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    In 1992/3 the first show to copy the format of my favorite show Cops came along. I've read it ran until 1999/00 with as many as 600 episodes. The format went like this: Maury Hannigan then Commissioner of the California highway patrol hosts. (He was not paid for his appearances while he was commissioner) He explains what you are about to see is real and which state  each footage is coming from. Then we see footage from 3 different states of police going to a call. The fourth segment is a reenactment of an older case, sometimes with the actual cop from the incident playing himself, if not then the cop is played by a real cop. Occasionally they will feature actual dashboard camera footage if it was a chase. The segment is always broken into two parts, then Maury comes back and does a safety PSA on seatbelts for example. Then for the last minute or so there's a short funny clip of a trooper making a traffic stop. After a while of this they would mix it up by having the reenactment in the middle with no interruptions and a live call after. It could be from 3-5 segments with no last minute segment.
    The theme song is a driving instrumental piece with sound effects, but sometime during Season 2 they added a rap feel by adding a 15 second theme made just for the show called "I'm Looking Out 4 U" by Belize with lyrics "I'm looking out for you and everything's going to be all right. And I just want to do - call me when you need it. I'm looking out for you, ready when the call comes in. When you need somebody…I'm the man." It was released by Warner Brothers records as a 12" single in 1995 with Original TV Theme (4:37), TV Theme Instrumental (4:16), RV Mix (4:10), RV Instrumental (4:07) & WB Mix (4:28). Written by Carl McGregor, Bruce Fisher & Larry Brown. Produced by Spencer Proffer, Carl McGregor, & Kerry Gordy. At the end they do an instrumental of what sounds like "We've got it going on for years".
    So for the first 3/4 of the episode the show is exactly the same as Cops except for the host and the follow ups. Usually reenactments are lame, but these aren't because they include the real people who were there and they explain what happened. Later episodes featured the reenactment moved up in one segment, with real footage after, Maury introducing each segment and the short clip at the end dropped. Sometimes followups were dropped, the title s went from yellow to white, the song and announcer changed. Also Maury has three different uniforms - one has 2 stars on the lapels, 5 stars and a 5 star ring cluster. I don't have the original air dates and only have 167 episodes and they say 1993 or 94, but they could be from any year. I have written detailed descriptions I will post someday of each case below if you are looking for something specific.

“The producers were gracious enough to include a public service announcement in every single show we did, which were written by the law enforcement community. That was a relatively easy show to make because primarily what it involved was real law enforcement officers doing their jobs on the street. To me it was a very positive experience and wasn’t difficult at all.” - Maury 1999

Season 1 (1993-94)

