump - watch as a man tries to jump his motorcycle over the Great Wall of China backwards! #1. 2003
128 Race Car Disintegration - Hagerstown, MD - at the raceway Jack Bland #41 races with DJ Myers #70 on a dirt track. Car #1 hits his bumper and he goes right into the guardrail opening hitting the edge and his car shreds and he he's thrown over and DJ plows into the damaged car. DJ walks out and Jack is out and suddenly wakes up in the heap. Firemen can't cut the roll bars to get him out. It takes 40 minutes to cut him out. The wreckage of the car is hauled off, but he still races. Australian Tractor - A farmer's tractor runs him over and pins him against a tree - miles from help - and right on top of a colony of flesh-eating Australian bull ants! British Night Ship Fire - In the black of night on a storm-tossed sea a fire rages out of control on a British fishing vessel. Each crewmember must brave the elements to jump into a life raft that is shifting as violently as the flaming deck on which they stand! Pepper and Beans Pursuit - Police negotiators desperately try to stop an ex-cop from killing himself. When the standoff explodes into high-speed pursuit, the officers have to do whatever it takes to stop him. Bad Day For Firefighters - In the heat of a firefighting battle, anything can happen. A fire captain can fall off a ladder, an engine can lose its brakes and collide with another fire truck, and a firefighting helicopter can get disastrously hung up in a high voltage power line. New Jersey Puppy Fire Rescue - Rescue personnel have to think fast when many pets - including a litter of newborn puppies - are discovered in the ashes of a massive apartment fire.#5. 2003
129 Go Wide Car Pursuit - Los Angeles, CA - Paul Anderegg films footage for the news. He uses scanners to find out where police chases are happening. One night he sets up to catch a chase and the car blows an intersection, is hit by a Brinks truck and almost hits him. The car spins out, smashes into a tree and the tree falls on him. He's trapped in the Cadillac and police have to smash windows to yank him out. Firemen then hose it down. Paraplegic Pursuit - A chase that begins with attempted murder ends when the suspect crashes into a city bus, then ricochets into a fire hydrant creating an urban Old Faithful. But police are in for an even bigger surprise when the suspect gets out of his van. Rocket Science Car Jump - An Australian stunt driver attempts to set a world record by jumping over 300 feet of flaming cars. But when he hits the ramp going too slowly, his car becomes one of them. Broken limbs beat out broken records in this explosive spectacle. Indiana Gas And Dash Pursuit - This is the home of the Indy 500, and police are chasing a suspect that drives like he belongs on the track. An armed felon, high on crack cocaine, runs from police after robbing a clerk at knifepoint. When the lead cruiser starts to run out of gas, it's up to the less experienced backup officer to keep pace. Santa Barbara Surfing Rescue - The sea was angry that day... A storm off the coast of California creates some killer waves that a couple of surfers can't resist. But when the raging swell traps the wave riders against the rocks, rescuers have to fight the fury of the mighty Pacific to get them safely on dry land. Rough Day On The Job (Cops) - Three traffic stops find three violent suspects who won't be taken in quietly. A suspect high on PCP exhibits superhuman strength. Another criminal catches an officer in a strangle hold. And a third suspect collapses in an electrifying takedown when police break out the fifty-two watt taser gun. Iowa Kitty Rescue - When firefighters arrive at the scene of a trailer fire, they find lots of smoke, lots of ash, and one small whisker-twitching victim. Paramedics pull out all the stops to save as many of the kitten's nine lives as possible. #6. 2003
130 S.A. Knock-Knock: Boom! - Bolivia - a suicidal man holds his wife hostage in their house and tortures her. Officer Ruben Sosa Guerrero was there. He saw him stabbing the woman in the leg on the bed. Officer Enrique Chavez kicked in the door, it hits a propane gas tank and it sprays out. They back off, then the gas stops. They go back and the man lights a match and the whole place explodes. They are thrown and then go back yanking the man out. The bloody woman is also pulled out with her pants falling down. Sosa took the brunt of it and felt the house collapse on him. The woman gets third degree burns on her hands and he back is injured. She says for women to report abuse to police so they won't suffer. I'm Not Going To Jail Pursuit - A man from Michigan gets busted on a DUI traffic stop but will do anything to keep from going to jail. When he decides to get into his car and make a run for it, his own drunkenness is the one thing that does him in. Motorcycle Side