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This one hour Sky One TV series from the UK is a combination of Cops & World's Wildest Police Videos. It features members (Mark Abbot, James Dixon, Charlie Etheridge, Simon Hills, Derek Ingram, John Kendall, Pat Knight, Carl Lewis, Iestyn Llewellyn, Pete Lloyd, Jim Lovell, Jim Mahoney, Chris Piggott, Chris Ruff, Tony Sams, Andy Samuels, Darren Staley, Grant Thomas, Rosie Vosser, Robb Webb, Ronnia, Roma, Yorkie & Dixie) of the Thames Valley Police's Road Policing Proactive Unit as they go out on duty. Just like in Cops you get to ride along and see them do their jobs catching the bad guys. It also mixes in police footage from around the world which is OK, except when it's stuff from the US seen many times before. The only problem is it doesn't come with a British to American translation. I'm not sure how many episodes there are. Narrated by Lee Boardman.

I could make a large dictionary of terms from UK to US like:
Bonnet = hood
Boot = trunk
Carriageway = highway
Disqualified = suspended
The car is nicked = stolen
They nicked him = caught
Put him in the nick = jail
Roundabout = circle
Spliff = joint
Stingers = spike strips

Season 1 (2003)

Episode #s are the US ones.

Ep# Description
101 2/27/03 - cops spot a stolen car and box it in on the A4, but they ram out of the traffic, go on the sidewalk, curbs, medians and go around the traffic the other way. He gets far ahead, takes a turn, gets out and runs. He was caught on foot. Carl & Pat go to a stolen car keys call. The suspect is on a bicycle and goes right by them. They have to fight him to the ground and he tosses the keys screaming he hasn't done anything and his keys are in the house. Four cops hold him down to cuff him and he yells he wants to get up. They keep telling him to relax as he screams. He wants to get up. They tell him he's going in a car. That's fine, can I go home? They find the stolen car around the corner and take the guys he had and they match the car. He stole them from a house. 3/9/02 - cops chase a 15 year old who runs a red light. He has no papers and runs into town. Derek helps put spikes out. He went on the curb to get around them and the cop runs for it. Derek jumps out to get him and the guy turns on him and the car knocks him over breaking his leg. The kid got a year in jail. Carl & Pat - they stop a car with 4 men. There's foil inside, probably drugs. They have bags of food, meat and champagne. He says they have 2 TVs in the trunk. They move his car and he flips out about his money inside. They weren't charged and the food was taken. Oxford - Graham Thomas & Pete Lomas go to a burglary in progress call. They go up to the dark house and there's men working inside with a dog, false alarm. 4/13/98 - cops race on the M4 to an accident and a car won't get out of the way of cops. She doesn't see what's coming up and slams into the accident ahead. Cops push the cars off the road and have the road cleared in 5 minutes. Los Angeles, CA - a car is abandoned in the middle lane with hazards on as people swerve around it. Then a truck plows into it. The driver gets out and walks up to the car ahead and a yellow car hits his truck before cops arrive. Los Angeles, CA - a van on the shoulder gets plowed into by a blue car destroying it. Then another car swerves and clips a car. Then another car plows into the van, then another. A group of cars skid out, 6 are injured. 8/17/01 - traffic jam on the shoulder. UK 9/27/96 - footage of 21 cars riding on the shoulder in 2 minutes. 6/8/02 - a cop stops a car and talks to the driver on the shoulder when a car hits his car and the car he was talking to. UK 1/14/02 -cops chase a man doing 120mph on the shoulder. They have to weave all around traffic to keep up. He gets around the traffic and cops are waiting. He finally stops and holds the keys out. He got 18 months in jail. Los Angeles, CA - cops chase an SUV and try to PIT it over and over. A helicopter catches it going up the ramp the wrong way and it plows head on into a red van and she is able to walk out. UK 1/7/03 - Graham stops a guy for no seatbelt and talking on the phone. They pull him over and he stays on the phone and walks around still on the phone. He tells him to hang up or he's arrested. He gives a weird name and Graham doesn't believe him, so he cuffs him. He wants him to call his dad. His name is fake, but no charges. UK 4/16/00 - cops spot a car going 80 and he takes off going to 134mph. It's a loss of license and $2500 fines. Reading - a helicopter spots a truck leaving a burglary. He blows around traffic and rides down the shoulder and cops are waiting. They surround him and set up a rolling roadblock. Two cops squeeze him from both side and move him off the road as they toss papers out. He goes up onto the guardrail and gets stuck. Reading M4 - Grant Thomas chases a stolen car in the rain. They block exits and keep them on the highway. They block him in and he rams the car behind him and goes up and out of it. They block him in again and jump out and start smashing windows and yank him out. He was drunk and lost his license, the passenger was wanted for robbery. 