Ep# Description
101 Stolen Car (Miami, FL )/Mystery Shots (Boston, MA)/Afraid of the Wolf (Santa Ana, CA)/The Runaways (Burnet, TX) 1994
102 Veil of Tears (East Los Angeles, CA)/Two Guys from Vegas (Saline, UT)/Distress Call (Denver, CO)/Banking on it (Flagstaff, AZ) 1993
103 Among the Missing (Montebello, CA)/Street Shakedown (Boston, MA)/Flying Carpets (Phoenix, AZ)/For Life (Pensacola, FL) 1993
104 Manhunt (New Orleans, LA)/Rim Shots (Los Angeles, CA)/Gully Roll (Riverside, CA)/The Fence (Indianapolis, IN) 1993
105 Caught in the Act (Los Angeles, CA)/Hide and Seek (Boston, MA)/Choices (Houston, TX)/Port of Entry (Shady Grove, AZ) 1993
106 Death Wish (Boston, MA)/What's the Problem (Gary, IN)/Rollover Walk-Away (East Los Angeles, CA)/Family Feud (Stephenson, MI) 1993
107 Silent Running (Boston, MA)/Summer Challenge (Dagsboro, DE)/Final Approach (Richmond, VA)/Ride on the Wild Side (Carlisle, IN) 1993
108 Off and Running (Salem, NH)/Trooper Down (Lovelock, NV)/Log Jam (Rock Hill, SC)/A Matter of Scent (Hagerstown, MD) 1994
109 Hide and Seek (Totowa, NJ)/Heartbreaker (Los Angeles, CA)/Play the Game Pay the Price (Chicago, IL)/Over the Line (Medart, FL) 1993
110 Positive ID (Palo Alto, CA)/Motel Party (Worcester, MA)/Possible Stolen (Logan, VA)/Money Bags (Ridgeland, SC) 1993
111 Unhitched/A Trooper's Story/Hot Rodder/Bad Manners 1993
112 Lost in the Night/Word Games/A Rose is a Rose/Turnpike Terror 1993
113 Swamp Thing/Eye Witness/Foreign Exchange/Flip Top Reenactment 1993
114 Chase/Bad Odds/Carry On/Taxi 1993
115 He Says…She Says/Trouble on the Interstate/The Raven's Claw/Henry and Lloyd 1993
116 Into the Woods/Blues in the Night/Dusters/The Backup 1993
117 Throwing Punches/The Dealer and the Hitchhiker/No Paperwork/A Matter of Convenience 1993
118 Child in Danger/High School Confidential/They're Just Peas/Gettin' Busy 1993
119 Missing Person/Bomb Threat/K-9 Search/24 Hours 1993
120 Shooting in the Night/A Driver Strikes Out/Late for Dinner/Double Trouble 1993
121 The Sting/Tapped Out/Hanging Out on the Interstate/To Grandmother's House 1993
122 Trapped/Smoke Screen/Biker's Night/Bump and Grind 1993
123 Permission Denied/Late for Work/Tag Team/Take this Job and… 1994
124 House Call/Doubtfire Four/Interstate Improv/Shoot and Run 1993
125 Hit & Run/Wasted Days…Lonely Nights/Surprise, Surprise/Inn and Out 1993
126 On the Run/Otherwise Engaged/Bad Car Day/The Little Black Bag 1993
127 Deuces Wild/Northern Exposure/Reveille/Grounds for Divorce 1993
128 Accidental Passenger/Reefer Man/Search Warrant/Early Withdrawal 1993
129 Stolen Car/Sleeping it Off/The Standoff/Tragedy on the 91. 1994
130 The Unexpected/California Joy Ride/Hairpin Turn/The Cracker Box Incident 1993
131 Caught with the Goods/Lady in Trouble/"I Know the Law"/The Prisoner 1993
132 Something to Hide/Up Against a Fence/Three Time Loser/Hard as Nails 1993
133 Like Father, Like Son/Cause and Effect/What's in a Name/Field Training 1994
134 Hard Choices/Wet & Wild/Tennessee Firebird/Dangerous Dad 1993
135 Car Boosters/You Asked for it/Off Balance/All Terrain 1994
136 Incident on Highway 13/Serious Matters/Crap Shoot/House Call 1994
137 Out of Control/Geared for Trouble/By Any Other Name/My Car is Faster than Yours 1993
138 Family Affair/Mellow Fellow/Running on Empty/Shotgun Express 1994
140 The Search is on/Wasted Time/Teen Trouble/Help…Wanted 1994
141 Honor Thy Father/Making a Difference/Designated/Two Against One 1993
142 Mean Street/No Headlights No Registration/Telltale Tongue/Cause for Alarm 1993
143 Biker Rally/Flagstaff, AZ 4:48am/Truck vs. Buck/Popping Pills 1993
144 Possible Fatal/Gun Threat/Double Trouble/Routine Nightmare 1993
145 Fast Exit/Riding High/Desert Incident/In a Ditch 1993
146 Kitchen Dispute/Wrong Way on Highway/Guns Drawn/Bandit's Collar 1993
147 A Change for the Worse/Fish Story/Freeway Tag/Tools of the Trade 1993
148 Northern Exposure/Mystery Driver/They May Be Armed/Gun Control 1993
149 Freeway Reaction/Suspicious Behavior/Living in a Limo/ Let's Dance 1994
150 Freeway Mystery/It's a Privilege to Drive/Harmless/Dialing for Bullets 1993

Season 2 (1994-95)

