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Season 1

This Spike TV show is one of the closest there has ever been to Cops with a great blend of action and humor. But it's more like Dallas SWAT in it's execution as it is all raids and warrants, no traffic stops.

Spike TV bought six of 13 episodes. "We want to see how the show performs," said Spike TV spokesman Kevin Sornatale. "We were interested in Orlando and Memphis." The seven other episodes go to Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and Detroit. "We had just done 'DEA,' which was based in Detroit," Sornatale said. If "Real Vice Cops Uncut" does well, you're likely to see the other cities. The series comes from Associated Television International. "We have been allowed exclusive access to various vice divisions to see how their undercover operations really work without compromising the security of its officers who have to remain undercover," said Jim Romanovich, president of Worldwide Media & Entertainment for ATI, in a statement. "In this series, you will see all the action and intense situations you could ever expect. This is not Crockett and Tubbs," Romanovich added, referring to "Miami Vice." "There is no Porsche, houseboat or pastel wardrobe. These are some of the toughest officers I have ever seen doing the toughest job imaginable. 'Real Vice Cops Uncut' satisfies their need by plunging viewers into the action right along with the squads."

Season 1 (2008)

Ep# Description
101 Orlando, FL - Metro are doing a buy/bust for MDMA/ecstasy. Lt Carl Metzger says they are going out for a trafficking amount, then will take their target into custody. Heís the narcotics commander, they target mid/upper level dealers, cocaine is still their #1 threat, got 58 kilos last year, heroin is a problem, meth is coming in and ecstasy is a real problem. They make a buy from an SUV. The dealer says he has dolphins, blue, green, purple. They have to wait for the source to show up. A guy pulls up in a Ranger, the middle man walks over to him and he comes out. Then they give the signal and they bust them all. They get 100 MDMA pills. They have a switchblade that is illegal, a whole display of them, a hunting knife, bags of pot, a scale, packs of ecstasy and a pile of cash. Hopefully they can turn their life around, who knows? Get the poison off their street. Sgt. Larry Spahn says they found girls on an escort website and are going to call them up and charge with them with prostitution if they show up. Two girls show up and cops say they are cute, last time the girls didnít match the pictures online. They sit on the guy and he asks if they are over 18. They say yes. They ask what are the craziest things theyíve done. They stepped on a guys dick with stilettos and choked a guy because he asked for it. She likes the one guy and goes to take him in the back. He quickly has to make a deal and asks if $900 is going to cover it. She says yes. The fat girl says whatís going on, she doesnít understand whatís happening. The little girl says she doesnít now whatís going on. Sheís 18 and has been arrested for prostitution twice already. Heís been doing it 13 years, thereís no legitimate escorts. Youíve been busted three times for it, it isnít working out, now you are facing a felony. Memphis, TN - Sgt. Chris Harris says itís been crack cocaine since the 80s. Sometimes every other house is a crack house. Det Dave Ballard says they made a buy of pot from the guy, he wears a pot necklace and they are going back for more. He has several warrants. In 06 he beat a guy with a 2x4, shot him in both legs and itís still pending which he brags about. They did a warrant on him a year ago, but he ran. Now they know him. Heís dealing pot and pills like xanax. They bust the guy and he looks just they said. Ofc Troy Simmons & K-9 Dodger search the house. They already bought from him and he denies it. The dog gets a big hit. They find a gun under the mattress and another gun in the drawer. The thug says he hopes his prints arenít on them. Det Marco Yzaguirre says at the station he went to the bathroom and tried to flush evidence and they had to pull it out of the toilet. Memphis, TN - Det Wes Hensen is with street crimes and got info about drug deals out there and they are looking for them. Itís a common meeting spot by the gas station. They see a black guy walk over to a car and pull up behind them and the guy runs. They catch him down the road. What are you running for? I was scared, I donít have nothing on me. I didnít throw nothing down sir. They go back and bust the other guy and search the SUV and find a magazine and a gun. They smell the pot. They go back where he ran to see what he threw and find a bag of pot. They tell the driver not to cry, he says itís the wind. He showed him the magazine and he put it in his pocket. Det Derek Mills says he threw the pistol at you? He was holding it when you pulled up and threw it on his lap, he threw it back. He was holding the clip when you came up. Det David Williams says they got info on the lot last week for selling drugs. They saw him throw the pistol into the windshield. He says he was buying a gun. The others say they were buying pot. 8/6/08
