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This Biography Channel hour long show features two or three inmates going before the parole board in each state. It features interviews with the criminals, the board members, the hearing, the final decision and what happened to them in the years since. Narrated by Bill Kurtis.

Episode Description
Wyoming Department of Corrections - Criminals: Thomas Taylor, Ramone Wise (29), William Wheaton (30) 
Board: Dianne Tippets, Jennifer Woolsey, Michelle M. Diagle. 1/4/03
Vermont Northeast Regional Correction - Board: Linda Shambo, Raymond Ferland, Alice Hafner, Theodore Lindgren, Patricia LaBier. Jonathan Thayer (33) got a year for domestic after multiple charges and faces 3-4 in NH after. He is denied. He completed his sentence, was shipped to NH, got out, went back until 2010. Eric Kleine (21) got 1-3 years for escape and assaulting a cop. He also has a warrant in LA. He is denied. He was released clean in 2000. Lucas Fallon (19) got up to 7 for auto theft & eluding. He is denied. He was granted parole in 2006, but disappeared and there is a warrant for his arrest. 1/18/03
Illinois Dixon Correctional - Board: Anne Taylor, Victor Brooks, Jorge Montes, Susan Finley. David Hawkins (49) got 35-95 for the murder of Charles Dwayne McKinney. Ed Parkinson prosecuted, Steve Coleman found him, Jim Potter arrested him. He is granted parole by 1 vote in 2002 and is on parole until 2028. Walter McCalvin (49) got 80-125 for murder and armed robbery. Michael Kroll was a victim, Patrick Driscoll prosecuted, Det Richard O’Connell arrested him. He is denied. He is still in prison. 1/25/03
Wisconsin Taycheedah Correction Institution - Criminals: Katrona Jones, Nokthida Koumalasy, Amanda Wallenkamp (23). Board: Deidre Morgan, E. Michael McCann, Jeanne Huibregtse, Jayne Hackbarth.  2/1/03
Hawaii Criminals: Louis Souza, Eric Dorotich, Terrance 'Lysa' Kenoi (24)
Board: Alfred K. Beaver, Susan Won, Mary Juanita Tiwanak, Lani Rae Garcia 2/8/03
Kentucky  State Reformatory - Criminals: Steven Robert Galloway, Antoine Yelverton, James Sedlacek
Board: Linda F. Frank, Verman Winburn, Lutitia Papailler  2/15/03
New Hampshire Criminals: William McCallum, Sandra McGuinley, Alexander Cole (45)
Board: Thomas D. Winn, Brian A. Cashman, Amy Vorenberg 3/1/03
Montana Deer Lodge - Criminals: Kenneth Miller, Roman McCarthy, Curtis Clatt 
Board: Patrick T. Fleming, Gary Weir. 3/22/03
Utah Draper - Board: Michael R. Sibbett & Keith N. Hamilton. Kimberli Lambert (32) got 1-15 for burglary & kidnapping in the beating and robbing a couple. Sandra Corp prosecuted. Det Colten Johanssen arrested her. She is denied until 2002, she completed supervision in 2004. Steven Madrill (33) got 0-5 for violating a protective order. Lori Franke was beaten by him. Katherine Bernards-Goodman prosecuted. Det. Eric Brown arrested him. He is denied and gets 3 years plus electronic monitoring. He violated parole, went back in 2004 did a year, then was arrested in 2008 for drugs. Ronald Humphreys (55) got 1-15 years for auto theft & absconding. He escaped from prison and stole a car. Det Mark Watkins & Sheriff Gaylin Jarvie arrested him. He was denied and got 6 years, he was released Oct 2006. 3/29/03
Louisiana David Wade Correctional Center. Board: Fred Clark, Robert C. James & E. Peggy Landry. Johnny Bryant (37) got 40 years for attempted murder, 30 for kidnapping and robbery. Traci Moore prosecuted. Lt. Glynn Mitchell arrested. Karla Askew the victim still has 2 bullets in her, but is OK with him getting out. He is denied because of Peggy. He did work release and got out in 2002. Kelly Webb got 5 years for a third DWI & alcohol possession in prison. Sgt. Russell Duplechain & Chief Richard Young arrested him. Sharon Wilson prosecuted. He is denied for a month. He was released in 2002 and in 2005 arrested and sent back to LA. Huey Delapasse (22) got 6 years for selling pot & stolen goods. Jerome Fontentor arrested him. Victor Woods prosecuted. He is paroled to Blue Walters drug program for 9 weeks. He was released in 2001. 4/5/03
