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This half hour Court TV/truTV series is like Beach Patrol, Party Police or E-Force. It follows a handful of FL cops working the beach and roads during Spring Break 2007 in season 1. Season 2 movies to California and becomes exactly like Beach Patrol. 

 Season 1 Panama City Beach (2007)

# Description
101 Spring Break 2007 - Officer Sarah Butler doesnít get to spend much time with her family during Spring Break because itís too busy. She gets an assault/battery call on the beach. A couple was beat up, the girl is crying, the ask what the suspect looked like and the guy says what do I look like? They look like everyone else. 8/27/07
102 Spring Break is 6 weeks a year. Officer Sarah Butler says for them to have fun, but be smart about it, don't make a mistake that will cost you the rest of your life. 8/27/07
103 Thereís 35 cops to 350,000 partiers. Carol Wagner is beach & surf patrol and drives her truck on the beach, then jumps out and takes a jetski out to pick up 2 people caught in a riptide. 9/3/07
104 Officer Butler says it doesn't matter what age they are, they all come out to act the fool. She goes to a reckless driving call of an orange striped SUV from Alabama doing tricks. They say they are partying, getting down and dirty with girls. They say she's the sexiest cop they've ever seen. She laughs. They were kicked out of a hotel for being so loud. 9/3/07
105 Officer Sara Butler goes to an indecent exposure call and finds 2 women going to the bathroom out on Front Beach Rd. One says no store would let them in, they were trying to get a tattoo and they said they had no bathroom. #105. 9/10/07
106 Officer Sara Butler looks forward to Spring Break because it breaks up the slow pace of the winter. She goes to a drowning call where 2 girls are caught in a riptide. Someone goes out to help them and gets stuck too. She canít go in the water so beach patrol is called in. #106. 9/10/07

Season 2 (2008)

Huntington Beach OC

201 Rip Current Rodeo - Itís 3 Ĺ miles of beach called Surf City USA and 10 million people a year go there. Dan Kaiahua works in Tower 0, 60 feet above the water on the pier. He spots a boy in a rip and calls Tower 2. Lindy Shields goes out to him, heís struggling and yelling for help. She has him hold the buoy to safety. Rip currents make swimming dangerous; a teen is arrested for alleged underage drinking; two dog owners get into an argument. 1/1/08
202 Sea Hunt - MSO John Elser goes to an assault call. An Australian girl says a drunk guy came up to her in the water, pushed her off her body board, wanted sex (have a go), touched her leg, pinched her butt and swam off. Sheís crying, says heís in his 20s or 30s. Then another call comes in that another girl was pinched, he was a Mexican. A lifeguard is injured; authorities deal with an irate couple; and a missing swimmer is sought. #202. 1/1/08
203 At HQ a call of a 390 drunk comes in so MSO Claude Panis drives out there. A guard at Tower 5 has a man who says his drunk girlfriend was lost in the water. She thought it was funny. They smell alcohol. The guy says he drank milk. She says you saw me in the water if you were doing your job and tries to get away. 1/8/08
204 Surfer in Distress - Fourth of July is one of the biggest parties on the coast with 200,000 people. Matt Karl looks forward to the next day. Tower 8 - A surfer hits his head and his fingers tingle, which might be a spine injury. A swimmer struggles against a rip current; lifeguards deal with a duo who have alcohol; and lifeguards face a situation in a parking lot. 1/8/08
205 Swimmers Get Carried Away - MSO Matt Karl warns people about the rip currents and some get mad. John Elser goes to a problem with a bodyboarder who is mad he was warned about people getting hurt. He says the guy gave him attitude when he was getting out of the water. He has no fins in a dangerous area. A swimmer refuses assistance from a tower lifeguard; and lifeguards come to the aid of a person who appears to be having a heart attack. 1/14/08
206 California Girls - The US Open of Surfing is once a year. Itís the Super Bowl of surfing. Chief Kyle Lindo says itís the biggest and they have to build a city on the beach. MSO Steve says itís also BMX bikes and racing. 1/14/08
207 Beach Blanket Bedlam - the pier is 45 feet up and is illegal to jump off. Two guys jump off and get caught. They are all proud of themselves, until guards give them $100 tickets. Kyle Rose asks their names and runs them for warrants. William says his middle name in Neil, is that hard to spell? They say they are both Marines, having one last fling before they go to Iraq, we canít just have fun? Then, will a hysterical mother make the search for a missing girl even more difficult? And, the race is on to save the life of an unconscious man found floating facedown in the water. 1/21/08
208 The Girl Vanishes - MSO Matt Karl says itís high surf and waist deep water is dangerous. MSO Todd Bartlett spots a man in a rip current who is really struggling. MSO Claude Panis goes out to him on a boat to get their faster. Kyle jumps off and he uses a buoy to get him to the shore. A daredevil kayaker puts more than just himself at risk. Then, will a dispute over a stolen volleyball erupt into a full scale altercation? And, when a young man staggers out of the water with an inexplicably raspy voice, can lifeguards get to the bottom of his strange symptoms before it's too late? 1/21/08

