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This Court TV now truTV show is more like Cops than most any other. It's listed as only a Primetime Special for season 1. Each hour episode follows Cops during a special event and like Cops did in the past they covered Mardi Gras in 2007. Wild on the Water 2 is not a part 2, they just named it that because it was the second special. 

Season 1 (2006-07)

Party Police 

Ep# Episode
1 Vegas Bikers - Columbus Day weekend is like no other in Miami's Biscayne Bay. Thousands of boats converge in crystal blue waters for a four day bacchanal the likes of which most mortals have never seen. Keeping the peace is a handful of brave officers in patrol boats. The show chronicles their efforts to maintain order amidst a sea of misbehavior. 12/26/06
2 Wild on the Water 2 - Columbus Day weekend is like no other in Miami's Biscayne Bay. Thousands of boats converge in crystal blue waters for a four day bacchanal the likes of which most mortals have never seen. Keeping the peace is a handful of brave officers in patrol boats. The show chronicles their efforts to maintain order amidst a sea of misbehavior. 1/2/07
3 Mardi Gras 2007 -  6/4/07
4 Wet and Wild - San Bernardino County, CA officers try to maintain order as revelers party on boats. 6/11/07

Season 2 (2008)

For this season since Court TV changed their name to truTV, the show also changed it's name to Party Heat. Wet and Wild & Wild on the Water were rerun as "new" episodes. The only change was they had the new Party Heat logos. These are half hour episodes

101 Lake Havasu San Bernardino Co. CA 5/27/06 - Deputy Dave Moyer says it's very hot, like driving in an oven, lots of alcohol, too much, it makes people stupid and causes lots of fights. He is flagged down by a boat. He says two girls on green rafts were almost hit by a boat in the shipping lane. They are laughing and said they were talking and floated away. They get on the boat and he takes them back. People have drown doing that before. A medical emergency causes havoc for a police boat; a swimmer in distress is rescued; police hunt for a fugitive; and police respond to a boat crash. 4/7/08
102 Deputy Mark Kennicutt says itís summer break, schools are all let out and it goes on all season. Itís 110 degrees, most donít know about boating and just show up. He stops a boat with a woman hanging off the back. He tells them to shut it off and they donít. They rented the boat. The driver Jacob (23) wants to get out of here, heís drunk and says he hasnít had anything. He wants to give him a BAC and if he refuses, then heíll go to jail. He wants to get out of there before they get into trouble. If he goes to the station heíll get the test and be there 5-6 hours. He still refuses and is arrested. His friend says in Montana they can refuse. Well in CA you canít. 4/7/08
103 Deputy Troy McComas says people come from all over the state to be there, the secret is out. They can get 10,000 on a holiday. He gets a call from a helicopter that a man is 200 feet up a cliff. Heís probably drunk, has no shoes on and is stuck, he might jump, but itís dangerous. Deputy Dave Moyer goes to a boat accident. He finds a guy with a little girl in the water and pulls them out. One guy says the wake flooded his engine and there was an electrical short. The woman says she hit her head and it hurts. They call EMS and tow the boat to shore. There were 3 kids, 4 adults, one guy hit his ribs and the driver has a cut across his back. 4/14/08
104 Fourth of July - Deputy Troy McComas spots a jetskiier jumping the wakes. Jacob tips over and knows why they stopped him. He thought it was legal to jump 100 feet back. He says heís not a pro, he didnít see them. Heís used to riding waves and itís flat out here, wasnít planning on getting caught, now he has to pay for it. Jacob offers them a ride. 4/14/08
105 Deputy Mark Kennicut says the regatta attracts the large boats, but some people buy them and have no experience. There is no speed limit as long as you donít crash. He spots a boat in the no wake zone. The driver Gabriel knows the rules and thought he was OK. Heís had 1 beer, then says he had more, but a while ago, he ate a 6 inch sub. He gives him the FST and a BAC. He was arrested at 18 for B&E. He used to use drugs, is clean now, doesnít think thereís drugs on the boat, doesnít believe so. His guest? He doesnít know what he has. Mark asks to search the boat, but he asks about probable cause. He says he could go for BWI, heís a .082. He admits the guy has weed on the boat for personal use. Heís been clean a month. They tell the guy on the boat his friend admitted to it. They find a few grams of pot and they write him a ticket. 4/21/08
106 Deputy Dave Moyer says the temperature is 115 going to 125, itís very crowded and there are up to 2000 boats out there. He spots a guy hanging out the back of a boat while itís moving. They say they were pulling up a ladder. The driver says he didnít know he was out there. He sounds wasted so he gives him a FST. He does the finger to nose test and wonít remove it. He does the BAC test and blows a .187. Heís under arrest and now the woman says she was the one driving, he was steering. She doesnít want him arrested and has kids on board. 4/21/08

