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This History Channel hour long show features footage shown on similar shows like Most Daring, but with interviews like Most Amazing Videos and explanations on why it happened (What Went Wrong). Nothing makes for more exciting television than seeing history captured as it happened, whether by home video, cell phones, surveillance systems, or the occasional lucky news cameraman. This new groundbreaking series taking the best raw footage of catastrophic, headline-making events from all over the world and using the latest in graphics technology to dissect the video, revealing astonishing 3-D views and explanations for what really happened. Take an in-depth look at the stories behind the headlines and introduce you to the people who conquered tragedy with their incredible human spirit.

Season 1 (2007-08)

Ep# Description
101 Amsterdam, NY 4/27/02 Ė the Cranesville Fire Department does a training exercise on an abandoned house. Tom Champain throws a lit stick into the house and it blows up in 1 second. Mike Bellamy was with him and was buried under the rubble. His wife Ginger Champain ran to him. Jim Romeyn was thrown back and filmed it. Boards and floors were launched at 70mph. Jared Giltson was on the other side and was hit by debris. Mike Beyer was there too. They were using accelerants in the basement and they didnít know there were gas vapors there. It created a lethal bomb. Tom pulled his face shield down first and it saved him. Itís still shocking to him. His leg was badly wounded and he was in a wheelchair for 7 months. Okinawa, Japan 8/20/07 - China Airlines Flight 120 has 160 aboard their Boeing 737. Dr. Jim Caruso and his family were on board when it caught fire on the runway. His daughter Erica was with him. They were in the middle and the fire engulfed both wing exits. Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam 7/29/67 - John McCain is on the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier when his plane is hit. tornado sends a house flying; helicopter crashes during a mountain rescue; auto race crash. #101. 11/30/07
102 El Toro Air Base, CA 4/24/88 - Craig Schmidtman films the show and says there were over 100,000 people there. Marine Col. Jerry Cadick flies an F-18 and does an Immelman loop right above the crowd. Now itís Day 3 of the show. This time heís too low and slams into the runway at 300mph pulling 75gs. No human ever survived over 45 before. Dr. Stephen Desantis & Thomas Shaver say he was lifeless and his face was fractured. Jerry says he broke both legs, his left heel came off, collapsed a lung, broke 5 ribs, moved his face 3 inches. He didnít have enough speed and screwed up. His harness threw him into the stick which smashed his face and saved him. A massive oil tank explosion puts a firefighter on the frontline facedown in the flames. 12/7/07
103 Brooklyn, NY 5/4/04 - WABCís chopper flies to the scene of a gunfight in a street. Shannon Sohn films chopper 4 from WNBC go down into a building. It hits a roof, flips over and the tail breaks off. Her husband flies in that chopper in the morning. Two men eventually pop out including Andrew Torez. The pilot Russ Mowry was trapped with a broken ankle. He thought he was dying in there. He lost it at 1000 feet and had no time to correct. Rob Dormer explains how a drive belt broke because it was put on inside out and didnít get full pressure. Russ had to feel what the chopper was doing and aimed for the big roof and thought the chimney would stop him. It was 90% luck it played out the way he wanted. Shannon won an award for it. Chesapeake Bay 9/30/81 - the Navy tests a snake eye bomb drop from an F18 Hornet. A tornado races through an Iowa town, a brick silo collapses on a farmer; a drag racer crashes at 280 mph. #103. 12/14/07
104 USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier 2/20/91 - J.D. Briggs gets sucked into a jet engine intake. Michael McDonald was there. He was training a rookie, went over to check his work and thatís when he got sucked in. Jim Beard demonstrates how the front gear works. He broke his collarbone, popped an ear drum. Mike warned the pilot and he cut the engine, so he was able to walk away. They go back to the ship 17 years later after they are retired. Off the coast of South Africa 8/4/91 - Julian Butler the magician & Moss Hills the guitarist of the Oceanos ship are there when it starts to sink. The captain and main crew left them to die. A large storm came in and the Coast Guard told them not to go out. John Barnes says the ships can take it, but there was a leak in the hull, the water came into the sea