New Jersey South Woods State Prison - Criminals: Joseph Incitti, Thomas Coar (30), 
Board: Mario A. Paparozzi, Rolando Gomez-Rivera  4/12/03
Rhode Island Lisa S. Holley leads, Frederic Reamer, Jeanne LeFazia, Charles, Kenneth Walker are on the board. Stanley Waleryszak got 5 for assault with a deadly weapon. He got in a fight with a board, argued with a guard, has a history going back to 1981. He is denied for the assault. He is upset he did all the programs and didn’t get credit. People are out to get him, he doesn’t need them, he’ll get out without them. They are not professional, he did 5 for an argument, no violence. He went back for a 6 year sentence for felony assault. Joe Sherman got 45 months for stealing a car. He fenced stolen goods and cars. He has 2 kids his mom takes care of. He’s been in and out since 1993. He will be paroled in 3 months with an ankle bracelet. He went back to prison for a 6 ˝ for larceny. Kevron Bowie is doing 1 year for assault. He was on the streets starting at 14. Det Shawn Moffett arrested him. He got in a fight over missing drug money. He went after the guy with a shovel and hit a girl with it on 5/9/00. He was shot 2 days before, he’s a violent predator. It’s his second hearing in 9 months. He just got into a fight and was in a another fight before that. He was shot in the head. He has 9 brothers and sisters. He’s done juvenile, sold coke, doesn’t like people confronting him. He is denied for the recent assault. He is held without bail on 3 other charges now. 4/19/03
Oklahoma Joseph Harp Security Center - Criminals: Aaron Lee Cosar (35), Michael Sanders, Lincoln Taylor. Board:  Susan Bussey, Stephanie Chapelle, Patrick Morgan. 4/26/03
Iowa Newton Correctional Facility - Board: Charles W. Larson, Curtis S. Jenkins & Elizabeth Robinson-Ford. Patrick O’Shea (24) got 10 years for armed robbery of a convenience store. Gary Ramaker arrested him. Michael Short prosecuted him. He was on work release, escaped for 4 days and blew parole. He is denied. He finished his full sentence in 2005. Edwin VanDorn (30) got 10 years for drugs & forgery. Officer James Renoe arrested him. John P. Sarcone prosecuted him. They recommend work release and drug treatment. He did his full sentence and got out in 2007. Michael Billick got 10 years for theft & meth distribution. Paul L. Martin prosecuted him. Lt. Ron Vanderweerd arrested him. He was on work release, used meth and got caught. They recommend work release for 6 months. He finished his term in 2005. 5/3/03
Southern New Jersey South Woods State Prison - Board: Mario A. Paparozzi, Rolando Gomez-Rivera. Alterick Brownridge (29) got 25 years for armed robbery, aggravated assault & weapons. Clifford E. Lazzaro prosecuted him. Anthony Ambrose arrested him. He is denied. He was released in 2002, completed her parole in 2005. Attilo Sayers - got 10 years for armed robbery of a gas station. Patrolman Nick Danze arrested him in Woodbury City. Andrew Yurick prosecuted him. He is paroled to a MAP program. He got out in 2005. Luis Rodriguez (26) got 15 years for armed robbery. Det Edward Kownacki arrested him in Trenton. Charles E. Waldron prosecuted him. He is paroled to a MAP program for drugs and counseling. He went back to prison 2007. 5/10/03

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