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This half hour A&E show deals with the jobs of ticket writers, boot crews, tow truck drivers and impound lot employees in a behind-the-scenes ride with the men and women of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). It's a funny look at frustration, as long as you aren't the one ticketed. The pilot for the show was shot in 2001, but wasn't used or shown until 2008.

Season 1 (2008)

Ep# Description
101 Philadelphia, PA Ė the ticketors are briefed at HQ. Jeff has been doing it 3 years and likes the job and checking out the women. Some think heís hot, but heís dating. He gives a $41 ticket to a guy in a bus stop zone. The guy says itís f--king BS, takes it and runs off. He deals with an angry citizen over a broken meter, while booting team Steve and Sherry meet a woman who is emotionally attached to her vehicle; at the impound lot, a man argues with Maria over his Mercedes. 1/9/08
102 Center City 10:45am - Danielle like long nails, it makes her a girl when she dresses like a boy with her hair in a bun by law on the job. Theyíve tried to run her over and sheís gotten chased. One guy makes it at the last second to avoid a $26 ticket. During her "rush hour sting," Danielle argues loudly with a citizen; at the impound lot, Rob quarrels with a woman who is upset over the paperwork required to retrieve her car; a surprising fan compliments booters Maureen and Jennifer. 1/9/08
103 Boot Lot 8am - Steve Garfield wants to do it fast with a new powerful drill that saves time. Sherry says he loves gadgets. He has a scope, ipod, blackberry and more. They spot a car and start to boot it, but the boot comes apart. People come out and call for Tony whose car it is. Fatima searches for a new love interest during her ticketing beat; at the impound lot, a woman claims she needs her car back so that she can get her brother-in-law back to his military base. 1/15/08
104 Brian has been ticketing for 5 years, he loves being free to walk around. He was born there, lives there, will die there. He flirts with women and gives a guy a warning for parking next hydrant. Heís on the phone and he comes back later and heís still there so he gives him a $65 ticket and the guy says he shouldnít get it if heís sitting there. A run-in with a double-parker. A tow-truck driver shows his softer side; and a man is encouraged to get tickets paid before a tow truck arrives. 1/15/08
105 Impound Lot 2:30pm - John (19) is a rookie who has been there for 3 months. Gail works hospice and went to check a patient and before she could come back they took her car. She had a taxi driver follow the tow truck, canít pay him yet and the meter is still running. Everything she owns is in the car. John quickly tries to find her car. Nicknamed "swoop" for her proficient ticketing skills, Tiffany demonstrates her techniques while "ladies' man" Martin must tow a crashed car at a gas station; at the impound.  1/22/08
106 HQ - Liz is the supervisor. Paul Gallagher is late and is called turtle because heís slow. They are Squad 5B and she drives to them out to their beats. Itís a bad area, lots of drugs, whores and crime. One guy runs some change over. He knows the people in the area and gets an expired meter as the man is coming over. The man understands, but it hurts. A worker calls for help when he's unable to pacify a citizen; a man claims his car mistakenly received a boot; and a woman tries to use flirtation as a means of getting out of a fine. 1/22/08
107 Impound Lot 1pm - Yolanda says some people are nice, some are mad. Some know they were wrong, some donít. They donít want to keep the cars because itís less work for them. Robert had his work truck towed, knows he screwed up and is nice about it. Mrs. Brownís car was towed for suspended stickers. She canít drive it, she has to have it towed home because the car registration is suspended. Booting team Frank and "Cheeks" deal with a man determined to drive away with the boot on his vehicle, while Lisa contends with angry students near a college. 1/29/08
108 Towing South Street 7pm Ė itís Greek Week which is busy, itís the celebration of Greek fraternities. Brad is working it. Ed says itís always crazy. They have to clear 15 blocks and love to tow motorcycles. They have 4 tow truck drivers working full time there. They tow 23 cars and move to the next block. Ed gets a call to get a bike and is all excited. Dylan did a rolling stop at a sign and had a suspended license so they took the bike. Tow supervisor Brad tries to maintain peace in his lot, but his efforts are to no avail as Larry deals with unruly offenders; Roberta's patience is put to the test while on her ticketing beat. 1/29/08
