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This hour long Discovery Channel series is all real footage and most of it has been seen before on similar shows that came before it like Destroyed in Seconds, Police Videos, Real TV & World's Most Amazing Videos.

# Description
101 Road Rampage - Marin County CA - a 69 year old man crashes his truck on a guardrail. When he gets out another car hits him and his truck falls on top of him. Los Angeles, CA 4/05 - a stopped van turns into a 9 car crash as cars keep coming. Mansfield, OH 3/28/02 - Trooper Wood goes to an accident and when he gets out a white car plows into his car and he goes flying. An old woman runs a red light, gets t-boned and the car knocks a pedestrian down crossing the road when the car flips over him. Springfield, OH - a car runs a red light and hits underneath an 18 wheeler and is dragged away. KY 2/13/07 - Officer Bill Allen stops at an accident in the rain. His car is hit and spun around. Then an 18 wheeler hits a car and both hit the police car and spin it back around and the rig flips. Ankara, Turkey - a taxicab loses control in the snow and hits a woman, dragging her along. He has no traction and doesnít know she is there. A man runs over and grabs a 4 month baby from her. People run over to stop him and yank her out. She passes out, but had no bad injuries. Salt Lake City, UT 12/13/03 - Kevin flips his van in the showy median. Cops talk to him as he climbs in for his paperwork. A band towing gear the other way wipes out and hits it. Sgt. Clay Morgan says they had band gear flying all over them. It was black ice, but no one was hurt. Miami, FL 6/5/98 - a man with Alzheimerís steals his car and goes 70mph into oncoming traffic as cops chase him. He hits a van head on, then another. Westchester Co. NY 4/14/06 - Trooper Todd Bohner & Sean Kelly chase a stolen stretch Cadillac limo at 155mph. He blows the transmission and can only go in reverse. He races through town at 40mph until he crashes into a tree. He then gives up easily. Los Angeles, CA - gang members stole a car and run the wrong way on the freeway at night. A chopper films them crash head on destroying both cars and trapping them. Chicago, IL - a 70 year old man is pulled over for speeding. He stops in the middle of the road and is told to move. He gets a ticket, then floors it in reverse and goes up on the police car. 2/22/09
102 Road Rampage II - Los Angeles, CA - a wanted man steals a city bus at night and a helicopter films it. He takes turns fast, spins out, then hits a chain link fence and it whips around 30 feet on the sides hitting cars. He pulls into a neighborhood, gets trapped and goes in reverse into police cars. They shoot at him and he crashes into a house. After 5 hours they break him out. SC 6/5/08 - a man escapes from prison and steals an ATV and rides shirtless down the highway. Cops make a rolling blockade and he goes head on and is hit and thrown over a guardrail. He runs and is caught. Houston, TX - cops chase a mental case for 2 hours on the freeway. A helicopter films it as he turns the wrong way down an exit ramp and hits a car with two women and a baby. The mom gets out and beats on his car. A few days later in court he says itís a farce, the judge is a liar and itís part of a conspiracy. Auckland, New Zealand - cops chase a 15 year old in a white car with 2 others. Cops PIT him, jump out and try to open the door. They grab on, then cops hit them almost running over their own. One is thrown holding on to the door. Then cops hit him again almost hitting other cops on foot. St. Louis, MO - two firetrucks racing to a fire t-bone at an intersection and one is flipped on itís side. All were OK. Benson, NC 5/31/04 - Trooper Tony DiGiovanni talks to a man he pulled over and says heís all jumpy. Trooper Clark is behind him filming it. Then a truck hits his car, the other police car and goes on the other car. Tonyís K9 runs for it. Clark runs over to Tony who is hurt and knocked out. He yells at him to come back. The man climbs out of the truck and staggers around. He fell asleep. Knoxville, TN 9/28/02 - Ofc Green is walking across the street to the police station and another cop films a car running a red light, plowing right into her and throwing her onto the windshield. He was DWI without a license. Mesquite, TX 7/5/07 - a cop pulls up on an accident where a fire truck is working at the scene. Then an 18 wheeler loses control and the cab turns around and slams into the fire truck. Two run for it, 2 were inside and stagger out. Gas pours out, but the engine still can move. 2/22/09