102 Memphis, TN - Justice Center - Sgt. Chris Harris says they do street crimes, homicide, robbery, fugitives, street level buys, buy/busts. They have drugs, guns, robbery anything to keep money coming in. Det Bill Masters briefs them about Pimp. They bought drugs from him on Monday at his house. He had 5 adults and children with him. They got the call so he reads the list of who is doing what. Take them out, put them in the van. There are dogs and he has a pink El Dorado Cadillac, if itís not there keep going. If you are doing this you have to be an adrenaline junkie, itís not a victimless crime, the victims are the children. They pull up and see the car so they jump out. They bust a large group of people and there are women crying. One guy ran out of his pants into the bathroom. Sgt. Gary Rogers asks if he has any tats on him drugs or in the house. He says no. K-9 Resteio is brought in. He gets a hit in the closet. Det Brian Dill pulls out a pillowcase full of pot. There are pills and coke in a drawer, 2 guns under the stained mattress, a scale and bags. They check his mouth and ask if he has anything else or in his crack. No. He wants to know where his money is and if he can send it to a friend of his. No, itís being seized. We didnít come here by accident, we know whatís going on, donít play dumb. Det Jeff McCall takes his Cadillac. They got 3 pounds of pot ready to sell, an 8 ball and a large amount of cash. Gary Rogers says there are a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood scared and get strong armed. They are happy to see cops, but donít want to be seen talking to them. 8/6/08
103 Orlando, FL - Sgt. X has been there since 1994, went straight into drugs, great career, really enjoys it. They will be doing a buy/bust of pot. Agent Billy is the UC, he called a CI and he wants a cut of the buy for pills, dope, whatever. They pull up in a red pickup, then a silver SUV goes next to it. He gets a bag from a woman and everyone races over and blocks them in. They are told to put it in park and get on the ground. There are 4 guys and 2 girls, one girl says she doesnít know whatís going on. One guy has a bag of pot in his pants. He has a bottle he says is isotone. There is pot under the floorboard, pot in the back, a vial of coke, bags of coke ľ gram. There was a pregnant girl sitting next do it. She denies doing it, she sells it every now and then for cash. They take 2 cars, a girl was a runaway who is brought home to the grandmother. She ran away again the next day. All face multiple charges. 8/13/08
104 Orlando, FL - Agent Z says working vice is a side of life you wouldnít normally see. It affects the whole community. Agent X briefs them. Itís a warrant for a low level dealer, watch out for a rip. Stakes are higher, drugs and guns go hand in hand. Comm Paul Zambourous says 1 ounce or 1 kilo they think the same. They all have that Tony Montana philosophy thinking they are the biggest and best. They pull up and they guy comes to his truck, doesnít want to get in, wants to weigh it out and see the money. He has it and pulls the stuff out of a sock. He says he had to go longer to get it and itís $900, after this heís gone, phone is off. He says he lowered the price. One woman says she didnít do anything and her dad is going to kill her. One goes for a phone and they warn them you could get shot. Itís coke, they take the 2 girls to jail for weed, see later if they get the felony for coke. The girl admits she had pot on her. She doesnít know how they got there, only have 1 phone. What will your sister say? I donít know. The other girl says she doesnít know. He drove, he was texting someone. Director Bill Lutz says she kept reaching for something and almost got shot for going for a phone. 8/13/08
105 Memphis, TN - Sgt. Chris Harris says they have lots of pot, crack and they were leading the nation in homicides per capita in robberies and rapes, itís a violent city. Det Jeff McCall briefs about a suspect who is usually armed, has a history of domestics, assaults, should have pitbulls and ecstasy. Sgt. Gary Rogers says they hit the place earlier and there was a shooting, itís the first time heís been back since he was shot in the last raid, hopes it all goes good. A group runs over and breaks in the door. There is a dog, but itís harmless. The suspect wants to call his granny and they say no, heís a grown man. They find X, Sizzup - prometh codeine cough syrup and pot. K-9 Resteio is brought in and finds bags of pot. The guy says his cousins, girlfriend and kids live there. Everything is packaged to sell. They find a huge wad of money and the guy wines and one cop says to shut up or heíll be losing weight. Then they find a sock full of money over $6000. They remove a huge amount of stuff plus Tussin. The woman is let go. 8/20/08
