The Shift

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This hour show long show on the Discovery ID Channel is their version of The First 48 following real homicides as they happen to their solving. The main differences are there is no gimmick countdown clock, features 1 case per show and all the action takes place in the Indianapolis area with the same detectives.

# Description
S1 Meet the Cast preview
S2 Meet Detective Minka
S3 Meet Det Tom Tudor
101 To Catch a Witness - West Indianapolis 9:15pm - Anjel Velasquez (36) a call of a man shot at Terrance apartments. Det Christine Minka leads. Lt. Kevin Kelly is on scene, says he was shot in the back of the head. They find two 9mm Luger casings and another man named Adalberto Velasquez in the area. Det Kevin Duley says a witness saw the suspect pull up fast and get out, go inside and put the gun in the car. He cries he didn't kill nobody. They need to find the gun first. They take his car and him to the station. Det. Jose Torres helps her since he speaks Spanish. 12/21/08
102 The Ripple Effect - 7:05pm 10/3/08 - no one is out on a call. They are bored and pacing. Sgt. Jeff Breedlove leads. A female body was found in White River. He takes a boat out by a railroad bridge. They find clothes, see no trauma, but she's only wearing underwear. Couldíve been thrown or jumped from the bridge. Lt. Kevin Kelly didnít see anything on the bridge. Det Chuck Benner doesnít see any sign of rape, pants on shore are clean, no shoes. No ID in the pants, under the shirt is blood that leads a trail to the water. They have no idea who she is and remove the body for an autopsy. 8:10am - they find a bullet in her head, could she have shot herself and walked off? 12/28/08
103 No Body, No Crime? - Minka & Lesia Moore go to a briefing. Maj Steve Byerly from Johnson county has a missing persons case and they think the man George Brown was killed here. He is missing 62 days, lives in Trafalgar and came to the city to drop Charles David Doss off and was never seen again. They never had a case like this. Det Tom Tudor is there. Sgt. Jeff Breedlove says he could be anywhere. They donít believe the body is there since it hasnít been found. They have to go 30 miles to the manís house on 14 acres to look for a body. They find his truck in KY and go there to print it. They call for a cadaver dog to smell the truck and it gets 3 hits on the doors and the bed. 1/4/09
104 Naked Truth - 3pm Tuesday Det Tom Tudor goes out to eat with the team. Heís up next if there is a murder. He likes Samís cooking, his wife is also a cop. They get a call of 2 shootings. Det Chuck & Minka join him. Officer Michael Leeper briefs them on scene. Anthony Jenkins (25) has died, his uncle Wayne Williams (42) is in surgery. The find a 19 year old around the corner with blood on him. Keisha a family member was walking outside when a man ran up and shot Jenkins in the chest. He took off through the houses, she got a great look him, heís around 19. Minka arrives and will take her to ID the man with blood. She thinks itís him, but he has different clothes. She has to go downtown to make a statement. 1/11/09
105 Torched - East Indianapolis 9:15pm 8/10/08 - Almarcus Barker was shot a couple times. Lt David Phillips briefs. Det Jesse Beavers leads. Det Tom Tudor, Det Chuck Benner assist. Kelly heard 2 shots and saw a man robbing him. The security guard never saw him before. A man saw a car coming in slow and thought he was taking his spot and stopped there. Itís not a car from here. A woman calls that they saw 2 men jump out of a red SUV and it belongs to Kelly. She then admits there were 2 guys inside, but doesnít know them. Lamont was in the car, he comes back and was worried about being out past curfew, he doesnít know where the other guy is. 1/18/09
106 Brother's Keeper - 11/3/08 Richard Miller (26) is killed. A 911 call of shots fired comes in, then another telling them to hurry, another says he was hit. Three brothers in a house were shot, 2 hit. Det Christine Minka checks their house. There is chaos, blood, shell casings, holes in the wall and blood in the bedroom. Dwayne survived. They have a surveillance system set up because of a robbery. The youngest brother pulls up in a car and goes in, goes back out and 3 guys jump him and his girl, then lead him into the house at gunpoint. Later they are seen running out. Ricky Bluit says he saw them coming, asked for the brother, knows them. Lt. Kelly says he has no emotion or anger. They went in, he said nothing was there and he shot him. Chris says he seems really calm, no emotion, not scared. They tell him Richard is dead and he thinks they are joking, he only got shot once. 1/25/09
107 No Good Deed - 4:45pm 11/08 - Gregory Kemp (52) is found dead when a welfare check turns into a murder investigation when he is found brutally stabbed and covered. Sgt. Jeff Breedlove leads. Det Tom Tudor, Ofc Emily Perkins, Det Lesia Moore, Lt. Kevin Kelly, Derrick Golder, Det Chuck Benner, Brian Porter, Larry Grant & Det Minka assist. The back door is broken to make it look like a break in, but itís tied from the inside. A neighbor saw the garage door open and someone took his truck after the murder and brought it back. He was a prison and drug behavioral counselor who was having a problem with a guy. The truck has no DNA. It turns out he had a guy living with him 3 weeks ago who was trouble and had to get rid of him. 2/8/09
108 Web of Lies - 12/26/08 - Michael Hunt (22) & Leila Avery Elsie (34) are killed. 7pm Friday on the northside, 2 people and a dog are shot in a quiet area. Det Tom Tudor leads. Det. Todd Lappin, Det. Chuck Benner, Lt. Kevin Kelly, Sgt. Tom Strausborger & Sgt. Mark Hess assist. A blood trail leads to bedroom with 2 bodies, a pitbull is shot in the other room. Lots of things to steal are still there. A neighbor says they had a big party last night that got wild. Her car is also missing - it opens like a Lamborghini and says Sexy Independent on it. Her phone was found in an alley in Fort Wayne. They find Wesley Williams was called on her phone after the murder. He says itís his daughter Jaziza, she says heís Christopher Leo Rogers-Conwell. They go to see her the next day. She says heís an ex and he wanted to talk and she didnít and it was a while ago. They know it wasnít. She says she was half asleep. 2/15/09

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