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This is a British show in the style of Real TV or Most Shocking. It features real footage of interesting events. I've only seen 8 shows, but I don't know how many there are. Narrated by Ed Hall.

Season 1 - 2006

Ep# Description
101 Out of Control Vehicles - the Barnum & Bailey circus train crashes and derails. Dave McGuigan is covering it in a news chopper flown by Mark that loses control and crashes into a field and flips over. 2006
102 Terrifying Acts of God 1 - Laguna Beach, CA 1998 – tons of rain cause mudslides. James Tilman explains why it happens – erosion, fires, no trees. 2006
103 Terrifying Acts of God 2 - Volcano eruptions and lava flows. Richard Hazlett explains the types of volcanoes like in Hawaii. 2006
104 Put on Your Helmet, Kneepads & Shinguards 1 - Carthage, TX - Officer Michelle Jeter pulls over Jorge Arasco in a blue minivan. She runs his info and he gives her permission to search. 2006
105 Put on Your Helmet, Kneepads & Shinguards 2 - Footage of kids from 60s, 70, 80s and violence of the 90s. Dr. Carpenter says it’s getting more scary. 2006
106 Extreme Vacations 1 - Southwest USA - Cody Skinner does rockcrawling in a modified jeep to drive over rocks and hills. 2006
107 Extreme Vacations 2 - a few times a year the Amazon River has a pororoca which causes 18 foot waves of mud. 2006
108 Love’s Least Likely Pairings - Jane Harland agrees to get married on top of biplanes. Rev John Smythe agrees to preside over it. 2006

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