109 Kensington Ave 9am - Shawn & DíAndre work together. D is the rookie, itís his second month, so Shawn mentors him. He finds a car thatís a scofflaw and calls for a boot, but the owner arrives and drives off before the tow truck arrive. Shawn likes the people there. He spots an empty meter and the lady runs out of the nail salon and was feeding the wrong meter. Rudy contends with the friend of a woman whose vehicle has been towed; Sherry and Steve try to handle the stress of booting in the "badlands" district of Philadelphia. 2/5/08
110 Impound Lot 9am -Yolanda says people love their cars and they are all important to them. Jason got pulled over by a bike top and they mocked him for having a pink show truck. He canít get it inspected so he just pays $30 a ticket for it. His registration is expired so they towed it. They canít link anything to the VIN. Heís from Delaware and he replaced the dash so it changed. Tow truck driver John struggles with an uncooperative car owner, while Marilyn meets new people on her ticketing beat. 2/5/08
111 The Paper Chase - you need license, registration and insurance to get out. Yolanda says she isnít there to hold it. Floyd says his car was towed 2 weeks ago. He just left traffic court, he came there to pay, but they only gave him the tow report, so he has to go back. You never get all the information you need at once. They say the court will close for lunch and he comes back to them at 2pm. Booting team Garfield and Sherry have a miraculous experience on their beat; infuriated construction workers cause problems for Carmen on his ticketing patrol. 2/12/08
112 Ticketing 8am - Danielle yells at someone for rush hour parking and they just need to read the signs. She shows bus zones, loading zones, press zones and no stopping zones. A man says heís just trying to work and they are jerkoffs. The stress & aggravation makes the job hard. Hate the uniform, not me. At the impound lot, John and Rich struggle to look for the missing keys to a car as the owner quickly loses her patience; after partner Sherry calls in sick, Garfield is left to deal with angry citizens alone as he releases boots from vehicles. 2/12/08
113 Let it Go - Impound Lot 4:40pm - people come in mad. Peter got towed for no insurance. His friend Jonathan is mad and itís not his car. He started this at 9:30am. He got the insurance this morning and went all day. He finds he was towed because of a suspended registration. He has to come back tomorrow or give up the plates. If he does that he canít drive it for 90 days. Elissa and Rob face serious mischief on Halloween. 2/26/08
114 Service with a Smile - Impound Lot 12pm - Larry Berger says Friday and Monday are the busiest days. Toni says Larry is better with people than her. Greg had his rental car towed and itís $125. They think they should let Avis handle it and need insurance and the rental agreement. His friend David says he was rude and abusive. Larry thought he was nice. Ticket supervisor Luz gives rookie Jim some advice on toughening up; booting team Sherry and Garfield look for "quality boots" in downtown Philadelphia. 2/26/08
115 Mama Drama - Impound Lot 2pm - people are talking about lending their car. D.J. took his mom Helenís car without asking and it got towed. He went with Kelvin who moved it to a tow away zone. His brother Ira says heís going to have to work to get the car back. He said it only was 30 minutes. The ticket and tow equal $317. 3/6/08
116 Time is Dollaz - Impound Lot 1 at 11am - Rich feels bad for them sometimes and wants them to get out as calm as possible. Anthony is a manager for rapper Reed Dollaz, they pulled him over, he had a license expired and they took his rap promo van. He went to traffic court to prove his license was valid. He pays for it and then they say his insurance card is not good. He says the cop didnít ticket him for it. His friend Corey laughs at him. He has more paperwork in the van, he goes out, but they didnít give him the key. He has to go back inside for the key. He says they are holding him an extra day to get more money. They accept his paperwork after calling it in. He is ready to go, then they canít find his traffic court papers that he just had. They call to fax them over. He waits and they sent it. He goes out, then doesnít have the keys again and drops everything. Leo is the old guy gets a CD signed on the lot. 3/6/08

Season 2 (2008)

