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This series spawned the Animal Cops shows. Animal Precinct, narrated by Michael Madsen, chronicles the drama, emotion, triumph and tragedy of the work of the agents of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal's (ASPCA) Humane Law Enforcement Department (HLE), the only law enforcement group in New York City solely devoted to investigating crimes against New York's animal population. Agents include: Dale Riedel, Annemarie Lucas, Mark MacDonald, Timothy Stack, Diane DiGiacomo, Paul Romano, Michael Tietje, Henry Ruiz, Richard Raheb, Joann Sandano, Tina Salaks, John De La Torre, Adam Gankiewicz, Paul H. Lai, Joseph Pentangelo, Richard Ryan, Peter Rivas, Kristi Adams. The ones I have are in bold.

Season 1 (2001)

Episode Description
Staten Island Dogs Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas follows up a report that a dog has been starved to death at a house on Staten Island. With her partner Special Agent Joann Sandano, Lucas sets out to uncover exactly what has happened, and to make sure that willful neglect does not go unpunished. Meanwhile, Special Agents Paul Romano and Mike Geller investigate a report of an underfed dog being kept in the cellar of a Brooklyn house. #101. 01
Horse Neglect In bleak and snowy conditions, Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and partner Joann Sandano pick up an emergency call that a horse is in distress on a Brooklyn street. When they arrive the horse is dead, and the two agents have to use their detection skills to find out exactly what has happened, and who is to blame. When they conclude that a crime has indeed been committed a dramatic chase ensues. #102. 01
One Camper Van, Seventeen Animals A tiny camper van is home to one man, and 17 animals. Officers Lucas and Sandano respect his good intentions, but they're seriously concerned that he's creating a situation that's dangerous both for him, and the creatures he's taken in. Sandano and Lucas must try to convince him to relinquish a few for adoption- but he's very reluctant. Officer Diane DiGiacomo responds to a call concerning a pack of junkyard dogs. The dogs climb up on the debris within and bark down at anyone who passes below. The neighbors are fearful that the dogs will jump over and attack them, but DiGiacomo's also concerned for the welfare of the animals in their junkyard home. #103. 01
Fighting Birds Special Agent Paul Romano and partner Mike Geller are working undercover, acting on information about illegal roosters being kept up in the Bronx...and it may lead to a suspected cockfighting ring. The ok is given to raid the house where they'll find out the truth of the matter. Meanwhile, officers Lucas and Sandano show up in a Queens auto parts lot demanding shelter for a dog left outside. #104. 01
Rottweiler Rescue In this program, Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Jo Ann Sandano are following up a report of a neglected Rottweiler. When they arrive on the scene, they find not one but two female dogs, both severely undernourished and one of them has a litter of puppies. Confronting the owner with their appalling condition, he tells Lucas and Sandano he 'didn't have time' to feed them. The stage is set for a rescue and an arrest. The program also features Special Agent Tina Salaks as she looks out for the Central Park carriage horses, and the animal stars of a visiting rodeo. #105. 01
Tick Trauma A call comes into the Animal Precinct reporting a dog suffering in a penned in back yard. Agents Annemarie Lucas and Joanne Sandano respond and what they find is horrifying. The dog is covered in over 400 ticks and can barely move. The ticks are literally sucking the life out of her. Meanwhile, Special Investigator Mark McDonald is trying to free a cat from a locked up store. The store was sealed by police who are investigating it, and the cat was inadvertently left inside. A lot of red tape and steel bars must be cleared before the cat can be saved. #106. 01
Fighting Dogs The agents of the Animal Precinct are banding together to combat the city's underground dog fighting rings. These dogs are trained to fight one another, and often the loser dies. Special Agents Paul Romano and Mike Geller discover an abandoned house where many dogs are living, waiting for the next sparring match that may cost them their lives. Meanwhile, Special Agent Tina Salaks has received a complaint about a house in Brooklyn, which is reportedly overflowing with animals. She arrives on the scene to make sure all the animals are being properly cared for. #107. 01
