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This is a miscellaneous collection of real life prison specials that aren't series like Lockup or Lockdown. Listed alphabetically.

Episode Description
Alcatraz: Living Hell Created to be a military prison in 1868, Alcatraz was redefined as the nation's first maximum security prison in 1934, proving to inmates like Al Capone, "Machine Gun" Kelly and "The Birdman" Robert Stroud that no one escapes the "Rock." A test on cutting the bars and breaking the concrete. 2006
American Justice - Cruel and Unusual Alcatraz - Henry Young went on trial in 1941 for killing an inmate and their secrets got out. Dale Stamphill was there, they cut their bars, went for a raft and guards fired on them. Doc Barker was hit and died. They were caught and put in the hole for 2 weeks. There was no light and the mattress only came at night. Phil Bergen was the guard, he says the prisoners were not told how long they would be in, it was a threat. 1995
American Justice - Death Row Women Wetumpka, AL - Lynda Lyon was in Opelika on 10/4/93 while on the run from Orlando for FTA. She and her husband were in a fringe group called The Patriots, with no ID and guns. Brenda Moss says Sgt. Roger Motley was coming out of Wal*Mart and saw her husband George Sibley in the car and questioned him. A look at the daily routines of women sentenced to death includes interviews with condemned inmates, and families and friends of victims. Also a visit to death row in an Alabama prison. Host: Bill Kurtis. 1996
Battle Behind Bars Bogota, Colombia. La Modelo AKA The Model Prison. Within minutes of arrival a gunfight ensues. The prisoners are armed there, itís the 5th shooting in 6 months. 4 die, but not by guards. Cocaine is the main export and the country has been in civil war for 40 years. Two sides fight Ė left wing guerrillas and Right Wing militia and the government doesn't do anything. There are 150 guards to 5000 inmates and the guards arenít armed. Harold Cardossa (20) is a guard. 2001
Cell Dogs Nevada State Prison NSP2002 is one of the oldest and most violent. Warden Budge wanted something positive that wouldnít cost. The Humane Society offered them to train untrainable dogs. 8 inmates pass screening and are chosen. Steve has already been there 24 years with Roxy. Michael Doyle got two 10 to life sentences and got Tilly. They train them on the old death row, now the place is softer. Lt. William Shaw says he hasnít had a fight since the puppy program. Steve was on death row and given life at the last minute. Ofc Hanky has known Steve 22 years. Inmates and guards can now talk and interact. Violence is down 40%, less tension. Tilly gets a home and Mike is happy. He then gets a new dog Max. Belmont Correctional Institution OH - 2200 inmates with 20 dogs. Wally Pasko got life for murder being in a gang. He wanted no part of it, but has been doing it since 1998. Kelly Riehle says it forces inmates to be responsible all the time. He was in maximum security for 13 years, now is in a dorm with Mickey in a 6x7 spot. His first dog he had a year. Kirk Rockavich is covered in psychotic tattoos. Now he has Delta for Paws with a Cause to train for a year to learn commands. Edna Mann Correctional NJ all female prison. Gloria Stoga runs Puppies Behind Bars. They have bomb dogs, seeing eye dogs and more. Peggy Cosmond works with Rugby for a year to be seeing eye dog. Sheís done 9 years for aggravated murder. Karen Allen (46) was on crack and killed her mother. She works with Michael, itís like having a kid. MacLaren Youth Correctional Center OR - Gary Lawhead says they will all get out. Nicholas works in Project Pooch. Tom Vandersteen teaches Nick not to be hard. His dog Chloe was adopted by the prison. He lives in Smith Cottage with 25 guys. Joan Dalton runs the program. Ronnie was afraid of dogs and wanted to get over it. Belmont - Marshal Collins hadnít even seen a dog in 16 years when he joined. When heís between dogs heís edgy. Frank Zappo says people request prison dogs now. MacLaren has 300 graduates and they think none came back. The program started in 81 and is in 26 states. 2003
