Risk Takers

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These are 1 hour specials on the Discovery & HD channel. These aren't all of them, I'm still gathering them.
Ep# Description
1 Phoenix Firefighters - Station 25 - Capt Dan D. Donahue & Scott Bain go to a house fire and they donít know if anyone is inside. They have to go in to see if anyone is alive, if they donít do it fast they will die. The have a TIC Ė thermal imaging camera to see through smoke. The fire is in the attic and they vent it from the side. They have 10-15 minutes of air in their tanks. If you turn around in the smoke you can get lost. They have to put the fire out before they can search any farther. They have 3 lines and the pressure drops, which is rare. No one has been found yet, itís been 5 minutes and itís 1000 degrees inside. They ask for another line because the fire spread around fast. It takes 7000 liters of water to put it out. Half the house is lost. After they discuss the pressure drop and think the third line caused it. 4/17/05
2 Alligator Trapper - Licensed alligator trappers keep pools, back yards and parking lots safe. Chad Wright, Charles Carpenter, Gary Morse. 4/24/05
3 Hurricane Hunter - Hurricane Francis FL 04 - Warren Faidley tracks hurricanes. Steve Wachholder Maj Darryl Woods, Doug Lipscombe, Maj John Loughrey, Nicole Mitchell. 5/8/05
4 Police: To Protect and Serve - Philadelphia - in 2003 52 cops were killed in the US. They have the 8th highest murder rate in the country with 340 in 2003. East Division night shift - SWAT gears up. John Reckner says they are short on patrol. Rich Kobierowski says first responders donít know what they are getting into. His partner Nick Mocharink goes with him to a robbery at a store. The scene is secure so they look for the crooks. 5/15/05
5 Forest Firefighters - British Columbia, Canada - the Lillocet Mountain fire and Leslduc fires. 5/15/05
6 Race Track Rescue - Lakeland International Speedway, Florida/Bay Race Track Rescue crews at race tracks put their lives on the line to save the drivers and their cars. 5/29/05
7 Rodeo Wranglers - Bull fighters risk their lives every time they step in the ring with an angry bull. Mike Moore, Quirt Hunt, Jim Bob Feller, Benny Beutter, Jeff Franks, Gary Williams, Andy Hopskin, John Brogan, Frank Nelson, Eddie Hatfield, Darrell Diefenbach, Casey Wells & Chad Schoonover. 6/12/05
8 Philadelphia SWAT - Officer Bill Hunter & John Rechner patrol the streets when not in SWAT. They race other cops to the calls. Their city has three times the murders of the national average, 1 a day. There is a shooting on 1600 Candy street, they are looking for the black shooter in a skull cap. 6/19/05
9 Bounty Hunters - Walter Fernandez works in Jersey City, NJ for the Metro Fugitive Recovery Squad. Heís been doing it for 14 years, starting in 1992. He is aggressive and doesnít give up. They go to a house looking for a drug dealer and his car is there. They peak in the mail slot on the door. Ali Mustafa is the runner, he climbs up on the roof to go in a window. There are no laws governing bounty hunters in NJ. They have the right to break in, but hey canít carry firearms, just batons and pepper. Meet Walter Fernandez and his crew, bounty hunters by trade, fugitive hunters by conviction. Walter has built himself a solid reputation and put together a crew, the "Metro-Ops", one of the supreme organizations for hunters in the New Jersey area. 2006
10 Border Patrol Agents - The Sonoran Desert is 125 degrees. An 80 year old man is called in missing. The Yuma Borstar takes out a Blackhawk helicopter and flies with the door open to watch. Agent Tyler Emblem says the environment is hostile. Agent Boone Smith says they have to go twice the distance of the people they find. Agents work 12-hour shifts on the Arizona-Mexico border, the most heavily used corridor for illegal alien traffic on America's southern boundary. 12/11/06
11 High Risk Photographer - Photographer Jim Oltersd risks his life to get the perfect picture. Glen Alsworth Jr. - brown bears in Alaska, Jeffrey Weduck, Sam Boullion, Lisa M. Perelchino. 12/18/06
12 Killer Bee Removal Expert - Bisbee, AZ - Reed Booth spends his days surrounded by killer bees. Fabrianne Fox, Catherine Wertz-Clark, Deborah Strait, Officer David Gonzalez, Josie Mincher, Mez Ray, Jim Collins 2/5/07
13 Stunt Men - Professional stuntmen Gaston Morrison and Jonathan Kralt risk life and limb filming a trailer for Chemical Evil. Lauro Chartland, Colin Dean, Todd Slott, Mike Doped, Kimberly Chang, Melissa Stubbs, Chad Sayni. 2/5/07
14 Polar Bear Alert Specialists - Migrating polar bears put the town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada on high alert for three months each year. Syd McGregor, Shaun Bodier. 3/3/07
15 Blasters - Expert blaster Mickey Rogers of Advanced Blasting is in charge of demolishing the old Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC. Ken Tully, Jeff Halls, Jim Reyke. 3/10/07
16 Loggers - Skyline logging, conducted on steep slopes and canyons, is among the most dangerous jobs in the country. Rick Jones, Mike Wiedeman, Kelly Couch, Scott Crow, Jean Wright, Derik Evans, Kirk Luoto, Scott Edwards, Bob Luoto, Troy Wilson. 3/17/07
17 Coast Guard - Miami, FL - includes a rescue of a jetskier who crashed in the night time, the rescue of 5 men from a sinking boat, they drop a pump from a jet, but it's taking on too much water and a diver has to load them into a basket one by one and a chasing down a boat smuggling a family from Cuba. 4/8/07
18 Paramedics L.A. - Chris Baedecker, Gregory Davis, Jessica C. Cullen, Carlos Morel 5/14/07

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