Conflict at the Stables ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Jo Ann Sandano have had a report that a horse called Kenya, is being mistreated by her owner. They're on their way to a stables in Queens to find out more. They issue a warning to the owner, but when he doesn't comply, trouble ensues. Across town, Special Agents Paul Romano and Mike Geller have had a report of a dog being kept outside in 90 degree heat with no shelter. The situation seems to be worse than the report suggested. Not only is there no proper food and water but the dog is unusually thin. #108. 01
Emergency Measures ASPCA Special Investigators Mark McDonald and Annemarie Lucas are on their way to the Bronx. Two of their colleagues have called them in for help on a rather disturbing case. A neighbor has made a complaint about a dog with a badly infected foot. When officers arrive, they realize it's urgent that they get the dog to the hospital right away. The owners of the injured dog will have to answer to a charge of animal cruelty. While the dog is recovering, Annemarie and Joanne investigate a man who houses dozens of rabbits. Neighbors say he hurts them, but the officers must try to find out more. #109. 01
Cat House ASPCA Special Agents Mike Geller and Paul Lai are on their way to Coney Island. They've had a tip-off about a woman keeping dozens of cats in her small apartment. They find appalling conditions in the apartment and must compel her to clean it up. Agents Mark MacDonald and Annmarie Lucas investigate a report of several dogs left abandoned in a Brooklyn backyard. One dog has succumbed to a mysterious malady, so the officers seize the other dogs for treatment. #110. 01
Heat A crippling heat has gripped New York City. All 10 agents have been called out to a heat emergency, 5 dogs have been left on a baking rooftop, and one has already succumbed to the extreme temperature. The dogs are close to death and must be taken to the ASPCA immediately for medical care. Special Agents Joe Pentangelo and Paul Romano investigate a report of 2 dogs that are being kept an abandoned van - where summer temperatures can easily climb over 100 degrees. Special Agent Tina Salaks is investigating a rather unusual complaint. The Ferris wheel operator at Coney Island sends his dogs up to the top of the wheel when it gets too hot for them on the ground. She wants to be sure the dogs are not in any danger. #111. 01
Abandoned Animals At the ASPCA headquarters, Special Agent Joann Sandano is bringing in an injured iguana for examination. The iguana's owner suffers from schizophrenia, and not only has the animal been neglected, it is suffering from several fractures. This animal will need intensive care in order to regain its health. Special Agents Mike Geller and Paul Lai have been called out to Staten Island where a neighbor has reported a dead dog in a back yard. They're wary because neighbors have reported recent police activity at the house in question. The house appears to be abandoned, except for another dog trapped in the garage. The police will have to get involved if the dog inside is to be saved. #112. 01
At Ground Zero The aftermath of September 11th, 2001. #113. 01
At Ground Zero, Special Presentation The aftermath of September 11th, 2001. #114. 01
Four Story Fall Special Investigators Annmarie Lucas and Joann Sandano are investigating the case of a cat that has been thrown from an apartment window. Fingers are pointing every direction, but they have their suspicions as to who the culprit is. The most important thing now is to help the cat recover from its injuries. Special Agent Tina Salaks is looking into a report of a dog with open wounds in a front yard in Queens. In cases of neglect like these, the animal must be taken from its neglectful owner. #115. 01
Second Chances Special Agent Tina Salaks responds to a report of a dog suffering from a tumor. The tumor is huge, and it's obvious it could have been treated properly had the dog not been neglected by his owner. Emergency surgery is in order to see if the dog's disease will be fatal. Also, Special Investigators Annmarie Lucas and Joann Sandano are trying to sort out a conflict between two roommates. One blames the other for injuring their dog, but on second look, the case is much more complicated. #116. 01