Chain Gang Girls Maricopa Co. AZ Estrella Jail Phoenix - run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, itís a volunteer group of 15 women at a time for a month. Sunny Davis (22) got multiple DUIs, Nichole McQuay, Chris Swasinger, Rebecca Rivers (40), Mamie Frost MacDoo got 6 months for whoring, Crystal Wilkinson (38), Heather Haff (31) stole to buy meth, Tina Brooks (39), Amy Rose Lamb (43) got 6 months for drugs, she gave a dealers number in a sting. Delia Jazo (36), Tasbah Villalpando (27) got 6 months for possession, Sandra Black (44) got 6 months for auto theft, Roselinda Correa, Paula Lovejoy (32), Judith Juju Kokali, Lupe Guan (49) & Shelly Cooper (45). They live in the tents and it gets up to 149 degrees. K OíConnell, K. Rupert, M. Hough, C. Garcia, B. Gamez, E. Siladji are guards. They work on burial detail and have to bury an unknown 5 month old baby. Most are mothers and break down. They have to clean the streets and Joe hopes families going by would never want to get in trouble like that. They smell bad, some are in trouble for not bathing or using deodorant. On a 5 hour shift they get 1 bathroom break. One violation and they are out. 2 girls per cell small cell, 2 bunks, 1 toilet, no privacy, hot, sweaty, they can only send 5 postcards a week, no letters. They have funhouse mirrors, lotions & a toothbrush. Heather has 2 kids, hasnít heard about the baby since sheís been there. They first learn to match, then cadence. Delia and her siblings were all raped by a stepfather. 5am is wakeup, after each cell has to be searched. Delia is caught with 5 homemade cigarettes. Everyone could get kicked out for this. She wonít say how she lights them. She has to finish her sentence in the hole. They are sure others knew it about it, they would smell it or use it too. All will lose privileges. 2hrs 2008
Convict Air Justice Prisoner Alien Transportation System (JPATS) or Con Air. US Marshals transfer them from their HQ in MO. Kent Pekarek runs it. They are a travel agency for criminals with calls made by judges & magistrates. Sometimes its transfers to maximum security or out of the country or to courts. Director Gary Mean says they have 35,000 each day coming or going on 727s, DC9s and corporate jets. Discovery Channel 2003
County Jail - Miami Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation. Discovery Channel 1hr
Cruel and Unusual Transgender Women in Prison - They question the 8th amendment and feel like women in menís prisons. Ophelia DeíLonta feels like a girl. Ashley thought he was a girl. Anna Connelly says he traded clothes with girls. Dr. George Brown says gender identity disorder is a mental disorder. Dean Spade says itís controversial. Daniel Yolanda Valentin (21) is in East Orange NJ and got into a fight. Dana Turner is in Elizabeth NJ to meet with one. He was in the womanís prison until he confessed. He was on drugs, fought with guards, got hurt, was sent to the hospital and tried to escape and is now in Union Country Jail. 2006
Current 5 Star Prison: Justice Center Leoben Austria by Philip Mayrhoffer 2009
The Dark Side of Parole Bill Kurtis Hosts - 6/20/96 PA - Aimee Willard went to a bar and her mom Gail Willard found out she was lost, they only found the car. Later kids found a beaten and badly raped body. They IDed her by a tattoo. Patrick L Meehan says she was assaulted on the scene. A man rammed her car and assaulted her. He did it again and the woman Patricia Jordan wouldnít open the door. She got the plate and it came back to Arthur Bomar. He waited outside a bar for women to leave alone and would ram and assault women, then rape them. 2000
Engineering Supermax Prisons Pelican Bay, Crescent City, CA - murder is a way of life there. It opened in 1989 and was state of the art. Lt. Steve Perez has been there 14 years, he has to pass 6 security gates to get in. The center fence will electrocute you, there are no trees or shrubs to block a shot from the towers. 3000 of the worst gang members are there, the theory is to put the worst together so they canít spread. Guards all wear kevlar vests so they canít be stabbed to death. 2004
Explorer - Surviving Maximum Security Host: Lisa Ling. Pelican Bay, CA 200 new inmates arrive a day. They are put in observation for 10 days first. Oliver has been in and out for 17 years. He violated parole and gets 60 days. Kevin is in for armed robbery and facing 16 years. They are white and canít eat with blacks or theyíll be attacked. Oliver has been in 3 riots. 2/23/00 Ė Mexicans vs. Blacks in the yard where 15 are shot. 2006
FBI Files Atlanta Prison Riot - Examining the prison riot in Atlanta on November 23, 1987, in which Cuban detainees set a building ablaze in response to their impending deportation. #95. 2003
The Final Report Attica Prison Riot - National Geographic revisits the September 1971 prison uprising in upstate New York, one of the most violent prison confrontations in American history, which began as a protest to substandard conditions in the overcrowded prison. 6/23/08