103 Riot Rampage - Seattle, WA 2/27/01 - Mardi Gras in Pioneer Square. Newsman Jim Forman was there to film it. Gang members start attacking, 6 jump 1 guy and a woman is pulled by her hair and punched to the ground. Women then start beating each other. Guys smash and turn over a car, a man runs with a gun and starts shooting. Cops arrive with tear gas and flashbangs. 3 hours later 70 are hurt. Frenso, CA 11/16/06 - people wait overnight outside a store for the latest video game console. The owner announces they only have 34 when they open the next day and people fight and riot for a front spot. East Lansing, MI 3/27/99 - NCAA Spartans lose in the finals and 5000 take to the streets and start fires and destroying everything in sight. Riot police arrive, but they wonít disperse. They use tear gas and people run. 61 fires, 8 cars burned. Sao Paolo, Brazil - at a female prison inmates take over and assault guards in the yard. After 21 hours police take it back. Los Angeles, CA - in the prison Mexican Mafia assault black gang members. They hurl everything at each other. Cops toss in sting ball grenades to clear the room. 123 are injured. Pelican Bay, CA 2/00 - at the prison Mexicans assault blacks in the yard with shanks. Tear gas stops them, then they start again until a guard in the tower uses live rounds and kills a guy. Los Angeles, CA - teens shoot people with paintballs as they drive by. They film it and laugh. Gregory Dullgreen was hit by them in the eye and badly hurt. Cops catch them as they film. Taiwan - a gang runs into hotel with baseball bats and start smashing everything and attacking people. They round up everyone and rob them. They find the clerk hiding and he sprays them with a fire extinguisher and everyone runs to escape. Hollywood, CA - Mexicans and blacks start a brawl in a restaurant at 2:45am. They throw chairs and smash bottles on each other. Brad Baker was inside and filmed it. Santiago, Chile 11/27/98 - students protest the dictator. They throw Molotovs at cops. One is in a truck and it catches fire on his seat burning him, but heís able to throw it back. South Korea - Buddhist priests attack a rival monastery in a power grab. They stand on balconies and stab themselves, throw gas on each other and hurl rocks. Cops storm the place floor by floor with tear gas. Six cops go up in a basket that topples spilling them out. 2/22/09
104 Riot Rampage II - Philadelphia, PA 10/08 - The Phillies win the world series and fans take to the streets. A man climbs a 30 foot light and is hit in the head with a bottle and falls. People climb things, signs are ripped down, cars flipped, bus stops are smashed and a luggage store is looted. Riot police move in and beat people back. Ryan Dunn was there. Los Angeles, CA - a man rear ends a car and then floors it kicking up smoke. Tiwan Barton gets out to talk to him and then he turns and runs him over on a lawn. Clarence Taylor films it. They run over and take his keys until cops can rip him out. Austin, TX 8/8/05 - Officer Jamie Haver goes to a daycare center where a big, black naked man is trying to get in. She tases him, he goes down, put pulls the wires out and gets up and tries to pound his way in, then he comes after her and punches her in the face and goes for her gun. Backup arrives and the man runs and grabs a woman. He runs back for the door and they tase him again. Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq says the taser stayed in this time. He was on PCP, it is a nightmare. Jerusalem - House of Holy Sepulcher - Greek Orthodox monks vs. Armenian priests. Tom Powers says they all want a piece of it. 6 denominations share it, but donít get along. Greeks consider themselves the guardians of the tomb and want to be there. They arenít interested and fists fly, priests fly through the air, Israeli police get in the middle of it and arrest them. Managua, Nicaragua 06 - students protest the raising of the bus rides by 15 cents. They attack buses, smash windows and set them on fire. Riot police move in with rubber bullets and tear gas. People going to work are caught in the middle of it. Peru 11/08 - people protest a government waste treatment plant in the country. They put trees across the road to stop construction trucks. Police move them, so they attack their vehicles and set them on fire. 2 are killed. Wallingford, CT - white supremacists gather and people attack them saying they arenít welcome. Frank Glowki films it as people start punching. They were having a speech at a library and it was full and people outside wantingto get in. Police arrive and start pepper spraying protestors. Laughlin, NV 4/27/02 - at a casino the Mongols biker gang are inside when the Hellís Angels arrive. Sgt. Gary Hood knew there was going to be trouble. One Angel kicks a man and a brawl ensues, knives and hammers come out, then guns. Blood is flying, nothing two cops could do. Officer Tom Smitley says they started to leave and they had a perimeter set up. 3 were killed.3/2/09
105 Weather Rampage - Marco Island, FL 10/24/05 - Hurricane Wilma is filmed by Eamon Kneeeshaw from the fifth floor of a hotel. After the eye passes itís worse than before. He canít walk and is blown down. All around him big things blow by. Guam 8/28/92 - typhoon Omar hits. Jim Leonard & Barbara White film it. Roofs blow off and a huge one slams next to them and metal flies by in blinding rain. Fort Lauderdale 8/08 - tropical storm Faye hits. Kevin Kearny kitesurfs, is lifted up, slammed into the ground, knocked out, then slammed into cars and a wall. Heís in the hospital 5 days. Rick Iosi says the gear canít handle it and he had no helmet. South Korea 1995 - Typhoon Faye hits and 30 foot waves knock over huge ships. People are thrown overboard and fished out. Turkey - a 33 year old woman drives into a flood and the car is flipped. She yells out the window and they lasso a wheel and pull it, but the river takes her away and crashes her into a tree. Men hop on and get her out. Las Vegas, NV 8/03 - a monsoon hits and pours 3 inches of rain in an hour. Officer Clint Malburg flies out to Angela Stitcher laying on her car in a raging flood. He drops down to her from a helicopter and rescues her when she passes out. A minute later the car is gone. Quebec, Canada - 12 inches of rain fall in 2 days and floods the area. Sylvain Genestís grandmother was trapped, but her house was the only one to survive. Everything went out, they were cut off. Gilles Lemieux shows a picture of the storm from space. 2000 houses are smashed. Pampa, TX 6/8/99 - an F4 tornado hits and rips through town. Sweetwater, OK 07 - an F3 tornado hits the Sweetwater School and rips it up. Kevin Josefy and David Payne film multiple tornadoes coming together. Tim & Patricia Maines were in a storm cellar. KS 5/08 - Jim Reed & Robin film a tornado thatís a landspout in a corn field that stands still. They get within a 100 feet and it stops. He runs to it for pictures and it just dies. Minneapolis, NM 7/3/99 - rain water floods a sewer and shoots out a manhole 30 feet. Edmond Medley describes it. A man in a truck is hit by the manhole cover and is stopped, gets out to look and is hit by more water. 3/8/09