Hermosa Beach

209 Fourth of July 2007 - The beach is only 1.3 miles long. Sgt. Paul Wolcott says they also have the 30th Ironman event, but itís not official or sanctioned. Chief Greg Seveli says itís been going on 30 years so they let it go. Officer Dean Garkow says drinking isnít allowed, but they allow it as long as they donít get in trouble. 1/28/08
210 Beachside Cocaine Bust - Fourth of July - people were skimpy red, white & blue bathing suits and some guys came from Brooklyn. Sgt. Paul Wolcott has deputies coming from around LA. Chief Greg Savelli says the goal is to keep drinking down and red plastic cups are used by people hiding beer. Officer Tony Parente looks for red cups. 1/28/08
211 The Fourth of July attracts 1000s. Detective Wayne Lewis & Lance McColgan are told about e girl with alcohol poisoning. They go over and call paramedics. Sheís face down drunk in the sand. Sheís 16 and they ask if her mother is home. Why? Because you are drunk. She isnít, doesnít know what she is. They want to take her BP and she doesnít want to. 2/4/08
212 On The Fourth of July people act stupid. Officer Dean Garkow is asked to go to the North end about drunk bocce ball players. They wear costumes like Lederhosen, Flinstones and bikinis which is OK. They are drinking though, which is illegal. He tells them to get rid of the beer and only gives them warnings if they get rid of it. They comply otherwise heíll be back for tickets. 2/4/08

Panama City Beach

213 Fourth of July - a helicopter finds a person floating far out to sea on an inflatable float. Heís a half-mile out heading for the shipping lane, not responding. Officer Sara Tanskanen goes out to help bring him in as a jetski goes out to get him. 2/11/08
214 Fourth of July - the pier is closed down and people make illegal jumps from 35 feet into dangerous water. Three have gotten neck injuries in the last few days jumping head-first. Sgt. Jason Jones goes by and they catch 2 kids jumping. 2/11/08

Season 3 (2008)

