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This half hour truTV show acts like it's real, is advertised as reality, but is acted and is supposed to be based on actual cases. That's whey there is no company name or town on the side of the trucks. Still, it's pretty funny stuff like low budget wrestling. All you need to know is it debuted on April 1st. It takes place in the Valeey area of CA. With Luis Pizarro (dad), Lyndah Pizarro (daughter), Sonia Pizarro (sister), Matt Burch (friend) & Froylan Tercero (ex-son in law. Sonia & Froy were married 10 years and ha a kid. Mike & Frankie are two losers they hired who got fire. Itís no joke if you donít pay that note.

"In the entertainment business you need approvals on many things. Having a camera crew during real repos would require a signature from the debtor. Now, how many after getting your car repoed would sign a document saying you are going to be on TV for entertainment purposes? NONE! and you know what that would mean...NO TV SHOW! Listen...It's just business. You like it or you don't. Just leave it as it is." Matt Burch

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Luis has been doing it 13 years. What is a repo? The bank sends an order, they repo the car and get a check, that simple, they love it. The people are kinds sweet, loving, get in and get out. Sonia works for her brother, loves what she does, they think she is an idiot. Froy is the shortest, a locksmith, the funny one. Matt says he's the prettiest one in the San Fernando valley, natural at what he does. Compton, CA - Matt & Froy go to get a green Lincoln LS 2003. These neighborhoods makes him nervous. They ID the car and hook it up. A fat guy on a bike comes up and says they are towing your sh-t man. Then 4 gangbangers come running at him. One with a bat comes and hits the cameraman. Matt is ready and has the tow iron. He wants respect. Then Froy and Matt start wrestling the guys to the ground. Luis comes over and gets the bat and holds the third guy down. He yells you don't know who I am esai. Yes, I do. Froy lets the guy up and he wants more. Matt lets the guy up and he hears the helicopter and thinks cops are overhead, not in front of my pad he says. They throw the bat away and Matt has a chain. One guy grabs his chain. He asks for the key and says he'll take it without hurting it. He keeps saying you know who I am, I'll take you all out homie. Usually they are all out on parole or doing something illegal. He unleashes a string of curses and attacks a camera. Froy wouldn't have done it alone. Matt says it was a huge rush and he likes it. 4/1/08
102 Saugus, CA - They go to a ranch looking for Joker and know he's a gangbanger. There is only 1 way in or out, they hate those kinds, it's always bad, GPS doesn't even work. It's not like bounty hunting, no idea what they are getting into. After a long dirt road they come up to an iron green gate and they go around it. There are a lot of cars, but the car they want is right there. The hood is up, no battery. They hook it up, then 2 guys come at them in a John Deer cart. They have a bat and a gun. One guy hits Matt and they fight and tell them to calm down. They warn him he'll go to jail, it's just a repo. They book out of out of there and the guy takes a bat to his own van and start shooting. Matt says he's a coward and is facing 3 counts of attempted murder, he'll be facing fines and charges for 3 years. They survey the damages after and there are bullet holes. Froy has had 30-40 guns pulled on him. Matt had 4 and was shot once in the crotch. 4/1/08
103 Luis has a call for a truck, boat and trailer. His daughter Lyndah is with him and is excited. They pull up and there is a guy in the boat cleaning it. Mike & Ashley Ramos are the owners. SLyn goes in the truck, Mike goes in the boat. Luis blocks them. Ash comes out in a small purple bikini all fat. Mike flips on them. He says he is behind on payments, son. He says all he does is make payments. You are calling me son? Yes. Three months behind. He gets mad at Ash for not making them and grabs her. They yell at him it's domestic abuse now and on camera. Matt gets mad at him, he hates that. Mike pushes Matt and he slams him back. He says let's do this, I'm ready. He mouths off, doesn't care how big he his. He's a coward and won't punch him. Lyndah finds the keys in the truck and they try to take it, Ashley jumps in. They struggle and want the pepper spray. Matt drives their truck and Mike is going after him and wants him to do something. Lyndah gets the spray and Mike goes inside for a bat. You come to my house and disrespect me. Looks like I did son. Luis, Luis & Matt are going to get a $70,000 Borget motorcycle. 4/8/08
104 They are looking for a backhoe tractor from a leasing company. He says he has money, hopefully it isnít BS. Usually they need big equipment to move it, but this one is drivable down the street. An informant wants a finders fee. He leased it for a week and kept it 4 months. Luis needs a lot of backup since itís a construction site. They spot it in a yard and want Froy to go up first since he blends in. They back him up. Luis goes in and George comes up. Matt warns him they are taking it. George asks why are you taking it and he knows why. It turns into a fight and Matt takes a guy down and Froy has to attack another guy and hold him down. George tries to beat Matt who is holding the guy. Froy doesnít want to fight, but has to back him up. Luis drives it out and George jumps on it as they ride down the street. No one got hurt, thatís all that counts. They drive it to the lot and itís done. 4/8/08
105 They get a call in Van Nuys. It's a van only worth $800 and it's funny that someone financed it. They pull up and there is a couple having sex in the back, it's moving. They yell at them to get out and stay back. The girl curses them out. They are looking for Gloria and are hooking it up. A guy comes running at them with a bat. Matt knocks him down from the back and takes the bat while Froy hooks it up. Where is your mom? They are all yelling and Matt warns him he'll crack his skull. The kid starts pushing him and says you can't take it. It's not yours. Where is your mom? At work. The guy tries to get his bat back and he tells him to call the police. He warns them to get off the truck. He hooks up the van and Matt yells at them to back up and protects him. The girl keeps pushing him and he can't do anything. She calls him homie and says I'm not your homie. They get the van and run out laughing. Sonia , Lyndah & Matt looking for a car and are mad they've been there before. They get a tip of the car being at work and go there. The plate matches, but they have to make sure the car is right. They go in looking for Charise. She's there eating. 7/21/08