Ep# Description
151 Double Deuces/Hiding Evidence/Cruise Control/Random Fire 1993
152 Another Bar Fight/Caution; Men Working/Tough Love/Dust Off 1993
153 The Party's Over/Inappropriate Behavior/Running Too Fast/Persistence 1993
154 Running on Empty/Fugitive's Folly/Backroad Getaway/The Quiet Life 1993
155 Number Mismatch/Air Rescue/A Chain Reaction/The Troublemaker 1993
157 The Trooper Fielding Story/On a Parole/Lucky to Be Alive/Forcible Entry 1993
158 Double Trouble/Hide N' Seek/Test Drive/The Long Ride 1993
159 Man Trouble/Pushing His Luck/Just Passing Through 1994
160 A Fish Story/Tunnel Vision/All Shook Up/Listen, People 1994
161 Scanners/Clothes Case/Remains of a Bad Day/Point Blank Range 1993
162 A Cry in the Night/Fatal Infraction/All Things Great and Small/Shards of Hate 1994
163 The Company We Keep/In the Wrong Direction/Tailgating/The Lone Trooper 1993
164 Badge 666/Look Behind You/Guns in the Yard/On the Edge 1993
165 Hidden Assets/Dukes of Hazard/Drag Racer/The Heartbeat Reenactment 1994
166 Targeted/Home Confinement/Bad Choices 1994
167 Batting Zero/A Question of Control/Rail Rider/At Risk, At Speed 1994
168 Parent Trap/Young Felons/Hit and Run/Midday Run 1994
169 The Cover Up/Money for Nothing/Minor Offense/Too Slow for Comfort 1994
170 Family Feud/Boys on the Hood/Homegrown/In Cold Blood 1994
171 Speed Doesn't Pay/Arkansas Traveler/Inconsistencies/The Hitchhiker 1994
172 Gas Jumpers/Keeping Secrets/Twice Charmed/The Great Escape…Artist 1994
173 Bar Fight/All Fired Up/Whiff of Smoke/Out of Luck 1994
174 Hot Wheels/The Telltale Plates/Name Game/The Used Car 1994
175 Shots Fired/Light's Out/Testing the Limits/Run for the Border 1993
176 Out in the Cold/Trading Places/Concealed Weapon/Dayrunners 1994
177 No Place to Go/Shooting Up/Kids with Kegs/Tunnel Vision 1994
178 Under Fire/Florida Heat/To Tell the Truth/Don't Axe, Don't Tell 1994
179 In Cold Water/Off the Meter/Too Dark/Down By the Bay 1994
180 Domestic Conflict/Crossing the Line/East Palo Alto, CA 8:30pm/Green Means Go 1994
181 Along for the Ride/Just a Party/Wrong Tag/Now, Hold it 1994
182 Behind the 8 Ball/To Catch a Thief/Mr. Lucky/Who, Me? 1994
183 Party Pass/Over the Side/Close Call/No Place Like Home 1994
184 Bumper Cars/Double Trouble/Crunch N' Punch/The Exchange Student 1994
185 Room to Let/Citizen Down/Like a Rock/The Raffle Tickets 1994
186 On the Run/The Player/Grandma's Heirloom/The Spree 1994
187 Let's Make a Deal/Stuck in the Mud/Indirect Deposit/The Eleventh Hour 1994
188 Wild Man/Tales on an Open Road/Attitude Adjustment/On the Lam 1994
189 Field of Dreams/Talks too Much/Not Again/Armed and Dangerous 1994
190 Brotherly Love/Triple Trouble/Two for the Road/CB Deal 1994
191 Look at Me/Nuts and Bolts/On the Run/The Sprint 1994
192 Car Chase/Up the Creek/Deadly Dreams/Lights Out 1994
193 The Cat, The Bat & the Worn Out Mat/Wet Pursuit/Needles 1994
195 Out of Window/Oops/Freeway Merchants/Who's There? 1994
196 The Kid and the Cowboy/It's Not Addicting/Into the Woods/Four for the Road 1994
197 Colorado Spikes/Night Moves/2 Cent Shooting/A Night at the Races 1994
198 The Meter's Running/Shell Game/Swamp Fox/Home Front 1994
199 Motorcycle Race/Brothers in Crime/Fraternity Prank 1994
200 Cry for Help/Just Crazy Tonight/Just a Job/One Last Time 1994
201 Motorcycle Pursuit/Hit and Run/Holiday Spirits/After Hours 1994
202 Domestic Dispute/Cowboy Truck Search/Roadblock Runner/The Glass Cage 1993
203 Interstate Incident/Horse Trouble/Bumper to Bumper 1993
204 Alhambra Van Pursuit/Bus Incident/Governor's Award of Valor/Indy 500 1993
205 Ice Cold Crack/Pot Stop/Schoolyard/Lucky to Be Alive/Five Cervezas 1994
206 Gang Violence/ High on Crank/Paso Robles, CA 2:30am 4/26/88/Stolen Car Hunt #205. 1994
207 Driveway Rescue/High on the Streets/Deadly Encounter/On the Alert 1994
208 Felony Hit and Run/Domestic Violence/Deadly Force/Citizen's Arrest 1994
209 Camry Rescue/Trapped Driver/Hitchhike Assault/Helicopter Rescue 1993
210 Bank Robber Search/Romero Red Light/Freeway Crash 4 Hurt 1993
211 Deadheads/Crack Bust/Surprise!/Pedestrian Tragedy 1994
212 Street Racers/Street Racer Crash/Tristate Test Drive/Domestic Violence 1993
213 DUI Daddy/San Diego Drug Bust/Convict Pursuit/Race with Death 1994
214 Wrong Side of the Road/Outer Limits/The Partners 1993
215 The Preacher and the Policeman/Asleep at the Wheel/Shooting/Don't Drink and Drive 1993
216 It's Not My Truck/Black Mustang/Border Dispute/He's Got My Daughter 1993
217 Drug Raid/Motorcycle Pursuit/Gang Shooting/Concealed Weapon 1994
218 Unhappy Campers/The Chop Shop/Fist Fighting Fugitive/Gang Patrol 1994
219 Carjack/Momma's Boy/Helping Hands/Sixth Sense 1994
220 The Long Way Home/Short Changed/Remembering/Hammered 1994
221 Off the Road/Car Troubles/Massachusetts Sky Cap/Freeway Fire 1994
222 City Chase/Rush Hour Chaos/Family Ties/Bail Out 1993
223 Mother vs Daughter vs Boyfriend/The Toothache/Cry a Little Tenderness/Night Vision 1994
224 Foot Pursuit/Jump and Run/The 80-Foot Drop/The Cliffhanger 1993
227 Behind the 8-Ball/Brother in Law/Pipe Dream/The Fangs 1993
229 Concealed Weapon/Mystery Driver/Bank Drop/Hit and Run 1994
230 Clash at Mattawan/Throwing Punches/Smoke Screen/The Rest Stop 1994
231 Little Runaway/One More Time/Ramp Racer/Subject 1032…Need Assistance 1994
232 Feudin' & Fightin'/Good Night Out/Attempted Assault/The Old Pro 1994
233 Shoplift/Two Gun Drive Thru/Sister Hostage/Carjacker/Drunk Mom 1994
234 Kidnap & Assault/Gang Bangers/Car Wash/Hit & Run Rollover 1994
235 Special Unit Patrol/Out Cold/Assistance Stop Lost/Curran and Son 1993
236 Stolen Car/Taggers/Car Jacking/Crash Rescue/Motorcycle Crash 1994
237 Highway Hostility/Dusted/Crime Spree/Failure to Yield 1994
238 Run, Run/No Alternatives/It's Not My Car/Turnpike Tag 1994
239 Minors with Guns/Armed and Dangerous/Resisting Arrest/Juvenile Arsenal 1993
240 Crack House/Truck Tire Bust/Academy Shoot Out/2 Car Head On 1993
241 Fluid Trail/Plumber's Helper/Sleazy Rider/No Way Out 1993
243 Clowning Around/Dust Bust/Getting Geeting/Bozo Gets a Ticket #243. 1994
244 A Tale of Two Stories/Fender Bender/Stolen Squad Car 1994
245 Pursuit with Guns/The Little Woman/Aldrich 7-11 Store/This is No Rest Stop 1993
246 Resisting Arrest/Concealed Weapon/Revenge/Who's Car is it 1994