9/8/91 - footage of motorcycle stunts, 4/8/97 - a couple in a bike in traffic. 8/5/01 - a bike going between cars is caught. Preston 6/30/01 - a bike has a box in the back with a dog sticking out. Rome - a scooter almost hits a bike, avoids a car making a u-turn, dodges bikes coming head on, dodges a bike that is down, people then goes on the sidewalk. Staffordshire 1/19/98 - cops chase 2 teens on a stolen bike, they race around cars and go head on with others, taking a corner on the wrong side. The cop cuts them off, they try to run and are taken down. Slough - Graham & Derek spot a scooter bike with a passenger. The guy hasn't passed the test, has no plates. He was on the wrong side of the road on a turn and not signaling. Then a car passes them with no lights and won't stop, so they jump in the car and give chase. They stop her and she says she didn't know something was wrong. He bets she doesn't have a license and insurance. She admits it and asks if she's getting trouble. She gives her DOB as 12/18/83, she's 18, but it's the wrong year. She's really 15 and won't say where she lives. Her friend says for Stacy to tell him. She finally does. She can't believe she will get into trouble, please don't do this. They let them go without their car. Pete & Tony go to a call of a fight with Asian men at 6pm. A taxi picked up a drunk guy and he didn't want him in there, stopped, told him to get out. The guy punched him, took his phone and ran. The driver is Muslim, the passenger is white. Both were fighting, no one will press charges. An ambulance arrives to check them. The cops tell the drunk's brother he is OK on the phone, but he doesn't believe them.
102 Carl & Pat - Reading Prison - they are watching a felonís house to see if convicts fresh out of prison are going to drive there when they have no license. They get out of the house and go to the car, they jump out and start smashing out the windows and the windshield as he tries to back up. They yank the 2 guys out and cuff them. One guy yells he wants to stand up. He doesnít want them to hit him. They have to watch for a wagon. As they load them in he rubs his bloody face on the cops arm.
103 Pat & Carl go to check out a stolen car parked on a street. They find it and decide to wait for the thieves to get in and bust them. Soon they run out and they get in the car. The cops drive over and the 2 guys run. The driver is caught and the passenger gets trapped in a fenced yard and the cameraman takes him down until Carl grabs him. The driver is 16, passenger is 14 and escaped from a boys home. The driver has rubber gloves and drugs in his pants. He says he wasnít driving it, though they have it on video. The passenger ran away from the home a week later.
104 Tony Sams & Rob Webb go to a call of Daniel violating a restraining order who is also wanted for burglaries. They find him in an alley and arrest him and he says what burglary? Then he kicks the camera and they say itís a criminal damage charge. He keeps asking why the camera? He wants the cuffs loosened and wonít listen. He keeps demanding them to unloosen him. Then he kicks the cops. They find a knife on him and tie his arms. He keeps cursing and asks whatís the camera here for. Filming you being a complete ass.
105 Pat Knight runs after two kids who take off when they pull up and loses them so K9 Murphy is brought in and finds one hiding in a yard. The guy says he didnít do nothing, doesnít know why he ran and is later released without charge.
106 Carl Lewis & Pat Knight - Slough - they spot a suspicious silver car and go to pull it over and they takes off. They lose it in an apartment complex, so Pat checks for it on foot. They find the car, but itís empty. Men working point to where the 3 kids ran. They find a couple with dogs who know the car and cops wonder why. One window is smashed out and it smells like pot. They search the car and find nothing so no one is arrested. 

Season 2 (2004)

They added towns, times and cops names on screen.