106 They have an order for a 2005 silver Ford Explorer pickup. He threatened the finance company not to send anyone or heíd hurt them. Matt and Froy walk over to check it, then hook it up to the tow truck. Ramirez comes out and he tells him itís a repo. He says he already talked to the bank. He tells him to back off and punches Matt. They start fighting hard and Luis has to pull him off and sit on him. He rips up the work order and needs his truck then Luis pepper sprays him. Matt says he spun on him and started punching him. Then he wanted the cops there. They use the video to show to the police. They get a call for a BMW 760I worth $120,000. Heís behind 3 payments of $2500. The guy works in porn and they go up to his huge mansion. Froy says there is a naked girl inside and they are shooting porn in it. They block it in and a girl is standing through the sunroof topless. Miles is filming and owns it, he says no, only his cameras are allowed there. He wants everyone out of the car. Luis tells him to film from next door. He wants to work it out. Just call them and tell them we took it and make the payments. He gets them the keys so they donít tow it. They get tips for money or for revenge. In this case the sister-in-law says heís the good for nothing husband sheís sick of. He drives an expensive car and has no money for the family. Itís a Hummer with rims. They call Luis to come over. They follow him until he parks and they hook him up to tow and he comes after them with a tire iron and tries to take the tire off. Luis sprays him and he hits the wall. Matt holds him down and he puts his hands in eyes and makes it worse. Froy puts water on him. They call a big tow truck to grab it. He says itís his, he made the payments. No, you didnít. The sister-in-law Erika comes up and mocks him. 7/21/08

Season 2 (2008)

201 They are looking for a green 2005 Chevy Malibu at her job. Itís parked in front so they drive the tow truck up. A big black lady holding a pink wig comes running out to put change in the meter. Lyndah says weíre not metermaids. She says she paid it. Her fat friend owner comes out yelling that she told her she was going to pay and grabs the wig from her. You are behind 3 payments. She says she paid. If that was true she wouldnít be here. She says you canít take it and gets in the way so they pepper spray her. They try to grab the keys from her, but the spray barely works. The owner says to give them the keys you are losing your job since you owe me money too. She runs for it to get in the truck and they cut her off. She tries to unhook the tow bar and then gets in the back of the truck. The owner says she wants her out from in front of her business. She tells her sheíll give her the job back if she stops this, sheíll loan her the money She agrees and gets down. 11/10/08
202 They are looking for a 2007 black A7 Audi at a leasing company. They argue about getting lost. Anyone can get a repo, even someone they work for. Frank Cody comes out and he climbs on the forklift. He wonít listen to Sonia. Luis tries to hook it up and he grabs the hook from him and he felt threatened. Luis tells him to deal with the paperwork. He tells him heíll need to be laid out. Frank says he has the proof, heíll get his secretary to print it out. Theyíll give him a minute. He comes back with nothing. A coworker comes out and starts goofing on him. They ask him to back off and Frank tells him heíll tell his wife heís banging his secretary. He comes over and puts Frank in a headlock. He tells him heís fired. They call the police and tell him if there are drugs in the car they are going to report it. Frank gives them the keys. He had paraphernalia in the glove compartment. They get an order for an Eagle trailer. Luis says itís a taco stand and they are excited about free food. 11/10/08
203 They are looking for a 2004 Infiniti 8 months behind in payments and he wonít pay it. Froy finds the car and calls them over. Lou tells him to ask for the key and 2 guys come at him with a board and tire iron. Lou and Matt arrive and he says he wonít ask for keys anymore. Matt says he wasnít going to do anything and he pushed him. Froy goes to hook up the car and Lou tackles the driver. Matt goes for the other guy and they all pile up. Sonya calls the police and sees the keys hanging out of his pocket and grabs them. It has an alarm he kept locking. She throws them to Matt and he gets in the truck. They didnít have tow it then, he drove it away. They have a call for a 2006 Honda Civic and find it behind a locked gate with a guy standing there. 11/17/08
204 They look for a Mercedes SLK belonging to Mr. Jacobson a lawyer. Lou warns them. They find it in a parking lot and set up to town it. The owner comes running out and Lou tells him he hasnít made any payments. Matt goes to see if itís open and the guy grabs him and Matt flips out for touching him. He tells him he canít touch his car and they keep touching it. Itís our car now, you didnít pay. Itís our job. He says heís a lawyer you know how much trouble you are in? They have it on camera, we didnít do anything. He wonít give him the keys, so they just tow it. Lou warned him in advance not to touch him. He didnít until he pushed him. In the truck Lou and Matt start fighting. Lou has a business to run and canít deal with him. He throws him out of the truck with the cameraman. Heís the boss, needs to listen to him. Froy picks up Lyndah for a night call when sheís usually asleep. 11/17/08
205 They are going for a 2004 Volkswagon Golf. Sonia is upset about Froy showing his tattoos. He says she was 28, he was 15 when they met. They spot the car and Sonia goes to check it and he lines up the truck. The woman comes out in knee high red boots asking what she is doing. She gets mad, says she has the money and the receipt. Then a guy comes running out, heís the boyfriend and wants to take the tow off. They are all yelling and pushing. Froy says the woman is hot and older. When he was married to Sonia he wouldíve been pushy too. The guy pushes Froy and he pepper sprays him. The girl says oh my god and Sonia grabs the keys from her and then drives it off. She can barely fit in the car. Matt & Froy look for a black Harley Davidson owned by a girl. Matt likes sport bikes and has his helmet. 11/24/08