247 Gun Bust/Pinned In/Trailer Park Shootout/Screaming Pot Head 1994
248 Disturbance/Proudfoot's Pursuit/A Bad Night 1994
249 Stolen Truck Chase/Hit and Run DUI/Crime Spree/Open Container 1994
250 Jesus and the Slush Puppies/Black Cadillac/Night Chase/Wake Up Call 1994
251 The Domicile/Sipping & Smoking/He's Not There/The Wrong Way 1994
252 Domestic Dispute/Crosswalk Tragedy/Forklifted/The Rammer 1994
253 Out of Nowhere (Monterey Park, CA)/Speeding Bullhauler (Foreny, TX)/Cry on the Shoulder (Paw Paw, MI)/Gun ‘N Run (Perryville, MD)/MN 1993
254 Hard Days Night/Seeing Double/Bill of Sale/Dinner Plans Reenactment 1994
255 Madame X/Trouble at Home/Blown Away/Confidence Man 1994
256 Stolen Van/Hiding Out/Rocks in My Pocket/Laid Off 1994
257 Telltale Papers/Joyride/Left of Center/Snow Blind 1994
258 Out Shopping/Bad Finger/Topsy Turvy/Tagged 1994
259 You Think I’m Stupid? (Andover, MA)/Hide and Seek (Newark, DE)/Used Cars (East Los Angeles, CA)/A Family Affair Reenactment (Turtle Mountain, OK) CA 1994
260 Tazewell Co. VA 3:30pm/Assault Suspect Pursuit (Iowa City, IO)/Far From Home (Cortlandt, NY)/No Outlet Reenactment (Troy, OH) TX 1994
263 Running Scared (Miami, FL)/Love is in the Air (Riverside, CA)/I Said, “Nice Car” (Raleigh, NC)/Gratitude Reenactment (Streator, IL)/CA 1994
264 Sideswiped (East Los Angeles, CA)/A Man Called Sundown (Flagstaff, AZ)/Guilty Conscience (Brockton, MA)/The Two Walters Reenactment (Adairsville, GA)/AZ 1993
265 Knife Fight (Rock Hill, SC)/Speeding Toyota (Boston, MA)/ Baldwin Park, CA 10:30pm/The Boys Reenactment (IL 93)/MA 1993
266 Undercover Blues (Somerville, MA)/Mule Train (Waxahachie, TX)/Overdue (Roxbury, MA)/The Trunk Reenactment (Greenville, Co. SC) UT 1994
267 Donut Defense (Mattapoisett, MA)/Out to Pasture (Paragould, AR)/High Anxiety (Whitehouse, TN)/Hercules Reenactment (Yucca, AZ) 1994
268 Serious Allegations (Mallory, WV 11:00pm)/Black Talons (Wareham, MA)/Points of Light (East Palo Alto, CA)/Mall Call (Osceola Co, FL)/VA 1994
269 Mother & Son (Marion, MA 6:30pm)/Moo…ving Violation (Logan, WV)/Highway Flagdown (Atlanta, GA 5:06pm)/Families Reenactment (Louisa, VA) AR 1994
270 No Names - MA shots fired call/TX/CA/Reenactment SC 7/18/91 
271 Misguided Missile (St. George, UT)/Speed Stop (Littleton, CO)/Reported Gun Threat (Boston, MA)/Harold and Roberta Reenactment (Palmer, AK)/KS 1994
272 Head on Crash (Santiago Canyon, CA)/Drug Bust (Bakersfield, CA)/Reenactment (Bakersfield, CA 12/31/89)/Old Friends (Little Rock, AR) 1993
297 Night Flight (Palo Alto, CA 10:15pm) Officer Greg Marsh says there is a probation violation. When they get to the house they usually take off on them, so they are going to set up on their known escape route. Officer Tony Adams is going to flush them out. They set up in an alley and can hear the music then they spot a runner. A Mexican man threw something, he ran because he was scared and didn’t know where he was. He tossed a gun and they find it, a loaded .38. The Mexican says you are stupid, he didn’t throw it. They saw him. Officer Yogesh Sharma assists as the guy curses them out. They are handling it with gloves to save the prints. They tell him to chill out and move him into a police car. He ran for something, maybe the gun. Five guys ran away. They saw the cops and had they to chase them over the fence. They go back for the gun and find another gun and use a newspaper to pick it up. It is also a loaded .38. and they run it. It went better than they suspected. The suspect is a juvenile ex-felon with previous handgun possession. Comic Relief (Hope Valley, RI 1:07am) Officer Richard Ryan pulls over a car and asks for a license. He tells him to step out when he says he has no ID. He says he has no ID at all, never had a license. He says so if he checks him he won’t find an ID. He searches his pockets and cuffs him after finding weed in his pocket. Officer Kevin O’Brien assists. Have you been arrested before? Yes, twice for cocaine drug charges. He was on probation for it in the 80s. He doesn’t drink, just smokes weed. He doesn’t use a pipe, just smokes a joint. He bought 4 bags, smoked one and has 3 left. He bought them in New York, he used to live there so he just went to the old neighborhood. He’s worried about the car and doesn’t want his wife to be without it. That’s his only concern. They are having a hard enough time now. They want to search the car. He says OK. They say he’s nervous. He says he’s cold, has a speech problem and will sign a consent form. They find a box of comic books with Wolverine inside and wonder if they are stolen. He says he’s been collecting for years. They take him back to the barracks. He got possession, could get $1000 and jail. The comics weren’t stolen. Sammy’s Run (Tucson, AZ 9:00pm) Sgt. Terry Starner says it’s on I19, a K-9 assist. K-9 Sammy and Officer Eloy Ramirez are checking a taxicab, they’ve been having problems with them transporting drugs or money. The dog gets a hit on the car, so they check the trunk and dashboard and find a wad of cash. They ask the Mexican driver about it. He lets them check the trunk, but they find nothing. The suspect was released and Sammy has been on patrol since 1990. Motel Mayhem Reenactment (Sharon, MA 11:35am 8/20) – three thugs Rick Alberts, Bob Chasen and Cary Quinn robbed many motels in the last several weeks. Now they hit the Starlight motel on Rt1 and Sharon. The owners’ son hides under the bed and the couple is held hostage. The safe is locked, so they bang on the managers’ door to get the key. They force her back to open it. She does and gives them around $1000 and they take off. Trooper David Rea gets the call and a description of the getaway van. Trooper Ray Stevens spots the van as it rains on Rt 28 and follows. The thugs turn off the road and make a run for it with their rifles. They go into the woods and catch two of them. Rick & Cary got 12 years. Bob was never caught. Maury’s seatbelt PSA. A cop pulls over a yellow pickup truck after they hunted a large elk that is in the back. 1993
298 Park Patrol/Who’s to Blame/State Line Incident/Pickup and Go 1993
299 Catch of the Day/Used Car Trouble/Lying in the Grass/The Knockout 1994
300 Call for Help/Under Stress/Reported Stolen/Trailer Trashed 1994


