Real Interrogations

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This Investigation Discovery half hour show is like The First 48, except the show is built around only the interrogations or witnesses and suspects. That part is real and almost everything else is reenacted or explained in interview. 

Episode Description
Too Young to Die Pocatello, ID - Brian Draper is brought in for the homicide of Cassie Jo Stoddard. Lt John Banske questions him. Det Andy Thomas says it was a brutal murder scene, lots of anger, no signs of theft. Her mom Anna dropped her off to house sit. Her boyfriend came over and two guys joined them. Brian says he went to school, mowed the lawn, picked up Torey Adamchik, they went over, walked around, left and went to a movie. When asked to describe the movie he canít remember which way he went, what the movie was or anything about it. He was bored, maybe there 2 hours. They check with the theater, itís all a lie. He says he wouldnít kill his best friend. They tell him they know itís all a lie. He says itís the truth. They have to let him go, but warn him. The boyfriend passed the lie detector test so they bring in Torey. He says they left after an hour to go to the movie. They say they donít believe him. He then says they were breaking into cars, ones that were open. They donít buy it either. He says he only has 3 knives, didnít have one the day of the murder. They ask about the masks and the knives, itís going to eat you up, Cassieís watching you. He wants a lawyer. The autopsy tells them 2 different knives were involved. Brian shows up with his parents and admits he and Torey went by her house with knives and masks to scare her. He says Torey stabbed her and he didnít know why. He thought they were playing a joke on him. He heard the blood, knew it was real, he didnít stab her, he ran out and Torey said he would be in trouble too. He admits they buried the evidence and tells them where it is. They dig it up and find a video tape with it from 9/22/06. It shows Brian filming her the day of the murder in school. Then they are seen talking about getting their first kill. Itís their 10th time, they keep waiting for someone to be home alone, they finally got their chance, there are patient. Sorry to her family, but she had to be the one. After the murder they are talking about doing it and how they felt so excited as they drive away. They both got life without parole. #101. 8/12/08
String of Lies Prattville, AL - Richard Schenk is interviewed about his missing wife Rika. He says she cheated on him and he put all her stuff out. Robert Furlong talks to him. He says his wife came over for jewelry and he has $28,000 cash hidden from the IRS. Heís worried about tax fraud. He says sheís not dead, she went to Mexico for a divorce. Investigator Joe Rittner helps investigate. They found she quit her job and wrote a note she was sick which didnít make sense. The second time he comes in he says he saw her 3 Ĺ weeks ago at the fair in the JC Penney parking lot. She had a different look and was with a white guy. The fair was run by the police and they know she wasnít there. He also had his bank account flagged so she couldnít rip him off again. She once stole $2100 from him. The bank manager says Rich is dating his mother in law. He is a weird guy, he is still cashing Rikaís checks. They interview the girlfriend Doris Mitchell. She told him Rika left and he shipped her stuff out. He wasnít married. They tell her he is married since 1993. She is upset, then says she found a box with Rikaís passport and paperwork inside. Now they know she is dead. She is worried he will kill her too. #102. 8/19/08
One Killer Too Many Cherokee Co. GA 7/10/02 - Jamerson Mangrum is in for the homicide of Katy Hamlin, they call him James. They think he knows more than he says. Sgt. William J. Power talks to him. He was the last person who saw her alive, he went to work at 5pm that night, heís scared. Her nude body was found in a fire on the side of the road. Sgt. Jeanette Vetter investigated, couldnít believe someone would do that. She was strangled, then burned. They find her cell phone and he was one of the last calls she got. He doesnít remember calling her, the he admits he called her to see what she was doing. They found his DNA on her and he says he never had sex with her. He doesnít want to give DNA. Det Ron Hunton says he lied about everything. They start screaming at him to tell the truth or he can go to jail for murder. Then he admits he picked her up, took her to his house, had sex in his bedroom. He didnít strangle her, doesnít know what happened. He then says they had a party and Roberto Rocca took her there. #103. 8/19/08