206 Luis says itís Sebastian a pizza delivery driver in Taluca Lake. He owes 7 payments on a 1992 Geo Tracker from Ohio. Sonia & Froy go. She knows the place, good NY pizza from Robamos. She goes to check it and the guy comes out with 5 pizzas and says itís his car, heís allowed to park there. They aren't parking enforcement. He says he just paid $200 on it. That doesnít cover it. He wants to make the delivery first. The owner comes out and says they need to talk to him first. They donít. He drops all the pizzas and tries to fix them. Seb gets on the hood and tells Froy to take the pizzas. Froy doesnít want them and rolls slow. The owner yells at him and Froy is sick of him. Heíll drive him 23 miles on the hood if he has to. Luis calls Matt to say the guy is a cop and to be on his best behavior. Matt thinks Luis is still mad at him. 11/24/08
207 Sonia & Matt look for a white 2002 Toyota Corola that the man took in his divorce. They pull up, spot the car, the guy gets out and the woman is there arguing with him. She goes to get in the car, Sonia jumps out and IDs the car. She says itís a repo. The woman says itís her car, sheís not listening and needs it. It may be hers, but the car isnít paid, ask him about it. The guy says he gave her the money for it. Sonia jumps in the car and they fight over the purse for the keys. The guy mocks her and Matt holds her back. She wants the keys or theyíll just tow it. She tells the guy this is why she divorced him. They say to stop talking to him. She tosses the keys at her and Sonia throws the purse at her. She goes back and argues with the ex and he makes fun of her. They leave and they still argue about the car. Luis calls Matt & Froy that heís tracking a car on GPS and to go get it. He has to reel Matt in and he gets mad about it. They spot the car and follow him. They donít have their tools so Sonia comes after them. The guy stops and they pull behind them. Matt tells him heís taking the car and they get mad. Sonia backs up the tow truck and the guy says there has been a mistake. Matt hooks it up and she explains it to him. She says he needs to give her the keys. He says this is all a mistake. She says to take care of it and theyíll fix it. He tries to tell the owner they are on his property illegally. He wants his ipod. She says if you give me the keys. He throws the keys into a tree and Matt tells him heís not getting anything out of it. Heís tried of overprivileged guys in his face. They want the plate and to call the cops. Matt says you can have it. 12/1/07
208 Froy hates doing repos so far from the city, never know whatís out there. Matt is with him and Luis says a GPS is tracking a BMW for them. They canít find it and Luis says they are right there. Matt says they are trying to hide it and goes out to look for it. They talk to the landscapers and tell them they are there to wash the car, but they donít know where it is. Froy tells Matt to act like heís calling Mrs. Johnson. She says itís OK and they get the keys. They tell him itís in the garage. Then they tell them the car is in the back. They walk back there and itís a huge orchard and itís hidden under a tarp in the dirt. He lets Matt drive it out, but heís worried heíll damage it. Froy & Matt go to look for a 1993 BMW and are meeting Luis there. They find the car parked and Steve comes out. He says heís a preacher and Froy doesnít like taking cars from religious people. He says he made the payment last month, actually the lord did it. The man says the devil sent them there. Matt holds the car and waits to hook it up. Steve says he needs to go to church, Matt says he needs medication. Luis arrives and Steve asks if the devil sent him too. They hook it up and Steve says heís Devil Louie. They donít think itís in the Bible not to repo. He says heís going to pray for them, itís godís car, he doesnít want this to happen, the lord makes sure the bills are paid. Satan sent you people here. 12/8/07
209 Matt & Froy are looking for a 1999 Ford Explorer. Other repo companies tried to get it and failed. He is mouthy and violent over the phone, use caution. They are all on the phone, different in person. They spot an Expedition in front of the house, could be a mistake. They go in the back alley and find it, Matt gets hit by the camera and puts in gojacks to turn it. The owner Enrico comes out and had a big weapon Ė a wrench. Heís European with a thick accent. Froy canít understand him, his accent is worse than his. He has the paperwork. He says there is a mistake. He hasnít made a payment in 4 months. He takes the wrench to his own car. They donít care if heís stupid enough to break his own car, they just laugh at him. He dents it and breaks the windows. He wonít get it back for breaking it. They leave and he hits the truck. They go to flag down a cop. The cop goes down first and cuffs him. Matt tells the cameras to get out of the way. They tell the cop what happened and are able to get the truck. Matt & Froy are looking for a car a guy is sleeping in, but they have no address. Heís Chris Vanderhorst in a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. It has a boot on it and Froy says they canít take it. Matt used to work for a company that would take them. Froy says they arenít supposed to do the things he did at other companies. Chris is asleep in the back. He says they canít take it with a boot. He made a few payments. Just act like you didnít see it. Canít do that. Froy calls Lou about the boot. He says they canít take it. They guy gets in Mattís face and slaps him. Matt attacks him and Froy hold him back, then Chris runs for it. Froy says he never gets into trouble, only Matt does since heís a hot head. 12/15/08
210 They are going to get a 1956 yellow Ford Fairlane. They canít tow it, they want a flatbed, itís art, you canít mess it up. Luis asks their ages and Froy admits he was born in 77, Sonia 63. They canít find the ignition and decide to push it out with Sonia steering. The owner comes out yelling that itís his and he never missed a payment, you canít take the car, heís never been notified. He canít stop a rolling car with Soniaís weight in it. Heís never been notified, call them. You call them, we arenít going to do that. Itís my baby. We know, thatís why we called the flatbed. He will take care of it. Matt & Froy look for a 1997 BMW. They spot it and Froy climbs over a wall to check the VIN. Matt hooks it up from the back. Froy uses a slimjim to get in and lock the steering wheel and the alarm goes off. They are ready to go and a cameraman jumps in the BMW and they tell him not to and they just leave him there. Matt ate lots of red peppers and has to go to the bathroom and he goes too fast and blows a stop sign. Froy keeps telling him to slow down. He takes a turn too fast and the BMW flips over and they drag it. They run over and check the cameraman and pull him out and he seems OK. Froy calls Lou and Matt is flipping out. The cameraman is fine and Matt is glad. Froy thought he was dead, Matt says heís fired. Froyís responsibility is the cameraman. They have to tow it on a flatbed upside down. Lou comes racing over in a fury. He wants to know why the cameraman was in the car. Froy told him not go in there, but he did anyway. Lou says heís fired. He asks Matt if heís OK. Mattís crying and saying heís sorry. He wants them to go to the hospital and call him. Lou says all heís done for Matt and now heís done, heís fired. Froy says heís fired him before, but heís never done anything like this.  12/22/08