201 No Escape - Impound Lot 10am - it starts with a million phone calls in the morning, just keep trying. Anthony says patience is the key. Kristin (21) had her car towed getting a passport and left her keys in the cab. Her dad Justin is coming from Delaware with spare keys. Her dad gets lost on the way and Leo gives him instructions. She then has to give them instructions and doesnít know where he is. 30 minutes later she tries to talk to him again. He passes right by her. Justin says he drove 52 miles and took 2 Ĺ hours because of rush hour. She goes to the car to get her paperwork and itís expired and she flips. Her dad warns her sheís on TV. She has to call to get the paperwork faxed over. She canít get the info since itís in her dadís name. It takes her 255 minutes to get out. 10/15/08
202 Deliver Us from the PPA - Impound Lot 9:30am - Andrea says they mix religion with their cars. Eric & Christina stood in the wrong line for 20 minutes. They went to the ticket place, came here and itís been 4-5 hours and a $562 in fine. Heís all about god. She has a f-stop on her insurance. She switched companies and there is nothing on record. The new company didnít notify them. They have to surrender the plates and have it towed. He doesnít understand why he has to give up the plates. Itís another $200 to tow it. He wants to sell the van to family and sign it away, that's his loophole. 5 hours later they come back, they sold the car to their sister for $1. They are ready to move out of the city because the people suck here. Mark says the registration and name donít match because they just sold it. Martin the supervisor says they canít take it. They were told they could. They were told wrong. The sales slip has no date and has words spelled wrong. He finally lets them go. They arenít wrong, but the people arenít wrong for feeling mad. They couldnít laugh about it before, but can now. 10/22/08
203 A Tale of Two Plates - Impound Lot 5:30pm - Lee Anne says they get loud to get loud, she intervenes when people have problems with lot officers. Harrisonís sonís car was towed and there are no plates on the car. He says they are on the car and heís 55 with a pacemaker. The son bought the car from the brother-in-law. He says it has a temporary tag. There is nothing on the car. They think itís stolen. The son says itís under the seat. Dad finds the old plate in the back and starts losing his breath and they get him water. He thinks sheís taking some evil off the job. John says theyíll have to report it stolen or lost. She says he has to go to the place he got it. They scream and curse, John goes out to talk to him. The car has no tag, itís not there, maybe the cops took it. Dad says heís out $700 and starts slamming things and getting in Johnís face. He wants them to call the police. Heís trying to help him, he doesnít want his car. He needs to report the tag stolen and get another. You arenít trying to help me and donít care. I do, Iím trying to help. The son tries to get him out of there and they eventually leave before the cops are called and don't return. 10/22/08
204 The Lost 2001 Pilot Episode - 7:30am Ė The crews make $136 million for the city each year. 4 boot crews patrol each day, 60 cars a day get booted. Cars with 3 tickets are eligible after 6 months of not paying. Gurney Peay, Janice Weiner & Anne OíNeill go out. Itís like fishing, you get a sense for it. They find a tinted window car that is suspicious and the man comes running out, says he just bought it. Itís about the tag, not the person. Ticketing - Valerie Davis is one of 200 out there. She tries to be nice, never got in a fight, but called everything in the book. Frannie Esposito wonít cross on a red light or theyíll hit her. She writes tickets for meters. Val is stopped by a guy coming back. He says $15 for a ticket, $24 to park for the day. Lots of boot crews were on ticketing. Steve Garfield and Keith Hevener work together. Steve has been there 18 years. Everett Brown works with Janice. They wonít get booted on their personal cars. Theyíve done 8000 of them. They boot a car and a woman comes over asking how much she owes. They don't know. The car has to be towed. Sheís ready to pay now. Val can write a ticket in 30 seconds. They write 55,000 a year. Frannie doesnít want to hear meter excuses or delivery drivers about making deliveries. She finds a guy parked on a curb, he says heís picking up a fridge. She doesnít want to hear it. They curse her out, say to get a real job. One ticketor was beat over he head and paralyzed for a $25 ticket. 1 hour 10/29/08