107 Christmas Special: Reading 8/12/03 - cops chase a Honda Civic that was stolen by Creeper burglars who go into houses while people are asleep. They box him in and he races away in reverse and turns on Annadale road. He hits a curb, loses a tire, goes the wrong way and when a driving student stops he is rear ended. He drives down the grass, jumps out and runs behind houses. Cops spill out and catch him. He got 32 months in jail.
108 Pat & Carl - Slough Monday 9:03pm 9/24/03 - they spot a car speeding and slowing down, then it takes off down the A4. He goes around traffic, through traffic, the wrong way, gets up to 80mph, goes down tight streets with parked cars on either side. They PIT him and he tries to get away in reverse. Down the road they hit him head on, spin him around, push him into a tree, then the police car dies, Pat kicks it and the suspect gets away. Another cop finds the car abandoned in the street with the tire bent in. The guy was caught a few days later fines, jailed and suspended.
109 Slough 11/17/03 - a van is chased from the scene of a burglary, comes head on with the cops, reverses it, then crashes head on into cops. Cops jump out and start smashing out his windows and windshield.
110 Andy & Chris - Slough Thursday 7:11pm 12/11/03 - they chase a car after trying to pull it over. They finally stop, run for it on foot and take a filthy underpass and passageways out the other side. They know who he is and call him Kevin. He runs into some gardens, hops fences and disappears. They check the car and find it's stolen and there's a burglar kit, tools, a drill and a stick they use to reach in windows to steal car keys off tables while people sleep.
111 Cambria - a civilian rides a motorcycle with a camera on the front. He takes a blind turn in the lake district and almost hits a cop head on. The biker ahead of him waves back to him. Cops radio ahead to catch them. They pass strings of cars and take turns at high speeds to get away. They go into a town and a cop is waiting for them in the street and tells them to stop. He tries to hide the camera with his glove, but is caught.
112 Street racing clips - speeding, donuts, flames. Slough: Monday 10:32pm 12/15/03 - Dave & Conrad go to a street racing call and find 2 cars racing down a parking garage. They speed onto the street and arenít found. More street racing footage, burning out tires, crashes.

Season 3 (2005)

113 Milton Keynes 4/5/02 - Cops chase a car thief who runs through traffic. He tries to run into a park, gets out, cops ram him, his door hits a cement pylon and slams back into him. Heís knocked down, the sideview mirror and the door rips off and the car keeps going. Cops jump out and get him when he goes to get up. Slough Tuesday 9:07pm 11/11/03 - Mark & Jim go to a stolen car call.
114 Pat & Carl - Reading Thursday 4:02pm 4/22/04 Ė they get a call of a carjacking as they are going to get gas. They spot the Jaguar and give chase even though their tank is near empty. Other cops join them as they get off the highway and go into town. The passenger jumps out of the car and they hit him with their car pushing him and his friend almost runs him over. He freaks out and they jump on him screaming to get down. Tony & Mark lay spikes for the car up ahead. The passenger has a bunch of needles on him and his face is cut. The car was at a body shop and they took it. He went through barricades, jumped out, they bent his door back, he ran and went into a house 3 floors up and was caught. The passenger got 10 months in jail for 33 drug offenses.
115 Derek & Tony - Slough Friday 10:56am 3/10/03 - they are passed by a suspicious car and give chase. He speeds off and turns hard and goes into a yard and 2 guys jump out, then they crash into them. Tony falls after hitting a board on top of an air conditioning. They lose site of them at Queenís Ct. Two girls arrive upset and they are suspicious of them. The passenger was caught, but released because the car wasnít stolen. Reading 1/20/05
