Outsider's Inn

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Season 1

This  half hour Country Music Television series is a fake reality show done in the style of Reno 911! where it is basically unscripted and the laughs never arrive. It is a spinoff of Gone Country in which Bobby Brown, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson all appeared.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Outsiders Get Inn - Bobby Brown, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson operate a bed-and-breakfast in rural east Tennessee.  8/15/08
102 Pigeon Idol - Ross the judge for a talent show convinces the three celebrities to serve as judges for the local Fiddler's Roost annual talent show. 8/22/08
103 Redneck Honeymoon - A newlywed couple takes advantage of the Pigeon Manor Fantasy Package advertised in the local paper, with special requests that include a bathtub full of lime gelatin, a midnight dip in the river and an outdoor dinner. 8/29/08
104 Easy as Pie - Maureen asks Bobby to escort guests of the manor on a bear hunt, so he enlists the aid of a local hunter. Meanwhile, the three proprietors prepare for a visit from the Cocke County Welcoming Committee and the mayor, hoping to land a liquor license. 9/5/08
105 Coon Dogs - A reporter tries to get the scoop on why Maureen and her friends running the inn; a no dog policy is instituted at the inn after the previous animal experience; Maureen finds a trunk full of Southern Belle dresses. 9/12/08
106 And You Are? - A therapist and her patients, who are celebrity impersonators, take over the inn. 9/19/08
107 Night on the Town - Bobby goes to Detroit to give a concert, while Maureen and Carnie go to a salon to get their hair and makeup done. Then the ladies go out for a night on the town that winds up with them getting thrown in the slammer. 9/26/08
108 Family Feud - Bobby is tasked with finding a preacher and a band for a wedding being held at the inn; tensions flare between the families of the bride and groom. 10/3/08

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