Car Crash - The Founds brothers from the UK are ready to show the world of professional sidecar racing what they're made of, but their quest to take home the cup falls short when they push their limits too far on the first turn of the first lap of the first race of their professional career. Fresno Bonnie And Clyde Pursuit - It takes a lot for a reckless suspect to put others in such great danger that police have no option but to use lethal force. Find out what one criminal did that made police in Fresno, California unload over 70 rounds of bullets into his car before he would stop. Hawaiian Skydive POV Crash - Most skydivers know their limits, but not this guy. Instead of pulling off a swoop landing with ease, he smashes into the ground at 50 miles per hour. But when he goes back to watch the helmetcam videotape of his trying ordeal, he's in for another big surprise. Sgt. Humphries DUI Confession Box - Deputy Philip Humphries takes drunk driving personally. In fact, he considers any act of public endangerment an act to be dealt with sternly. That's why if you're ever stopped for driving drunk by Deputy Humphries, you can be sure that you'll be smiling for his camera as he collects his evidence. Cowboy Poker - They call it Cowboy Poker. But you won't find poker faces worn on the faces of the players. You' ll find it on the bull that charging at them full force in front of thousands of spectators. In this game, it's the last man sitting who wins! #10. 2003
138 Maple Heights, OH - a fire truck races to a fire at a trucking warehouse. Chief Jim Castelucci thought it was a typical fire. Inside is a metal recycling warehouse with bins of metal – magnesium, aluminum & titanium used for fireworks. When exposed to water it leaves hydrogen and creates a massive explosion. Everyone runs for it and sparks fly. They cut the water, but more barrels create massive explosions and smoke. They continue to explode and they can’t get close enough to use foam. Over 12 explosions happen in 20 minutes making huge fireballs. 2003
139 Jet Ski Race Crash - Corpus Christi, TX - At the International Jetsports boating race Jerry Ellison is racing in bad weather, bad water and his jetski isn't working well. He takes a turn, stalls, spins around and another racer plows into him at 50mph hitting him in the left side throwing him 20 feet. The race is called and medics race him out. He's alive, but critical. His kidney & spleen were shattered. He lost half his pancreas and it was hard to operate. 8 weeks later he raced again and did it for 4 years. Now he races dirt bikes and broke his wrist. Motorcycle Air Bail - If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. That is, unless you're motocross rider Mark Cude. A failed attempt at tackling a homemade bike ramp leaves this daredevil with sprained wrists and ankles. His second attempt is even worse. Frozen Horse Rescue - A 2,000 lb. horse escapes from his stable only to end up falling through the ice of a neighbor's frozen pond. After two full hours of steeping on ice, rescuers hoist the animal back onto dry land. They can only cross their fingers and hope that the steed will be able to stand on his own two feet again. Go Kart Crash Compilation - Kids as young as 5 years old compete at highway speeds in go kart races all across the country. No matter how young or old the driver, whenever motor vehicles are being raced, there's always potential for disaster. Golden Girl DUI - After being caught red-handed driving drunk, a sweet old lady shows her dark side when an officer takes her downtown to sober up. The camera's on her as she unleashes a barrage of insults at the officer unlike anything he's ever before seen. Plane Hit By Lightning - A lightning bolt streaks through the skies over a Japanese airport, striking a 747 jumbo jet on its ascent into the sky. Is this the beginning of the end for the passengers on board? Our experts explain. #14. 2003
140 Ohio Gas Line Explosion - Maple Heights, OH - firemen race to the scene of a construction crew that dug up a gas line that is spraying out. Chief Jim Castelucci says they couldn't get close. It suddenly erupts when the gas hits an electric pole setting it on fire, which causes the rest of the gas to ignite into a fireball. A helicopter and the firetruck records it. Jim has everyone check in. Cars burn and 100 firemen arrive from 11 departments. They couldn't put it out, didn't even try. The fire truck 275 feet away is so hot the windshield cracks from water. Off Jon Mocsiran told his wife their Saturn car was burning on TV as he stopped to direct traffic. Son Shoots Dad - A rite of passage almost turns deadly when a father and son hunting trip goes awry and ends in an accidental shooting that's caught on tape. Lost Ski Wipeout - An extreme skiing contest finds one competitor on the edge of a 100-foot drop. The only problem is that he only has one ski. The outcome will take you breath away. Monocycle Test Crash - When an eccentric inventor puts his monocycle to the test, he crashes at over 50 miles per hour. Skydive Code Red - There are rules and regulations for almost every sport in the world. When skydiving rules are broken and two skydivers collide in mid-air, we give you a sneak peek at how extreme sports justice is dispensed. Crashing Cops - Police pursuits usually end with the arrest and capture of the suspect. See examples of pursuits that did not always end well for the police. It's a rare look at what can and does go wrong during a high-speed pursuit. #15. 2003