Season 2 (2002-03)

Episode Description
Man's Best Friend  The majority of the cases the ASPCA deals with involves dogs, and in this episode, viewers will look at some of the most moving, dramatic and significant dog abuse cases the ASPCA agents have encountered.  Lucas & Sandano go to a dog named Shelia in a basement infested with big ticks and can barely stand. Best of #201. 3/11/02 #201. 3/11/02
The Tough Cases Special agents follow-up on a report that a dog has been starved to death at a house on Staten Island; and with one horse dead and another down to bones, officers agree the suspect appears to be guilty. #202.
Price of Neglect A special investigator saves a Brooklyn shih tzu with fur so matted that it can't see and can barely walk; two special agents follow a lead about a neglected dog on an old car lot; and undercover agents attempt to confiscate two undernourished canines. AKA Hair Relief #203.
Left Behind Investigator Lucas follows-up on a report in Queens, NY that horses are being neglected. She finds one horse ankle deep in waste. Next, Lucas investigates why a tenant left his pets behind to starve and become severely dehydrated. AKA A Stable in Queens #204. 6/1/02
The Stakeout Special Agents Romano and Pentangelo respond to a call about severely malnourished dogs. Agent Sandano investigates a report of an emaciated dog. Investigator MacDonald helps capture a pack of stray dogs from a cemetery in Queens. #205.
Rat Bites ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas is paying a visit to Brooklyn, to an area that has been experiencing problems with rats. A report has come in that an emaciated pitbull terrier has been attacked by the rats and is covered in bites. Meanwhile Special Investigator Paul Romano and his partner Special Agent Joe Pentangelo are in Queens, following up on reports of a man shooting squirrels with a BB gun, causing his neighbors to fear for their own safety and the welfare of the animals. #206.
Trashcan Puppies Special Investigator Paul Romano and partner Special Agent Joe Pentangelo pick up an emergency call from Brooklyn. A young couple has rescued two newborn puppies from their neighbors' trash can. It seems the neighbors, two sisters, have discarded their dog's unwanted offspring, and simply put them out with the garbage to die. One of the ASPCA's undercover officers, known only as Special Agent H, is also faced with a gruesome case. On a routine visit to a grooming parlor, H has come across a sheepdog whose neck has a horrific gash, almost from ear to ear. The groomer says when the dog's shaggy hair was clipped he found a rope embedded in the dog's neck. Also, Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas confronts a man who thinks the way to deal with his dog Britney's barking is to muzzle her with a tin can. #207. 8/12/02
Canine Cruelty Special Investigator AnneMarie Lucas and her undercover partner are following up on reports of a dog in Brooklyn seen with tape wrapped around its muzzle. After a tense surveillance operation, the ASPCA agents arrest a man on the street and discover the dog, King, is seriously wounded. Meanwhile, Special Investigator Paul Romano and Special Agent Joe Pentangelo are having a busy shift. They find two emaciated pit bull terriers in a back yard and on their way back to the base get a report of another pit bull in serious trouble. Special Investigator Lucas and her undercover partner go to the Centre for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn, where they catch up with three abandoned puppies, found tied up in a yard. One had died at the scene, the others were very emaciated. It seems they had been so hungry they had picked at their brother's body. #208.
Unwanted Surprises Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and her partner, Special Agent JoAnn Sandano, are on patrol in Brooklyn when a stray mutt wanders in front of their car. Clearly neglected, it turns out he's recently been thrown out of a house across the street. Special Investigator Paul Romano and Special Agent Joe Pentangelo discover a shocking case of neglect in a church in Brooklyn. They find the pastor's dog, Sparkey, cowering in a back yard, covered in ticks. And, one of the ASPCA's undercover officers, known only as Special Agent H, has a dramatic night of cases with his partner, Special Agent Adam Gankiewicz. First, they seize a batch of 10 fighting cocks from the roof of a garage in the Bronx. On the way back to base, they get a priority call to divert to a dogfight under 3rd Avenue Bridge. They rush there and are in time to catch the fight and arrest the dog fighters. AKA Television Star #209. 9/9/02