Gangland - Aryan Brotherhood Supermax CO 4/8/97 Ė gang stabbing on the yard. Terry Rearick says most inmates wonder if they can take it. Richard Valdemar says eye contact means love or fight. Michael Thompson says violence gets the point across. John Greschner says youíll butcher anyone who gets in the way. The gang is outnumbered, but more violent. Folsom, CA was built in 1880 by prisoners. In the 1960s the AB was born and gangs competed for power. 2007
Gladiator Days: Anatomy of a Prisoner Murder In Utah two white prisoners held and stabbed Lonnie Blackmon a black prisoner 67 times to death on camera. Troy Kell (33) who stabbed him says you stab me, I kill you. Kirk Torgensen the prosecutor says heís the worst because he seems so nice and charming. He did it for white power, now other inmates look up to him as a god and he gets people to do things for him. He says he has no real freedom, heís in the hole, he expects it, but you canít expect him to be nice. HBO 2002/07 Update
History Undercover Inside Pol Potís Secret Prison S-21
Inside Super Max  Kern Valley, CA - it is a new Level 4 prison and new female guards are given orientation. They are told not to wear make up, look good or keep their nails done. They need to be able to make a fist to defend themselves. They will be disrespected and intimidated. They are looking for weakness and will exploit it. TLC 2006
Inside the World's Toughest Prisons Daily life at Santa Martha in Mexico and Lurigancho in Peru.
The Investigators: Tales From Jail - Rikers Island  NY 1hr 8/17/04
Johnny Cash in San Quentin The Man in Black performs for inmates at San Quentin Prison as cameras take a look at life behind bars. I Walk the Line/Prisoner clips - they are terrified to be there, they are playing games to get out, they have families, are not the average guys on the street, the first week there was 3-4 killings, didnít see it because it happened to fast. It happened in front of his cell and his didnít know until he got to the chow hall, a guy told him a man was beat with a 2x4. "Wanted Man," "A Boy Named Sue," "Folsom Prison Blues," "San Quentin" (with his wife June Carter) "Jackson." 1969
Koppel on Discovery Breaking Point: California State Prison Solano - California State Prison Solano - they are overcrowded. 3 bunks high in H dorm, an open gym. Marc Klaas says in 1994 they made a new law to stop child predators. He's been so victimized by violent criminals and the best thing to do is lock them up. A new law doubled the sentence for a second crime, third is 25 to life. They are the most jammed prison and have the most coming back. 100,000 capacity is now 173,000. It's a big political issue now. A grim assessment of the penal system in California, focusing on the Solano State Prison in Vacaville, which houses 73,000 more prisoners than it was designed to hold. Koppel interviews officials as well as inmates. 2 hours. 2007
Locked Out - Ex-cons and the Vote BET half hour special on black men who get out of prison and want to vote again. With Snoop Dogg. 8/08
Lockup Down Under Behind the scenes of the Special Handling Unit of Australia's toughest jail, Casuarina Maximum Security Prison, Perth - the minute they open the cell doors anything can happen. They have to check the cells for problems overnight first. Troy is doing 10 years for drugs. Lots of crazy stuff there. Tony is doing 11 years for robbery, kidnapping, extortion. Roger (65) is doing life. Heís from America and was caught smuggling the most cocaine ever into the country $250 million. He had a boat full of it. 12/25/98 Ė there was a bloody riot. They ripped bricks out of the wall and smashed out all the windows. Three cops were being chased by 60 men who were trying to kill them. It was like being thrown into a shark frenzy. It took 5 hours to stop and no one was killed. Overcrowding was blamed. It was built for 400, now has 600. Itís the largest maximum security prison in the country and no one has ever escaped. Guards can shoot to kill. John Rothery briefs them about a search after a tip of smuggled items. He shows some nasty weapons theyíve found. They donít carry guns. Warden Bob Jennings says they have more interaction than other countries. Their primary weapon is their mouth. Tony has been in since he was 14, heís used to it now. He doesnít have anything to hide, so heís not nervous. Roger doesnít care anymore. They can hide anything in their rectum. Nat geo. 10/26/08
Megastructures - Hi-Tech Prison North Branch Correctional Institution MD - the most hi-tech prison ever built. Jessup MD 1972 riot Ė inmates set each other on fire, 6 are killed. These riots caused a need for safety upgrades and the creation of Supermax was born. There are no community areas dining halls or yards. 50 wear opened by 1997. National Geographic 2005