205 Kill Ďem with Kindness - Impound Lot 5pm - Tracey has been there 20 years, has techniques she can use, has fun. She tells them she didnít take their car. Marta just moved from MI a few months ago and got 7 tickets already. She needs her car to go to DC. She pays $138 and has to get her paperwork out of the car. Sheís got a 6 week job and needs the car. She gets the paperwork, but itís expired. She just moved, so she hasnít gotten it transferred. Itís Saturday, State Farm is closed. She tries calling them, no answer. She canít have the car without insurance. She says they are making her helpless, sheís shaking. They are laughing at her. Her friend Dan has to smoke, heís nervous from this, knows theyíve got her. If the car is there 21 days they will sell it. She goes back to her car and everything is expired. She needs to smoke, itís making her terrified. She calls her agent in MI who says she can fax the papers over. Dan says this is a nice place since it has plants. He has to take his girlfriend to work and will come back for her later. The fax comes through and she can go. Meter Meter Ticketing - Brian hates Danielle since she likes the Cowboys, he likes the Eagles. She likes a winner. 11/5/08
206 The Blame Game - Impound Lot 3:00pm - Barb says people get really confused out there and college kids never think they are wrong. Amanda got confused, thought she could park there, there was no parking in front and behind her, not where she was. It was no reason. She was in the wrong line and doesnít think lines are named right, they are all the same. Her friend Aleksandra laughs at her. She says her money is in the car. Barb says her car isnít there, itís on hold. She doesnít have paperwork, itís all in the car. She gets mad, they donít know how to do their job. They need pictures to prove she was wrong and if they did have them it would be the cities fault. Her insurance expired 3 days ago so she needs to call her dad in Wildwood, itís his fault. She pays $125, gives them $140, the guy gives her $20 change and she says the guy canít count. Her dad wonít answer. She wants them to call the insurance. She has to call and have them fax it. She doesnít understand why they canít call Gieco, they donít do anything there. They say she canít fax them because her parents name is on the policy. She wants them to call her parents. Sheís 18, her name is on as driver. She was towed for no reason, it should be simple, pay and go, but itís not simple, why does she have to go to window to window, canít just show her ID. Dad doesnít answer again, so they have a 3 way with her stepmom Amy. She had to wake her up, is mad her dad wonít answer her phone after 90 times. Gieco and PPA can suck it. It needs to be fixed. She knows people that write for papers, they will be told. Dad calls, she says finally, he only gave her a temp. He says he was working on a roof, that's what he gets for making a living. He says sheís a suckwad. They fax the papers and she can go. She says it was the worst experience she ever had. Barb says college kids donít take responsibility. 11/5/08
207 Secret of Mellowness - Impound Lot 5pm - Larry says they are blamed for everything, they all take it out on the last person they see. A guyís car was live towed on Sat, he was told he could pick it up Sat, that was wrong. He had to go to court, but it was closed. Heís reading New Earth because Oprah recommended it, teaches him to be calm. Heís looking for the guy, but heís not there, heís on lot 6. He came 2 hours to get there, 2 hours back for nothing. He wants some kind of break for them telling him the wrong thing. He has to pay storage fees and doesnít want to. Cops tell them that to get rid of them, they always say the wrong things. He needs a bathroom. He goes out to his car and says his front light was stolen. He goes back in and he has to fill out a damage claim. He says it had to be stolen, it was in the barbed wire lot. Larry says that is an accusation. He says itís not damaged, itís stolen. He has to call 911 and he does. The supervisor checks it out and says itís not from the tow truck. They have to see what the police say. Usually people wonít call the police, so heís probably telling the truth. The police come and they canít prove it. Heíll have to go to insurance. Maybe something good will come out of all this. He finds a port-o-John outside and is happy. 11/12/08