chest and both shutoff valves were corroded and removed, which is illegal. There were 8 lifeboats and 2 were stolen by the captain. Half were unusable because they were listing too far. 228 were left when the choppers came in and werenít prepared to get them all. They tied themselves to the deck to maneuver the people 2 at a time to the choppers. It took 7 hours with 16 helicopters. On shore everyone is reunited. It took the ship 18 hours to sink. The captain said to abandon ship, if people want to stay they do. Then he denied it and said he coordinated it from the shore. Muroc Dry Lake, CA 6/28/98 - Ron Cook wants to set a 200mph speed record on his motorcycle. Lee Kennedy says he was the first to push it. Itís a 1976 Kawasaki 900 with nitrus oxide. He gets to 185mph, hits 2 divots, goes into a wobble, gets up, falls over, his leg gets stuck on the seat and heís dragged at 175mph. He spins to get out after ľ miles. He scraped his clothes off and ate dirt. El Mirage, CA 7/12/98 he tries it again - heís worried the gravel is too loose, but goes anyway. At the finish he loses traction, wobbles, was thrown and the bike shredded. He broke 9 bones, had third degree burns, 9 days in the hospital, 2 years to recover. The first time he jumped off, the second time he held on, then just let himself go limp for 588 feet. He has a display with all the broken parts. He set a record for first person to survive a crash at 200mph. 12/21/07
105 Milwaukee, WI 4/11/89 - Ben Moore flies a helicopter carrying a 3400 pound air conditioner cooling tower from the top of a building to a truck. Bob Muse says itís extremely hard to lift and maintain control with that weight. He loses control, drops the load, then spins around 4 times and crashes on the edge of a canal nose first and flips on itís side. 12/28/07
106 Niagara Falls, NY 3/20/03 - a man gambled away all his families money and went to kill himself by throwing himself in the water. Now he stands 4 feet from the edge of the falls with his feet caught in a rocky crag. Lt. Patrick Moriarity & Gary Carella went out to rescue him and thought there was no way they could get him.  1/4/08
107 Clinton Twsp, MI 8/28/98 - Harry Houdini upside-down straight jacket escape footage. Jasen Magic decides to do the same trick over a river attached to a flaming platform. His sister Dawn Shirkey was screaming for him while filming. Joe Chasney helped coordinate it. They tested all kinds of fuel and it will last 3 minutes. Heís 70 feet up and not getting out and everything is on fire. He takes too long and the fire drops on him See footage of the infamous Sioux City plane crash and listen to an interview with the pilot who was highly decorated for his heroism on that terrible day. Then a pilot loses control of his plane when a parachute opens prematurely and the chute snags on the tail of the plane. Next, a high tech crime fighting robot provides pictures of a four day standoff between a crazed gunman and Kentucky police. Finally the camera is rolling as two contractors are caught in a massive landslide in Portland, Oregon. 1/25/08
108 Bering Sea, AK 3/15/90 - the Alaskan Monarch, a 96 foot fishing boat is trapped in the ice and 30 foot waves are washing over them. He calls the Coast Guard and Lt. Laura Guth is 600 miles away in a helicopter. They just dropped a load and 4 foot ice blows over and packs together like concrete and his propeller snaps. Derek Rieksts is on a 230 foot ice cutter made to cut through the ice in the area. Watch as daredevil Kangaroo Kid attempts to jump a twenty foot high riverboat on a quad runner with a ramp that is only eight feet high. Then a vengeful man uses a bulldozer to plow down a small town in America's heartland. Will the National Guard be called in to take it out with an anti-tank missile? Next, a navy aviator's ejection seat malfunctions and he's stuck half out of the cockpit as his jet is coming in for landing. Finally, a home video camera rolls as a family is trapped in the worst fire in the history of Southern California. 2/1/08
109 Murdock, IL 9/2/83 at 3:30pm - A freight train derails and explodes. Ramey Becker is reporting from a mile away as the sound changes and sounds like a jet engine taking off. Car #7 has 28,000 gallons of liquid propane and it suddenly explodes filling the sky with smoke and fire. They could feel it a mile away. James Barlow the train master arrives to take pictures and sees one fire pickup truck. They canít stop it and decide to let it go. Then a paramedic rushing to help a wrecked driver at the Daytona International Speedway is hit by another racecar, thrown 30 feet in the air and then hit again by the same car. Can eight people fit into a life raft built for four when their perfect fishing day turns into a nightmare? Relive the day Matt "Kangaroo Kid" Coulter tried to jump his 40 horsepower "quad" over a huge riverboat. Finally a Delta II Rocket explosion in Cape Canaveral, Florida results in huge chunks of burning metal raining down on the launch pad and surrounding areas.  2/8/08