141 Mohawk River Rescue - Fireman William H. King says the drown machine at Loch 9 can hold 55 gallon drums for days. Gary Davis is with his 2 sons and sees his friend Robert Helfer's boat go over and he goes to help. Fireman Don Gerding says the same thing happened to him and both boats got stuck. They climb out and stand on the bridge. Rescuers go in and toss a line to Julie Curan and she jumps into the boat, but is still attached to the rope on the bridge. The boat goes down, takes water and she is pulled back into the water and goes into the spray. Lt Tanya Colleton grabs her rope and starts pulling and she pops out down river. Rob is given a ring and has to jump and be pulled and dragged into water that pummels him. Gary is pulled off his boat, but his sons are still there. Arnold Briscoe, Jr. is lowered down to the boys to pull up AJ and he's escorted away. Justin (12) & Ryan (10) are next. It took 75 people to rescue them. It turns out Rob was fishing where he wasn't supposed to. Chicago Icy Cruiser Crash - A Chicago police officer stops to assist in a highway accident and becomes a victim himself before he realizes the true cause of the accident black ice. Hairy Bob Hairy Cutaway - A skydiving cameraman named Hairy Bob lives up to his nickname when he experiences a double malfunction during a hair-raising jump. Kid Falls Off Carnival Ride - It's a mother's worse nightmare, and this one is caught on tape. A 3-year old boy slips out of his harness and is thrown to the ground on a carnival kiddie ride. Human Crash Test Dummy - Crashing cars with crash test dummies provides invaluable research for building better and safer automobiles. But what if the crash-test dummy is a grown man? It's amazing footage as one test center goes the extra mile all in the name of safety. Pickup Bump and Run Pursuit - It's extremely rare that pursuit suspects get away in the city of Los Angeles. In this exciting segment, the suspect takes police on a 100 mile-per-hour odyssey through the city, only to disappear in a maze of apartment buildings. Despite 20 police cars, a police helicopter and two aerial news crews, this is the one in a million that got away. 2016. 2003
142 Runaway Truck Crash - Carbon Co. PA - Tom C. Gerhard says the runaway truck offramp is dangerous, the gravel is like a ramp that launches trucks. Trucks have wiped out before and a news crew is filming it for a story when a box truck comes flying along, hits the gravel pile, launches in the air and flips over. The driver Derrick comes out with a bloody head. Robert Gill was filming it. The roof ripped off and the wheel rims inside spilled out. The footage airs 5/6/02 on TV 13 Blue Ridge cable. The town refuses to change the ramp. Hand Stuck in Pool Filter - A 5-year-old girl lets her curiosity get the better of her and places her hand in the intake pipe of a pool filter at a hotel pool. The suction traps her for 3 hours as nearly 30 firefighters figure out how to save both her hand and her life. Postal Pursuit Standoff - A distraught man commandeers a post office delivery truck, with the postal worker still inside, and then takes both on a cross-city pursuit ending in a dramatic standoff. Motorcycle Showoffs - In Las Vegas, a motorcycle stunt team practices new tricks for an upcoming show. The only catch? They practice on city streets and highways. They invite us to film their triumphs, and of course tripups, as they perfect their next motorcycle stunt show. Ohio Teen Pinball Pursuit - Two teens decide to steal a car and play highway pinball with other drivers. After bumping several cars during a high-speed chase, it's game over and this time there's no chance of a replay. Double Dip Deer Sewage Rescue - A deer is trapped in a water reclamation holding pool. Knowing that the animal faces almost certain death, the facilities groundskeeper wades in to free the deer. The only problem is that the deer wants nothing to do with his would-be rescuer. It's a dramatic and sometimes comical look at the lengths people go to save the creatures that live among us. 2017. 2003
