The Search for the Next Elvira

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Season 1

This hour long Fox Reality Channel series features Cassandra Peterson herself searching for someone who can play her character of Elvira at smaller appearances she isn't able to attend and might not know the difference anyway.

Season 1 (2007)

# Description
101 The Odd-itons from Hell - male and female contestants audition on the Queen Mary for Elvira and her 2 Manviras - Christian Greenia & Patterson Lundquist. They narrow them down to the unlucky 13. 10/13/07
102 Undressed to Kill - Winners are invited "Welcome to My Nightmare" or "Rest in Peace" if they fail and Helga (Cindy Sorenson) has to clean up their remains. Contestants have sell coffee in the heat at Universal Studios and to act in a scene from Elvira's Haunted Hills. Guest judges include Kane Hodder & Rick Baker. 10/20/07
103 Dining with the Devil - April Wahlin, Bridget Marquardt, Jilina Scott, Lola Davidson, Shelly Martinez and others have to dine with an unpleasant man from another reality show. 10/27/07
104 The Chosen One - April is chosen as winner in front of a live Halloween audience complete with house band. 10/31/07

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