110 Englishtown, NJ 7/8/90 - NHRA funny car drag racing. Johnny Westís Banzai car slams into the wall and keeps going along the rail all the way down the track. Carl Olson was at the line and knew he was knocked out because the car didnít shut down or deploy the chutes. His goes down on the gas and he rockets to the end, hits a barrier, explodes and flips through the air. They put the fire out and have to cut him free. . Next, a mountain biker tries to break his own record by riding his bike down a volcano in Nicaragua. But the rocky surface is too much for the bike, and it literally blows apart. A fighter jet pilot tries to make a routine landing onboard an aircraft carrier but the jet rockets off the edge of the deck and plummets into the Mediterranean. A vertical lift bridge operator accidentally lowers a bridge on a fifteen thousand ton freighter--sheering off the boat's pilot house and 29 ton smoke stake. And a tourist and his girlfriend are posing for pictures in front of the Moi Hole, a seaside cave off the coast of Oahu, when a monster wave unexpectedly sweeps him into the sea. 2/15/08
111 Ramstein Air Base Germany 8/28/88 Ė Massimo Tommaro leads the Italian Aerobatic Team at the show. Their Air Force flies the Pierced Heart Maneuver where 10 jets goes up and around and 1 goes in the middle and cuts threw them all. Sgt. Jeffrey McCanch took his son there to see it. He was in the front and had nowhere to go. Itís a risky maneuver that is banned in the US. The lone plane hits a jet, that hits another, slams into the ground and explodes into a massive fireball. Australian stunt driver Ray Bauman attempts a world record by launching a car off a ramp over 229 feet. He nearly goes the distance, but the car nose dives straight into the track from a height of sixty feet. Two years later he tries again. Next, a huge tanker loaded with 80 tons of crude oil breaks in half and erupts into a massive fireball in the Indian Ocean forcing crew members to scramble for the lives. A daredevil parachutist tries a death-defying stunt and takes a terrifying fall. Two window washers hang-on for dear life when their platform breaks loose from a building in downtown Denver. And, firefighters battle a wind-whipped blaze in an Oklahoma City hotel when suddenly a huge hunk of a burning roof collapses and a fireman is swallowed by 500-degree flames. 2/22/08
112 Hanford, CA 10/4/97 - Kings Speedway midget car racing with Donny Oliver #41. On a turn he gets bumped, hits the wall and turns over. The tank opens and methanol pours out all over him. Heís stuck inside and yanks the steering wheel out and it causes a spark and ignites the fuel, but heís wearing a nomex suit. Lance Pierovich demonstrates how the gas cap works, it flips over and locks. Susan Lovasic from Dupont shows a fire test on the suit where itís burned to a crisp in 7 seconds.2/29/08
113 Boston, MA 8/16/85 - a bomb is found in front of an Arab building and the bomb squad is called in. Paul McLaughlin says back then it was all ropes and ties. Randy LaMattina secures it to a line. Itís a fire extinguisher full of powder hooked up to a battery. Jon Lavine was driving an ambulance and wanted to see it. The bomb gets caught on a wheel and Michael frees it by hand. Itís put in a containment unit and trucked off. Randy takes his helmet off so it wonít fall or hurt him. Heís been doing it 6 years without a problem. The bomb is caught in the net and he has to cut it out, but then it blows up in his face and he falls back smoking with his hands up. Jon says his hands, face and neck were extensively damaged. He went through 2 days of surgery and is able to walk weeks later. Randy says the ambulance being there saved him, he was gone when he hit the ground. He lost 3 fingers and they reattached them, but they donít work. They had been handling the bomb for hours and it bounced down 3 stairs, so he thought it was safe. Now EMT is required at all times. A sky diver's pants trap him on the plane's landing gear; a motorcyclist tries to jump 22 cars; a ski racer has a terrifying fall. 3/14/08
