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This Comedy Central show started out as a parody of Cops, but lost its way. It does have the style of Cops on scene calls, but that is rare. Most of the episodes center around the incompetence and stupidity of the individual officers in their personal lives, which thankfully is nothing like Cops. Much of the dialog is improvised and it shows. There are also PSA parodies. Season 4 was cut short so they could make the movie Reno 911!: Miami released 2/23/07.

Season 1 (2003)

Episode Description
1. Pilot  Frustrated by a lack of suspects, Lieutenant Dangle rear-ends a civilian's car, inadvertently discovering a crime in progress. #101. 7/23/03
2. Fireworks The mayor's son's carelessness costs everyone their fun, as the officers are charged with ridding Reno of fireworks. #104. 7/30/03
3. Execution Tickets Officers go on a suspect scavenger hunt for the ultimate prize, two tickets for an execution. How far will they go to win? #105. 8/6/03
4. Clementine's Pregnant Officer Clementine Johnson finds out she's preggers. Who will she ask to be her baby's daddy? #107. 8/13/03
5. Jones Gets Suspended One punch sends Jones to crossing guard duty and the rest of the squad scrambling to avoid being Garcia's partner. #106. 8/20/03
6. Help From the FBI When the FBI comes to town to investigate a homicide, the Reno Sheriff's department tries to put their best foot forward. #108. 8/27/03
7. Wiegel Suicide Watch Is suicide a cry for help or more of a cry of "look at me!" Officer Wiegel realizes the benefits of attempting to kill yourself. #109. 9/3/03
8. Clementine Gets Married Clementine Johnson gets a proposal from scummy boyfriend Steve. Will love conquer justice? Probably. #103. 9/10/03
9. Garcia's Anniversary When Garcia is saddened by his 15th year anniversary on the force, the officers mobilize operation "Champagne Room." #110. 9/17/03
10. Burning Man Festival  The officers humanitarians for the right price. But are some hookers too crazy, no matter how much money? #102. 9/24/03
11. Dangle's Moving Day  Lieutenant Dangle has got a big job for the department. But only Officer Jones will help. Will Dangle mind being alone with Jones? #112. 10/1/03
12. Terrorist Training Pt 1 The officers learn how to protect us in case of a terrorist attack. But who's going to protect them? #111. 10/8/03
13. Terrorist Training Pt 2 Homeland Security is a serious matter requiring rigorous testing. And egregious cheating, thanks to Deputy Travis Junior. #114. 10/15/03
14. Halloween Halloween is a night full of silly tricks and pranks on police officers. And then there's what the general public tries to pull. #113. 10/20/03

Season 2 (2004)

15. Dangle's Promotion Dangle is promoted to brass and has to leave Reno. Before he goes, he has to say his goodbyes and settle a few scores. #201. 6/9/04
16. Wiegel's New Boyfriend Wiegel has a new boyfriend. The only problem is that the other deputies think he might be the Truckee River Killer. #204. 6/16/04
17. British Law  A British inspector on an exchange program visits Reno to learn their methods and share a few of his own with Garcia. #208. 6/23/04
18. Dangle's Ex Visits Dangle's ex-wife visits just as the deputies are trying to get rid of the Ten Commandments monument on their front lawn. #206. 6/30/04
19. Religion in Reno A former petty criminal-turned-televangelist broadcasts his "Half Hour of Power" from the Reno jail. #203. 7/7/04
20. Firefighters Are Jerks The Annual Policemen's Ball is threatened when the local firemen schedule their Pancake Dinner the same night. #207. 7/14/04
21. Not Without My Mustache As the deputies struggle to save their moustaches from a county-ordered shave, Jones worries about a psychic's prediction. #210. 7/21/04
22. Security for Kenny Rogers Garcia takes over security for a Kenny Rogers book signing in a Reno mall. #205. 7/28/04
23. More FBI Help When the Lt. Governor's brother goes missing, a criminal profiler is called in to help with the investigation. #202. 8/4/04
24. Raineesha X Williams discovers the Nation of Islam and sets about changing her ways, as well as the ways of several other Deputies. #209. 8/11/04
25. Clementine and Garcia are Dating After getting it on with nearly every other man in Reno, Johnson finally hooks up with Garcia. #211. 8/18/04
26. Undercover Drug Bust  Jones and Garcia go undercover as hippies on a stakeout. #214. 8/25/04
27. President Bush in Reno The Deputies in Reno are assigned traffic control for a presidential whistle-stop visit. #216. 9/1/04
28. Accidental Marriage Pt 1 As Junior's life is turned upside down by his accidental marriage, Jones and Garcia chase a Milkshake Man. #212. 9/8/04
29. Milkshake Man's Death Pt 2 The District Attorney begins an investigation of the Sheriff's Department. #213. 9/15/04
30. Investigation Concluded Pt 3 The District Attorney concludes his investigation of the Sheriff's Department. #215. 9/22/04