The Hospital Special Agent Tina Salaks is on a routine call on Staten Island when she discovers a gruesome case of a dog with an embedded collar. The dog, named Nitro, has been so neglected that a thick chain is deeply embedded in the flesh of his neck. One of the ASPCA's undercover officers, known only as Special Agent H, is with his partner, Special Agent Gankiewicz, to deal with a shocking case of neglect in the Bronx. Two pitbulls have been locked up in a small room for months, fed only by the owner throwing in scraps of food sporadically. Also, Special Agent Tietje, confronts a man who has let his pitbull and her seven puppies get into a terrible state. They're covered in ticks, so Tietje rushes them back to hospital at the ASPCA. #210. 9/16/02
Junkyard Dogs Special Agent Tina Salaks answers a call to rescue an ailing goose on an old car lot. The goose is clearly suffering and Salaks rushes it to the ASPCA hospital. ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent JoAnn Sandano are headed for a junkyard in Brooklyn. They've had a report of some dogs in distress. Locked in the junkyard are two pitbulls and one golden retriever. At least one of the pit bulls looks seriously under nourished, and all of them are covered in ticks. Special Agent Joann Sandano answers a report that a man is not caring for his cats. Upon arrival Joann is struck by the foul smell emanating from his apartment. But it appears as though the man is so ill, he's been unable to properly care for his pets. #211. 9/23/02
Finding a Home Special Agent Joe Pentangelo of the ASPCA rescues a fearsome-looking mastiff from a rundown car lot in Brooklyn. The dog, named Kane, suffers from "cherry eyes," a painful infection of the eyes. On Staten Island, Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas is called to rescue a dog called Maximus. It's the start of another long and emotional search for that someone special; someone prepared to give him a new home and a new life. With Maximus, there's just one problem...he's a pitbull. These dogs are normally difficult to adopt out, but the ASPCA is tireless in looking for a family right for him. #212. 1/6/03
Dangerous Diet ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Joann Sandano are distressed to discover a house full of skinny cats in Rockaway Beach, Queens. The owner is living on limited means and has been feeding her cats a diet of rice and vegetables. Back at the ASPCA hospital, the vet has some surprising news for the agents: one cat is totally blind and the others are at risk of losing their sight and he says, this is all because of their vegetarian diet. #213. 1/13/03
Three Dog Day New York's in a heat-wave and ASPCA Special Agents Diane Di Giacamo and Michael Tietje are investigating a report of three dogs in trouble in Brooklyn. As soon as they enter the yard, it's clear it's an urgent case. One dog is already dead and the others are in bad shape, chained to the fence in the burning heat with no water. Tim Stack is brought in to take the dogs while they make an arrest of the owner who has a 3 year old child with him. #214. 1/20/03
Dangerous Dog ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Joann Sandano are investigating a complaint of cruelty to two dogs in Far Rockaway, Queens. Sandano recognizes the location as a place she's had trouble with before. As the agents examine the dogs, it's clear that they have been fighting and that one is the aggressor and the other the bait dog, victim. Although the occupant of the house denies ownership of the dogs, the agents are suspicious and after a week of investigations return to arrest him. Meanwhile his dogs are taken to the ASPCA hospital to be cared for. #215. 1/27/03
Rescuing Rusty ASPCA Special Investigator Paul Romano and Special Agent Joe Pentangelo investigate a call about a skinny chow, called Rusty, left chained to a fence in a backyard. When they arrive, they find it's not just skinny, it's the most emaciated dog they've seen in a long time. They seize Rusty and take him straight back to the ASPCA hospital where Dr. Cailin Gidlewski is shocked by the dog's condition. They're determined to make arrest the man who starved the dog, but it will take several visits before they can track him down. #216. 2/3/03
Expect the Unexpected In this special edition, the humane law enforcement officers of the ASPCA reveal the cases that have most surprised and shocked them, in a job that is never predictable. Special Investigator Paul Romano and Special Agent Joe Pentangelo follow up a report of a dog infested with ticks in Brooklyn. They are amazed to find that the address they have been given is a church, and the dog's owner is a Bishop. The dog's infestation is visible even from two stories above. The officers decide the dog needs to get to the hospital, but he's a big pit-bull terrier, and he's aggressively defending his territory, so Romano is obliged to use a tranquilizer gun. #217. 2/10/03