Season 3 (2009)

301 Sonia & Lyndah are both sick. They are looking for a Honda Accord and find it in a parking lot. Zach Sampson comes running over with 2 guys. He asks what are they doing and gets in the way. He denies being behind in payments, he wants a card. They have their papers. He says they are disturbing the peace. His friends keep yelling at them, they say to shut up. He keeps grabbing the order and she says it her clipboard, donít grab it. They want the keys, he tries to get in their truck and Lyndah blocks him and pushes and she pushes him back. He says itís his assault, no you touched her first. He wants the cops. Lyndah drives the car with a guy on it. Sonia has a guy in the truck as she leaves. They get another for a 1995 orange Crown Victoria they have looked for a few times. Itís there now and a hippy guy comes running out, heís not Gary, he knows the owner. They donít believe him. He calls Gary as the hook it up. He gets in Soniaís face and they start pushing each other. Matt is under the car and he grabs him. He tells him not to and a big black guy shows up and grabs Matt. The other guy takes his glasses and the black guy punches Matt, then gets a golf club. The first guy says he is the owner and has the keys. Matt says heís going to jail and drives off. Luis & Matt are looking for a 2008 BMW belonging to Stephanie in a rich section. The car isnít there so they stakeout the place. They finally show up and hook it up. They come running down and he says this is a mistake. The girl says she needs to stop. He says he can pay his salary for the next moth. She pushes Matt, the guys push and get in each others face. She hits Matt with her shoe. Luis says heíll pepper spray him and doesnít care. He jumps in the car, Luis pulls him out and they have the keys. Matt drives the car from there. The guy chases the cameraman until he falls. #301. 3/23/09
302 Luis & Sonia are looking for a 2007 Porsche & 2008 Audi from the same guy. They spot them in a garage and a guy on a balcony watch them, he says heís not Dan and calls someone. He comes down with Marcus, he canít get the tow truck in the garage. He says he has plenty of money to pay them. Luis wonít take a bribe. The tough guy says he went to Pelican Bay and will eat him for breakfast. Luis isnít scared. They donít want the cops. He comes after Luis and he puts him in a headlock. Sonia maces him and it doesnít affect him. He throws the keys at them and he takes the Audi around the corner and then goes back for the Porsche. Matt & Froy go to Marina Del Ray for a Ranger in boat basin parking lot belonging to James. A woman gets him. He says he only parked it 10 minutes, they arenít the tow company. A guy and 2 women all start yelling. They are worried they are drunk and there are beers in the back. The girls want their stuff. They want to pay. They get the keys and they want their beer. Matt takes one and leaves the cooler down the road. Luis & Sonia go for an Excursion that Brian the spotter has followed. He IDs the SUV and they are just getting out in the driveway. Raj says he paid and he wife is mad at him for not paying. He pushes Sonia and Luis goes for him with spray. He tells his wife to go inside and goes after Sonia and the cameras. He says heíll make the payments, he just talked to them. They want the keys. He says heíll get you the money. He keeps pushing Sonia trying to get in the SUV. Sonia falls and he sprays him. Raj says the keys are inside, but he has them. He pushes his wife and they say they still are pressing charges. 3/23/09
303 Luis & Sonia are looking for a Ford Focus at night. Itís in the driveway and she opens the gate. They hook it up and a woman comes out with a beer asking whatís going on. Sheís dressed like a male gang member. Two other girls come out and all are yelling and cursing. He gets the keys and gives it to her. They hit him with a beer and then fire a gun as they are leaving. His arm is cut and he shows them all. Froy & Matt are looking for a small Suzuki car. Itís at a fast food place, the car is open and they hook it up. Matt goes to look for Randy and another guy comes out with garbage and beats Froy with it and goes after Matt with a mop. Froy didnít like the smell. The owner comes out Matt tells them to stop it. He comes at Matt with the mop again and he throws him in a dumpster. Froy & Sonia are together and Froy is upset she is so sick and wants her to stay home. They are looking for a 2009 Cadillac at an escort service. She doesnít want him looking at the girls. Froy goes inside to ask about the car and the girls donít want him there. The owner pulls up and is upset about the cameras. Sonia gets Froyís attention and they go to the car and the guy and 3 girls all start arguing with them. He says itís paid for and he has money. Sonia starts pushing and Froy ties to break it up and Sonia gets mad. Sonia gets in the car. Froy gets the keys and says make the payment and youíll get it back. 3/30/09
304 Luis, Matt & Froy are looking for an 08 Kia Sportage. It is at a big yellow apartment and they want to get the keys and drive it out. John in #2 says itís not his, his wife Jamie owns it. She is 4 payments behind, but says she paid it 3 days ago. He shoves Matt back and pulls a knife on him and Luis comes around the corner, chops the guy and falls on him. Froy gets the knife and the gojacks so they can tow it out while Matt holds the door so the guy canít get out. Matt says he didnít see the knife coming. Matt & Froy are looking for a Prius that has a tracking device that Luis monitors on the PC for them. Itís out in the middle of the woods. They are looking for Todd and find him dressed as a wizard with 2 guys as knights and a woman princess. She says no one would find them up there. Todd only talks in character and says they are in his realm and wonít take his steed. They can hook it up or drive it. They try to block him from hooking it. Matt gets the keys and the girl cries that she canít get home. They pop the trunk and find they had the real medieval weapons in there. Lyndah & Luis send Froy & Sonia to get a Porsche from a doctor in Burbank. She wants money he owes her and he says later. They find the car and a nurse is out there laughing, she works for Paul Ryan. She gets a nurse and another doctor so they can laugh. Then Paul comes out yelling, he says he makes a lot of money and he has to yell at them. His accountant takes care of it, as far as he knows itís paid. Froy has the keys from the nurse. He calls his lawyer then the police. He tells them they will be fired. She sees Froy is wearing a gold necklace and gets mad. He says itís a gift and rips it off him. He says a fan sent it to him. Luis tells Sonia not to do this at work. 4/6/09
