The Real Miami Cops (2002-03)

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This Discovery Channel show is described as the real Miami Vice, but there is no Crockett and Tubbs here. No big time drug scores in the millions, it's all dirty street level stuff. It is like Cops except the episodes are 1 hour, there is a soundtrack throughout and a narrator. Like Season 1 of Cops there is more off duty time with the officers shown. While it is a good show, it's specifically those differences that make Cops a better show. 

Episode Description
The Cocaine Triangle Police hit the worst 1 1/2 mile area for cocaine dealings in the city with buy bust operations. #1. 2002
Cops in the Shadows Police prepare for a vice sting while an undercover officer masquerades as a customer at a massage parlor. The code word that sexual contact is about to take place is "Tampa." #2. 8/30/02
Operation Secret Weapon Dogs learn to sniff out drugs hidden in vehicles. Dogs are trained and one cop uses rooftops as a lookout to radio drug activity to officers on the street. #3. 1/24/03
Christmas in the Combat Zone A crowd of onlookers becomes disruptive when a tactical narcotics team runs anti-drug operations in an area known as the Combat Zone. SRT - Special Response Team is brought in to fight crime in Liberty City. #4. 12/28/03

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