Montel Williams Behind Bars: Inmates Unleashed - Lockdown footage from Gangland, Women Behind Bars (kingpin, parents, birth), Prison Nation (shanks, drugs) & Tent City. Tara Spaulding from AZ is on the show. She used to do hair and nails. Her husband worked in the jail and he said you donít know what itís like. So she decided to try it, went to school and they put her in maximum security. She talks about searching guys for contraband. Itís how you project control. 1/21/08
Mysterious Journeys Prison of Horrors: Eastern State Penitentiary - 75,000 inmates went there. Patty Wilson says torture was expected. Sean Kelley says back then prisons were open with everyone together. In Philadelphia they tried to change that. Andrea J. Reidell says it took 30 years. It opened in 1829. Dr. Norman Johnston says it was the most expensive building ever built. The center point can see all the corridors and the tower could look down on them all. The cells have central heat and running water. The window way above was called the eye of god. They became numbers, put hoods on them and led them to the cell spending 23 hours a day inside. 2007
MythBusters - Paper Crossbow A Marion, IL Supermax inmate killed another with a homemade crossbow is the legend. Adam goes to San Quentin and meets Vernell Crittendon. Heís shown the museum with all the homemade weapons including a gun and a spear. Jamie meets Tom Oviatt to buy prison style underwear for the bowstring. They get a prison tray for the tip and make homemade glue out of flour, water, sugar & gelatin. They watch a Pelican Bay prison video of an inmate making a tube firing speargun. They decide to replicate that and donít get any force without getting all the elastic away. Wayne Pearsal lets them fire crossbows in his store to calculate velocity at 250 and depth at 15 feet. Itís 61 foot pounds of kinetic energy. They each make their own in a 2 day period using tools, they make a door and shoot at a dummy. Jamie gets off 3 shots at 68 fps at 4 foot pounds, he would need ten times as much for a kill. Adam gets 7.5 foot pounds and up to 91fps, the first shot goes in the neck and after a few shots itís no good. The ruling is that itís possible, but improbable. 2005
MythBusters - Prison Break Can someone climb down a wall using only bedsheets, toilet paper and hair? Troy has success with TP, but looses his grip. Grant easily made it down 140 feet with sheets, except for the rope burn. Kari had success tying many ponytails together. #711. 10/29/08
National Geographic Explorer - Guantanimo The first time cameras were allowed inside the infamous Cuban terrorist prison. 2hrs 4/3/09
New York Justice Second Chances Investigative Reports with Bill Kurtis - Brooklyn was the 5th most violent in the country. They dropped it by 68%, but by 1999 it was going up. More than half the suspects are under 21. Many men are in prison. Dequan Franklin (22) lived with aunts when his mom died. In 2000 he was arrested for robbery and faced 7 years. They sentence them to work, not prison. They have 5 years probation and have to complete the Youth Turn program. Rev Lonnie McLeod meets with them each week. He tells them people are waiting for them to fail, this is their last chance. Warren Prince (56) 11/99 Ė he graduates from the treatment program in 14 months. 2001
Notorious - The Corcoran Eight 4/2/94 - a fight in the yard leads to a guard shooting a prisoner to death. There are 5000 inmates to 900 guards. Robert Borg warden of Folson says it was level 4, the worst. Richard Caruso worked there and talks about the brotherhood of gangs. The worst were put in the SHU. They told them who was in control right away and demand cooperation. They get out 10 hours a week in the concrete yard under a tower manned by 4 guards. Chris Bethea says inmates had control there. The investigation into allegations by Corcoran State Prison guards that fellow officers staged gladiator-style fights between inmates. 2003
The Other Side of the Cell - Female officers in Prison Corcoran - Lisa Munoz works there. Itís from Level 1-4. L4 is the worst, the SHU prison inside. GP inmates are on their own. Kay Malloy says if you donít like rules and laws, you have 10 times more here. One guy is on hard yard and doesnít want to wait to go out. You never know if youíll make it home at night. Time stops for them inside, but goes on outside. They are criminals, thatís their job. Jeff Munoz her husband works at the prison as well. The advantage is they relate to you as a mom or sister, the bad side is they have been abused or rejected by women and moms. They call her fat and a bitch all the time. Lowell CI FL - Shellie Baker works the womenís death row prison. Sheís been there 13 years. She worked 9 years with men. They are easier to death with and will do what you tell them. Women always ask why, they want to talk. Women are more violent than the men, they will fight and curse you. Warden Carol Starling says they arenít all bad. They have every level to death row from young to elderly. 