305 Froy & Sonia are doing a repo on Duaneís BMW at night and Froy is late because he got a new car. They find the car and heís having sex with a blond in the back. Itís her husbandís warehouse who owns the business. He just works there. Sonia pulls the naked girl out, she doesnít care about the cameras. He wants to give the girl a ride, but doesnít want to leave his car. He has to come back for it. Luis & Lyndah go out to a ranch for Chesterís pickup. Two guys come running down and the white guy likes Mexican women and touches her thigh. She wants him away and slaps him, then Luis throws him down. He slaps him down and tells Lyndah to get in the pickup. Luis drives away and the Mexican guy jumps in the back of the towtruck. Luis throws him out and they donít give him the keys and lock it. The cameramen jump in the back and the guys throw rocks at them. Luis, Froy & Matt go to a pool hall for a 2000 Expedition, but it turns out to be an Excursion too big to tow. They hook it, but it wonít move. Matt goes in for the keys and a group of 4 with cues chase him out. They all start beating him and Froy peppers them. Luis uses a gojack as a weapon and police arrive. More police arrive and arrest them.  4/13/09
306 Froy & Matt are looking for a 2003 PT Cruiser and find it in the driveway, but the boom makes noise. The old, drunk owner comes out with a bottle all pissed off. Matt tells him to put the bottle down and he pulls a taser gun on him. Matt is trapped, gets tased and falls. His wife yells at him and Froy tries to get him to back off. She calls the police and the drunk is glad since they were stealing his car. Matt is mad she is crying and he pissed himself. He wonít press charges if she gives them the keys. Luis & Froy work in the rain to be sneaky. Froy is too short to see in the garage. The woman says Jacob is her son. They want his Dodge Journey. She says heís over at the bowling alley. They go and find him there. He says the finance company is giving him a hard time, he lost his job and wants to file bankruptcy. He wants his phone and they want the keys. He wants a ride, they say no, call your mom. He gets a bowling ball and throws it through the window. He picks it up and throws it again, then leaves. Froy & Lyndah look for a 2006 Ultima and itís out on a dirty property in the middle of nowhere. Clyde who looks like Fat Albert comes out. He says he send the payment, but they sent it back, it wasnít a full payment, they canít take his car. Froy hooks it up and Clyde sits on it. Lyndah gets in. His sister comes out and starts yelling. He lays on the car and says heís going with it. He breaks his watch banging on it. He doesnít want to get his stuff out, heís going. The wife comes out and is upset, says itís an invasion of their privacy. They want the keys and heís sorry and gives it up. 4/20/09


Luis, Matt, Froy and Sonia plan to catch a sneak. Froy and Sonia are supposed to be dressed up and she isnít. They go in his convertible to distract the realtor and he tells them he has a camera crew to document the house. While inside they take her car. She hasnít paid for 6-7 months and has been hiding. Sonia leads them outside while they were still out there. Tracy flips out and says this isnít a game. When she realizes Sonia was part of the game she gets in the truck she attacks her and she gets sprayed. Matt has to carry her off. Froy & Matt go check a white car and a guy comes at Matt dressed as a ninja. His wife comes out and yells at him that heís embarrassing her and heís nothing but an out of work actor. Matt laughs at him. She says he was supposed to get a job, she wants them to say they didnít find him for a day. Sheís the only that works. Matt asks for the keys and says theyíll give her the paperwork to get the car back. She is sorry, needs to get to work. Froy laughs and busts on Matt for not fighting. Froy & Lyndah are looking for a white Ford Focus 05. Another repo company turned it over to them. When they get there the other repo company has the car hooked up. The black tow truck driver is fighting with the old white driver. They say they have an order and Lyndah says it was canceled because they donít have insurance. The owner doesnít like the black guys and wants to deal with Lyndah. He gives them the keys and wants to pay them, but they canít. He doesnít want them to damage it, so they drive it. 4/27/09
308 Luis, Froy & Matt are looking for a Commander and itís right in the open. Matt checks it and they hook it up. A big guy comes out and starts pushing Froy and wants the car down. He goes after Matt and he kicks him and tackles him. Matt screams for Froy and he pepper sprays him. Then 2 more big guys come out of the house and Matt takes one guy down and Luis hold him. Froy pulls pepper on the other guy. The girl wants them to back off. Froy sprays the Asian guy and Matt tosses him away. The girl is upset and wants the cops. Luis is attacked in the truck and Froy drives them. Matt has enough with everyone. Luis & Lyndah are looking for a 2009 Mercedes Benz C class in the Hollywood Hills. Heís a stock broker who lost his job, the roads are tight and Luis feels bad for the guy. She finds the cars and has to move trash cans out of the way to get to it. She finds Tyler is sleeping in the back with the guys inside. His alarm goes off, he wants his keys back, itís his car. His wife Yvonne comes out upset, he grabs the paperwork and Luis pushes him off for pulling her hair. The wife is mad he didnít pay for it, wants them to leave. He says heís a got a job interview today, he pulls his pants up and wants to get his briefcase out of the back so he can shave. He needs the car to get there. His wife says he has no job, he says heís trying. Lyndah pulls him out and he gets in the back of their truck and Lyndah pulls him out again. Luis says she needs to control her husband. Luis feels bad, but the guy was being a fool. Froy & Sonia are looking for a 2008 black Honda Accord. He says sheís always mad, can ruin the best day. They find one, pull around the corner and find another and thatís the right one. He asks her to get the keys, but she doesnít want to get out, doesnít want to walk. She says she is heavy, hot and sick. He drops her off and goes back to hook up the car, but canít get it from the front except the windows are open and he can slim jim it. The woman comes out, says itís paid for, she canít take it, the car isnít there. She paid, take her word for it. She pushes her and wants her off the property. Itís her car, no one is going to take it. He pops it in neutral, hooks it up and is ready to go. Sonia is mad she has to walk and is pissed off because heís spending time texting instead. He tells her he just finished and to breathe and she grabs the phone and breaks it. He asks whatís wrong with her. She banged the phone into her eye. He says sheís jealous since it was a girl. She curses him and he says to drive the truck, heís not going with her. Froy calls Luis about it and tells her sheís a manager and needs to act like one. 5/4/09