Season 3 (2005)

31. Reno S.D. In & Out of Jail Pt 4 The deputies are dealing with the harsh prison conditions. Dangle has taken up German, while Clementine cries. Trudi has been having awful nightmares and Junior has been dealing in illegal contraband from his cell. #301. 6/14/05
32. American Dangle The deputies enjoy their new lives in the private sector, but a specter from their past continues to haunt them. And call them. #311. 6/21/05
33. Cop School Back on the beat, the Reno Sheriff's Department adds a new member to the force. #302. 6/28/05
34. SARS While some deputies are quarantined because they may have S.A.R.S., the others hang out with the host of a popular Reno children's show. #304. 7/5/05
35. Eddie's Getaway The deputies try to catch the fastest criminal in the southwestern United States: Fast Eddie McLintock! #303. 7/12/05
36. The Prefect of Wanganui The deputies escort a visiting dignitary from Reno's sister city of Wanganui around town. #305. 7/19/05
37. ...And the Installation is Free Jones gets a new job as a voiceover artist for a local carpeting company and considers quitting the Sheriff's Department. #309. 7/26/05
38. The Hot Tub King As Johnson tries to marry the Hot Tub King of Reno, other deputies guard Liberace's piano. #307. 8/2/05
39. Garcia's Girlfriend Why is Garcia hiding his new girlfriend from the other deputies? What's her secret? #308. 8/9/05
40. The Hummer While Dangle spends time with a beautiful young man who might be his son, the other deputies enjoy the new Sheriff's Department Humvee. #306. 8/16/05
41. Crime Scene Idiots When "CSI: Miami" comes to town, the deputies of the Reno Sheriff's Department get to work as security guards. #312. 8/23/05
42. The One That Got Away After a drug sting gone wrong, Dangle and Junior have to make it back to the station on foot. And naked. #313. 8/30/05
43. Craig's Question Wiegel has good news and bad news: her boyfriend has finally proposed, but his appeals have also finally run out. He's going to be executed for multiple murders. #310. 9/6/05

Season 4 (2006-7)