Miami Beach

301 They have many rip currents today. Mike Sica says they kill more people than hurricanes, itís like a treadmill, but donít panic. Monique gets pulled out of a rip and swallowed a lot of water. Tony Diaz says she has had seizures and they are worried. Her fat mom comes over. Her pulse is over 120 and they give her air. She comes around and is thankful. Tower 115 - They get a call of a 19 year old guy pulled out of the water with no pulse. He starts foaming out of the mouth and they do CPR. His friends say he turned over and was foaming. A young man is found unconscious in the water; lifeguards deal with rowdy ball players. 8/4/08
302 Chief Vincent Andreano goes to a call of a shark on first street. Jason Casanova says the tide is low so people like to go out. Leigh Emerson finds a mauled dolphin, which is a bad sign. Then they spot the shark and they chase it out, but it can come back. Tower 121 - Tayli Ramos says people arenít listening and have gotten pulled out in a rip. She has to go out and Lazaro Hernandez & Efrain Valdez joins her. The police are called about kids drinking a huge bottle of vodka on the beach. No alcohol is allowed. An 18 year old says he wasnít drinking. Lt. Jim Hogan tells him to leave and police are going to handle it. They know they arenít allowed to drink. A firefighter helps lifeguards rescue a group in trouble in the ocean 8/4/08
303 Rough water is uncommon and the rip currents are strong. They have red flags and pull little ones out. 14th Street - A call of a 55 year old man with a head injury. He fell off his bike and hit the sidewalk headfirst and blood is leaking down the street. Then he goes into seizures, foaming at the mouth and his pulse is going up. EMS is called in, they put him on a board, then he suddenly wakes up. Lt. Jim Horgan says he was by himself and couldíve died there. South end - A 16 year old girl passed out in the sand. Her friend doesnít know how many she drank. She says sheís fine. She drank Smirnoff and is dehydrated and puking. She thinks someone drugged her. 8/11/08
304 Mike Pryor is on a boat and stops people for pulling someone on a jetski. Itís not allowed. Alex Anzorandia patrols the beach and stops a jetskier who is close to the beach. He doesnít want to listen to them and says he is dropping a girl off. They tell him there is no area for this. He doesnít care. They say itís a rental. He goes back in the restricted area and they shut him down. They get a call of a hit & run at Bear Cut. There are injuries and lifeguards are needed. Coast Guard and police are on scene. Tower 101 - A rip takes a girl out over 3 blocks. Jason Casanova goes out to get her. She says she used to be a lifeguard and thought she could get out of it. 8/11/08
305 AVP Association for Volleyball is going on - Sgt. Rick says itís the best players in the world. It lasts 3 days. Lt. Gerry Falconer says itís big crowds. Shawn Kouri says if the winds pick up theyíll be in for a lot of rescues. 15th street - a girl gets caught in a rip. Martin Quintanilla pulls her out. She needs to respect the ocean. Charles Ellis goes to a call of a yacht leaking diesel fuel. Ofc Mike Pryor goes out there. The man says it was a bad clamp on the hose. Heís leaking all over, they can smell it. They can smell the fumes on the beach, it can make you sick. He has a generator running he needs to shut down so it doesnít blow. The boat is 80 feet long and he wants to open the engine to air it out, clean it up, donít store the rags there. They stop smelling it and wonít have to shut down the AVP. 8/18/08
306 Alex Anorandia says itís the spot where they had the drowning yesterday. Two girls were caught in a rip. Shawn Kouri goes out to them, one says she canít swim and was pulled out in a rip. Tower 103 - a bunch of girls get in a fight and thereís pushing and they surround the area to see what will happen. A girl comes up and says a guy pushed her cousin who is a girl. They say the cops are on the way. Then the guy comes over and wonít listen. He says wanna fight? Lt. Gerry Falconer says skimboarding causes all kinds of injuries. Marie broke her ankle. She calls her mom and is all casual about it. Her momís a nurse and says not to freak out. She wants to go back on the beach. 8/25/08

Season 4 (2008-09)