Season 3 (2008)

These episodes are an hour long.

201 Spring Break '08 Havasu - Copper Canyon is 5 miles of the lake, itís narrow and they tie up their boats together. Deputy Mike Miller says they donít have enough sleep, drink to much and have no idea how to operate the boat. They stop a boat for transom riding. The guy in a red bandana doesnít get it. He tests the driver, he says he hasnít drank anything. Then he says he had a sip of someoneís beer, his throat is dry, heís sick. He was partying too late last night. He gives him a FST, he says heís all nervous. He checks his eyes, then does the finger count. He goes to give him the BAC test and he doesnít want to do it. He has to take one pr can do it at the station. He doesnít understand why. 6/16/08
202 Spring Break '08 Havasu - Copper Canyon turns into a nightclub, itís world famous, they like to party out there. Deputy Mark Kennicutt tells a pontoon tied off at the end they need to drop anchor and back up to keep the lane open. If anyone else comes they need to start a new row. Sgt. Tim Smith says if you see a violation, you can stop and talk to them, drunk people are bound to stop. He spots a girl struggling to get on the front of a boat while the engine is running. The driver didnít know she was there. He gives him a FST and a BAC. He has been arrested for reckless driving. He blows a .093 and is arrested. 6/23/08
203 Texas Blowout - South Padre Island, TX - Spring Break. Itís 8-9 miles long and attracts 1000s. They go on the beach all day and the clubs all night. They have thefts, robberies, accidents, drinking. Cops have ATVs, trucks and bikes. Officer Daniel Cruz says they have lots of alcohol, DWIs and assaults, happens every year. He goes to a call of guys drinking in public. They didnít know it wasnít allowed. No open container on the sidewalk near the businesses. They have to dump it out. 7/7/08
204 Dumont Dunes - in Southern CA they can get 40-50,000 people out there. San Bernardino sheriffís police it. Itís Mardi Gras of the desert. Police have their own dune buggies to get out there. People race up the main hill 24 hours a day. Deputy Nick Tollefson goes to a crash call. The guy jumped his bike and landed on his head. He was screaming, canít feel his legs and has chest pain. Frank (24) has his mom there, medics arrive and heís paralyzed and has to be airlifted out. They get a call of a lost boy in a 50 square mile area and try to find him. Injured biker Ė he says his back hurts. The Mercy Air chopper lands and takes him away. Deputy Mike Cadwell finds the boy Austin when he comes in. He has to take him to find his parents. He warns them not to let him out of sight. They asked him if he knew his way and said yes. #204. 7/14/08
S1 Best of Female Subjects - South Padre Island - Girl hanging out of window gets belligerent/Girl with 1 arm flips out/Lake Havasu - old lady with meth fakes a seizure/jetski gong too fast and the girl is wasted/Mardi Gras - cops break up a fight and a girl in red grabs one of the cops/Lake Havasu - 5 girls hanging off the back of a boat are stopped and drivers blows .209 a girl blows a .339 who is a professional drinker/Later he catches the girl with the .339 driving the boat and arrests her. She says they canít prove she was driving/Two girls are fighting on a boat and a girl in black drama queen shirt wonít listen to Sanchez and keeps calling him a dog. He has to pepper spray them and they jump in the water/South Padre - cops go to a loud party where they are using bullhorns and 8 girls are dancing naked. 12/16/08

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