309 Luis & Matt look for a 2008 Chrysler Caliber owned by Jonathan he doesnít know what it looks like. Itís tight apartments. He stole it from the impound, is 3 payments behind. He has a receipt. Thatís not for the finance company. It was one for the archives no one would see. Then the guyís son Kevin charges Matt and kicks him and then chops him in the back of the neck. Matt was his in the groin, so it wakes him a while to recover, he doesnít know how long, doesnít know. Heís jumped by Luis after he sees Matt go down. Lou tells Jon to get rid of him. He wonít listen, Luis is out of breath. Dad is going to be responsible for whatever happen. Sonia & Froy fight about the money again. She goes to check the vin and he calls her baby girl and she gets pissed. Then 2 bikini girls show up. He says heís got his girls with him help him out. They want his autograph, but donít know who he is. He says itís a mistake, Sonia gets mad heís explaining it to the women. Froy say she is mad that he likes Asian woman. She says Froy spends too much time explaining to them. She gets in the car when they get the keys. She left a guy Rodrigo and was yelling his name out after he got one of the girlís numbers to make him jealous. He doesnít care, she says sheís been with a guy 2 years, doesnít need a guy. Luis & Matt are looking for a hearse, heís a deadbeat who took the car from the job. The find it and Matt goes to the door her. He doesnít understand while heís here. He says heís on the job right now, he has a body. You are at home, not at the job. You arenít working for the original home, you are taking it from someone else. He says they canít take it if there is a body is inside. Matt doesnít believe him. He wants to check. Matt says he will call the police and they can explain how he has a body on the street in a hot day. There are 4 guys, they just ran inside. Matt has 911 dialed if they donít open it. He ways for Matt to open it and he does. Itís a mannequin head and Matt jumped. They are liars, idiots, stupid and wants the keys. The owns wants the coffin, he says itís his. Matt says give him the keys and he does. His and his friend take the red coffin with them and mock him for faking it. 5/11/09
310 Lyndah, Sonia & Luis are at the office. Matt goes with Sonia about a black Saturn. But there are 3 chicks sitting there. Summer owns the car, doesnít know anything about what a Repo is. She says daddy is plenty rich. Anyone could print it out like that. Sonia goes to get in and all the women start yelling and Matt starts blocking them. He tells them to take it down a notch. He only want to talk to the owner. Summer cries, starts to pass out. She says she canít move since Sonia sheís a mountain. She goes for the key and grabs it, it turns into a big fight and they all scream at hurt. A black girl dances on the hood of the truck, the owner then pukes on Matt. She drives away with them on the hood as Matt leaves. Heís repulsed at the smell. Sonia & Luis are looking for a small look in the rain. She doesnít like cul de sacs. Johnny owns the car and the woman comes running out for her stuff. She just bought, Jon laughs at her for not paying for the things inside. He gives Sonia the key and says she is 46 and she canít find a job. She drives it off. Luis says itís a billion dollar a year industry. Froy & Lyndah are looking for a 2009 Pepea at a bike shop which is dangerous. She says her dad would do that to him. Froy goes. Froy says heís here for the 09 Pepea, the customer owes him $6000 for it so they canít take it. Froy says she have to take it. There is a large group of men there. Luis says you donít mess with bikers. One guy jumps Froy and they call Luis and Matt who are nearby and to call 911. They kick Froy when heís down. She drives and Matt grabs Froy wanting to beat someone. He was hit in the eye and doesnít remember much after. LAPD arrives after. She feels like a failure. 5/18/09
311 Froy & Lyndah are waiting for a Malibu and Froy is still beat up. They just got married and are in bride and groom outfits. The woman is mad, wants to see it, but itís in Christianís name, not hers. He tries to calm her down, he paid for the wedding instead of the car. Sheís been waiting since she was sick. Froy doesnít want the neighbors to come out. She fights with him and doesnít want them to take it. Make the payment, get the car back today. She goes to beat him, you are broke, I married someone with no money, my mom warned me about you. She pushes Lyndah around. She his Lyndah in the face with the keys. Itís easy to get it back with the keys. She chases them down the street. Froy & Matt are looking for an 09 Impala. They are playing football and they hook it up. Jeffrey comes running over, says heís 7 months behind. There is a bunch of them so they say they canít take it. They can, itís there. He throws soda on Froy, he warns him and says heíll send Matt on them. He wants the keys, they say no. Matt starts pushing them and breaking furniture to get them to move. Froy says he has pepperspray and a little guy pushes Froy. He wonít spray him, heíll break them. He warns them to back off or theyíll get it. Froy gets in and the car and they reach in to grab him and he sprays them all and they drop. Froy got some in his wounds. Luis, Lyndah & Sonia wait for Froy to spot the car using a helicopter. Itís there, but the middle of nowhere, the plate matches. Itís Tommyís Montrero and he doesnít like the cameras. He was hiding, didnít even live there. He gives him the guys, but he wants pictures of his kids and stuff. They let him get it, but he sets it on fire instead. The girls canít figure out what heís doing. Froy saves Sonia from getting hurt. Luis flips and jumps on him. 6/1/09