Saturday Night Live Warning: Any ethnic slur is just for humor, this should be obvious retard. Real Stories of the Arkansas Highway Patrol - Capt Terry Gamble (John Goodman) As always, the events you see tonight are as they actually happened, videotaped in the field. In our first segment, we follow Arkansas State Trooper Glenn McRae (Michael McKean), as he pulls over a 1988 Mustang. At the wheel - a 25-year old co-ed from the University of Arkansas, with an okay face but a killer body. Conway, AR 9/15/91 - Glenn pulls over a red car and asks her for ID and a picture of her in a swimsuit or leotard. She doesn't have one. He asks her to step out, walk back and forth alongside the vehicle several times and arch her back. He drops a pencil and wants her to bend over at the waist and pick it up. Governor Bill Clinton (Phil Hartman) is in the backseat of the police car giving him the  thumbs up. Everything seems to check out fine. Would you be interested in going back to the patrol car, and performing a sex act on the governor? I guess so. Trooper Glenn McRae got a certificate of valor for it, to this day, no other state trooper has received so high an honor. Fayetteville, AR 10/90 - Trooper Danny Williams (Chris Farley) sits outside his car while Bill Clinton is in the backseat having sex with a woman, she says it hurts, he says I feel your pain. A man walks his dog on the sidewalk, says hi and Danny goes after him and shoots him. He left in 93 to be ambassador to South Korea. Little Rock, AR 12/19/91 - State Trooper Warren Christopher (Rob Schnieder) is in his car and Bill Clinton is in the back with a woman. Dispatcher (Ellen Cleghorne): I've got Mrs. Clinton on the line. I'm gonna patch you through. She says Bill isn't at the mansion. You sure? Well then I'll bet you anything he's working late at the office. The phones are screwed up there, you'll call, and it'll ring, and ring, and you'll think there's nobody there, people can't hear the phone ringing. Excuse me for one second? He tells Bill she isn't buying it. He's no help. She says she is at the office, so he shoots himself in the leg. Ow, I've been shot! Trooper Warren Christopher  is now secretary of state. #1919. 5/7/93