114 Salinas, CA 10/3/99 - Oracle Turbo Red Raven has a 750hp engine and is the fastest climbing single prop plane in the world. Wayne Handley talks to the ground during an airshow while doing moves and Keith Breazeal films it. He climbs to 8000 feet, makes a 90 degree turn and lands in 60 seconds. He hits the ground so hard the wheels snap off and pieces fly off as it bounces because the engine flamed out. Jane Lord his daughter thought it was over and ran to her mom. Rescue workers race over and find him alive. His back is broken in 5 places. He lost vertebrae, broke ribs, broke his sternum and is now shorter. He had a special restraint and cushion under the seat to absorb a lot of it. He was able to adjust the propeller in flight and canít rebuild it because of insurance. A snowmobile is crushed during a racing accident; a race car hits a wall at 120 mph; a Mexican soap opera star's magic stunt misfires; a barge crushes a family's boat. 5/2/08
115 Firebird Lake, AZ 2/24/85 - Sonny Moore races a hydroboat with an open cockpit, only wearing a helmet and firesuit. There was no roll cage or capsule back then. Terry Fox films as he gets up to 165mph and at the end he canít stop, wipes out, flies 40 feet in the air, hits 70,000 watt powerlines, explodes, flips over and lands 100 yards away. Power goes out and the boat explodes on land. Sonny was thrown into the water, knocked out, but the parachute on his jacket saved his life. The throttle was stuck open, he couldnít stop, went faster, the kill switch wouldnít work, he stood up to jump and was blown back. He had to roll out the side and didnít know what happened to his boat. 5/9/08
116 Watch footage from a para-gliders helmet cam as he is hit with a thermal updraft that propels him 3,000 feet--then he is sent into a plummeting death spin. While trying to set a world record, stunt man Spanky Spangler attempts jumping a car more than 220 feet but hits the ramp at 90 miles an hour and comes crashing down in Firebird Lake, Arizona. Next a military helicopter carrying reporters explodes into a fireball while news cameras are rolling. Then an out of control speed boat goes airborne at 140 miles an hour, turns nose up, takes two spectacular spins and hurls the driver across the water like a skipping stone. Finally a gas tanker explodes into an inferno and a firefighter falls into the scalding caldron of gasoline--he'll burn to death within 10 seconds. 5/16/08
117 Middle River, MD 9/14/97 - an F117 flown by Major Bryan Knight at an airshow loses a wing and crashes into a house. Diann Stumpf saw it coming down in her neighborhood. Mark McDonald was filming his family picnic when it crashed into his neighborís house. The pilot landed across the street and parts of the house blow up because of the propane tanks. Col Brian Atkins says he did what he could, then bailed out. The bridge inside the wing was supposed to have 5 fasteners, but only had 1 and it ripped off. 11,000 gallons of fuel burn on the house. Diann went to help Brian and he asked if he hit anyone because he was trying to get to the water. A hot air balloon that looks like Smokey Bear gets snagged on an electrified radio tower, trapping two boys 5/23/08
118 A fireball erupts after a fire captain sends his son into a burning house during a training exercise; an Australian dragster going 300 mph breaks in half; a suicide bomber targets a U.S. Marine convoy in Afghanistan; horrific skateboard spill. 5/30/08
119 Mountain Home AFB, ID 9/14/03 - The Thunderbirds do an airshow and Sgt. Dan Greaves was nearby when one F16 slammed into the ground and exploded. Capt Chris R. Strickland was leading the team. Ofc John Denofa says he did it 100s of times. It was the maximum climb split S race toward the ground. Cap Samantha Weeks is the only woman on the squad and says they practice it for months. Heís supposed to pull up at 200 feet, but doesnít make it and pulls away from the crowd and ejects at the last second and lands safely. He didnít adjust the altimeter for the 1000 foot change. He was fired for the mistake. Then watch as a skydiver's chute cord wraps around his instructors neck--they freefall with the instructor out cold. Disaster strikes as stuntman/daredevil Texas Jack Hondo performs his signature stunt while standing atop three sticks of dynamite. Next a man-made avalanche buries a reporter and his cameraman and two racing jet skis collide as they speed to the finish line. Finally a racecar crashes into a pileup on the track, explodes into flames, and all the fire extinguishers are out of foam. 6/6/08