116 Mark & Jim - Slough 11/1/04 - they spot a stolen car used by a mugger. His brake lights are on all the time from hot wiring. He takes off through a red light and they give chase. He weaves around cars, goes the wrong way, weaves around cops, hits traffic, hops the median and goes the wrong way on the sidewalk. He cuts cars off on turns, goes down Grace, through alleys, then is trapped, so he slams it into reverse and rams them hard knocking out the camera. They jump out and break his windows to get him out.
117 Carl & Pat - High Wycombe Tuesday 11:23am - they look for a red VW Gulf that ran from a drug sting. He hits an 80 year old man on a bike and skids. They are told he dumped the car and ran on foot. A person points the way, then more say heís over here, theyíve been following him. They run over and 3 more cops join then. The suspect says he has a bad heart and to let him up. He had a yellow hat he tossed, but the suspect says he didnít have one, so they look for it. He was supplying drug dealers and he took off, the others were caught. He hit one car, then the guy on the bike. He denies taking drugs. The guy skipped bail and is at large. Cleveland 10/26/03
118 Pat & Carl - Reading Thursday 7:45pm 4/22/04 - they go to a youth center where a drunk kid is fighting on tape. He says heís chillin, no problem, heís drunk, everyone is. Pat takes the kid back to his car and he fights when he grabs his arm. They tackle him to the ground and tell him heís under arrest. He says no no no. They pull him up and say to relax and he fights and struggles to get away. One cop turns to 4 cops and he complains about there being 4 of them. They cuff him, he gets up and still fights, pushing one cop against the car and kneeing him. They hit him and knock him to the ground. The crowd gets mad and the cops have to get out mace and batons to drive them back. They scream at them to back off. The drunk wants the crowd to help. He tells the cop he can take him one on one and they are pussy holes. He didnít assault any of them he was chillin out. A police van arrives and he still fights and struggles. A K9 is brought in to back the crowd off. The owner tells them they need to go, they canít stay all night. They want her to shut down, she says after they leave. Three people have been hit, so reports have to be made. The drunk is 16 and assaulted 3 members of the staff. Pat shows his legs where he was hit, not pretty. The kid got 9 months in prison.
119  Chris & Andy - Gerrards Cross Monday 1:38pm - they spot a car going the wrong way while on the phone, then he throws out 3 plastic bags as they chase him and they call for a unit to get the bags. When they catch him he says he threw nothing. Chris says 2 cameras filmed them. He says it was a bit of garbage, then he admits it was pot. He was on the phone without a seatbelt and they were going to stop him. Pat & Carl find the bags of pot and bring it over. It turns out heís been busted for it many times. The guy wants to make a phone call and they think heís dealing and hiding something, probably at home. They go to his house and find a drug den in his momís house. Thereís a bag of ecstasy pills, cash and a list of names he sold to. He plead guilty.
120 Pat & Carl - Slough 10/8/04 - they see two kids on a motorcycle ride right in front of them without helmets, when they see the cops the makes a u-turn and pass them on a curb. They fly through a narrow tunnel and make illegal passes between cars coming head on. They drive down steps and ditch the bike on a path near a river. They chase them on foot and catch the passenger. Heís arrested because they think itís stolen since thereís no ignition. Carl asks him where he met the driver. He was walking with friends. Where? He mumbles. They find the bike was stolen on 9/30. The kid is 15 and says he was taking a test drive because he wanted to buy it. A K9 is brought in to search. A woman drives up and gets out to look in the police car at the kid and Carl tells her to take off. A guy comes over says they are in his way. He says to go around and grow up, it doesnít concern him. The driver wasnít caught.