143 Double Chump Cliff Jump - Los Angeles, CA - 40 miles from town Todd Bowman plans to jump off a 75 foot cliff into unknown waters. He thinks it's 12 feet deep, but it's really 6. He pops up and can't pull himself out because his back is broken. They have to pull him out onto the rocks. His friend Pat Meyer doesn't seem to care and jumps head first slamming his head into the bottom and cutting it open. It used to be 12 feet deep when he last jumped. 911 is called and EMTs are lowered by helicopter to rescue him. He was in the hospital for 11 days. Ohio Vigilante Pursuit - Police pursuits are dangerous enough, but when a civilian joins a chase in Ohio, the results are incredible! Parachuting Close Calls - It's three of the most harrowing and amazing close calls you will ever see on tape. Watch as a first time jumper and seasoned veteran are both faced with death defying situations. Snowmobile Avalanche - When technology collides with Mother Nature, the results can be disastrous. In this segment, snowmobile riders trigger a massive avalanche that swallows up one of their own. Helicopter No Skid Landing - When a helicopter rescue crew in New Zealand collides with trees during a rescue attempt, the chopper's landing struts are torn off. The pilot, who broke his hand in the collision, must find a way to land the helicopter with killing herself and the crew still on board. Rough, Buff and Cuffed - When a Uruguayan man makes a deal with God that he will walk naked in the streets if he gets a job, he finds that his newfound front office appearance is not what the job description called for. 2018. 2003
144 Train Hits Semi Truck - Dupage Co. IL - Lars Eikens films trains going by in his town. He records near misses with trucks, cars, people on foot, motorcycles, school buses and trucks in the snow. One truck stalls and then backs up just missing getting hit. Frederick Johnson (29) drives an 18 wheeler across and hits traffic on the other side and the tail end hangs on the tracks and gets plowed into. The truck hits 5 cars and some go up in the air on top of each other. No one was killed. Race Car Driver Flung - The adrenaline rush of racing cars gets turned up a notch when the driver of a stock car tears loose from his harness and is thrown 30 feet across the racetrack. Neighborhood Watch Pursuit - A concerned neighbor calls the police upon spotting two car thieves who are up to no good. Listen to the phone calls and radio dispatch as the whole chase and arrest unfolds right before your eyes. Dressed to Kill Yourself - A distraught man, upset over his unemployment, holds a South American Television station and himself hostage at knifepoint until his message to the president is read on camera. Police disguised as station employees have to make a split-second decision to diffuse the situation. Extreme Machine Mishaps - Extreme sports sometimes require extreme machines. Watch how unpredictable and death-defying these sporting events can be when we harness the power and unwieldy aspects of extreme machines. Amazing Animal Tails - In the air, on land or lost at sea, this segment shows you some of the most amazing places our beloved pets find themselves lost or trapped, as well the harrowing efforts people make to save them. 2020. 2003
145 Race Car Rescuer Wrecked - Jefferson, GA - Pete State Raceway - Joe McCannon races every Saturday in #8. He cuts ahead for the lead and clips another car and they both spin out. His son Michael runs over to check on him and another car plows into him and Mike is launched 20 feet. Joe was OK and runs over to Mike and he was facedown. He was airlifted out and had no major injuries. Now they let the pros take care of it. Motorcycle Speed Bump - In Eastern Europe, aspiring motorcycle racers practice their moves on public highways. They learn a painful lesson when one rider ends as a human speed bump to other vehicles. Turkish Rock and Sock - In Turkey, a potential honor killing is broken up when cooler heads prevail in the streets of Ankara. A father and son are avenging the rape of a family member, but do they have the right guy? It's a tense moment as honor, anger and justice collide in a street side court. Kid on Troubled Waters - A tragic moment unfolds in the life of a 10-year-old boy as he finds himself on the edge of thin ice over a frozen river. As he threatens to jump in, rescuers race in to save the child from himself. Australian Chopper Rescue - While fighting a brush fire, a water-scooping helicopter crashes in the Australian wilderness and starts to sink. The only people close enough to respond are two politicians viewing the fires. Watch as these would-be rescuers redefine public service and save a life. Coast Guard Drug Busts - When drug smugglers try and evade the United States Coast Guard, the results range from simple pursuits to all-out warfare. We show you the exciting and dangerous ways the Coast Guard keeps these marauders at bay. 2021. 2003