106 Mempis, TN - Det Jason Bartlett says there is going to be a delivery of packages. Once they deliver they will hit the place for selling drugs. Sgt. Chris Harris says most drugs are sent through the mail, 60%, they get a few deliveries like this a week. Cops set up and the family accepts the package and opena it in the yard with 3 small kids right there. They run over and a man has to be tackled. They tell him to stop acting like this in front of the kids. He says he doesnít speak English. Marco Ysguirre talks to him in Spanish. A shoe on the roof is a common indication of a drug house. They say he understands every word he says for someone who doesnít speak English. They house is full of people and is a mess. They tell the owner to tell them where the drugs are or the whole place will be trashed. Do think itís fair to your momma and kids for us to trash it? They find a metal box full of drugs. They shipped the box from TX right before they left to come here. They took the van they used to run the drugs across the border. They weigh the package and itís 26 pounds of pot. 8/27/08
107 Orlando, FL - Sgt. Larry Spahn says they have lots of whores, want to shock them and get them out. They get a resort room and call a 22 year old girl from an ad. She makes a deal, says she has nothing, then admits being arrested for it before. She says sheís trying to get an education, she has no high school diploma. They are trying to help her, 2 girls just got raped & killed. She has a kid. Memphis, TN - Lt. Jackie Setliff has been there 30 years, you canít join the unit, have to be invited. No drug is worth dying for. Det David Williams briefs them about a narcotics search warrant. Derek Mills says theyíve been there before, have to catch them. They hit the house hard and a guy says he admits smoking weed, not selling it. There is a kid, he didnít throw anything, they are lying. He works 40 hours a week to make a living for his 2 kids. Cockroaches are everywhere. Det Wes Hensen says he ran and fought. They find a gunbox and hollowpoints he says arenít his. 5 guys were smoking pot in the house. Det X says they are buying meth on a UC deal and itís dangerous. A white Maxima pulls up for the deal, tries to run and rams a police car. Itís $1000 in meth. Det Billy Masters briefs about a dealerís house they will hit. He doesnít sell less than ľ pound, could be a lot. They hit hard and a woman is screaming. There is a pile of pot, but no Kenny. She wonít say anything. Brian Dill & K9 Corro find more drugs and AK47 clips. A young guy walks up and says itís all his. They think he was told to take the fall. Ken shows up and Jerome Costello says they can cut the girl loose. Sizzurp liquid meth is found. Itís his 4th felony. 2/10/09
108 Detroit, MI - Lt. Epps says they are targeting whores to make buys. They wire the car and she says she does everything. Det X also wants some coke and she calls her guy. They deal $20 for BJ and the coke too. She takes him somewhere, says there is a clean hotel with sex channels. He wants bareback. She goes to a house and gets a small one, she wants to get more at a better house. He says itís taking too long and wants out of there. He says he doesnít smoke it and asks if she has a pipe. They pull them over and she says they were going to have sex, what else, didnít say how much, then says $20. Itís a new house for them. Memphis, TN - Det Robby Jewell briefs about a black guy named Kevin and his partner who deal from a house. People are all over outside and trash is all over. There is a bag of weed under the car and the owner says half is his. Brian Dill & K9 Corro search. They ask the cousin who lives next door about his place and he acts like heís not there. They find pot growing in the back. He has keys that fit the house on him. They find some more pot, bullets, not much. He says itís not his girl, he knows of her. They are both arrested. They brief about a warrant on a 27 year old dealer from a hotel. Det Paul Vance says a shootout can go through walls and people are there. They grab them when they go to the car. They hit the room and they say the car and room are clean. He has lots of family come over to play games, not drugs. He has a warrant for drugs, he used it. Det Derek Mills saw him selling. He has crack and powder he was cutting and selling. 2/17/09
109 Orlando, FL - a vice briefing gets an ad from the internet for a 22 year old escort. Lt. Paul Whitsett backs up a UC who calls her up and takes her to a hotel room. She freaks out, they tell her to stop and put her clothes on. Sheís been arrested for it in Houston and has a warrant. She is 25, has 2 kids. She wants to know how much time she'll get. She has 4 charges there, itís a felony. Paul says that changes things, that makes it a felony too. She canít believe it. Itís not their fault. There was some guy with her who took off. Memphis, TN - Det Robbie Jewell says they are buying X and percocets from a dealer. Lt. Cecil Booker says it took 2 weeks to get it down. They like pain killers that are professionally made. A woman makes the deal at the car and they take her and a couple guys down. She drops a wad of money and says hitís not hers. The guy says he is buying a car, but itís down the street and he hasnít talked to anyone. Keisha has kids in the car. They let her mother come to get the kids. The woman says she isnít a dealer. She says she carried perc on her because her family will steal it. They have the bottles, but they are all blank. She had a bottle of 50 on her. 2/24/09