The Devil's Lair Albuquerque, NM 11/8/05 - Patricia Sipes is in for the homicide of Barbara Lumsey. She asks why her name came up in this. A car was found on fire and it took a long time to put out. Sheriff Rene Rivera says it was bad, found a witness who saw 3 people left the car, Barb was in the trunk. They get a tip Pat was driving the car. Agent Patrick Ness says they have surveillance, they have her prints on the steering wheel. She admits she drove the car and cries, she knows heís lying, she wore gloves. She wonít say who burned it, that will get her killed. Sheís seen it get people killed, he has cops on his payroll, heíll come after her and her son. They call him Diablo, heís really Angel Esquibel. He called her that he needed her for something. He wanted her to wipe the car down for prints and made her drive it. He said to back it up to the fence and her someone getting beat and heard Barbara begging for mercy and she wouldnít do it again. He said if she didnít drive the car she would be next. Barb was screaming and kicking trying to get out and she just stopped, he was following her, got out and poured lighter fluid on her and lit it on fire. They went to Barbís house and found blood. #104. 8/19/08
Dead Man's Riddle Santa Fe, NM - Johanna Andrez is the girlfriend of Manuel Garcia (24) who was killed. She was with him, tried to get to him. Ofc Gillian Alesio says he had a chest wound and a butcher knife in his hand. The woman next to him was covered in blood, but out of it. Det William Johnson says they were told it was suicide. The house was a mess. Det George Ortiz says there were no other witnesses. She says they went to his sisterís boyfriend house. They were all drinking and Manny wanted to buy coke and she fought with him about it. He went out to the car and was doing coke with the neighbors. She called his family to pick him up, but they refused. She wanted to leave and he got pissed. He ran to get the knife, he usually scares her with it so she wonít leave. He just stabbed himself while he was yelling, then he stumbled, didnít know what he did, was white, pale. She tried to stop, asked what did you do? Will thought it was doable, but George wasnít convinced. He said heíd kill herself if she left. He was violent, drunk, liked to argue, fight and hit her. All her friends were terrified of him and left her. His BAC was .20 and had .2 of coke, it would be hard to be in control. #105. 8/26/08
30 Pieces of Silver Saint Cloud, MN 1/14/03 - Jason Maclennan (17) is brought in for homicide, they canít let him go. Both his parents are dead. He called 911 that he found them shot. Officer Eric H came in and found Ken down. Officer Brent Baloun says he was shot 5 times. He was rich, had a lot of money. Jay has no relatives and stays at the station all night. Det JJ Brovald talks to him. He says Matt Moeller came over, went cruising for girls, bought cigarettes, came home at 1:30am and saw him there, he mightíve fallen. They ask if he had any valuables. He always had $1000 cash, lots of watches. Nothing was stolen though. They test his hands for gunpowder and tell him itís on there, before they know it for sure. He says he fired a gun earlier that week at Mattís house. Then he says he shot fireworks a few days ago. Dr. Kelly Mills says there were 6 shots, too many for a robbery. He says they fought, never wanted to hurt him. He cheated on his mom and moved her in after his mom died. #106. 9/2/08
No Way Out Orlando, FL 3/4/97 - Ronnie Ray Brown is wanted for home intrusion and sexual battery. He says he didnít do anything, would rather be a hobo than go back to prison, does that sink in? A woman was asleep and he was pressing on her crotch and had a knife. Detective Ken Cox says she couldnít ID him and it was disgusting, hard to get details. He was soft spoken, demanding, wanted jewelry and took a ring from her hand. He pried the door open like a pro. All they have is the stained sheets. Capt John OíGrady says a sex crime is something that a person will do again and again. In 1994 they had 10 similar cases and Ronnie was the prime suspect, but wasnít charged. He was a non sperm secretor, so there was no DNA. He just got out of prison a few weeks earlier and says they are harassing him making it like he did something when he didnít. They arenít here to be social, they just want him in jail. You are a lead, we have to check it. He has a right to counsel. Sgt Dennis Strange & Det Laura Huffman talk to him. He doesnít stop talking, heís looking for info. He says he hasnít been anywhere or done anything. #107. 9/9/08
Unlocked Secrets San Joaquin Co. CA 12/3/98 - missing persons investigation. He says he has no idea what happened to Cyndi Vanderheiden (25). Capt Antonio Cruz says he was evasive. He didnít know he was supposed to meet her or anything. A manís daughter was missing and her car was found empty in a cemetery. Det Deborah Scheffel says no woman leaves her stuff in her car. The boyfriend wasnít concerned at all. He says they went out for drinks, sheíd call, theyíd go out, heíd pick her up from a bar, they would have sex in the cemetery. Her friends said they were meeting that night. He didnít know that, didnít talk to her. Her phone records show she called him. He says he didnít call her. Heís willing to take a lie detector test, whatever it takes. Lt Joseph Herrera watches him from the other room and he curses and fidgets. He passes the test. He didnít pick up when she called. They went to the bar Linden Inn she called from and she was speaking to Loren Herzog & Wesley Shermantine. #108. 9/16/08