312 Luis, Froy & Sonia are looking for an RV they took to Canada for 30 years. They didnít claim it from the lot after 60 days. The band is in the lot with them. They say they paid for it 30 years ago. Chuck says he bought it, took it to Canada and rode around in it and got ticket. Froy goes to start it and they want their stuff since they are on tour. They can lose their visas over this. Froy starts it and they get mad and start pulling stuff out. They canít get it in reverse, itís stuck. Luis helps him, he needs to give it a lot of gas. Matt & Sonia are looking for a 2008 Chevy at a guyís job after hours. Heís working now, he says he doesnít have it, his cousin borrowed it. Matt goes to pee behind the dumpster and the car is back there. Matt says he can call the police or give him the keys. Sonia says he has illegal employees who arenít getting paid so Sonia goes after him for that. He gives Matt a fake key and it pisses him off and he gets in his face and gets the real keys, she still says sheíll report him. Lyndah goes to an airport to repossess a jet and Luis says something always goes wrong with planes. She says it just took off and itís heading to camerrio. Itís coming toward them. Matt is going to work with the ground crew to tug it. Froy is in a helicopter watching overhead. They have a pilot come in with a chopper to block him. The owner is foreign maybe French, thinks itís a joke. They owe 100s of 1000s on it. Matt learns how to hook it up, then tells them to get back. Luis says itís theirs, his pilot checks the info. Heís rich and thinks heís entitled. He argues with Froy and they all take off in the plane. 6/8/09
313 Luis, Matt & Sonia are looking for an 18 wheeler 1999 diesel rig at night. He was making threats to the company. They find it and Luis gets in, gets it started and gas fills up the cabin. Luis runs out and 2 guys come running from the back. Luis calls his flat tow truck. Matt holds them back with a flashlight. Luis and & Sonia sprays them with fire extinguishers. One his Luis truck and Matt beats him with the flashlight, They got it out of there fast because he was good. Luis & Lyndah are looking for Jessica who was in a pyramid scheme and is gets mad she might get involved with a scam. She comes out says she had been paying every month, itís part of a scan, thatís what itís about. He boyfriend comes back and says they need to call it in first, this is illegal. No it isnít. They are sick of him and want him to go inside because heís a knucklehead. She needs a ride, but her boyfriend doesnít even have a car. She gives him the key and they both tell her to her a real man since heís a real loser. Matt, Lyndah & Sonia are looking for a car and the woman drive Matt nuts. Itís a night call at a 360. Itís a BMW 360. Matt blocks the car and they donít want the cameras, so they turn to the lights out. There are 5 young obnoxious girls, they call Matt a redneck and he says heís taking the car. Her parents turned her in and said where they were. Matt hooks up the car, Sonia grabs the guys from her, but Lyndah canít get it started. Matt wants to drive, heís in charge, she needs to listen to him to keep her safe. Matt is sick of her mouthing off, she doesnít do anything, he flipped a BMW before. Lyndah calls Luis about who can drive it. Lyndah opens the convertible and swears he wonít work with her again. Sonia in on his side. 6/15/09
314 Luis, Matt, Troy, Lynndah & Sonia are looking for a truck with 2 jet skis. The girls are going to get the truck, Matt & Froy are going to the Jetskis in the water. They guy comes running at them saying itís their truck, they made payments. Matt and Froy take the skis and race off. He says he made a payment a month ago. Check it. They did. They are also taking the trailer. Luis is alone with the 2 guys. Luis has to throw one guy off Lyndah. Luis says to met them by the dock, they are stranded out there. They have to walk home and want to charge extra for this. Luis calls him a knucklehead, pretty risky out by a lake. Matt wants to keep one for himself. Froy & Luis look for a 2008 Mercedes, brand new. Froy goofs on him for using a stressball and missing the car. They try to get the keys because of the way itís parked. Froy goes to the door and an Asian girl comes on to him to give him a massage. Sheíll do it personally and wants him to sign up. Luis hooked it up to show he can do it and says did he tell you why we were here? She flips out. She knees him in the back and kicks him in the crotch. Her boyfriend had to carry her out of the way. He likes the car because it smells like her. He says it was got him in trouble with his marriage. Luis & Sonia are looking for a Spectra for a private party that is risky. They find the car and itís 3 thugs. Luis is texting and not paying attention and slams into a curb and misses the car. They go to a donut place. The three guys ask how is it happening, how is possible. They donít know who the owner is so they let him get the paperwork. The guy shows the paperwork and says the manís name on top wants it. They guy in the suit says he was playing a joke on him and they yell at them. Then wonít do another one like it, you can get hurt for no reason, someone needed to get the paperwork right. 6/22/09
315 Sonia & Froy are looking for a 2001 Chevy Cavalier swapped to natural gas. She gets mad that Frank and Matt wonít listen to her. She wonít get out to VIN it. Itís the car and itís full of garbage. Caroline the owner comes out, sheís fat, like Soniaís sister. Caroline says no, she heeds it for work, sheís an environmental activist and says their truck is worse than a Hummer. Sheís making the environment a nicer place to live in. They say her car is a trash bin. They see hot dogs, not good food. She has a burger and throws it at Froy. He's not interested, if he caught it he wouldíve eaten it. They donít want the cops to get involved. Without the key they will just tow it with their hog. She throws the keys. With all the money she saved she could pay the note and clean it. Froy & Matt donít like going far out, more time, less money. Itís 2008 Chrysler 300. They find it with a guy working on the roof of the house, it was his car. Once they hook it itís theirs. They donít need his keys, he doesnít have them. He had a hammer they want him to put down. Matt gets a ladder to climb up and the guy falls off the roof onto his car. He rolls off, they donít touch him and will call for help. They donít want to get blamed. He dented the hood. Luis & Froy are looking for a Lamborghini and the house is under foreclosure and they have to be out in 2 days. They always block 2 spots with them and see a rim in the back garage. He has the keys already. The truck in the back leaves so now they can drive there. The car is parked sideways behind all kinds of junk they have to move. They need the gojacks to turn it. Froy starts it up and the owner shows up and wants the paperwork. He goes in his trunk and pulls out a baseball bat. He says itís not me, itís his friend who owns the car. Then I donít need to talk to you, itís not yours. He wants paperwork, he just got it. He owns the house, his friend keeps it there. He gives him his card. Froy wonít leave the $270,000 car, canít let anything happen to it. 7/6/09