Season 3 (2003-04)

Episode Description
Saved from the Darkness A complaint leads agents to a basement in Brooklyn where they find a dog with stab wounds, a dog with a broken leg, and a litter of puppies. One of the puppies has a birth defect that has been aggravated by the unsuitable living conditions and urgent rehabilitation is needed. #301. 8/4/03
Out in the Cold New York's severe winter weather is causing concern for the ASPCA's humane law enforcement officers. Investigators respond to reports of a dog without shelter, a guard dog left in a dangerous lot and a neglected poodle. #302. 8/5/03
Bound by Betrayal Agents rescue dogs that have been neglected or abused: One dog, a poodle, has a rubber band wrapped around its muzzle that has cut into his skin. Another dog has been left to starve in an apartment, and a third dog is left stranded on a high rooftop. AKA Tracking the Truth #303. 8/6/03
Neglected Beauty Undercover agents follow up on a report of people who have gone to Florida, leaving a small dog behind in their apartment. Another agent investigates a dog that's covered in bite wounds, and agents respond to a call about a fighting bird in a building. #304. 8/7/03
Cases of the Heart Featuring interviews and updates on animals they've rescued, the officers of the ASPCA share cases that have touched their hearts. From the rescue of two newborn puppies to a house full of malnourished cats, as well as a Labrador Retriever with a broken leg. #218. 8/8/03
Hard Lessons Investigators rescue a dog from a fire-escape who is severely emaciated. Agents also deal with the shocking case of a dachshund with a horrifically injured eye - the owner had attacked it with a hammer. Agents also deal with a dog that is severely matted. #305. 8/25/03
A Deprived Life Agent DiGiacomo is in Brooklyn following up on a complaint about a pit bull, allegedly kept in a milk crate. DiGiacomo reports the dog is standing in its own feces and decides to take the dog. And agent Gankiewicz follows up about a mistreated dog. #306. 8/26/03
Mobile Clinic The ASPCA investigates a case so huge that the rescue involves the whole organization; neglected terriers. 9/8/03
Terrier Rescue ASPCA investigates a case of alleged animal cruelty so large that the rescue involves the entire organization. At a breeder's house in the Bronx, an undercover agent finds some 50 Wire Fox Terriers suffering from neglect and living in terrible conditions. #307. 9/8/03
Delivered From Danger Undercover Agent H discovers a barking dog locked in a trailer with no light or ventilation. He speaks to the owner several times about the dog's housing conditions. The dog is emaciated and there's something wrong with his back legs. #308. 9/29/03
Family Feuds In Brooklyn, Agent Gankiewicz and Undercover Agent Q are following up on a call from a complainant about their stepfather's injured dog. The dog, named Billy, has a huge sore on its back. After evaluating the situation, Gankiewicz and Q decide to take the dog to the ASPCA hospital right away. As they leave the home, they discover that there's also an injured puppy on the premises. That evening the agents are in the Bronx to check on a man living in a car with his dog. The man's wife refuses to have the dog in the house. #309. 10/13/03
Searching for John Doe Agent DiGiacomo is in Brooklyn following up on a report of a dog seen dragging its body along the floor and screaming in pain. When DiGiacomo arrives at the property she is shocked to find a female pit bull and three puppies suffering from an extreme case of mange. One of the puppies looks close to death and one is dead. The owner is believed to be a man known as John Doe, but he can't be found. #310. 1/19/04
A Better Destiny Investigator Lucas and Agent Sandano try to help a chow mix with a skin condition, matted fur and severe ear infections. The dog's called Destiny, and her owner has been having difficulty treating the illnesses because Destiny is aggressive. The ASPCA hospital steps in to help the owner. #311. 1/20/04
Lost and Found Agent DiGiacomo investigates a complaint about a starving dog in Brooklyn. DiGiacomo finds the emaciated dog in the boiler room of an apartment building. The super claims to have found the dog on the roof two weeks ago. The story takes an unexpected turn as DiGiacomo takes the dog out to her car, intending to take it to the ASPCA. A young man shouts from an upper window in the building that it is his dog, Gucci - and she's been missing for two months. #312. 1/21/04
Body of Evidence Body of Evidence - Agent DiGiacomo and Undercover Agent M have a difficult case to solve in Brooklyn. Beginning with a report of an emaciated dog, they discover a dead dog and another dog with what looks like a burn on its back. The owner, the building super, of both dogs say the dead dog Duke had eaten a poisoned rat, he just buried him, but they've seen the body out there and they claim they have only just seen the burn. Both animals are taken back to the ASPCA for tests, along with a puppy the agents are concerned about. Further investigations and medical tests reveal that the dog died from starvation rather than poisoning, and that the burn was at least two days old. #313. 1/22/04
Poodle Problem Investigator DiGiacomo, working with Undercover Agent M, has a report of three emaciated poodles in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn. When she gets to the apartment, the poodles are not emaciated, but it soon becomes apparent that there are more than three. The man who lives there says there are five, but a thorough search of the apartment and the basement reveals twenty-six, including several puppies! AKA Brighton Beach Poodles #314. 1/23/04
Big Heart Agents help a dog and his elderly owner get to the groomer; a stray pit-bull mix gets adopted. 5/22/04
Rooftop Rescue Investigator DiGiacomo and undercover Agent M find a dog living on the roof of a tire store in Brooklyn. The store owner says it belonged to the previous owner of the business, and has spent all its life on the roof. When DiGiacomo climbs up to see the dog, she finds that it is emaciated and living in very poor conditions. They decide to seize the dog and take it the ASPCA but first they have to get it down. #315. 7/23/04

Season 4 (2004-05)

