Ana, Shelunda, Julie & Andrea

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Season 1

This 1 hour TLC program is a combination of 2008's Biography Channel Female Forces following a certain group of women every week, the police action of COPS (These 4 women have not appeared on Cops and most of them would've been only around 5 when that show started filming in their town in 1988) mixed with the home like soap opera drama of Dallas SWAT

Season 1 (2009)

# Description/Airdate
1 Hell of a Cop (Season Preview) Heavy theme song. (10:15pm 6th st & Federal Hwy) Det. Andrea Penoyer is in the regional anti crime squad, main focus is getting drugs off the streets. They are doing a buy/bust operation and get him right there. Her son Dominick (7) calls. She canít pick him up from school, works until 10. She runs over and helps talk a guy down. Heís an old black man. Thereís no work, no roofing. Someone people hate them, some say it goes with the territory. (2:09pm SE 2nd & Andrews Ave) Det Ana Murillo patrols selective enforcement teem, toughest streets. The area is knowing from gambling & drinking in front of a store. They spot a group who starts to walk away, hey you are hurting our feelings. She searches a fat black woman who says she has to go to the bathroom. She keeps saying it because she has a crack pipe on her. She keeps saying she has to pee, donít hold me like a dog. Iím not. You are trying to walk away. To pee. You a liar! Need to stop lying. She says Marie Allen is her, but her real name is Joyce, they know her from a buy/bust. Was in prison in 2001 - cocaine a few times, burglary, aggravated battery many times, prison 4 times. If she has a warrant itís not a fóking problem. Why did you give me someone elseís name and DOB? How can I piss you off. You have a warrant from January (7:17pm 12th st and Camino Lake Cir) She has a kid named Anthony (2) she wonít go home the same way twice, has to be careful. She picks him up from the babysitter, husband is out of town a lot, so itís real tough. (11:35am Broward Sheriffís Office) Det. Julie Bower has been there 13 years, tired all the time, day doesnít stop 1 second. Sheíll arrest someone and go home, then karate. Her focus is on her kids William & Dominic. She loves her career and kids and juggles both. They asked her to dress up for a whore sting. One guy attacked a girl with a machete. Sheís got big boobs, blond hair, going to get 50 arrests. They have the briefing, will be on Federal Hwy, meet behind Bears furniture (4:38pm S. Federal Hwy & 12th St) She sets up, has to dress like a crack whore, look nasty or they wonít stop. He wants sex, normal thing. He wants his place and a condom. She has to get her purse, then they surround him. (10:10pm Dep Shelunda Cooperís Home) Dep Cooper has been there 2 Ĺ years. Her husband JC is a deputy, she works graveyard all alone in the dark. (12:32am NE 36th St & S. Dixie Hwy) She goes to a complaint at a restaurant. They said they found a long hair on the corn. The cook says he has no hair, it looks like their hair. They wanted to pay for it. He says heíll cook another steak. She had to laugh. He changes his story now. Itís his right to with us here. Make sure you pay for your food. They donít train for that at the academy. (11:27pm 3rd Ave & 2nd St) Det Ana says they break the lights outside so itís nice and dark out. A woman is detained at a strip club, sheís called in the check her private parts for drugs. Itís disgusting, but part of the job. She once found a bag of weed in her vagina. She goes up asks what she has. There are lots of men around so she went between 2 doors, for privacy. She then squatted it out and stuck it in her ass. She throws her down, you want to do it that way you lose your privacy. She says there is nothing in there. She got some, they can do a strip search in the jail. She finds x pills in the console. Her mad side comes out once in a while. They have no shame to put 1-10 bags up there. (12:05am S. Federal Hwy & 12th St) Julie says there is a fear factor, guys walk up and can have a gun, itís scary. A guy pulls up, says sheís a cop, too pretty not to be a cop. She has no job, nothing else she can so. He says $40 for all sex and they arrest him. He admits it. A car pulls up, how you doing, she canít say money or want a date. She has to wait until he comes up and finds out want she wants. He says $50 for sex and a BJ. She wants her purse. Heís busted and says she just said something, not sure want. Heís drunk too. Possibly DWI. The next car she asks for food, heíll feed her. She makes a deal to go around back. That guy was a doctor. Really? At the end they got 7 arrests between Jen and Julie. See you next time ho! They laugh. (6:05am Andrea at home) Both are big jobs. She jumps on Dom to wake him up. She was a young mother, thought she was missing out, but