Season 4 (2006)

121 Rob & Abo - Three Mile Cross Tues 4:10pm 6/15/04 Ė cops spot a guy who stole gas. They chase them down since they usually are criminals and call for backup, but there is none. They stop them and find itís hot wired with 3 men are inside. They arrest them all and need another car for transport. The driver was 16. A man tried to steal gas and the manager comes out to block him and he floors it and the man jumps out of the way. 201A. 2005
122 Pat & Carl - Slough Tuesday 6:15pm 10/5/04 Ė they are an unmarked, proactive unit. They go to stop a stolen Jaguar and it takes off, gets a flat tire, makes a few quick turns, dodges cars as the tire smokes, makes a quick left in front of stores, goes down a back alley, then down a walkway and a man has to flatten himself to get out of the way. The guy jumps out and instantly starts fighting. Pat starts beating him as he tries to wriggle out of his shirt. Heís old and bald and they yell at him to stop struggling. They overpower him and Pat hit Carlís knuckle with the baton by mistake. The suspectís face is bloody and they clean him up. He had 3 flats by the time he ran out of room. Raymond Hatt got 30 years for burglary, has no paperwork and driving bans. 202A. 2005
123 Chris & Simon - Slough Wednesday 4:07pm - Chris says their role is to reduce potential offenders. If you like arresting people and getting involved itís the job for you because you get to see lots of things. The computer spots a stolen tag. They follow it onto the highway and call for backup. They light him up and he does a mad emergency brake turn and crashes into them head on, then takes off. A citizen in a range rover forces them onto the shoulder to slow them down. They take an exit and smoke spits out. It goes from sun to snow, they take a hard right and get surrounded. Cops jump all over him. Chris is worried about their car, it has front-end damage, they just got their car fixed. Heís shaken, thought he was dead when they hit him. Their car has to be towed. 203A. 2005
124 Daz, Rosie & Dixie - Reading Wednesday 1:39am 06 - they have a problem with people robbing houses for car keys. They drive around looking for a Ford Focus that was stolen. The car goes by them and they give chase. The car crashes, they crash into him and the guy runs, but they all jump him. The passenger is Martin Bayne, the driver got away by hopping fences. Thereís a tool used to go through the letter slot to open the door. Martin got 18 months. 204A. 2005
125 Simon & Chris - Aylesbury Thursday 4:03pm - they spot 3 guys in a grey Saab driving around the area and think they are dealing drugs. They follow and go to pull them over, but they take off. He passes cars doing 70mph and almost hits cars head on. They toss drugs and disappear into heavy traffic. Itís the craziest driving theyíve seen in a long time. They call in the details and find the car 8 minutes later. The passengers are gone and the plates and car were stolen. 205A. 2006
126 Simon & Chris - High Wycombe Wed 12:00pm - they set up a sting for car robberies and get a tip on suspects and follow them. They almost lose their silver car in traffic, then hunt them down and yank them out. They find a car with a broken window that was robbed with a screwdriver and a Tom Tom GPS, needles, swabs, needle box. Nicholas Wallum got 16 months, Jonathan Braun got 28 days. 206A. 2006
127 Rosie & Daz - Reading Friday 9:32am - they are looking for 2 guys that did an armed robbery. The ideal situation is they don't get hurt. They are bored and playing word games, then they see the guy leave his apartment and then he runs back in when they come after him. They chase him down, cuff and search him. He asks why are they arresting him, he gave his real name and didn't commit a crime. The other guy is supposed to have a gun and they go to his apartment to grab him. They find pot on him and 2 bulletproof vests, but no gun. They were later released. 207A. 2006
128 Simon & Chris - Milton Keynes Tuesday 7:27pm 06 - they get a call for backup in a pursuit across town. Mark & Huey are in the lead when they join them. They go around and around, then 4 guys jump out and run. One runs down an alley and they go around to cut him off. He runs by them and they almost hit the cop chasing him. He runs around a house into a garden and they see where heís hiding and tell him to get out. They search him and check his mouth and see that they know him. Tadu Sadeku had pot he brought into the station. 208A. 2006