120 Oceanside, CA 12/8/99 - Tom Dewitt says their Marine assault CH46 Sea Knight helicopter was to land in a training mission on a rig. They are to drop 20 men in 11 seconds as two boats follow them. Their back wheel hits the deck and gets caught in the safety net. They try to get lift and flip over into the water with 18 men inside into 3500 foot water. Eric Kapatuluk was onboard and survived. He was holding onto a bar, his feet were in the air with the hole below him. They were upside-down, his leg broke and he was knocked out. He woke up underwater and couldnít find his release strap for his gear and crawls his way out to the back and gets caught 3 times and doesnít know which way is up. Eventually he sees light and makes it up 50 feet. 7 donít survive. Harvey Schuler trains men for this in an underwater simulator. Eric now competes to earn money for the children left behind. A couple out on a lake in Austin, Texas get too close to the dam and their boat is sucked in and swallowed under. Just weeks before 9/11, a parachutist's canopy becomes tangled on the torch of the Statue of Liberty and leaves him dangling hundreds of feet in the air. A man turns a Lincoln Continental into a rocket car and tries to jump over the St. Lawrence Seaway. Lastly, a professional surf photographer is caught in a killer wave, and captures a lot of underwater footage. 6/13/08
121 Moreton Bay, Australia 11/8/97 - a demolition team goes to blow up a gravel barge named the Enterprise to make a reef. Arie Vanderkruk wanted to see it go down, it was too old for even scrap. The four man team stays on the boat when they blow it up to make sure it sinks properly. Arie films from the tugboat behind them and was told it was safe. They use too much TNT and the cabin blows off onto the tugboat. Peter Harrison was hit by the skylight, Lex is thrown 12 feet in the air. Michael Lee didnít have enough time to inspect the ship and charges 2 levels below where they would do the most damage. They have a 15 minute window between tides, he had to do it not how he wanted to. It blows holes in the bottom and the force goes straight up and throws them. Peter survived because the light flipped over and landed on him like a tent, he broke 3 ribs and was able to crawl out. Lex broke his leg and it only took 5 minutes to sink and they had to evacuate fast. Lex died a few years later. After a helicopter crashes in Hawaii, a man named Tiny singlehandedly lifts the wreckage so rescuers can pull the pilot out; kayak rescue in France. 6/20/08
122 Aurora, OH 8/17/96 - Ray Chapman took his family to Sea World every year. Chad Chapman said it was enjoyable. Nine of them go to the Baywatch show with his wife, kids and grandkids. Janna Chapman had kids on her lap. A boat races through a guardrail and hits people at 40mph and itís caught from 3 angles. Ray was covered in blood. Jim Gorman investigated it. The boat is driven by a man underneath and the man on top is a stuntman who is supposed to jump off. Chad was hit in the head, he pushed his nieces out of the way. Jenna broke her shoulder and spleen, Ray was under her and they were both under the boat. People start lifting the boat and passed it forward. Their baby Haley was thrown. They found a pin was missing on the jetivator and the whole thing snapped off and they couldnít steer. Ray was out, then said he was OK. He cracked 4 ribs and he woke up in the hospital. Richard Terek was filming and saw the kid go in the air and was caught 2 rows back. No one died. 7/11/08
123 Kyrgzstan, Central Asia 8/8/05 - Stefan Nowak films from a helicopter 20,000 feet up. They finish filming and load the chopper full of gear to go up the mountain. There are a dozen men with 100 pounds of gear each. Charles Crawford says it was an undisciplined loading process. It was only made to hold 7000 pounds. They barely get lift and he lands and lets 4 people off including Stefan. It takes off again, the tail rotor hits the ground, flips over and the propeller blades rip off. Stefan runs over, it catches fire and fuel canisters explode. It was flying at its ceiling of 14,000 feet and couldnít get lift. Daniel Kreuzer & Manuel Heller climbed out and helped everyone out through a window. Everyone lived and wounded were airlifted out. His film inside was lost. Brentwood, TN 5/6/02 - Ricky Watson says they donít have many crimes against persons. A man with an AR15 robs a bank and gets $40,000. It is caught on tape, but the vehicle description is wrong. Officer Stephanie Bellis pulls up to traffic not knowing heís right there. He gets out of his car and opens fire at her. 7/18/08