44. Wiegel's Pregnant Questions from the season three cliffhanger finale are answered. Did Dangle and Garcia freeze to death? Did Wiegel's serial killer husband get lethally injected? What is Carrot Top doing in Reno? #401. 7/9/06
45. The Junior Brothers While Garcia goes undercover to bust undocumented workers and the people that hire them, Junior takes the day off to spend time with his brothers. #404. 7/16/06
46. Jet Ski Blues When a lonely deputy dies, the Reno Sheriff's Department inherits his beautiful jet ski. A life-and-death, deputy-versus-deputy battle for its possession ensues. #407. 7/23/06
47. Rick's on It As a crime wave sweeps through Reno, the Deputies get unwanted help from their least favorite Citizen's Patrolman, Rick. #409. 7/30/06
48. Spanish Mike Comes Back Spanish Mike Alvarez returns to tempt, confuse, and befuddle the deputies from within their own jail. #402. 8/6/06
49. Son of a Chechekevitch Pt. 1 The deputies swear to avenge the death of Sheriff Chechekevitch. #406. 8/13/06
50. Son of a Chechekevitch Pt 2 The deputies continue investigating the murder of Sheriff Chechekevitch at his funeral. #411. 8/27/06
51. The Department Gets a Corporate Sponsor Hotty's becomes the corporate sponsor of the Reno Sheriff Department. Soon, the pink uniforms and endless supply of hot wings begin to take a toll on the deputies and their gastrointestinal systems. #408. 4/1/07
52. A Christian Karaoke Singles' Mixer Kimball invites Johnson to meet her Christian singles group, and soon comes to regret making the offer. #405. 4/8/07
53. Proposition C An increase in pay for the deputies is put on the ballot, and Williams and Wiegel consider rigging the election to make sure it passes. Meanwhile, Jones and Garcia clash with a drug dealer who may be working undercover. #403. 4/15/07
54. Reno Mounties Jones and Garcia decide to try mounted patrol, but soon encounter difficulty enforcing the law on horseback. #412. 4/22/07
55. Hodgepodge The deputies are scrutinized on their response time in addressing crime. #414. 4/29/07
56. Ex-Wife and Her New Husband Dangle checks in on his ex-wife and her new husband. Meanwhile, the female deputies investigate a sleazy meth dealer. #413. 5/6/07
57. Dangle's Wedding Part 1 Dangle agrees to marry his ex-wife's husband. Meanwhile, Wiegel delivers a big surprise. #410. 5/13/07

Season 5 (2008)

58. Did Garcia Steal Dangle's Husband? Part 2 Dep. Wiegel is looking to sell her newborn to the highest bidder, but her racist tendencies keep her from making a deal with prospective parents of color. Christina Applegate has a cameo appearance as Terry's girlfriend, Seeeeemji. #501. 1/16/08
59. Bounty Hunter Tommy Hawk The Reno deputies pursue the fugitive Rodriguez brothers at the same time as TV bounty hunter Tommy Hawk. Meanwhile, Wiegel reluctantly participates in a community program that has her assisting handicapped citizens. #502. 1/23/08
60. Super Knockers! The department gets bulletproof vests for the female deputies that enhance the appearance of a woman's chest. #506. 1/30/08
61. Mayor Hernandez Reno's shady mayor needs a personal favor that tests the deputies' professional ethics. #503. 2/6/08
62. Coconut Nut Clusters! The deputies go door to door selling candy. #504. 2/13/08
63. Dangle's Secret Family Dangle discovers he has a long-lost half brother and half sister from his father's secret family in Chicago. #505. 2/20/08
64. Undercover at Burger Cousin After the latest Burger Cousin robbery, the deputies go undercover in an attempt to nab the culprits. However, working as fast-food employees is no easy task under the supervision of the burger joint's stern manager. #507. 2/27/08
65. The Wall The Reno deputies head to the border to help build a section of the wall that's supposed to keep immigrants from crossing illegally into the United States. #508. 3/5/08
66. Death of a Pickle-thrower The deputies trying to help a pickle-throwing prostitute named Jackie, who is facing a life-threatening disease. #515. 5/22/08
67. Baghdad 911 Cultural differences abound when the deputies attempt to train a group of police officers from Baghdad. #512. 5/29/08
68. The Tanning Booth Incident The deputies rally around a fallen comrade when Dangle suffers an injury---after passing out in a tanning booth. #516. 6/5/08
69. Strong Sister A reporter from Strong Sister magazine wants to do a profile of single mom and officer Raineesha Williams. #511. 6/12/08
70. Wiegel's Dad Returns Wiegel's estranged father gets out of prison and hopes to spend time with his daughter and go to strip clubs with her coworkers. #510. 6/19/08
71. Junior Runs for Office Junior throws his hat in the ring to campaign for Commissioner for Animal Carcass Removal. #509. 6/26/08
72. Undercover Acting Coach When the deputies grow dissatisfied with their undercover assignments, they hire a Hollywood acting coach (Ryan Stiles) to help them behave more like criminals and drug addicts. #514. 7/3/08
73. The Parade The deputies pull out all the stops in an attempt to take first place in the Carson City parade's "Patriotic Float of the Year" contest. #513. 7/10/08


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