208 Street Legal - Impound Lot 10am - 200 people hit the streets each day for tickets, towing and boots. Luz has cops passing by them like crazy. They are looking for a guy who shot a cop after robbing a donut shop. Danielle blesses herself when she hears a siren. The guy is out there and the ticketors donít want to patrol that area. Mike & Tiffany are worried they might think they are cops. Clarence is in towing and says itís a matter of time before they meet some punk. Brian says itís a disgrace, they have no protection. Frank is in towing. He lives there, his son was 15 and was robbed and shot in the elbow. He got out of there after that. Heís one of 2 flatbed drivers and goes to a live stop. The guy has no license, not registered. He says he just pulled out of his driveway to go to the store. They tell him itís not legal. He keeps saying he doesnít understand why they stopped him. Heís mad the cops wonít speak to him. His friend comes out and curses them out. They say itís the hood here because so many people get shot and killed there. His friend says thatís why cops get shot, over dumb sh-t. Cops are sick of him and arrest him for making threats. He told him 5 times to go and he wouldnít, now heís sorry. They had lots of cops get shot this week so you don't say that. It wasnít even his car and he goes to jail for 2 nights. 11/12/08
209 Lost in Translation - Impound 11am - after traffic court gets out it fills up. Anna has been there 22 years. Eliran bought the car 4 months ago and is from Israel. He has a license and passport from Israel and they took his car. In court the judge said sometimes the cops donít know the law. Itís $275 for nothing. He needs to have his registration, but itís in the car. He thinks he can drive it from there. In the lot she tells him he needs his paperwork out to get released. He shows his license and Anna says he canít drive without an American license. He asks the man who went to court with him to help. He says OK, he'll drive him home. Officer Angela says heíll be gone with the car and that wonít work. Heíll have no way to get home. He needs to come back with someone with him. He says heís only a tourist, he canít get a license without a social security card. He says the judge told him it was OK. He makes a deal with a guy outside to get his car. He comes back, but Anna and Angie wonít buy it. The guy says heís lived there his whole life. Angela says there is no way that guy will drive all the way home. Eliran will just drive it anyway 2 hours later - Eliran goes to get his friend Koby and comes back. She says the paperwork is invalid since he wrote on it and he needs to fax a new one. He says the other lady told him it was OK. She says sheís dealing with him now. He makes the call and it takes over an hour to come through. He finally gets his car and does drive it himself. 11/19/08
210 All in the Family - Impound Lot 11am 8/27/08 - Louis says he's like a funeral director. Dana is 8 months pregnant, they were going to the hospital and her boyfriend didnít have a license and they took her car. Sheís been there over 2 hours and then they tell her she needs to go to court. They were at Filbert street first. They have no paperwork and a suspension on ther car. They have to go to the judge, then fix the suspension. Does the guy have to be here? No. They have to pay them all to get it back. They owe over $1000. The sister in law is so mad for him doing this, they could choke him. 6 hours later they come back. They are putting Terryís name on the car. Heís the cousin helping them. He waits in lines for 2 hours and he doesnít have the court receipt. He has to go back and get it. He bought it from Dan & Lisa Dixon. Thatís to avoid a 90 day suspension. She needs a release from the judge. They had to be paid at a traffic court. He says he was told he didnít have to pay them. After 9 hours they leave. 2 hours later they come back. She owed $4900 on the car and Lisa broke down crying, they are the guys tickets, not hers. He felt bad for her and let her go. It took 12 hours to get the car. Grandma wants to hang the guy. 11/19/08
211 Brotherís Keeper - Impound Lot 9am - itís 93 degrees, too hot to deal with the PPA. Yolanda says the heat makes them crankier. Dewayne Lancaster had his car towed for the wrong registration, but it was his brotherís car, it wasnít his fault. His brother has to work. The car has an f-stop, but it was for the previous owner, they shouldnít have taken it. He thinks the A/C was on full blast and thatís why they stopped him. They never heard that one before, how could anyone hear it from outside? He goes to the car and the glove compartment is open, the paperwork is missing. He calls the insurance company and they wonít do it over the phone, he has to sign it in person. Heís upset, they wasted his time and his gas. Itís too hot, he wonít buy their sodas, he wants a free one. Yolanda offers him a cup of water. 