Huntington Beach OC

401 MSO Tony Villalobos says when they have big surf they have big rips. They call people in and one guy gets pulled out to sea. Itís a tough rescue for the guard. He pulls him out and he said he was struggling for his life. Tower 5 - cervical spine call. A 30 year old man was body surfing, slammed on his head, canít hear out of 1 ear and his hands hurt. Greg E says he had tingling in the arms and they put his neck in the brace. Daren Ham says the tingling is the spine. Tower 6 - a man got stung in the foot with a stingray. A girl gets it in the foot, but doesnít want to complain. She hopes sheís not allergic, then she starts to get dizzy, shakes and gets worse. They give her oxygen. Her hands get numb, so does her mouth. They call code 3. T5 - the man is in stinging pain and they carry him out. Kyle Rose says it sounds like a neurological problem. 12/29/08
402 A surf school has a class and students get caught in a rip. They pull out a couple, then see 2 girls get caught in it holding each other. One girl says the waves were huge and pulled her out and didnít hold her nose, her friend saved her and guards thank her. T6 - a family complains about a couple practically having sex. They go to talk to them. They are goofy ugly teens who are surprised and say they should mind their own business. They leave and deny they did anything bad. T2 - a man is pulled out of the water unconscious. Itís code 3 and they get a truck to come with defribulators. They give CPR and use the AED. The machine says no shock advised and they go back to CPR because there is no pulse, no beats. A man says he was head down in the water, he was down for a couple waves before they pulled him out. They go back to CPR and paramedics arrive and take him away. A man says he was lifeless and foaming when they pulled him out. Drunk Irish guys are getting out of hand and their girls take their tops off. Itís illegal to drink there and a woman has police called over. One guy says he slept the last 2 hours, hasnít drank. He friend gets in their face and they warn them to back off. His girlfriend says heís been drinking 14 days straight, never stops. Three swimmers by the pier get caught in a rip. Nick & Chris Hubbard go out to help. Chris is on top of the pier looking for them, Nick is in the water. They are sucked back and forth under the pier. Chris jumps down to help because they arenít listening. They didnít realize how much trouble they were in. T5 - Kelsey hit her head while boogie boarding. She says her neck hurts and her fingers tingle. Her father asks Kelsey if she is sure it really hurts. They say itís not a normal sign, she needs x-rays. Sheís worried about it costing her dad money. They hold her neck in place, but she is worried about passing out, she is shaking and needs to sit down. They have to put her in a brace and a board. They load her up onto the truck and the dad still has questions. He finally relents. They get a call of a water heater in the water. Eric D & Perry Y go out to get it. They pull it in and itís huge and intact. 12/29/08
403 US Open of Surfing weekend. MSO Claude says they will be busy with more people. Kirk Sweigard goes to a call of a guy with a bloody head. Mark says he took a surfboard to the face. His neck is OK, but he should get stitches. He asks for a butterfly, doesn't need stitched. He looks at himself in the mirror and realizes he needs them. He doesnít want to lose 2 hours on the beach though. They find a surfboard washing in with no one around. Then they find a guy out real far and go to rescue him. He was knocked down. A 14 year old girl stepped on something and her foot burns, doesnít know what. The ice doesnít work, it keeps burning like a stingray stab, but there is no puncture. They canít get to HQ because of the crowds. They have her put her foot in hot water to boil it out. She says it hurts, doesnít work, wants to throw up, itís getting worse. She doesnít think anything is wrong. They call paramedics, sheís tired, might be going into shock. They give her oxygen and put her on an ambulance. Kurt Sandvig says they will treat her. 1/5/09