110 Orlando, FL - Agent X has been there 17 years, works many areas, massage parlors, sex trafficking. A UC comes in for a massage and they ask about an ending. He says he doesnít have enough cash, they will take a credit card. He doesnít want to. Paul Zambourous asks for the manager. Itís all Asian, they walk on your back, have showers, they live there, have a kitchen, apartments. Agent V asks the manager where she lives. She says an apartment, has no car, someone picks her up. No one is licensed, all are arrested, they donít know who owns it. It's a felony. Memphis, TN - Sgt Chris Harris says they have lots of robberies, businesses, home invasions to steal drugs and money. Gracie Hatchett briefs them about a warrant for Joshua. He is renting a house for drugs, heís a thief and drug user wanted for burglary. They hit the house and the guys inside say Josh just left on foot. They go out to look for him. One guy says he just did 2 years in jail and doesnít want this. He knows heís wanted, heíll come back. One is wanted and is arrested. They call him back when he returns and they get him. 3/3/09
111 Orlando, FL - Agent Bill Moore is going to Orange Blossom trail for a whore sting. Itís a notorious area, they are usually looking for a high, do $20-30 to get a fix. A UC picks up a girl for oral. She says he was taking me to the store, oh wow. She was arrested in 2004 for GTA, coke and paraphernalia. She got probation, nothing else. She has a brillo pad, condoms & crack pipe. Sheíll get charged with both. She asks what for? Sheís in a terrible situation, never been arrested for this before, she doesnít want this line of business. They are here to protect her from getting attacked. She wants to call her mom to get her. Lisa can call, but is going to jail. She has a kid and a warrant. Her ex Randy says heíll call her mom, sheíll help you, but doesnít like the way you talk to her. Sheíll help her, doesnít care what she did, but she has to be ready to take care of this. You have people that care for you, more than most. Memphis, TN - Det John Rada says they have a warrant on a traphouse for x, pot, coke for Smiley, Pee Wee and Sluncho. They have guns and a couple are felons. They hit it and a woman is outside, the windows are boarded up, the door is pried. The woman says she doesnít know where she is, her boyfriend is inside, itís her car. None of the suspects know anything, they donít stay there, donít live there, but are the ones on the warrant. He says heís D, but heís Pee Wee. Ofc Brian Dill & K9 Corro are brought in. They find crack in the car, they say itís Slunchoís, he just left. Det Robby Jewell saw them get out of the car, itís his car. He mustíve just put it there. They deny selling drugs. The woman says there better not be drugs in her car, but they find weed. She says she always keeps track of her stuff. Pee Wee says he doesnít know where smiley is, he went to get his hair cut. He didnít see him, he just talked to him. They find the electricity is being stolen and wires are taped up. The women are let go. Shutting down a dope house is a good warrant. 3/10/09
112 Detroit, MI - Officer Shaq has been there 7 years, nothing is routine and it helps the community. Officer X says they have UC cops posing as hookers so they can arrest the Johns. Officer Beetle sets up on the street and a car keeps going by. Sheís not allowed to get in and the guy leaves. A car goes around for an hour. Sgt. Jazz watches him. He stops and asks if she has a room. She does. He asks if sheís got nice feet. She does. He says $10-15 and heís got a hot big one, he'll go all over her. He asks for the room number and says heís got to go to the ATM and will back. They pull him over down the road. They pull the old gray haired guy out. His pants are down, he says he took a piss in the bottle. Jazz warns them he was masturbating in the car. They can seize his car. Memphis, TN - Det John Rada briefs them about a black man named Corey to buy dilaudid. He tells them to bring a map so they know where they are going. A UC is going to make a buy and will call them. The suspect stands in the door waiting and they walk up and make the buy. Sgt. Rogers says to wait heís leaving. He gets in a red Saturn and they pull him over. Det Q stops him and thereís a kid in the back. He says he just came from the house, his boy is sick, just got gas, wanted to take him to the doctor. The kid has no seatbelt. He says he took it off at the gas station. His license is suspended too. They find the pill box, has 20 in there. The kid says heís fine and theyíll call his sister to pick him up. 3/17/09

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