4 hours later he returns. Antwan is with him and he gets his brother Norman to clear it up. He has the paperwork, needs his license and Norman Mitchell's. He brought everything, itís all balarky. He goes to get the car, but only Norman can. He says without the A/C on full blast you are asking for a funeral. Too Big to Boot - Booting - 8:45am - Steve Garfield has sunglasses for all kinds of weather. Itís all sun today. Sherry likes the light blue ones. Tony says he says looks Jack Nicholson. She says he has trouble with colors. She says the car is green, he says itís blue and they ask the people around what they think. They always argue about car colors. 11/26/08
212 Fine Philly Welcome - Impound 3:30pm - out of town people hate them. Larry says they donít read the signs right. Harry & Karla just moved there yesterday and they took their truck when they woke up. They didnít know you couldnít park there in the morning. He has to go to the truck to get his paperwork. His wallet is in their and he canít get it without a pass. The red pass only lets him get paperwork. He says as long as they didnít steal it. They get mad about that. He says he didnít know if it was there. Heíll use his credit card then. He got his Discover card and they donít take that. Matt gives him a red pass for his wallet which is wrong. She sends him back and puts him back on line. Matt admits he was rushing. They share a cigar outside. It costs $137, then the next line. Heís been there over 2 hours. They say it sucks and is frustrating. Hoagie Haven - Ticketing 11am - Shawn likes to switch districts. He says the area has lots of tickets because the Major Wing Lee Market hoagies are so good, but you canít park there. A woman says the $41 ticket is worth it, the hoagies are that good. 11/26/08
213 Can You See Me Now? - Ticketing South Philly 10am - a guy says they come out of the van like monsters, they drive them around, drop them off and they just write tickets all day. Marylin Rodriguez says they hate us. Everybody has an attitude. Itís South Philly, you either are from there or you want to be. A guy gets a ticket on a meter. Heís working upstairs and sees her. She says he can park there all day now. He never got a ticket before. 11am - a blue truck is in front of the hydrant. She writes the ticket and the guy comes out and says he was in there 2 seconds. It is ridiculous, he was just getting cigarettes. She mustíve flown in there, she had to have seen him pull up. He doesnít want to take it. Itíll cost more. She finds a PT cruiser in front of a fire hydrant. The guy runs over and says he was right there, the mailman said to pull over, he was talking to him. The car is running, he wouldnít leave it there. He wonít take the ticket. She goes to leave, he says heíll take it, doesnít want a penalty. Where did you come from, you mustíve been hiding there? I didnít see you, you didnít see me. He has a family, has a 1 month old he is going to take care of. Donít you have family? Yes. Thatís my sonís diapers you took from me, $41 for that. Heís working hard. Iím just doing my job. Itís going to be OK. No it isnít. You can contest it, just tell them what you told me. Go ahead smile and walk away. She has 3 kids and sheís sad and mad about this and cries. 12/3/08
214 Repeat Offender - Impound Lot 3:15pm - one guy says heís there once a week. Abdul has been there 6 years, they must love the drama. Zanena is back for the 6th time in 3 months and she acts mad that she doesnít know the deal. They took her for $300. She says they have all her paperwork from 2 months ago. He looks it up and says she has an f-stop. She has to get it towed. She says he didnít even look at her insurance. He says itís not valid, it doesnít list the car. She knows her rights, she has the paper it says do not send cash. He says they need a money order. She keeps asking if she can get her car. You canít drive it. Have it owed or get it in someone elseís name. She says sheíll surrender the tags, so are you releasing the car? She doesnít listen to him at all and thinks the judge told her she could release it. She has 30 minutes before they close. He tells her the tag place is by the Wawa and she goes to the wrong place. He tells her where it is, she comes back and says itís closed. He gives her the police barracks address. She comes back and hour later. She keeps saying they want money. She says the tow truck driver is there. He has to come in with his paperwork. It takes her 6 hours to get her car. She canít drive it for 90 days, hope she learned. It cost her $718. 12/3/08