loves it. Same problems every mother has, lives off coffee. (11:35am 6th ave & Hammondville Rd) You are fighting to win and for your life. You can not work out one day, have to be ready. They have a dope house they never can get. Theyíve gone undercover, never can get in or they all go inside. Two buyers go in and they race over and grab them on the way out. One drops beer in one hand, coke in the other. Couldnít have gone better. Anyone else inside? Hands on head come to me. He says they stepped on his foot over and over. They pull out a woman, then another guy who keep yelling heís stepping on his foot. There is chaos, yelling everywhere, they are on the radio looking for backup then they start coming and cuffing. They run in at a disadvantage, could be an ambush with guns pointed at her. There is one more girl in a pink shirt who says she was asleep. Who owns it? I donít know. You just broke in? No one wants to confess they all broke in. There is a big bag of dope and a whore in the back. Neighbors and family come up to distract them to insight a riot. Maíam on the other side of the Taurus, I canít work now, she goes to jail to. They can all be arrested now. They canít focus on anything. Mom doesnít care. Just that his foot was stepped on. She cries. All they care is that his foot was stepped on. No one care they are dealers theyíve been watching. They find a scale, x pills, a knife, a gun in the trashbag with magazine money and drugs like it was all garbage. Itís a .22 Jennings. There is all this adrenaline and after they realize they couldíve been shot in an ambush. Itís scary. Thatís the main dope house in the are. He knows that house, we donít. (1:02am W. Sunrise Blvd & Nob Hill Rd) Det Cooper says being married to a deputy he can recognize the same incidents, itís not like a doctor who says yes and can't relate. He does now, lots of streets, have to get away fast. She goes to a fight call. A woman has a boyfriend and husband, she dumped the boyfriend, brings the husband back unaccounted. The boyfriend has a key, came in and attacked the guy, there are 4 kids, emotions are high. Blood is everywhere. He heard fists flying, couldnít see. They got together last night. Dad was beaten pretty bad, has to go to the hospital, the boy ran for it. He doesnít want to listen. She says he was a coward beating him in his. She doesnít want to hear it, he shouldíve stayed when she got there. He doesnít live there, send a text message, slept with him 3 nights before, she thinks that is OK. Itíll catch up to her. Her husband is a great listener, sheíll go to him. (9:01pm 13th St & Powell) Det Ana says night is a different beat, things come out. A UC is making a drug buy and gives her a signal. When you get it you go. She pulls up and people are there and getting thrown down. One guy says heís riding his bike, same thing, big tricycle says this happened to him yesterday. Get a new job. Donít cage me! He dealt with the UC and he IDs him. Heís been smoking a year, started in 1998, itís not his jacket, he picked it up in the trash - for the record. He tried to pull one on him yesterday. Itís a nasty addiction, it destroys you, your family, youíre done. Her biggest fear is something happening to her son. Itís a dangerous job.  #101. 8/6/09
2 That Wasn't Me Running! #102. 8/13/09
3 Another One Bites the Dust #103. 8/20/09
4 I Hope Somebody Runs... #104. 8/28/09
5 Super Hot Blonde #105. 9/3/09
6 Don't Call Me Baby - Andrea witnesses a crack buy during a stakeout; Julie tracks down a couple accused of rape; Ana encounters a male chauvinist suspect who doesn't know when to shut up; Shelunda arrives at a highway accident scene. #106. 9/10/09
7 Welcome to the Real World #107. 9/17/09
8 Let's Get the Next Customer #108. 9/24/09
9 Strip Search Me! #109. 10/1/09
10 Are You Kidding Me? #110. 10/8/09
11 Top 10 Takedowns (Sean Finale/Best of) 10/15/08


1 ET 8/6/09 - packing heat & lunchboxes. Det Andrea doesnít think sheís different from anyone else, she just carries a gun to work/Det. Ana Murillo has to cook, clean, do the laundry and the only difference is when I go to work I arrest the bad guys and take them to jail. Det. Julie Bower goes undercover on the street, can walk the walk and has big boobs an long 80s blond air. Should women do dangerous jobs? You could ask anyone. Andrea doesnít know what Twitter is.
2 Extra 8/13/09 - Det. Andrea Penoyer (26) - she is a beautiful mom who happens to carry a gun. She fixes her hair with her finger on camera. Sheís not different from the guys, she'll kick your ass in nailpolish. When someone runs they are hiding from something, sbe get excited, he says he didnít run. Det. Shelundah Cooper is with her. You werenít walking. Itís high intensity. When I go home itís oh my god she cooks and cleans like we do.

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