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Hosted by Drew Carey, but was cancelled after 1 season.

Season 1 - 2007-08

Jamie Sadler from Upper Montclair NJ wins $1 million. #101. 8/7/07
Louise Palmer from Bakersfield CA wins $1000/Kevin Kula from Parma OH wins $1000. #102. 8/8/07
Kathleen Decker from Woodside NY wins 0/Mandy Gordon from Pratville AL wins $1000/Dewey Moorman from New Orleans LA qualifies. #103. 8/15/07
Dewey Moorman wins $1000/Julie Foehr from Bloomington IL wins $10,000/Carissa Scarpa from Flagstaff AZ qualifies. #104. 8/22/07
Carissa Scarpa wins $1000/Big Brother 8 contest - Amber Siyavus from Las Vegas NV wins $1000/Tom Heckman from Los Angeles, CA wins $1000/Kurtney Noonan from Encinitas CA qualifies. #105. 8/23/07
Kurtney Noonan wins $1000/Julie McCracken from Charlotte NC wins $1000/Katie Burns from Dallas GA wins 0. #106. 8/29/07
Daniel Montelongo from El Paso TX wins $10,000/Carolina Korth from North Astoria NY wins 0. #107. 9/4/07
Sean Ockershausen from Philadelphia PA wins $10,000/Holgie Forrestor from 29 Palms CA wins 0/Christina Masaitis from Morganville NJ qualifies #108. 9/5/07
Christina was not shown because she lost the first question/Ira Levin from Marlboro NJ wins $1000/Sue Sanbento from New Haven CT wins $1000/Isabella Gjidede from Landsdowne PA qualifies. #109. 9/11/07
Isabella wins $100,000/Mark Spagnolo from Pittsburgh PA wins $100,000/Mike Coco from Nutley NJ qualifies. #110. 9/12/07
Zoilo Ruiz from Harrison NY wins $1000/Bonita Oliver from New York City NY wins $0/Andrea Johnson from Salt Lake City, UT wins $1000. #111. 9/18/07
Grindl Reynolds from Atlanta, GA wins 0/Tracy Meyer from Chicago, Il wins $100,000/Micah Hue Penny from Antioch, TN wins 0. #112. 1/2/08
Brian Mason from San Diego, CA wins $100,000/Rob Dagasta from Burbank, CA wins 0/Deanna Cowan from San Diego, CA qualifies. #113. 1/9/08
Deanna Cowan wins $1000/Nancy Wheeler from Franklin, MA wins $1000/Megan McDowell from West Chicago, IL qualifies #114. 1/16/08
Megan McDowell wins $1000/Mike Velardi from Bartonsville, PA wins 0/Zoe Roberts from Erie, CO wins $1000. #115. 1/23/08

2007-08 Thrawn for Thrawn's Realm