124 St. Augustine, FL 9/14/03 - Ivan Lopez & James Carrey are firemen who go to A generator fire. Capt Sherman Missick learns it was jet drier. Philip Whitely records it. Owen Chancey says it is used to dry the road when they are paving and explains how it works. Itís made of magnesium and when it catches fire you canít put it out. A line caught fire, ignited the fuel and melted the magnesium. Itís two different fires and they need sand to put it out. The captain pulls them back, but it soon explodes in a 40 foot fireball engulfing Ivan & James. Phil was 200 feet away and it felt like he was on fire. Ivan didnít know it was bad until he saw the tape. They were behind a large road sign for protection. Minneapolis, MN 5/11/91 - a cabin cruiser with 5 people goes over St. Anthony falls and is ripped apart. 7/25/08
125 San Diego, CA 1/16/98 - Paul Makarushka films a firefighting exercise by lifeguards. The set a boat on fire to see how long it takes to put it out. Charles ĎChuckí Davey fills the boat with gasoline and lights a torch, he takes his glove off to set it, when he does the boat explodes. Tom Guldner says the gas vapors burn, not the liquid, they find enclosed spaces. The vapors went through the boards underneath. His gear weighed 60 pounds and he was thrown 3 feet in the air. Itís a floating bomb. Paul thought he couldnít survive. His partner speeds up in a boat and Chuck just jumps into the water and they pick him up. His only problem was burns to his exposed hand. The floorboard blew up and protected him. They do not use accelerants to start fires any more, itís now a training tape. Andover, KS 4/26/91 - a news crew goes out to film a tornado and comes right at them. Gregg Jarrett is driving and canít outrun it. Ted Lewis was the cameraman and said to go under the overpass. 8/8/08
126 Hennessey, OK 5/24/08 - Mike Gilbert (20) works at the Sea pig farm when a massive tornado hits it. Mason Dunn films it from a helicopter while 12 more form from the storm. Jack Quirk films it from the ground as it rips the farm up and spins it around. Stacy Cline lived next door and took pictures. Joe Popplewell works at the farm, but was 3 miles away. Two miles away the helicopter gets pulled towards it. All buildings were ripped up except for 2 silos in the middle. 6 employees emerge from the rubble. They hid inside the office bathroom. None of the pigs were pulled out and none were hurt. San Francisco, CA 10/14/02 - Paul McDonnell is a deaf motorcycle rider. Vince Lamarache is his friend and said he was amazing with it. 8/15/08
127 St. Augustine, FL 3/26/85 - Ray Ashton though it was a slim to none chance of working. Scott Gordon flies a Piper Turbo Arrow and 1 wheel wonít come down. He calls Joe Lippo and Jim Mosier about it. They fly up to look at it and see it wonít drop. He does a freefall drop and it gets stuck. Phillip Whitley films as they get a truck with a flatbed so he can land the wing on it. The truck isnít fast enough to mirror it so they use Jimís Audi to go fast and Jim reaches out the sunroof to grab the wheel. It doesnít work, they try again and he canít get it to move and yanks and it goes down. A bolt in the bracket came loose and wouldnít open. Scott saw Joe sticking out and knew lives were at stake. Joe never met Scott before he landed. Honolulu, HI 8/20/94 - a Circus International African elephant goes on a rampage. 8/22/08
128 Fullerton, CA 9/25/04 Ė Tony Albanese works as an airplane mechanic. Kris Larson says he always helped people out. On airport day 14 people are going to ride a replica of a 1930s Ford Trimotor plane. Gary Decker films it. It goes right for the crowd, barely gets lift, then makes a tight turn, slams into the ground head first and breaks up. Tony is inside with the pilot checking the engines before they could take passengers. Gary ran for it and a security camera catches the takeoff. A propeller is thrown off, it catches fire and hits a car with 2 women inside. Bill Griggs says he shouldíve aborted the takeoff. The gust lock hadnít been removed prior to takeoff, so he had no rudder control. Kris ran over and saw Tonyís leg sticking out and they pulled him out. His face was bloody and burned. He was in an induced coma a month for the burns, lost 4 fingers and his spinal cord was severed. He couldnít fly again, so they had to get a special Sky Arrow plane without foot rudders for him. Heís not mad at the pilot for screwing up. Salt Lake City, UT 12/13/03 Ė Kevin Garvoille (20) hit black ice going 55mph and flipped his truck into the median. Cops are on scene. Sgt. Clay Morgan thought there was no problems. Kevin went in to get his license and was hit by a van towing a trailer coming from the other side sliding and flipping over 100 yards. Cops ran for it as debris rained down around them. The van had 8 members of a band called Bleeding Through. Brandan Schieppeti was in the van. They saw the accident, said what was that and they lost it. Marta the keyboardist said it couldíve gone a lot different if they didnít hit the van. It stopped them from rolling over into opposite traffic. Kevin heard the cops say another was coming in and he got a death grip on the seat and after just popped out with his paperwork uninjured. 8/29/08