Season 5 (2007)

The logo changes from red and black to the banner at the top.

129 Simon & Chris - Aylesbury Wed 10:51am - Operation Falcon is targeting a car with a drug stash. They hide and wait until he shows up, surround the car and yank them out. They cuff and search them on the ground and find a bunch of cash and pot in the bushes. M1 - cops go to a broken down car and a car crashes into 2 others while they are watching. 209A. 2006
130 Yorkie & Dixie - Whitely Tuesday 8:04pm - they do a sting on a burglars house. Ronnie Walsh & Roma also join them. They set up then sit and wait. After hours it gets dark and they spot people leaving the area running, but itís a false alarm. After 12 hours nothing happens. They go back at 8pm the next day. After hours it starts raining. The three suspects leave, they usually rob houses, take keys and go back later for cars. They come back in a new car and cops run out and grab them yelling get on the floor. The woman wants the camera off her. A guy says get away from me you clown as they are put in a van. In the stolen Volkswagen they find a laptop, camera and plasma TV. Three guys come by who say they arenít involved, but cops remember them driving by and go out and look for their car, itís around the block and it is stolen. One guy gets 3 years in jail.
131 Rosie & Daz - Reading Thursday 8:24pm - they use the computer to check plates and get a hit on a silver Audi A8 ahead of them. The license plate comes back stolen from an Audi A3. The car pulls over, then takes off. It races through town as backup arrives. The guy takes off on foot on Brunswick st and they lose him. The car lost a front tire and crashed into the bushes. A chopper is called in and spots a running man. They have to move the car and the tire is off. The thieves werenít caught. 210A. 2007
132 Chris & Simon - Milton Keynes Wednesday 4:32pm - they spot 2 guys going into a phone booth, then they jump into a van and ride to a house so they follow them. They do a hand deal with a small car and follow that car instead. They take off and ride all around an estate, then call for a dog and helicopter. Backup arrives and they finally tap them on a circle and yank them out. He tries to swallow a SIM car and they choke it out of his mouth. They find no drugs. Layton Charles got 4 months in jail for no license and traffic infractions. A helicopter chases 2 robbers in a white Ford feista. After a half hour they hit a park and drive around and around it until they hit a fence. The driver canít hop the fence even climbing on the car. The passenger hops the fence and hides behind a house, but is caught. 211A. 2007
133 Ronnie & Roma - Slough Tuesday 6:16pm - they pass a guy in a parked car and see him hiding something. He says heís waiting for someone and hasnít been drinking, but there is an open container in the car. They gives him a BAC test, he fails and is arrested. They have to take him to the station and test him again. He saw him drop the lager, but he says it was cider. In the intoximeter room he blows again and is over 4 times the limit and they never saw it so high. 35 is the limit, he blows 171. Nicholas Brogh was arrested again a week later and got 28 days. M5 - a drunk is all over the road and stopped and stumbles all over. M1 - cops follow a car moving slow, then he slams right into the back of an 18 wheeler. 212A. 2007
134 Lloydy & Jim - Lechlade Road Monday 7:04pm - they are tracking a burglar in a silver Mercury and wait until there is traffic to grab him. They jump out and he goes on the curb to get away. Another unit gets ahead of them and they box him in, break out the windows and wrestle him to the ground. In the car is a bag of stolen jewelry. 213A. 2007
135 Rosie & Daz - Reading Thursday 9:39pm - people break into houses for car keys and they are trying to catch people in stolen cars. A stolen jeep passes them and they give chase at 70mph through town. He goes down Bath, the wrong side of the road, goes off road to gain ground, takes a bunch of turns, then goes over a pole for a bus lane and the cops get stuck there and canít go over it. The Jeep was found later. 214A. 2007
136 Charlie & Ruffy - Bracknell Tuesday 12:30pm - they are looking for guys who stole tires in a convertible. They go looking for the car in a hot spot, find it parked and ask a guy if he saw anyone get out. They find the tires leaning against the apartments and a guy hanging around nearby. They go back to look for him, he takes off and they chase him through a park. They catch him and he asks what is he being arrested for. They tell him and he says the seatbelt irritates him, but they donít care. They give him a tabloid magazine to read in the cell. He wasnít charged. 215A. 2007
137 Simon & JK - Chalfont St Peter Thursday 4:47pm - they get info about a man in a flat who deals with a large amount of coke in Operation Grizzly. They set up and wait. He comes out and they run over. He gets in his car and runs, but there is nowhere to go, they hit a fence and cops jump the guy. He fights a dozen cops, gets a cut on his bald head, says candid camera right, whatís it all about? They run up the stairs and the place is a disaster. They find digital scales with residue and a bag of pot. A girl was with him and questioned. GA, USA - a cop stops a car and walks over. He asks the driver to come. They got a tip the car was weaving. The big black guy says he hasnít been drinking, has no weapons, just money. The cop finds drugs, then he runs. Two cops grab him, but he gets out of his shirt and pants at the same time, but they have his wallet. They go to his house and get him later. GA - cops make a stop and have the driver come over. He was doing 76 in a 55. He says he has no wallet. They tell him not to put his hand back in his pocket. He does all these moves and puts his hands in his pocket. He walks around and he tells him to put his hands on the car. He comes at the cop and he tells him to stop. They run around the car and fight. The cop gets beat and goes down, the man drives away and is caught later. 216A. 2007