Unprotected Guard Dog Special investigators Annemarie Lucas, Mark Macdonald and undercover agent H are called to a restaurant in Queens where two emaciated Korean jindo dogs have been discovered in a storeroom. With them is a litter of dead puppies. Special agents Richie Ryan and Adam Gankiewicz have a distressing and delicate situation to deal with - a dog that has been the victim of violence in a domestic dispute. Finally, the winter weather is presenting problems for a guard dog in Brooklyn: it has no shelter and temperatures are plummeting. #401. 9/20/04
Neighborhood Justice Undercover agent H investigates a case of a stray dog that has allegedly been bludgeoned to death by a crack addict in Harlem. Special Investigator Diane DiGiacomo follows up on a report of a Dalmatian that has been abandoned in a Brooklyn apartment. Its owners have moved out after failing to pay their rent, and left their dog behind. DiGiacomo is involved in another case with Special Agent Tina Salaks, who has been investigating a report of two neglected dogs, an emaciated Rottweiler and a spaniel with a severely swollen eye. #402. 9/21/04
Blinded by Neglect  Special Investigator Diane DiGiacomo and Special Agent John De La Torre step in to save a young puppy that has been beaten by its owner on a Coney Island street. Tests at the ASPCA hospital reveal internal injuries as well as missing teeth and broken bones. Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and undercover agent H are called in to assist Special Agent Tina Salaks when she discovers a dead goat and dead birds, along with a live goat and chickens, at a house in Brooklyn. The goat is thin and has signs of a viral infection, and there is evidence that it was intended for a religious sacrifice. Special Investigator Lucas is also involved in a case with Special Agent Joann Sandano where two dogs have fought each other, causing some nasty injuries. Finally, Special Investigator Diane DiGiacomo encounters Benji, a dog so badly matted it is barely recognizable. AKA Transformation #403. 9/22/04
Helping Hands A neglected horse returns to his original home; emaciated dogs; injured cat. #4. 9/23/04
Starving for Help Special Agent Richie Ryan's experience as an NYPD mounted police officer comes in handy when he investigates a report of a neglected horse, with Special Agent Adam Gankiewicz. The horse had been retired from a charity working with people with disabilities, and entrusted to a man called Mark. Undercover agent H rescues three emaciated dogs from Brooklyn. Medical tests confirm that their condition was simply due to a lack of feeding. Finally, Special Investigator Paul Romano investigates a shocking case of a cat that has been violently attacked. Its injuries are so severe that the vet thinks they cannot be treated. #405. 9/24/04
Too Late Special agents Richie Ryan and Adam Gankiewicz investigate a report of a dog being starved in Brooklyn. They find the dog, Honey, and agree she's very skinny, but her owner says he's only had her for three days and has been trying to fatten up her. When the officers question other residents of the same building they cast doubts on this story. Undercover agent H has an especially distressing case to deal with - Princess is a dog living in an electrical store, and she's seriously ill, unable to stand up with maggots eating her flesh. Tragically, the report about her came too late. Also in this episode, Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Joann Sandano come to the aid of a dog living in untidy and unhealthy conditions in Queens. Finally, Special Investigator Paul Romano and Special Agent Joe Pentangelo intervene in a tragic case of two dogs found in a lot possibly used for dog fighting. AKA New Hope for Honey #406. 9/24/04
Amazing Recovery Two dogs are found behind an abandoned apartment and taken to the hospital where they are nursed back to health. A severely matted dog. A family with seven dogs and five cats gets a visit from the ASPCA's mobile spay/neuter unit. #6. 2/14/05
Bronx Injustice Dogs beaten to death; severely matted dogs. #407. 2/15/05
New Recruit A young boy tries to help his malnourished dogs and the ASPCA has to step in to help. A new recruit, one of only three females, proves her skills at the firing range and someone is putting cats in danger in Queens - the HLE goes out to stop them #408. 2/16/05
A Better Future An underweight pit bull benefits from a healthy diet; a kitten is rescued from behind a gate. 4/3/05
Bouncing Back Owners abandon a black chow. 5/8/05
New Beginnings Rescuers get a dog off a fire escape in Brooklyn; a pet owner gets a lesson on proper care and grooming. 5/15/05
Hospital Special 1 Other veterinary facilities refuse to help a dog in need of emergency surgery. 7/16/05
Hospital Special 2 A dog is brought in to donate blood to a critically injured puppy. 7/16/05
Breathe Easy Puppy with deep neck-wounds; rabbit found in a trash compactor; emaciated dog; starving cat. #10. 7/20/05
Food and Shelter Starving dog; diabetic dog; dog left out in a heavy snowstorm; poisoned poodle. #11. 7/21/05
Safe Keeping Dog thrown down a flight of stairs; dog starves to death; owner beats dog; woman reports her grandson for animal cruelty. #12. 7/22/05
Hurricane Rescues Katrina. 9/26/05
Behind the Badge Investigator Annemarie Lucas's special of the Humane Law Enforcement at the ASPCA. 10/24/05
House of Beagles Beagles living in vile conditions; an elderly man and his dog. 12/5/05
A Better Life A dog suffers serious burns; skinny horse. 12/7/05
In From the Cold A dog and her puppies must be saved when the mother becomes tangled in her chain; a Brooklyn shelter provides inadequate care; a malnourished dog is left in the snow. #13. 12/15/05
Looking Out for Me A cat's collar is embedded in its neck; a Rottweiler has a malignant tumor; a fall injures a Central Park carriage horse. #14. 12/15/05
Unhatched Eggs When two swans are killed in a local park, rescuers race to save their unhatched eggs; two neglected pit bulls find a new life; an owner attacks a dog. #15. 12/16/05
Second Chance Rescuers remove five animals from cruel living situations and give them second chances at life. AKA Watching Over the Animals 1/29/06