106 Weather Rampage II - Nicaragua 4/23/01 - Ariel Domingo saw the Messiah volcano smoking. They are right over it when it starts to erupt and 200 run for their lives. Josh Domingo says they were panicking. It shot rocks a mile into the parking lot and their tour bus had a rock go through the engine, roof and it caught fire. Zach Domingo was 7 at the time throwing rocks into it. Mt. Yasir South Pacific 1999 - Mark Vivian goes up as close as he can get to the volcano and it starts spewing lava, then it erupts like a bomb and he runs. 2006 - Chris & KT go there and erupts again almost hitting them. They stay at night to film it blowing. Mt. Etna, Italy - Geoff Mackley films volcanoes up close and it blows close to him and he has to run. Mt. Uso, Japan - they get close to the eruption and superheated mud cuts them off. Alabama - an F2 tornado lifts 3 cars in a parking lot. Winnipeg, Canada 07 - an F5 tornado develops with 260 mph winds. It hits a flower mill, goes backwards and stands still. It goes to Eli and rips up houses as people drive by. IO 5/08 - an F5 tornado hits a bank and 4 cameras inside catch the bank getting shredded. The ATM catches a house getting ripped apart across the street. TX 5/06 - Reed Timmer and friends chase a tornado and their SUV gets pelted with huge hail stones that crack their windshield. It gets up to tennis ball size and breaks out windows and glass shards. Their SUV dies a bit. Farmington, WI - Chris OíConnel from the Channel 5 news stands in a hailstorm. In 30 seconds they get to golfball size and they run for their car. He got welts on his back. Urbandale, OH - Lee Rouse from Channel 13 films a powerline down in a tree that is smoking. He interviews Asst Chief Jim Mitchell when the line goes down and explodes down the block catching fire. Italy 8/9/96 - a rock face of a glacier collapses and a wall of water sweeps people away. Bruce Molina says itís rare to catch on film. Assisi, Italy - an earthquake hits the basilica of St. Francis under renovation. Dilip Khatri says the cracks are a warning. A second earthquake hits with people inside and the roof collapses and covers them in dust. Peutro Plata, Dominican Republic 9/22/03 - a 6.5 earthquake hits a casino, lights and the roof falls and people run for it. 3/8/09
107 Tornado Rampage - Tornado Alley 2008 it started earlier and more hit. 1/7/08 - 74 hit in 4 days. 2/5, Sioux City, IO 6/11 - Kenny & Corey drive through an F3. It hits a scout camp and destroys it killing 4. Parkersburg, IO 5/25 - an F5 a mile wide hits. Kent Kirkís house is ripped up. Cedar Falls - it hits at F4 and 222 houses are gone. Chetopa, KS 5/10 - 8 hit. Pitcher - John Hutichison and his family were in a house thrown 70 feet. Windsor Lake, CO 5/22 - a huge hailstorm erupts, sirens wail and an F3 forms ripping up 100 houses. Kingfisher Co. KS 5/23 - 12 hit including a huge F3. It hits a pig farm and shreds it. Mike Gilbert was inside. Jerry Taylor lost trailers nearby. Stoughton, WI 8/18/05 - the biggest one to hit the state hits 200 homes. Mulvane, KS 6/12 - 3 supercells hit at once. One F3 is caught coming down from the clouds. It goes for 5 miles through houses, fields and a pond. 124 hit that year. Greeensburg, KS 5/4/07 - an F5 hits at night 2 miles long. Scott McPartland films it. It stayed in spots for 10 minutes. 95% of the town is destroyed. Crestline, KS 5/4/03 - a massive wedge forms and people run. 401 tornadoes form in 6 days. Oklahoma City, OK 5/3/99 - hail and storms form. Chickasaw - one is seen coming down and caught at 318mph a record. One shoots down, another up and they come together. It goes down the highway tossing trucks on 44. It stops as more form. Lightning takes out powerlines. Moore - people hide in an overpass as one goes by. 66 hit in 1 day damaging 10,000 buildings the worst day ever. 3/8/09
108 Motor Rampage - Modesto, CA - at an airshow Rob Harrison does stunts in yellow plane and he hits the ground. Susan Harrison announces the moves. He brakes both ankles and a hand. He was interrupted repeatedly by ATC and was distracted. They foamed the plane thinking he was dead. Victoria, Australia 4/12/98 - a light airplane is started and moves on itís own. The pilot canít stop it and it runs over a girl and her grandfather shields her. CA Airshow - Wayne Handley flies the Turboraven an extreme stunt plane. Keith Breazeal films him slamming into ground after the engine dies. Grenchin Airport, Switzerland - a helicopter lands on a platform, slips off and he tries to get up and gets caught on the edge and flips over. Greer, SC 10/16/07 - Sgt. Marcus OíShields pulls up on a woman who drove onto the traintracks and her wheels were off the ground. She was on the phone and didnít know