138 Ruffy & Charlie - Aylesbury Monday 2:01pm - they are looking for a female drug dealer named Sasha. They pass other cops who are looking for her too. Charlie runs out and grabs a couple. Ruffy talks to Matthew. They fit the description of drug dealers. She says she is Sasha. Matt has a pack of cigarettes with drugs in them. At the station she had the heroin in her vagina and the guys laugh about it. She got a year in rehab. Worchester - cops chase a heroin addict who stabbed someone. The passenger jumps out in front of cops and they hit him and the door. The driver keeps going with the broken door and pulls a gun on them. Cops catch him and find the gun was fake, he got 10 years. GA USA - a cop stops a car for loud music and the black guy fires in his face. He goes to finish him off, but the gun jams so he beats him with it. He tries to get the cops gun and he fights him back. Heís caught the next day and gets 63 years. 217A. 2007
139 Chris & Simon - Slough Thursday 1:24pm 06 - they are staking out a stolen car with fake plates. Other cops get involved in a chase, so they race over to join them. He goes the wrong way on the A4, goes over the median, hits a fence, backs up and takes off. He runs a red light and gets t-boned by a big truck, but keeps going. He races his green car through traffic, over medians and cops throw spikes that he hits. People jump out in front of the cops to slow them down. He goes into a dead end, skids out, they block him in, jump out, smash his window and yank him out. They throw him down and yell at him to put his hands behind his back. He got 23 months and 5 years lost license. 05 - a cop pulls up to a blue car and he races around a truck and takes off. He takes the grass on a turn, crashes into a car and runs. MI 03 - cops chase bank robbers and slam into them on a turn knocking them into the grass and cops are stuck in a drainage ditch. Slough 12/15/05 - cops chase a speedy Sierra that runs around cars, goes into a single lane tunnel and is blocked in. Cops run up to him and start trying to smash the windows out. He goes in reverse, then runs over a cop on a motorcycle. He tried to lock the brakes, got slammed, didnít get hurt. He tries to smash through the car ahead of him and goes back and forth until they can break out his windows and pepper spray him. 218A. 2007
140 Charlie & Chris - Slough Friday 3:16pm - two cars a day were stolen in Slough last year. Now all police cars can scan plates for stolen cars. They get a hit on a white car and double check it. The dispatcher says this is your lucky day. They call for backup and a helicopter. He goes to turn, hits a curb and blows a tire. He hits traffic, cuts through on thr right, goes over a median going the wrong way, makes fast turns and runs away. He hops a wall, jumps on a garage and falls through the roof. They slam through the door after him. He hurts his knee, jumps out and is soon caught. The car has lots of DVDs and cases of olive oil, sugar and food in the back. James Hines denies stealing the food. He got 4 Ĺ years because he was wanted. 05 - they chase a car through crowded streets, around a car in the middle of the road, down Constitution, onto Oxford road, goes head on with a double decker bus, hits an island, goes around traffic, loses a hubcap and gets a flat. He almost hits 2 people, slams over bumps, almost hits cars, goes offroad, into the thick grass, hits a wall, then they are rammed and run out the side. He went to jail 6 months. CA - a helicopter follows a silver car with 2 bank robbers. He makes a cut to the carpool lane at 100mph, loses it and hits both wails. The car smokes and they bail out, jumping a wall into 4 lanes of oncoming traffic and over a 20 foot wall. They are still caught. 219A. 2007
141 Charlie & Chris - Slough Wednesday 1:41pm 06 - they are waiting for a signal to corner a drug dealer named Modassa. They get the call and block the van in. Simon is in the other unit. They break the window and try to break the other, but the door is open. They yank him out and he got cut from the glass. He says he has some skunk. They find some pot in a cigarette pack. They bring him in for a strip search. Heís done it before. They find wrapped crack in his underwear. Modassa was out on bail and got 4 years. USA 8/18/92 - a Toyota SUV is stopped for speeding and is wanted out of Maryland for forgery. The female says no she isn't. He wants to search the truck. He goes to search the trunk and they switch around and he drives off. He warns they will be shot. They take off and he opens fire. While running they dump out 5 kilos of angel dust on the road. Cops shoot out the tires and they stop. If they move kill them. Northern Ireland 5/6/05 - cops chase a car wanted for drugs and he goes the wrong way and almost hits a funeral procession. He takes a turn too fast and spins out. He passes cars on tight roads, the cops slams it and the camera spins around. The guy wrecked soon after. Slough 3/06 - cops chase a small car in the rain and he weaves around to stop cars from getting around him. Cops box him in and he got 6 months. Chris & Simon Slough Thurs 3pm - they spot a car taken in a distraction burglary. They wait for him to drive and follow. There is 4 men inside. They hit a traffic light and cops get in front of them while they are behind them and jump out. They rip a hat off a guy who hides his face. They are all arrested, 2 were charged with burglary. #220A. 2007