215 Can I Get a Refund? - Impound Tues after Memorial Day - they were closed for a few days, now itís busy. Tracey says they have no chairs because they would throw them. Kenall from NC was towed for tickets. Ali says they overcharged them by $1200. It was $360, they couldnít explain it. They got the money dropped, but then got $1200 in impound fees for them holding it. They drive him around and Ali waits on line for him. Heís a teacher with lots of work to do. He canít find the car, it couldíve been auctioned by now. Itís on the auction holding lot. Itís been there since April 1. He needs a ride since itís Ĺ mile away. He gets his paperwork and comes back. 7:30pm - heís back, but his insurance card isnít there, so he just has the paper. His registration is expired and he canít get it reregistered without the car until he brings it back. He talked to the state, they said they canít do it. He needs proof. How is he going to get that? Heíll have to give the plates back and get it towed back. They say it is negligence on their part. He says there isn't. They overcharged them for it. It takes 2 more days for them to get it back. Happily Ever After - Booting 8am - Steve & Sherry are going out and sheís going to boot today. She has to prove he can do it. He tells her to wait for him. She canít finish it and he has to kick the lock. He messes up the paperwork. They are like an old married couple now. 12/10/08
216 Happy Birthday Tow You - Impound 2am - people come out of the clubs, have been drinking and the car is gone. Mark would like to be going to a bar. Laura & Thomas parked in a no parking after 10pm. Her boyfriend Joe saw the sign. She is handicapped from an accident. Itís an extra $125 bar tab. Tom is 21 today. She has to walk to get her paperwork and is sore. He says itís expired, she says itís valid 6 months from Dec. She brings it in and they say itís expired. She says one is good, one is bad. She has to call the insurance company and their system is down and they close at 3am. Tom says they wonít answer, he can pull it up online. Thomas the supervisor says they donít have online service. She tries to get the paperwork faxed over as the phone battery is dying. They wait for them to fax it over at the last second and he says it expired. She says they have 6 months, Tom says it expired a month ago, she says June, he says May. He finally realizes it's June so they get the car back. Don't let PPA do your math. Rainy Day Booting - Booting 9am - Steve & Sherry have to go out in the pouring rain. She doesnít mind, Steve doesnít like the rain. He spots a car with a shirt hanging out of the trunk covering the tag. He moves it and itís a hit so they boot it. 12/10/08
217 No Place Like Home - Impound Lot 2:30pm - Andrea says it goes in one ear and out the other. Terron & Don parked in front of the hotel, went to load their luggage and the car was gone. They have their luggage with them, they have a 5pm flight back to Atlanta. Tina gives him a pass to get the stuff out of his car, then he has to come back in line. He doesnít know how heíll make it. He used his own insurance, doesnít have it with him, has to get it faxed. He says Hertz wouldnít let him get a car without insurance. They still have to wait. Don hates it there, itís the third time heís been to Philly and each time itís bad, he had a car stolen once. Heís never coming back and says it 10 different ways. It is faxed over with 20 minutes to go. Andrea says it has no expiration date on it. She takes to Yolanda, they wouldnít fax it unless it was good. Terron is mad at them and that she doesnít care. It cost him $166. Just a Country Boy - Ticketing South Street 4:30pm - Mike thinks he looks cool, likes being in the woods 6 days a week hunting. He says ticketing is like hunting. A guy parks with the car running, dog inside and flashers on and he gets a ticket, says they are scumbags. A guy is working on a roof and he has a paper in his truck for the ticket and Mike says he canít see the time. He has to come down the ladder every 2 hours to change it, didn't want it to blow away. He gives Mike a ticket for a handicapped spot, itís $301. He doesnít understand, he paid for it. You have to be handicapped to park there. He paid for it, has the receipt. He put a tow sticker on his window. He has to peel it off, thinks he is hiding there waiting for him to park, they are criminals. Two guys come over to help him peel the sticker, they saw him do it. 12/10/08

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