404 The pier forms a natural rip current, the water funnels right into it. A couple of girls were knocked down and had to be pulled out. They say the current was really crazy and pulled them over. Francis hurt her foot while skimboarding, she says it hurts really bad, could be fractured. They put ice on it and it hurts. A boat has died and is coming in. They go out, then they get a call of a person who jumped off the 40 foot pier and is stuck down there holding on. They have to jump down and send jetskis. Heís holding onto a pylon when they find him. Then they get a call more people are down. The jumper says 1 other guy jumped. Then they find him coming in to the beach and they call the police. They dared each other to do it and thought it would be fun. The first guy was out of breath, couldnít swim, held on, scraped his arms and legs on the barnacles. Officer William Brubaker gives him a $100 ticket and heís just glad to be alive. MSO Chris Clarke goes to a call of two women on a double bike who were going fast and wiped out. They are cut and need first aid. A witness who saw it is mad they were going so fast and almost hit people. He keeps mouthing off at them and then gets into it with a woman and they make him leave. 1/5/09
405 Tower 8 - a rip carries a couple kids out who have to be rescued. North End - a rental bike is attacked by bees that swarms on it. Public Works is called and he puts on a suit and doesnít want to spray poison or itíll get on them. He shakes them all off and they drop to the ground. North of the pier - a kid gets smacked in he head with an EZ-up tent and has a bloody scalp. They get a call of an unconscious man in the sand. No one knows him. Heís biting, canít get oxygen to him, pulse is gone. They have to shave him them shock him with an AED. It doesnít work so they start CPR. They shock him again and he starts to breathe. ERT arrives to take him away. Tower 22 - a 26 foot sailboat comes in too close to shore. MOS Steve Reuter takes a boat out to them. They have to be a half mile out. He tells them they are just going in to drop someone off. No, they canít. His engine isnít on, heís getting too close. He gets it started and goes. Tower 9 - a crazy man approached 2 women and he starts yelling, followed them, touched them and says he wonít be punked, itís his space. Then he goes after another guy, he is drunk and says itís his space, that guy is hating on him, heís not going to leave for him. They tell him to pack up and go and he doesnít want to. They call police and he leaves, but they follow him. He then starts harassing another girl. She tells him to go away. Police arrive and check him out. They check his bag and find an open 40oz. He has no warrants, no one will file charges, so they put him on a bus and send him away. There are 3 Ĺ miles of bike path along the beach. Tower 24 - they are called to a bike accident. Maria fell off her bike and landed on her elbow really hard. Tony Villalobos works on her. She has a helmet on, looks like a fractured elbow. ERT takes her away. At night they go to a fight. The man says he wasnít home she did it to herself. She just wanted to go and be left alone. She bit him and hit him. Both are arrested. She says itís stupid, wonít sit down, cries, screams sheís going to go nuts. Anthony Gonzalez says Carla is drunk and went crazy. Sgt. Chad Nichols says this is normal for her. It takes 4 cops to subdue her. The man says sheís done it before and will hurt herself in the car. 1/12/09
406 A man gets pulled out in a raging rip. He holds onto a surfboard saying his muscles canít make it. Then two girls go out and the shotgun guard goes out for them. He pulls the first one in and goes to help the others. They wouldnít have made it. They go to a man who dislocated his shoulder. Heís done it before and the doctor fixed it. Now heís trying to do it himself. He wants to tough it out. He canít believe it and needs a sling. It hurts, feels dizzy, wants a ride to the hospital, but his friend is gone. He goes down, then his ride arrives. Noah Sinclair says hopefully he gets it fixed. Lifeguard Dan Kiahua is down and they rush over. He was on a board and was knocked into the bottom. He heard a crack when he hit and his neck adjusted. He has pain in his neck and they are worried itís C3-5. Three kids throw sand and had an attitude about it so the police are called. They say itís called digging a hole. They arenít hoodlums and werenít throwing it. They can be arrested for it. If they do it again they can be cited. They say digging a hole is illegal at the beach now. Tower 4 - a 15 year old girl passes out. Her friend says they were running and she just went down and they carried her out. They go to the volleyball court and a woman cut her toe on a piece of plastic and is in huge pain. They bandage her up. David Chandler says the girl who passed out could have lots of things. She says she canít breathe, she passed out and paramedics take her away. A 5 year old boy Oscar has wandered off. They find out he left already today. Troy Rulmyr says it is a concern. This isnít daycare. They canít understand twice. Two guys get 500 yards offshore and they go out to check on them. Jason Cloud struggles to get out to them and rescues one of them. The other one came back, he says he wanted to go to the buoy. Itís he third time they stopped him that day. 5 year old - it takes 45 minutes to find him. Dan was OK and he came back to work.  1/12/09