870 inmates to 24 guards, they can always lose control. They have to write to them, women are spontaneous, they have issues and just react. Men plan it out. Men and women adapt differently. CA Medical Facility Vacaville - Ofc Kelly Allen has been there 9 years. Always look at windows for notes on inmates. Lots come in, then go for pysche. Many have disorders, canít read. Warden Teresa Schwartz says they are at least 1000 over population, 600 have AIDS. Itís a hospital, medical facility and regular prison. They are 1 of 3 that can handle severe mental health issues. Women can get them talking instead of fighting, male guards get physical. CCWF/VSPW - California Womenís Corrections - Ofc Hunter works receiving & release. Chief Tina Hornbeak says they are 175% overcrowded, but are handling it. Some of them would rather have a man than a female guard. Tina can deal with female issues. Elizabeth Alva is the case worker. She canít always leave when she wants. She meets people in the yard for paperwork. Most of her family works in the prison. San Quentin - Tiffanie Thomas has been there 4 years and she knows a lot of people coming in from growing up. Jill Brown says they are the only oneís who have death row. Jamal says she is a good one. 70% of people have diseases. Chow time is one tier at a time. There was a fight and pepper spray was used and got on everything. Joyce Thomas her mom also works there. She wants people to know itís a controlled environment. 2005
Prison Boot Camp Cassidy Lake, Michigan - Special Alternative Incarceration Program (SAI). Joseph Waller says they have no idea what they are walking into, it was he scariest thing being there. It's an hour from Detroit, a road to freedom without jail, but there's a price. They are thrown bodily out of the van on arrival, made to run inside and get a new uniform. Intake trains them to talks and learn the info. Jerry Howell is the deputy warden who says they need to learn what to do. Discovery Channel 2003
Prison Medical Colorado Department of Corrections - people can't afford medical coverage, but prisoners get it all for free and it's the best, some get checkups for the first time. They start in Denver, 20 arrive every day and staff spends 2 weeks getting to know each prisoner. Nurse Lisa Sorensen says each prisoner has to get a check up. 40% of them have Hep C because it's spread by needles. 70% of them are drug users. Joseph Ortiz is the director who says most aren't receptive to change. Discovery Channel 2003
Prison Nation 5% of people live in the US, 25% of all people in prison are in the US. 2.2 million are in prison in the US, half between the ages of 18 and 35. Lebanon, OH - Scott Crandel (18) killed someone in a road rage incident and got 7 years on his first offense. 30% of his cellblock are killers, 25% rapists. Now heís in a 6x10 cell right out of high school: the world of prisons, which is filled with violence, overcrowding, drugs, and gang warfare; the show talks with inmates, officers and sociologists about the problem. Narrated by Robert Leigh. Nat Geo 2007
Prisoners Out of Control John Bunnel hosts. Cheshire, CT 3/28/93 Ė gangs meet in the chapel and it erupts into a massive brawl over a turf battle. Michael S. Miney says they are gang members in 24 hours of entering prison. Guards try to break it up, but the room is full of people moving at each other. They break up one fight and another starts. People pour in from all over, then the cops are attacked. Backup arrives and no one is killed. Surveillance footage showing activity within the walls of correctional facilities. Included: interviews with prison guards, who discuss methods of keeping prisoners under control. 1998
San Quentin: Inside the Big House Itís like a city and has all the problems of a city, itís so large it has itís own zip code. Itís 440 acres and one of the oldest working prisons. It has the only death row in the state with Richard Ramirez & Richard Alan Davis. Sgt. Kevin Daly says most are in for robbery and gang crimes. Errol Hall sold crystal meth. Karem Scott has been in 16 years for murder. Fred Martinez is in for a second violation, heís not crying. Discovery 2001