129 Fort Campbell, KY 6/18/96 - an army assault battalion are training on Blackhawk Helicopters rescuing a man from a downed chopper. Col Bill Odom says they turned and dropped. They fast rope train to drop out to the ground. Lt. Patrick Zelley and Sgt Maj Tony James were in the front. They fire real bullets at them. Monica Safko was allowed to be there to watch. Larry Safko was let forward to take pictures. The two choppers get too close and the blades hit each other. One tail rips off and they fall 60 feet to the ground. Each has 15 men. There was smoke and possibly could explode. Everyone runs over to help. Some got out, then helped. One man carries another out. Larry shows them how to roll people onto the boards in case of back injuries. 6 men were killed. Bill says nothing could make up for it, but the rescue was great. Tony says he saw it, thought it was close and it hit. There was no reaction time. Both guys on either side of him died. Patrick doesnít remember much, but recovered. He owes it to them to be a better person. It made new safety rules for distance. North Hollywood, CA 2/28/97 Ė Bank of America shootout. Lt. Michael Ranshaw says it was like a jackhammer, you could feel it. Glynn Martin says it was a viable enemy for the military. They had guns that could kill at 600 yards, it went through poles, concrete and cars. Greg Mayer says they were coming at them many rounds per second and all they had were handguns. 9 cops were down, 2 civilian. Twonja Bellard the dispatcher says she wanted to get Martin Whitfield help. Kim Whitfield says she was told she might not recognize him. They are told to take the shot if they have it. Thereís nothing they have that can stop them. Officers kept going down. Larry Phillips & Emil took over. They have a museum with artifacts now. They had watches over their gloves to be out in 8 minutes. They hadnít counted on being spotted. They show their armor and guns. Larry had 43 pounds of body armor he made himself from top to bottom. They show one of the cars that was shot up with huge holes in them from armor round. Martin was hit 4 times and lost half his blood. They needed to get to him, but everyone was pinned down. Kim heard it over the police scanner to train for dispatcher. She heard him say he was dying and she put the TV on and screamed. Jorge Viera says it was like a movie and he was ducking. When the police say they canít do anything who can? #129. 9/5/08
130 Paris, TX 6/29/08 - Firemen Ryan Bergman, Drew Boren & Billy Hargis go to a fire. Ken Wimble films the old Dixon furniture building when is goes up. The front of the building starts to come down, then more of it. They want to stop it from spreading. Firemen are told to move to the other side, then the whole building blows out. Deputy Jerry Horton says the backdraft meant people would be hurt. The three men were knocked down, but only Drew didnít get up. Corey Johnson rescued him. Drew was hit by glass, everything was flying by him, but he only had minor injuries. They train to hit it from an angle and it saved them. Manning, SC 11/18/96 - Chief Randy Garrett chases a car that is rammed into a gas pump. It catches fire right next to a school. He thought it was over after he hit the spikes and went offroad. Sgt. Elms comes around and pins him to the pump. A 10 year old girl is in the gas station store nearby. They try to get the guy out of the fiery car and he wonít go. Sgt. Elms has a heart attack. Donna Prothro evacuates the dance school behind them. She goes for Camlin Martin in the store. Paramedics take Elms away and Randy pushes the suspect out of the fire with Elms car. He tries to run, they surround him and break him out. Cam was in shock when she was running and cried when she went to safety. The suspect was off his meds. Elms died a few years later. 9/12/08