407 Chief Kyle Lindo says 4th of July is their busiest day of the year. Surf is high and a big rip pulls people out. Stewart brings 3 people back. They are from Iowa and not used to it. A guy comes out with blood on his face and doesn't know it. Troy stops to check him. He says he hit the bottom and his neck hurts. Heís worried about paralysis. He thinks heís cool. They warn him and make him sign a release. Tony Villalobos is on dog beach. A Doberman bites a dog and a girl. MSO Todd Bartlett checks it out. The Doberman owner denies her dog bit anyone. The women make threats at each other so police are called in. Another man says the dog bit his dog, then the other dog. Animal control says they are liable for damages. A group plays soccer and Alexi gets kicked and is in shock. She calls her dad for help. They put an air splint on her leg and take her up where she can be taken to the hospital. They get a second call of a harassing drunk. Matt Norton goes up to him and he wonít sit down, asks who he is, wonít listen, denies heís harassing people. Certainly Iíve been drinking, Iím not going to deny it. He tells him itís time to leave. Itís going to go bad if you donít listen. He tells the other guard to shut up. They tell him thatís it. T14 - Alison was playing volleyball and hit her head against the pole and has a big welt. A guard holds her neck until they check her out. Sheís OK. Drunk - he finally calms down when a marked police car arrives. Bill has no ID and he searches him. He drank in the morning, his pass his revoked, so leave. Dan K says the pier is like a cheese grater. An old man went in for a soccer ball and is trapped. A huge rip opens up and pulls a group out so far they have to go to them by boat. The man with the soccer ball is saved, he didnít realize how much trouble he was in. Group - they have to send a bunch of guards to get them all back. A couple of girls are pulled in and liked it since the guard is cute. 1/19/09
408 906: water rescue - Troy Rulmyr goes to 3 girls pulled out in a rip. One is on a board pulled out so far that they use a boat. A 19 year old man gets a tent stake through his hand. He fell on it. Mike Bartlett says they canít take it out so medics are called. They wrap it up, could pull out tendons. Kevin Berry goes to a man that is stumbling around. He asks if heís on drugs or medication. He is Josh (20), says heís an artist trying to find his way. He calls for police and Josh runs for it, hits a bench and falls over. He does it again and hits a girl. Her husband is pissed at him and Josh denies hitting her and curses at him. Guards make him back off. Matt Norton wants him away. Josh admits he drank way too much. Kevin Berry checks the girl and the husband curses him out for waiting too long to help. He pushes him and firemen arrive and want to check him out and see his ID and he wonít do it. T8-10 - Erika went under a wave, got picked up and slammed face first. Dieterman asks about her neck. She has some pain, nose and lip hurt. They want to put her on a neckbrace, backboard and have medics look at her. Sheís 17 and not happy about it. Drunk - he doesnít want to fight anymore. Carlos Gines says his pulse and BP are too high. Police arrive and the husband comes down. A woman says her 5 year old is missing and freaking out. A girl got stung by something, canít see, is having trouble breathing and walking. Sheís 17 and Tony gives her oxygen. She breaks out in hives that burn. They take her to the hospital. Lost girl - the mom is useless, doesnít speak English. The dad can give the info - she's Michelle in a pink suit. They drive around looking, but there are so many girls wearing the same thing. Mom is worried about a kidnapping. Theyíve never had one there though. Sheís gone an hour and itís getting dark. They find her a mile and a half away on another beach. Mom is hysterical. 1/19/09