Exclusives sent to this site

"I was in the Steve Ussher shooting re-enactment from California. The incident was in 1995 and I portrayed myself during the filming with my K-9 Mori. They also rode with me in 1997 when I seized $85k from a heroin dealer. The show folded before that incident was aired."

"Two bad guys who break into a home and shoot a poor clerk played by me at a 7-11 type store. One of the guys has long reddish hair that he wears in a pony tail. When they find him, they drag him out of the side door of a pickup truck, played by my fiancé, who had a few cuts from the scene. It was actually filmed in Moorfield, WV but I don't think that is where the real crimes occurred. Doing the show was great because they were shooting on location, they used local law enforcement for the scenes. Since I am a director at a local theater, they asked for me help casting, so three of my actors and I went up to do the show. It took two full days to shoot and since it was shot in a small WV town, we were definitely the thing to watch for a while." MDH

"The re-enactment episode entitled "Smooth Operator" was done in Shelton, Washington, at the Doo Wop Diner which no longer exists and at the Washington State Patrol Academy drive course. I played the "cocaine dealer" who was shot and killed by the Trooper. I also drove a rented car on the drive course for the driving shots. The director's first name was Deke and he apparently was an actor on "The Young and the Restless" before. His girlfriend at the time was the fitness expert, Cory Everson." Jim Chromey

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