San Quentin Unlocked  Built in 1852, it holds the most violent and is overcrowded. It's called The Arena for the attacks on inmates. Officer John Gladson has been beaten many times. A new group arrives from county and have been there before, they aren't sad, they are where they want to be. He shows the outdoor bathroom with no privacy and doesn't know how anyone could use it. Inmates say pigeons crap on you while you try to crap. 2005
Scariest Places on Earth Secret Dungeons - 5 students go to investigate it for a paranormal presence. Leon Whitey Thompson was there for 4 years and gives them a tour. One prisoner said someone was in the cell with him and no one was, then he died. They go in the hospital and think something liquid is coming through the floor. Leon says Jim Cook was in the dungeon during the civil war and ripped apart and haunts it. They go down, hear a noise and start running. 10/26/00
Secret Lives of Women Women Who Love Bad Men - Corpus Christi, TX - Irene Molina is marrying Dwain Padron who is serving 47 years on 12/9/05. She met him online, theyíve never touched, just talk 8 hours a month on the phone. Brooklyn, NY Ė Asha Bandeleís husband Zayd Rashid has been in prison over 20 years for murder in 1983. They had a kid from a conjugal visit. She met him on a prison tour. Her daughter is upset to think heís in prison. Vancouver Island, Canada Ė Susan Musgrave is married to Stephen Reid who is doing 18 years for bank robbery. #213. 2007
Surviving Alcatraz Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly & Robert Straud were there. Darwin Coon #1422 says it wasnít a nice play to be. J. Edgar Hoover authorized it in 1934, it was a military prison. Michael Esslinger says it was made to isolate the worst. 1929 - Al Capone goes to Eastern State Pen. A year later he gets 11 years. First Atlanta, then the rock. It was designed for punishment, no rehab. Jim Quillen #586 was there 10 years, it was to keep you in line. There is 1 guard for every 3. 2006
True Life - I'm Getting Out of Prison Stephen Jerome OíBrien, Jessica, Christopher Chaz White. Mtv 1/14/08
Women in Prison Bill Kurtis hosts. California Institute for Women (CIW) Christy Marie Camp says she was in a foster home at 9 months. Her foster dad died when she was 7 and ran away at 12. Diana Stuller says she was married from 21 to 31. Brenda Clubine says she was never in trouble before. Christy says she was arrested at 14 for shoplifting and was a ward of the court. Diana had stress headaches, was addicted to pain pills from it and got 100 pills every other day. Christy met her husband, was on the pill and got pregnant at 15. Diana was addicted. Charisse Shumate says he was Jekyll and Hyde on her. Also with Leslie Van Houten. 1993
Women on Death Row There are 53 women on death row. 1/3 killed their kids. Linda Carty (47) is in Mountain View, TX. She gets breakfast at 3:15am, 3 hours of work, 2 hours outside, 10 minutes shower, thatís it. They have to be cuffed everywhere they go. Itís 17 hours in the cell a day. Sheís allowed 1 photo and 1 of each product. Her daughter Jovelle Joubert is drained and says sheís innocent. She kidnapped and murdered a woman to kidnap a baby who lived in the same apartment. Darlie Lynn Routier, Andrea Hicks Jackson, Sabrina Butler, Frances Newton. 2006
Women on Death Row II Daytona Beach, FL 1/89 - Lt Chuck Evens says nothing was as bizarre as this story. Deidre Michelle Hunt was 21 when she was put in prison, sheís 37 now. Lee Butcher wrote her story. She was abused, raped and started on drugs in the second grade and sex in fourth grade. She dropped out and became a whore. Manchester Ė At 18 she and a friend shot and robbed a woman in her car, shot her 6 times and lived. She made a deal and the woman said she wasnít the shooter so she was free. 9/89 she went to FL and her boyfriend left her. She got a job in a bar. David Damore DA says she hooked up with Kosta Fotopolus because he had money. The stories of Christa Pike, Melanie Anderson, Deirdre Hunt and Elizabeth Green are detailed in interviews with the women, their families and legal representatives. Also comments from author Kathleen O'Shea. 2007
Women on Death Row III Donna Cox 7/12/86 - Chief Phillip Little says it was her plan to kill him. Freda Black her lawyer says she got swept up. She plotted to kill her boyfriend Jerry Richardson. She says sheís innocent. Never do drugs and get involved with a married man, this is what happened to her. Her mother Bonnie Ray says she loved to sing and dance. Her parents didnít get a long. She tried to kill herself at 16, dropped out and eloped to run away. She didnít love him though. She had a kid at 19, was beaten, did cocaine and Quaaludes. She moved to NC and hooked up with Jerry. Michelle Binsz, Chelsea Richardson, Latasha Pulliam. 3/1/08

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