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Season 1

From R.C. Entertainment, the creators of MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). Spike TV lost interest in the show and didn't renew it, so all of the cast & crew took an offer for a similar style show on G4.  This show started out as life as Super Golden Yoshimoto in Japan on Sun Sun TV. The hosts are now called Ashton & Gary Bastu, or The Batsu Boys. Originally the show is a Jackass style game show, but now they've turned it into a product testing show where each one is rated BS = good or Dis-missed = bad. Each episode is only 12 minutes in the length with a Top 5 countdown at the end.

Season 1 (2007-08)

101 Junk Trunks/Bug O'Bong/The Breastidigitator/Barry Bondage Sorcerer's Rod/Regurgidate/The Abusive Stepdad in a box  11/30/07
102 The Derma Grill/No More Mr. Nice Guy Dating Kit/Hermaphro Tights/Jiffy Plop/The Pootery Wheel/Nas-tea Ice Cubes 11/30/07
103 In the Bag Gack Sack/Deshawn White Halfpipe Food Plume/Tit for Tat Conflict Resolution Kit/Smart Fart Car/Glute Glue/Disco Diapers 11/30/07
104 Fighting Thongs - Glutiator vs. AssSassin/Skull Sucker/P.A.N. - Personal Attack Neutralizer/Toe Nailer/Lip Test - Lip-Zyte vs. Pro-Tox vs. Sneer Smear/Razor Burner 11/30/07
105 Arachni-Fryer/Talking Buddy Cam/Auto-Man/The Here, Boy! Hunk Harness/The Dutyville Slugger 2/7/08
106 Plop Ramen/Blasterine/Phace Off/The Man Mallet/The Male Button/Accu-puncher/Dam Well Water 2/7/08
107 Pick Your Nose - Cosmetic Surgery Travel Kit/The Euchar-Disk/Pimp My Office Party/Smugglies - Adult Concealment Pants/Swerving Dish 2/14/08
108 The Freudian Strip/The Mood Swinger/Humper Cables/Eunuch-Cycle/Levee-Tators/Guantana Motivator/The Counter Suit  2/14/08
109 The I-C De-licer Machine/The Strap-on Bra for Lesbians/Pop-a-paparazzi/Tongue Tutor/Tweeney Todd Hair Slashing System 2/16/08
110 Lawn Sharts/Dead Bull Energy Snorts Bar/Miscon-duct Tape/Yes Mistress Insensitivity Remedy Kit/Cock Caddy #10. 2/21/08
111 Dr. Degloveís Genital Wart Wipes/Rachel Ray Charles Braille Bucket/The Floating Seamanship/The Crab Gabber Ultimate Game Glove/Alzheimer-Cizer Geriatric Brain Trainer/Cinna-Bunyon 2/28/08
112 Etch-a-Wretch/Stun Glasses/Trick Magic Tricks/Rear Guard Bawdy Armor/Hali-Blowsis Mouth Maintenance System 2/28/08
113 Dr. Zapkinís Tummy Taser/Unhealthy Choice Baby Foods/Buggery Bobís Better Batter/Rocky Mountain Oyster Skewers/i-Hump Contraceptive Pancake 3/6/08
114 The Sty Lash/Porcupine Balls/Num-Chef Kitchen Cutley/Dodge Work Ball/The Mile Heimlich Launcher/Monk-e Harmony  3/6/08
115 The Abdominator Self-Confidence Suit/Throat Putty Food De-Gagger/My Little Painist/Ibu-Bowl-Fen/Cater-Peeler Cheese Slicer 3/27/08
116 Border Check Immigrant Repellent/The Lung Buddy/Danteís In-thermo/Heart Attacker/The Break Winder.  4/4/08

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