146 Los Angeles, CA - Makato Sullivan rides a motorcycle with a camera on the dash down canyon roads. Orlando Pablo rides with him. They stop and a rider goes out of control and slams into him and sends him flying unconscious. Bert and Pat who hit him are OK. Orlando is knocked out, but wakes up and asks where his bike is. They say it’s OK, but it’s trashed. Firemen come to check on him. He saw the tape and realized why people were worried. 2002
147 Hawaii Fire Knife Bonzai Championships 5/11/00 – Pam Anderson & Kelly Slater are there. Courtenay Gray rides a big wave and wipes out hard. His board is broken in half and he has no pulse. Four men have to carry him out because his lungs are full of water, foamy water pours out of his mouth and nose. They work on him and bring him back. He doesn’t remember anything and woke up in the hospital. A week later he’s doing it again. 2002

Official (2003)

2003 Teenage Power Pole Pursuit - A fifteen-year-old boy steals the family Cadillac and leads police on a wild chase. When the boy sheers off a power pole at 115 miles an hour, a deputy has to brave live electrical lines and fire to save the kid's life. Skydiver Hits Fence - A daredevil parachutist has come up with a new wrinkle on landings: he swoops and skims the ground for as long as he can - until the day he crashes feet first into a chain link fence. CSUN Stolen Car Pursuit - When a desperate car thief finally crashes, he leads police on another kind of pursuit - an adrenaline-fueled foot chase. Heli-Bungee Back Smack - A young thrill seeker successfully bungee jumps from a helicopter. But when he's lowered upside-down to the ground, he crash-lands on his back. Haitian Refugees Miami - Dreams of freedom propel dozens of Haitians to risk their lives to land on an American shore, but their dream soon becomes a nightmare. Sulfur Sewer Rescue - Three construction workers have lost consciousness and are trapped for over 45 minutes in an oxygen-deficient sewer line. Their rescue is a marvel of teamwork and ingenuity - their survival nothing short of miraculous. Bad Day For Cops - One police officer makes a routine stop and goes for the ride of his life; another cop in a crosswalk is nearly killed by a drunk driver. Japanese Fireworks Ceremony - In Japan, an ancient initiation into manhood is a literal trial by fire. But for one boy, the spectacular passage may prove deadly!
2008 Japanese Balloon Explosion - The skies over Japan are filled with hot air balloons for an annual festival. But when one pilot's balloon hits the ground, the propane tanks rupture, and hot air turns into a fiery explosion! Powerline Paraglide Peril - A paraglider's chute gets tangled in high-tension wires, leaving him dangling above a New Zealand ravine. The only way to get to him is by helicopter. But when the downdraft from the whirling blades threatens to toss the man into a live wire, rescuers are forced to ask whether the solution is worse than the problem. New York Kids Ice Rescue - Hypothermia has set in for five young New Yorkers who just broke through an ice-covered pond. Rescuers slowly crawl out over the frozen pool, but just as they get to the girls they hear a crack and then a snap. The ice is breaking again! Miami Bail Hop and Cop Pop Pursuit - Police duck their heads as an armed felon takes aim and fires. Now the would-be cop killer races across the city, crashing right through whatever or whomever gets in his way! Sacramento Swarm Robbery - It's after midnight in California when twenty-five people suddenly file into the same convenience store at the exact same time. The two clerks are suspicious. But suspicion turns to helpless awe when the same twenty-five people simultaneously swipe everything in sight and disappear in less than a minute! Grandma Balcony Rescue - A high-rise apartment complex is up in flames, and an elderly woman is trapped over one hundred feet above the ground. She is minutes from being swallowed up by choking smoke when she looks over her balcony to see Washington DC's favorite sons, Truck Company 4 - the first fire and rescue team to respond to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. Spark and Crash Pursuit - One bad turn deserves another in this visually stunning police chase. By the time cameras catch up, the high-speed driver has already taken a wrong turn, crashing into another car, and nearly destroying his own. Now with a missing tire and a plume of sparks at his tail, the suspect turns right - right into a cinder block wall! Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat - On a bitterly cold night in Chicago, a kitten gets its head stuck in a manhole cover. Municipal workers try to free the feline using some tricks of the trade, but the cooking oil isn't working. It looks funny, but when the slippery kitty stops moving, the rescuers aren't laughing. Time is running out and they've got to do something fast.