131 Tacoma, WA 10/6/07 - a truck transferring 8000 gallons of liquid propane breaks a line and causes an eruption, then a huge fire. Steve Lawson was talking to his wife Carla on the phone who was nearby. FD Lee Britt says the driver knew it failed and tried to get in the cab to turn it off. The valve failed and the propane drifted to a furnace and blew up. Huge tank valves were shooting flames 75 feet. Mike Mitchell says they were yelling because of the noise. Lt. Chris Perry said to get back over 2000 feet. Flames are near the Hwy 16 overpass as cars were going by. Josh Enlow describes the fireball. They get a call that it was a Blevi and men were thrown. They were hiding under a bridge. The wheels on their truck shot off. Carla was going by and the car was hot. Firemen work on it and find the driver hunkered in a shed 2 hours later. He died 4 days later. The tanker was flattened. Manchester, SD 6/24/03 - Jim Bishop films a monster F4 tornado that hits the town. Vernon & Pat Ferguson are in a house that is shredded. Itís slow moving and destructive. Jay Trobec says it was a mile wide with 250mph winds. Within minutes the town is gone. Tim Samaras places probes in front of the storm and gets out. He goes back and finds the probes intact. It turned out to have a record millibar drop to 100. Scott Meyers went in to rescue people. Vernon & Pat hid in their bathtub and survived as the house was torn apart. Pieces of cars flew through and deer were skinned. 9/19/08
132 Houston, TX 2/11/07 - Bryan Barboza films a car crash on the freeway. Brandon Compton was with him. They saw the car catch fire and there is a woman hanging out the window. They were coming home from Mardi Grad and taping it. Natalie Plazibatís car died in the middle of the freeway and she was rammed and her head is hanging out the back and sheís lifeless. They donít want to move her because of neck injuries, but the car was on fire. They drag her away in case it blows up, then the car is engulfed in flames and the tires blow up. The couple that hit her car is behind them. The wife is OK, but the husband is hunched over and trapped. They yank him out. Nat survived, she has bleeding the brain, fractured ribs and spine injuries, her ID was burned and people didnít know who she was. She gave her fianceís name Michael Epperley and he finds her. A year later she meets Brandon for the first time on camera. She asks why he stopped. He couldnít leave her there and watch her die. USS Enterprise, Pacific Ocean 1/14/69 - Michael Carlin was on deck when bombs started exploding. The roar of the fire was devastating. Capt Harris Sperling pulled his destroyer next to them to help. Henry Mendoza canít describe the fear. He felt the heat and went down and didnít know where it came from. There was a wall of fire and people running on fire. An F4 Phantom was being prepped, a huffer was starting the engines, but the exhaust from it set off a rocket on the plane. Henryís leg was severed. Jim Helton was in charge of fighting fires. They cooled down the bombs so they wouldnít blow up. Mike Neville had them take bombs off and dumped them into the sea. Then a 500 pound bomb detonated and went through the deck. Mike was thrown and people died 4 decks below. They ran out of water. Henry was bandaged and moved, then a monster explosion hit and the smoke knocked out the view. Sperlingís boat started pelting it with their hoses. Henry was given last rites and he told the chaplain he wasnít going to die. The fire went on for 3 hours. 15 planes are wrecked on deck and pushed over unless they are melted to deck. 28 died, 300 injured. 9/26/08
133 Rochester, NH 1/11/00 - a family is trapped in a fire on a third floor house. Donald Penney never saw anything like it. Derek Peters said it was hot. Glen LaCrosse thought his daughter was dead. Glen woke up with the house on fire and went downstairs and couldnít see anything until firefighters found him. His wife Julie was hanging out the window saying her kids were trapped. The fire doubles in size every minute. Mark Avery knew there was a job to do. They couldnít see anything inside. Ava, 3 was in one room, baby Ben is in a crib. Dominick Bellio was reaching along and found the crib and handed him out the window. There was a security gate they had to move to get across the hall. They find her body on the floor and carry her down and she was out cold. They were screaming for her. They had a bag to breathe for her. Avaline LaCrosse 7 years later is OK. She was on a hyperbaric chamber. Punta Gorda, FL 6/28/02 - CW Lehew & Jim Moss men are working on the 500 foot Hendrickson dam removing debris when they slip off, but are attached to a cable by tethers. Brian Fuller says they were stable. One has a rope around his neck. 90 minutes later the coast guard arrives. John Rice is lowered to them. A rescue boat didnít work. John went into the water and had to cut the rope from CWís neck. He wrapped his legs around him and lifted him out. Jim disappeared when he went back. He then grabbed Johnís arm and he pulled him out. Nova Scotia, Canada 7/31/80. 10/3/08

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