where she was. He pulls her out and the train wipes out her car and it blows up. Then she is thankful. Tempe, AZ - a new lightrail system is installed for commuters. A truck full of junk goes across the road and is hit after the gate goes up. He had no license. Oxnard, CA - Gasper Medina films a dangerous intersection where a train track is parallel to a road. The light turns green as the train arm goes down on top of an 18 wheeler and the train goes through the back. Southern Thailand - a man on a moped tries to beat a train and is hit. The train sounded a warning first. Guam 2/23/08 - B2 Stealth Bomber Spirit of Kansas is flown by Capt Justin Grieve when there is a glitch in the computer system. Two computers die and the other 2 argued and pushed it down and stalled at 80 feet. They ejected and the wing hit the ground, caught fire and skidded. He broke his back but returned. It was moisture on the wires. Wilmington, DE 1999 - B22 Osprey first test flight goes up, wobbles, hits one wing, flips over and catches fire. Paris Airshow 6/99 - The Russian SUXX hits the ground, catches fire, goes up, they bailout and it crashes. Phoenix, AZ - a man steals a dumptruck and runs. Ofc Joe Hanss films from a helicopter so cops back off. He runs intersections, goes head on into cops, gets t-boned, lifted in the air, into a lightpole and flips over. The suspect runs for it and Doug Click comes at him with a bat. He was on the phone with his wife at the time. He pulls boltculters on him and he swings at his knees and hits him then police alive. The 5 people in the car were OK. Doug told him he was going to die, not him. Dallas, TX 8/30/06 - a woman in a catering truck hits a car and runs in a neighborhood. She rams cars, slams the brakes and cops come out with guns drawn. She throws hot sauce at them, goes home and runs out and is caught. 3/23/09
109 Road Rampage III - Lancaster, CA - two guys steal a silver pickup truck and an air compressor and run. Cops ram them and a helicopter films it. They go offroad, lose a tire, take a turn too fast, get caught on a wire, the passenger runs out, then jumps in the back of the truck when it gets free and works his way back into the cab. He loses more tires and cops ram them to a stop. The passenger runs again and is caught. Santa Fe, NM - cops look for a DWI after people call it in. Trooper Grace Romero finds him, but he wonít stop. He weaves all over, goes for a car head on, misses and goes into the desert, goes back after another car, goes far into the desert and falls out of the truck and runs himself over. England 11/7/08 - a 25 year old in a lime green car steals gas and 4 days later is found. Officer Graham Fish is in the chopper following him. He makes crazy turns, goes head on, almost hits people, goes onto a curb, rams a police van, then a car to get out. He goes in reverse, spins out, rides the sidewalk in front of stores, is caught and gets out to fight. Los Angeles, CA - a chopper films a white SUV taking out signs, barricades, going over medians, hanging out the door and taunting cops. He stops, spins out, runs lights, stops, runs, goes through a construction zone, then a park. Cops throw spikes, ram him and he pushes cops going in reverse, then suddenly gets out and gives up. Los Angeles, CA - Eddie Griffin does a practice run in a $1.2 million Italian sports car to promote Redline and crashes it into a wall. Matt G & Michael Mills bought the car and restored it. It goes from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Ankara, Turkey 06 - cameraman at an accident are filming when a car loses control, hits the rail and flips. Parts take out one cameraman. TN - at a Shriners parade a red buggy goes in circles and wipes out into the crowd knocking down 8 people. Deerfield Beach, FL - at a DMV an 80 year woman hits the gas and goes through the building taking out the front counter. Cleveland, OH 9/30/06 - a 12 year old boy steals a van from his parents and runs at 100mph in the rain. Cops drop spikes and he loses 2 tires. He wipes out into a railing and is arrested. 3/30/09

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