Death in the Family Morgantown, WV 3/13/99 - David Johnson is questioned about the murder of a relative Frank Holland. He doesnít have any idea about it and doesnít understand. He was missing and when police checked his house, his car was gone, he was gone, there was no break-in, but a VCR was missing. Det Harold Sperringer & Lt. Kevin Clark investigated. They found the car in front of Davidís house. He says he hadnít talked to him in a while, he helped with his VCR. When they open Fredís trunk he was inside tied up and stabbed. They find Dickie Jefferson was driving the car, but he denies it. He is cleared. They find 2 large checks from Frankís account written to David and his dad Chuck. He admits it looks bad, his dad told him he did it. They went to the bank and watched the tape and saw Charles did it. This clears David. Charles is brought in and says Frank loaned him the money, heís done it before and he deposited it. He last saw him the day before the body was found. They search his house and come up empty. 3/14 - Chuckís girlfriend Erika Miller is brought in. #109. 9/23/08
Vanished in the Night Ocala, FL - James Wallace is brought in for a missing person investigation. Cedric Wayne McFadden has been missing a week. James says he doesnít know the guy, never saw him before. Detective Tom Calhoun talked to the mom, no one has heard from him for days. Det Donald Huie says he went to work, went home and didnít come back. Det Rhonda Stroup says it was unusual. They check his house and there is no sign of fowl play. Nothing in hospitals, but his car is missing. A female friend says she went to buy drugs from him. He sold for a long time. Business had picked up and he had a lot of drugs on him. He was leading a double life and had over $5000 of crack. He got a phone call and he told him he would be there, heís on the way. A man comes in who says his friend James told him he killed a black guy, was covered in blood and freaking out. They were doing drugs, partying, got into a fight and shot him in the face. He was bugging him about helping disposing the body. Don questions James and he denies it all. He knows what they are getting at, knows who they are. He played a joke on them, he killed a hog that day, told them a guy owed him money and it went too far. He couldíve won an Oscar. He can prove it, he has the pig in a cooler. They check it out and heís telling the truth. #110. 10/3/08
Deadly Betrayal Grand Rapids, MI - Paul Bernard is interviewed about the murder of his ex-wife. He says heís nervous. He keeps his distance from her, they have their own lives. Who did it? Did what? She was murdered. I donít know. He still loves her in a way, divorced a long time. Mimi Bernard (48) was brutally stabbed, no robbery. Det Ron Gates says she was well liked. Det Ed Kolakowski didnít know of any problems she had. Det Jeff McAlary wanted to talk to Paul. He was an author with a genius IQ. He was home working on a book that night. It was rocky during the divorce, but when it was done it was OK. They tell him it looks like heís responsible. Paul denies it, you are making this up as you go doing a job. They donít have anything, so they got a search warrant. They found blood on his sheets, but it was his. Dr. David Start says she had 15 stab wounds to the neck and some went all the way through, it had to be someone that hated her. Ives Petraka went into her computer and was online the night of the murder and emailing a guy she was dating. They bring in the boyfriend and he admits he dated her, but the whole thing scares him. They met at speed dating in February and she called the next day and he was worried she was moving so quick, he wasnít used to it. #111. 10/7/08
No Reason to Die Manteca, CA 9/5/00 - Jacob Silva is questioned for sexual assault/homicide about his girlfriend Renee Ramos. He doesnít understand why he is there, talk to other people. You are the last one who saw her. It makes it look like he did it. It will never go away until they find the killer. Officer Marnix Lob says she was found in a construction site. Sgt. Tony Souza says she was there 3-5 days and assaulted. She had been missing a week. There were 60 guys working there and they photographed all of their shoes Det Ken Wells checked the fiber she was wrapped in for DNA. His family says she was always with Jake. He says they went to an employment agency together and he left and she was going to meet him later and never did. He heard she was seen walking away. They fought, broke up for a few days now and then. Any evidence they have would still not be enough. He agrees to a lie detector test. Det Joe Morgan leaves to set it up and while they are out he tries to calm himself down, cool himself off and rehearses his answers. He passed the test and they didnít expect it. #112. 10/14/08

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