Season 5 (2006)

The Dog House A man and his dog live in a car after his wife kicks him out; a pit bull recovers after treatment for an eye injury. #1. 3/10/06
Medical Miracles Physiotherapy saves a puppy who has a badly hurt leg due to an untreated birth defect; a dog finds a new home in the Connecticut countryside. #2. 4/15/06
Love in the Bronx The team rescues two dogs in the Bronx. #3. 4/17/06
Bonnie and Clyde Rescuing two young pit bulls; rabbit whispering. #4. 4/18/06
Brought to Justice A young dog with an untreated broken leg; Special Agent Lucas fosters a cat and her kittens. #5. 4/19/06
A Warm Home A young mother dog gets a chance at a new life; suspicious case of an abandoned dog; DiGiacomo helps build a dog a better shelter. #6. 4/20/06
Raheb's Raccoon Special Agent Raheb begins a quest to stop illegal trapping in New York after saving a raccoon from a trap; a dog is rescued from bad conditions. #7. 4/21/06
Firehouse Friends An undercover agent monitors a dog's situation; an abandoned pit bull gets a new family. 6/19/06
Just in Time In two cases, agents respond just in time to rescue the animals; a rare breed of dog has an unusually shaggy coat. 7/13/06
Puppy Rescue While investigating where two abandoned newborn puppies came from, the agents find seven more. 8/13/06
Team Rescue The agents work to save more than 70 cats kept in a large cage in a hoarder's basement; a pit bull has a Caesarean section to save her life. 9/25/06
Right on Time A dog falls from a high-rise building; a family of dogs survives without care or socialization; a pit bull fights with the neighbor's dog. 9/27/06
New Hope for Helen A blind dog with head injuries readies for adoption; the Hoarder Intervention Team helps an elderly man care for his 16 cats. 9/28/06
Against the Odds A malnourished dog needs special handling and behavioral training; two dogs have infected ears; a cat is saved from almost certain death. 9/29/06

Season 6 (2007)