2012 Road Rally Beamer Bash - A Certified Public Accountant turned amateur racer goes from crunching numbers to crunching metal when her car gets slammed seven seconds into a road rally competition. Magnesium Warehouse - Dark smoke touches the sky in Maple Heights, Ohio. Firefighters race to the outskirts of town to quell a blaze in a trucking warehouse. But this building has a cataclysmically explosive secret, and it's about to be unleashed! Bull Pile Hang-Up - Watch as three-time world championship bull rider Tuff Hedeman sets yet another record - for the longest hang-up in pro rodeo history! For one minute and twenty-three seconds, the rider is tossed like a rag doll with his hand tied to the saddle. It' s going to take a couple of clowns to get the champ free rodeo clowns, that is. St. Louis Sprint Car - It' s tragedy on the track when a Rookie of the Year sprint car racer has his career prematurely ended in a devastating crash that breaks his neck. Paramedics rush to make sure the racer's career is the only thing that ends prematurely. Snowboarder Buried Alive - Snowboarders are used to pushing the envelope, but sometimes the envelope pushes back. When one downhill shredder tries jumping off a 35-foot cliff onto freshly fallen snow, he finds himself trapped beneath the powder - head first! His friends watch and laugh, until nearly three minutes pass and he' s still stuck without air! Biker Boys Crash Comp - There' s blood on the streets of Chicago' s south side - one street anyway. On a remote industrial road, amateur stunt cyclists come out every weekend to strut their stuff. On this day, two separate wipeouts leave four people reeling in pain! Puppy Pipe Pushout - Eight feet below the earth, a terrified newborn puppy whimpers. The pooch fell through a sewer drain and is now cold, wet and hopelessly stuck until a rooter crew shows up with an underground camera and a few choice cuts of chicken.
2013 Snowbike Crash - Aspen, Colorado is synonymous with world-class skiing. Today, one man is going to trade in his skis for a bicycle. See what happens when this daredevil attempts to pedal his way down Aspen's steepest slope at over 90 miles per hour. Hand Glider Death Spiral - A hand gliding competition takes a tragic turn when one competitor loses his wings and both his backup parachutes in the skies above Telluride. Watch as he falls over 2,000 feet, literally, on only a wing and a prayer. Rally Car Tree Trimmer Compilation - One woman finds out that it's not easy being the wife of a rally car racecar driver, especially when her husband asks her to come along for the ride of a lifetime. When their car wipes out on a backwoods rally car racetrack, their survival efforts will redefine their thoughts on marital bliss. Atlanta Airport Pickup Pursuit - Most suspects run from police without any sort of plan but not this guy. The auto thief steals the biggest truck on the lot, knowing that police don't stand a chance at stopping him by force. Although his truck may be big, it's not unstoppable it's not long before this suspect runs out of gas. Cordell Tornado Diaries - A massive tornado inspires fear and awe in the citizens of Cordell, Oklahoma. Locals keep their cameras rolling as one of the most devastating twisters in history turns their sleepy southern town into a post-apocalyptic disaster zone. Drag Boat Cartwheel Crash - A speedboat captain gets thrown from his vessel and skips like a stone when his boat smashes up at full-throttle speed. The only thing more amazing than his remarkable crash is the fact that he emerges from the wreck without injury.
2022 Phoenix Double Car Jack Pursuit - Three carjackers show just how desperate they really are. After stealing one car by force, they try and steal another this time on live television. Luckily, the driver sees them coming and makes a run for it. The suspects are so intent on their attempted carjacking that they don't see a vigilante bent on running them down. Watch the surprise ending to this mother of all car chases. Deaf Motorcycle Car Crash - A deaf motorcycle stunt rider stands to lose more than his hearing after crashing at high speed on a deserted road. Newscam Ride-a-Long Pursuit - A news cameraman gets a lensful when he goes on a ride-along with a local law enforcement agency. Kayaker Lost at Sea - An avid kayaker is swept out to sea during a windstorm off the coast of Hawaii. With only a liter of water and a cell phone, he manages to call the Coast Guard and alert them to his situation. After 5 days of searching, they find him an incredible 80 miles out to sea. Freeway Smashes and Crashes - If you find yourself stranded on the side of the highway, should you get out of your car or stay inside? In this segment watch as two deadly scenarios unfold on camera. The answer to this question is more complicated than you think. Pole Wrap Crash Rescue - On her way to a sorority skiing trip, Dawn Thompson crashes her car and finds herself as well as her vehicle bent like a pretzel around a utility pole. It takes 30 firefighters and 3 hours to cut the car away from Dawn piece by piece. Stuck Like Chuck Chimney Rescue - In a tribute to sons-in-law everywhere, Mark Vaughn gets stuck in the chimney of his mother-in law's house while trying to break in after being accidentally locked out. Rescue crews tear apart the chimney and save the wayward Santa, only to land him in a more grisly fate explaining this to his wife!

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