316 Luis & Sonia say it came from another repo company, they gave up. Luis wants to sneak around with no cameras. They are looking for a Black Prowler and there is a sticker back there. They have another for a Taxi that canít be found, they are always working, hard to find them. Froy calls that the Taxi isnít at home, he wants to pick Froy up, he was going home. They have Sonia call as a fake saying she wants her regular driver. A taxi pulls up soon after. They run over and yank the driver out. He says he has a passenger he needs to drop off. The passenger is drunk, they donít know what to with him. He needs the keys. Itís my job, my money, my life. Froy tries to get it started. He attack Luis and he pushes him back. He feels bad for the dunk guy with the cane. Froy & Matt are looking for a Delorian. Matt wants to drive it. Froy says heíll never fit. Ití a rare car, they know it will be trouble. Matt goes to the door for John. They have a tiny dog. Tony is the dad, asks about the cameras, he says there is no problem. Mom flips out, tells the kid they are taking it. Froy opens the doors and a young gay guy comes out, says times are hard, itís his prized possession. The guy does a Michael Jackson move and kicks Matt in the rectum and it hurts. He wants his camera inside to take a picture of him and his car one last time. He takes them crying. Matt was able to fit, he owes him lunch. Luis & Sonia look for the Prowler again. He wants to prove they can get it. A white truck is blocking the road, but he sees Doug in the car. He knew they were coming and wonít get out. He says heís hiding it in broad daylight for 6 months. He wants to get his things first. Luis isnít looking and she smacks him over the head with a beer bottle. They take off and Luis chases him down and cops have him pulled over. Luis tells him he assaulted him. Doug keeps yelling, they tell him to shut up, he wipes his head with his jacket and wants to pop him one, but not get arrested. He can laugh in jail. He says Luis isnít smart enough to laugh. He says Soniaís IQ is between his butt. Luis canít fit and has to ride on the console. 7/13/09
317 Luis, Matt and Froy are together. Matt say they were late because of Froy and Luis is mad. Froy blames Matt. Itís a repo for a hot air balloon. Luis says itís going to be flying, there are two balloons. They have expert guys with them that know how to fold them up. They want Froy in the balloon, Matt chases the guy away who pulls the cord. Matt pushes a guy away. They fly the balloon away. Itís a father and son team and Matt tackles the guy again. They second balloon is laying down on the ground deflated. Froy like it, the have to get it to the office and keep it there. They load the one in the truck, since Froy is the smallest and fattest he gets to go. Luis & Froy are looking for a 1985 Corvette for Mario in Apt 6. There is a Blood gang member there. Froy asks for the owner and he goes to get the owner. A woman comes out says it/s her car, she needs it. The huge guy comes back with another guy. They attack the boom mic. She has no insurance and they call the finance company. She says she has a plan with them. Luis says they can only talk to her. The little gang banger goes in the car, tells them to take it off. He says he just got out of prison. You wanna go back. Luis pushes the fat guy an everyone curses and they attack the cameraman. Froy gets in the car after he gets the keys from her. The guy tries to get him out. He wasnít fast enough to look himself in. They unhook it so he rive and the guy comes in the other side and the big guy holds him back as he drives off. Luis and Lyndah are going for a VW Bug in the hills. He calls a new guy who might be working for them. She hadnít heard about it. They donít want to do reports, run cars and guys. She always has dates and things. Frank is the lot guy and wants to give him a chance in the field. Frank is a hairy white guy, says heís a team player. Itís a new yellow kind. He goes to hook up and three girls come up to Lyndah and yell at her. Frank gets in the in the middle. They only want the owner. They are looking for weapons. One has a bottle and smashes it. He drives off, then comes back. They werenít scared. Luis said they should be scared. Call the finance company to settle it. They donít want to here it. Lyndah grabs the keys and jumps in. Luis didnít like she was so reckless on Frankieís first day. Frank laughs like a mental patient. He loves it. 7/20/09
318 Froy, Luis & Matt are looking for a limo. Eva is a girl who set them up. She called them up, needed a limo for a night on the town. She waits in a house and Luis with her to protect her. Froy wants to go with her. He says business over pleasure. He comes up to the door for her luggage and the guys come to the car. Froy gets in the front and the guy goes in the back. Theyíve been calling for 5 months. He says itís his bosses car. Heís just an employee who is confused. They yell him to get the boss. The boss shows up in a blue car. He says he would make a payment and didnít, she said she would get the car and would. He throws the paperwork, they say heís classy. He wonít get out, so theyíll have Matt remove him. She has a skimpy skirt and thigh high boots. She says this is her job. Matt jumps in and chases the guy out. Froy never drove one before. He wants Matt to drive. Matt wants to ride in style. Luis & Lyndah says itís voluntary with his own family. Itís a 2009 Toyota Corolla from Frank. Sonia says sheís having a problem with Frank. First Matt, now Frank, let him do his job. Luis gets mad at Sonia, sheís always making problems. Lyndah gets the keys and Luis gets mad that he hasnít signed the paper. He canít concentrate because heís mad at everyone. Sonia says sheís too pushy, doesnít like the office. She says there no pen for him to sign. Heís on the phone the whole time, she wants to drive without a cameraman. He knows he was wrong. Froy & Frank say he lasted a long time, 2 days. Last guy was 1. He thinks heíll last. They find the truck and back up to it. Frank says for them to relax. Three guys come out and itís all yelling. They can only speak to the owner. He wants help since they are all Latino. Luis wanted Matt there. They have no money to pay. Thatís the problem. Then they hit Froy with a tire iron. Frank uses pepper spray. He chases them away. They try to unhook the truck. Froy is out. Matt warns him not to turn his back on people. Frank calls the cops. He gets Froy in the truck, doesnít know if he should go to the hospital, he says call Luis. 7/27/09
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