San Diego

409 Chad Hosch says there are a lot of rocks and reefs that make rips. A couple of girls get pulled out. One panics, one gets out. He goes out to her and she was coughing, choking, shaking and wanted out. A 26 year old girl is having trouble breathing and going into hives from a bee sting. Lonnie Stephens says her symptoms are escalating. They take her to paramedics so she can go to the hospital. South Mission Beach - a woman says a man passed out on the jetty. An old man was fishing, fell off the rocks and cut his head open. A kid fished him out and holds him up, thought he was dead. Sgt. Mike Cranston says itís the worst spot for spinal injuries to get him out. Itís cold water, waves are hitting them, hard to get the boat in. They have to put him on a backboard, on a surfboard and push him over to the boat. 1/26/09
410 Lifeguards go in to wait for people to get pulled out in a rip. Mike Neal goes out to a boy who was getting pulled out. He said he didnít want help. Then he wanted help and he pulled him in by jetski. Sgt. Ed Harris says people are going to look at seals and an animal rights person hit one woman with a bottle of water. She fled, they called cops and found out she was on a tour group and tracked her down. Daryl Pawlack found her. The woman wants to press charges. Her friend says she didnít mean it. The woman says her kids were there and wonít drop it. Lajoia Cove - Shiloh Spangler goes to a call of a drunk woman down. Sgt. Art Bowen says she was laying on the bench and was there last night. She doesnít want help, doesnít want cuffs, Iím a citizen of the US. You need to pick up people who litter. Whatís your name? I just told you. Turn me in, do what you want, you need to burn your ass. Sheís really uncooperative. You waste all the time and money to put me in jail, so you lose. No Christine itís the drunk tank. You get the drunk girl, not the whores. They pick up her stuff and she starts kicking the window that itís not hers. 1/26/09
411 Boomerís Beach is for locals and has a large rip. Brian Clark goes out, but they donít think they need help until itís almost too late. Lisa Darling goes to a call of a dog locked in a blue van with no water, in a case & no keys. The owner says he was here, he just had to get the keys, he didnít do anything wrong. They write him a ticket and he has an attitude and they say he can go to jail, then he cooperates. Mission Bay - a large boat races along, then gets very close to a tow boat and almost hits him. They see beer, stop him and check him out. He says heís only been drinking water and they take him to police. Lajoia - a black SUV in the parking lot catches fire and people try to put it out, then it blows up. FD puts it out, it was electrical. Mark S gives a boat captain a FST. He passes, but refuses a BAC, smells of alcohol and is arrested. Courtney Hemmerly soaks a guys foot in hot water after he gets stung by a stingray. Elizabeth Palmer says if he is allergic he will get sick. He says heís dizzy and going to throw up. They give him oxygen and he gets better. 2/2/09
412 Mission Bay Dock - 2 injured people are brought in from a Scuba diving accident. One lost air, they shared and came up too fast. The guy says he was OK, she was in trouble. The diver says he was out cold for 70 feet. They need to put him in a dive chamber, but she doesnít want treatment. Rod Messinger says an old guy was driving and got knocked out. A large mullet jumped out and hit him in the head going 35mph. He says it kicked his ass, donít take that fish, heís going to frame it. At first they didnít believe him, but found the fish. He keeps telling them not to take the fish. Mark Gilmore warns about a big rip, then a mom says her 11 year old son Austin was out there and disappeared. He went under a wave and didnít come up. They check water and the beach at the same time, he is a good swimmer. They find he was dragged a Ĺ mile in a rip and guards pulled him out. 2/2/09
413 Laura (20) is pulled out, ingested a lot of water and has trouble breathing because of asthma. Pacific - a guy stepped on a stingray and has a huge boil on his foot. They need hot water and it hurts. Guard Chris also got stung and is there soaking. Laura is unresponsive. Daryl Pawlack says she faded fast and didnít bring her medicine. Oxygen works to revive her. Mission Bay - Sgt. Rick Strobel goes to a boat that tilted and spilled fuel and has to close the area. People all flock to Mission Beach and Charlie Knight goes to a rip to pull a girl out. They were pulled 100 feet. A surfer gets hit in the face with board and is covered in blood. Lonnie Stephens says it could be a broken neck. They secure him and have to drive him to an ambulance. Ladera Street Park - a dog fell over a cliff 25 feet, but seems fine. Aaron Chase calls him up. Lajoila - Ofc Robert Atwood gets a call of drunk far off shore. He doesnít want help because itís become a police problem. Lance Mendoza goes to pull him out and he fights. They cuff him and find a knife, heís a known lobster poacher. Sgt. David Rains says heís up to no good. Joseph Hilton arrests him, he might have warrants too. He says he has hasnít drank and wants a ticket. Chris pulls out a girl trying to save her sister from drowning. She swallowed water and needs to go to the hospital. 2/9/09