Apache's Angel DiGiacomo searches for a malnourished missing dog, finding him in a shelter just before being euthanized, and sends him to a dog sanctuary. Agent Raheb rescues a dog with a serious neck wound and Agent Salaks rescues a neighbor's cat on her weekend off. 4/16/07
Love Conquers Diane DiGiacomo saves a strong-willed kitten from sharing his sibling's fate of abandonment and starvation. Kristi Adams falls for a friendly dog that needs some love and attention and Richie Raheb engineers an emotional reunion for a dog and owner. 4/17/07
Manhunt Agents Annemarie Lucas and Pete Rivas investigate a gruesome case of cat torture. Agents Ryan and Gankievicz rescue two emaciated dogs and arrest the owner. Special Agent Kristi Adams chooses a new cat for the agents to adopt at their HLE Headquarters. 4/18/07
Healers and Hope Part I Annemarie Lucas hosts. The dedicated staff at Bergh Memorial Hospital treats a cat with swollen paws and a dangerously high fever. On the adoption corridor, two street dogs go through an extensive behavioral examination to determine whether they are suitable for adoption. 4/19/07
Healers and Hope Part II The team at Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital treat an eight week old puppy fighting for his life with the deadly parvo virus. Doctors down the corridor are performing a life saving surgery on a cat that swallowed a large needle. 4/20/07
Thunder's Second Chance A dog named Thunder is rescued after suffering for months with a severe skin infection. Special Agents Raheb and Lai make a double arrest after an abused dog is brought into an animal hospital. A street cat is saved after a perilous trip across Manhattan. 6/07
Aniya's Transformation Special Agent O arrives with a sick dog at the ASPCA hospital. Dr. Resseman weighs the emaciated dog. The veterinarians rush to give her the medical treatment she needs in order to survive, while Agent O investigates her owner for possible animal cruelty charges. 6/12/07
Special Edition - Longest Road to Recovery Best of. Follow the long recovery of some of the ASPCA's most challenging cases. A Manhattan couple adopts a dog that had lived in a milk crate, a neglected horse goes to live in the Vermont countryside and a dog gets a new home in the Hudson valley. 7/16/07
Henry Unveiling Special For the last four years the identity of Special Agent H has been concealed. Risking his life many times to bring criminals to justice, he now reveals himself and tells of the violent worlds he penetrates in the fight against animal cruelty. 7/17/07
Another Chance Special Agent Kristi Adams and Special Investigator Mark MacDonald handle a complicated case involving 21 animals after getting a call from NYPD. 11/2/07

Season 7 (2008)

Brandy's Tail Special Agent Bob Clarke receives information that a dog has been injured by his owner during a domestic dispute. 1/14/08
Saving St. Bernards Richie Raheb goes to Brooklyn and finds two St. Bernards in bad shape living in a small, dirty basement that have been there for 2 years. AKA Saving Saint Bernards 1/15/08
Tulip and Sheba Richie Raheb goes to Brooklyn in freezing temperatures about 3 dogs. On the way he spots a poultry truck unloading live chickens. The Mexican driver doesn't have them covered and some have died. AKA Tulip and Sheeba 1/16/08
Never Give Up Hope Special Agent Kristi Adams seizes dozens of illegally dyed chicks from a pet store. Special Agents Lai and Raheb rescue two abandoned puppies and a male adult dog from an abandoned basement. 1/17/08
Dusty Mare On a nightshift in the Bronx, Special Agents Adam Gankiewicz and Richie Ryan discover two emaciated dogs and Special Agent Henry Ruiz faces an unusual case involving a thin grey mare called Dusty. 1/18/08
Bronx Puppies Two stray puppies are running wild on a factory lot in the Bronx. The Animal Care and Control team, Mike Pastore and Eli Velasquez, improvise a trap to catch the dogs. 2/4/08
A Force to be Reckoned With Find out what makes the ASPCA's HLE agents top investigators. Watch four stories that show why traditional police work is often the vital key in the war against animal cruelty. With new footage including, interviews, updates, reunions, and adoptions. 2/5/08
An Angel on their Shoulder In cases where animals need more support than the ASPCA can provide they rely on guardian angels in the form of HLE agents. Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas hosts this emotional journey through some of the most jaw dropping HLE cases of recent years. 2/6/08
Samson, Delilah and Disco Agent Kristi Adams rescues two dogs - Samson & Delilah, but their psychological condition has the ASPCA staff concerned. Agent Adams also brings in a kitten with mysterious injuries. Diane DiGiacomo and the NYPD enter a dangerous crack house to rescue an abandoned pit-bull. 2/11/08
To The Rescue An undercover agent rescues a dog who is partially blind and very weak; an agent brings two dogs to a hospital; partners check out a report of a sick dog. 5/30/08
Big Bear Richie Raheb & Pat Green go to an auto repair shop in Bed-Stuy about a male mastiff junkyard that is in bad shape with cherry eye. #11. 6/15/08
Duchesses of New York Diane DiGiacomo goes to Ken about a dog with no food, a pitbull found in a yard full of garbage. #12. 7/18/08
Baby Blue Diane DiGiacomo goes to call of a starving puppy in Kenarcy, Brooklyn. The dog is in the back with no food or water, just a pile of garbage. She wants to seize it, but can't since it's life threatening and has to talk to the owner. Frogs are taken off a New York restaurant's menu; love blinds a dog hoarder. 7/18/08

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