142 Chris & Simon - Slough Friday 12:30pm - they target crooks in their cars. By the M4 100,000s of cars pass through. They look for traffic offenses, crime, drugs whatever they can get. They go to a pursuit area where 3 guys stopped them from chasing a motorcycle. They spot a blue car that is suspicious. They smell pot and ask the driver if he has any. They lock him in their car, search him and say to put your arms down, this is not America. The guy climbs over the front seat and runs out the front door. They give chase and he jumps a 6 foot fence. Simon follows, doesnít make it and hurts his knee bad. He limps back and the passenger is cuffed. Chris goes in the car to follow him. They think he went into a garage and check, but itís empty. He comes back and they find a trash bag full of weed. Simon gets in an ambulance for his knee. The driver left his car, phone and bank statements that show he just deposited around $25,000. Tristan Richardson the driver turned himself in 3 days later. The passenger was not charged. Crammond - cops chase a stolen BMW at night. He takes a turn and falls 20 feet onto the road below. He was caught from DNA. #221A. 2007
143 Rosie & Daz Reading Wed 12:58am - they go to a call of a break in at a BT exchange. Someone is breaking into a van and they are watching him on CCTV. They get out and walk around, there are ladders around, an alarm sounding, but no one there. The door is locked, it announces 'system alarm inside.' She climbs up the ladder, sees nothing, so they call a helicopter to look for them. They go to check a blue van known to be used in thefts and see a guy hiding underneath it. Daz yanks him out. He says his name is Bobby - Robert OíDonell. He searches him and he says he was sleeping there because he was kicked out. She finds his keys and sees if they open the blue van and they do. In the back they find cable he stole from BT. Winchester 9/06 - CCTV watches a drunk guy get into a white BMW and drive. Cops pull up on him and he drives at one cop hitting him, then goes into reverse into a store. Then he jumps out and runs so they chase him down. He got DWI, had no license, got 10 months in jail. CA - Two girls are walking to a store and a 79 year old woman in a car plows into her. She had no license and left. Blightly - a helicopter follows a chase. One cop gets ahead, PITs himself and makes it into a turn. He flies over speed bumps, almost hits a woman, then runs out, weaves through yards and bushes and goes into a house and is caught. He got 6 months in jail. #222A. 2007
144 Daz & Rosie Reading Tuesday 12:57am - TV37 are in a joint operation for burglars, they use Burrfield Rd to cut through with stolen cars. They get a call of a stolen car that ran and crashed. They find the empty car and wait to see the guys. The find one and another takes off. They leave the K9 with the first guy and go after the other, lose him and go back so the K9 can track the second one. The first guy says heís sweaty from walking. Itís his money, they leave it so he can see it. Itís mistaken identity, someone said I stole a car? Yes. The witness IDíd him perfectly, white track suit, acne. The owner arrives, says his car wasnít stolen, thatís his son. Did he have access to the keys? Yeah, they are gone. He didnít know his son took it. He had no license. UT 2/28/07 - cops stop a black SUV with a stolen plate, then he takes off. He goes into the mountains where it is raining, then snowing. He fishtails, jumps out and starts shooting because heís a wanted bank robber. He steals the police truck, then they open fire and he crashes into a wall. Lloydy & Jim Windsor Wed 8:39pm - they spot 2 street racers, one on a motorcycle. The Astra comes back section 59, anti social matter. Heís driving like a blooming idiot. Jamie Flynn stops on Maidenhead Rd. He says heís never been arrested, admits heís been stopped before. What did they tell you when you were stopped last time? Not to do handbrake turns or heíd be impounded. Two of his buddies yell at him and come over, cops tell them to leave. Heís only been driving 3 months. He can lose his car and his license for 2 years. He wants to keep it. They didnít see him doing anything worse than speeding. #223A. 2007
145 Yorkie & Dixie - Reading Tuesday 2:35pm - they are looking for a wanted guy on a gold BMX bike. They cut them off on a curb and hit one, the other guy takes off. The guy gives his papers and says heís the wrong guy, they run him over. We didnít, just your bike. If itís mistaken identity, weíll get someone out to look at your bike. We are dealing with guys who try to get away all the time and have to be aggressive. Do you mean to do that? Yes, calm down. The other guy got away on a scooter. The bike was linked to several crimes, he says it wasnít his. He left and tossed the bike over a fence. Dorsett - cops chase a man on a moped who wonít stop. They hit him and he keeps going, a cop on a motorcycle gets next to him and he still wonít stop, so he puts a baton in his face. He has drugs, no paperwork and a large knife. Scotland - a call of a drunk biker comes in and cops find him. He runs from cops, then on a turn he plows into a car and is thrown. He went to the hospital. US 03 - a man on a yellow motorcycle runs, then gets in front of the cop and is smacked into. Chris & Charlie - Slough Mon 1:08pm - are looking for car thieves. They spot a guy on a bike riding back and forth and stop him. He asks what are they doing and he doesnít want the camera on him. They want to search him for being suspicious. He doesnít want them to. They take his hood off and they drop his coat and he says thatís not right. They pick it up, hold him down and he wonít listen. They find pot on him and arrest him. He says he suffers from mental illness and pot calms him down. They will check him out. His name is Mike. Chris has seen him before, he knows him. He is fined and let go. They laugh about the pot for their garden. Chris & Simon - Bracknell Wed 5:32pm - Operation Falcon is in town for drugs. They spot a guy climbing through a window and go back to look for him. The parking garage is abandoned and a kid runs up to the roof. A bunch of guys are hanging around and there is junk all around including a wheelchair. They catch the guy who was on the roof. He denies it, he was hiding over there. His phone keeps ringing and he laughs like a lunatic. #224A. 2006

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