414 Sgt. Eric Claire says July 4th is their superbowl. Waters are rough. Lajoila - Brett (8) smashed his face while boogieboarding. A.J. Vila says they checked his vitals and has trouble feeling toes. Michael Neal says there is a huge crowd and a side current that pulls people toward the pier. A couple have to be yanked out. Brett - Angie Hanchett finds his memory is going and heís panicking. His mom then finds out and freaks, but he gets better. A girl tries to skimboard and one foot twisted and broke. Matt Jackson loads her up. She gets morphine. Mission Bay - a man gets naked in the water and acts crazy. Sgt. John Everhart says he was on something. Sgt. Jon Vipond says he was masturbating, wants them away, makes threats and is angry. They give him a blanket and leave to fake him out. He does come out and they rush him. Heís arrested. No alcohol or bottles are allowed. Sgt. Troy Keach dumps beer from an Irish girl. Lajoila Cove - Tarrant Seatulle goes to Jonathan (17) who freaked out from something and is shaking. Brian Clark says it could be hypothermia. Then he says it was a cold and gets better. Lt. Nick Lerma finds illegal lobster traps and frees 38 of them. 2/9/09
415 La Jolla Cove - Darryl Pawlack says the surf knocks kayakers over and they panic. Devilís Slide is a rocky area that claims a man and his daughter. Edward Arias says itís a tough rescue. He comes in over the rocks and puts them in a ring to safety. Cops arrest a drunk and he wants no part of it. Will Edelman says he doesnít know basic answers. He was passed out on the beach, he thinks he was sleeping. He says heís a Marine. They take him to detox for 4 hours. Blackís Beach - a cliff collapsed on top of a man. Sgt. Troy Keach says he has a serious head injury. Heís in bad shape, his brother is there. They wonder if there are other victims. Jason Lindqust says he was buried in debris. They give CPR and epinfrine. There is no road, no way to get the chopper down. The drive him on a trailer. Sgt. Bob Albers goes to a RV that went into the bay. It sinks in the mud and they have to dig the axle out to tow it. $130,000 down the drain. La Jolla - Sgt. James Gartland says the waves were surprising people. A man was snorkling, took some water, was coming out orange. Could be a dry drowning. Heís wheezing, short of breath, one lung sounds bad, pulse up, goes into shock, gets dizzy. EMS takes him to the hospital. Ocean Beach - Sgt. Travis Gleason goes to a man sleeping in the bathroom. He was using his pants as a pillow so he was naked. Cops know him. He denies drinking and cut loose. Tower 32 - a 4 year old boy Riley suddenly disappears. His mom was taking pictures of him, then he was gone. He was found a mile away at Tower 30. He doesnít know what happened. Ocean Beach - Alex Riley goes to another bathroom where the man from before is completely nude. He says he was drying off. They arrest him now. 2/16/09
416 Eric Guerro explains about rips. Chris Vanos goes out for a rescue that turns into a mass rescue. Amber P rescues a fat kid who was pulled out. Pacific Beach - a man is found not breathing in the water. They yank him out and start working on him. Sgt. Casey Owens says survival is limited. Sgt. John Everhart goes to a couple on top of each other at the surfline. Her nipples are sticking out and they warn them. Then she jumps on him and he carries her. Cops arrive and the guy asks whatís the law about kissing. They make them leave and they still stop to makeout. Pacific - they keep giving CPR and Michael McDaniel has to open an airway. They drain fluid and give epi shots. Amber puts it in his neck. After 3 shots and 15 minutes they get a pulse. John Kerr says there are accidents from cliff jumping. A bunch of guys are jumping and they warn them. Brian Clark says they are trained to jump. Emerald Cove - 3 snorklers are in trouble. Brian jumps in. Gartland tells him where to go from above. Wind & Sea - Craig Nowalski goes to a guy who broke his foot, it popped out. EMS takes him away, no more football. Thomas Wood goes to a bicycle accident. A man took a spill and he was knocked out for 5 minutes. Esparza tries to work on him and he doesnít want any part of it, wonít even have his BP taken. Ben Douglas says he is drunk, itís just like DWI. Itís jail or hospital. He says it must be a joke and keeps cursing them. Heís taken to the hospital and can be charged too. La Jolla - Lonnie Stephens goes to a lost parrot call. A woman says heís Carly and tries to coax it down. A man gets it, but it flies away, then comes back. 2/16/09

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