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Season 1

This half hour truTV series is the opposite of Beach Patrol. Follow the men and women who work the slopes in some of the most extreme environments in the country. As cameras follow their every move, they fight avalanches, perform daring rescues and keep their eyes on unruly mountain-goers looking to party on the slopes. It's high-altitude action, excitement and adventure everyday.

 Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Falling Hard - Crystal Mountain, WA - Chris Morin says there is an avalanche on the blvd, the only way in. Chris Petry says they had 500 inches of show this year. Brooks Werner says itís dangerous and the worst call. Reider Johnson (14) punctured his throat with a pole. Christina Von Mertens saw him go down. He tried to do a 720 and knocked his head back when he landed on his pole. Devin Platt says itís Code 1, the worst. Itís the south back country a mile away. They have to bring a backboard and oxygen. The snow is covered in blood, heís not responsive and had a seizure. Steve Johnson his dad was found and told. They have to ski him down to the base and his vitals are going down. Kevin McKinzey goes to Amy who shattered her wrist snowboarding. Corey Meador goes to toboggan her out. She was with her boyfriend who left her behind. Reider has to be flown out to Seattle and he canít move his feet, but the chopper canít get in because of bad weather. The avalanche has buried the road under 9 feet of snow 50 feet wide. They need a bulldozer to clear it. Reider wakes up but doesnít know his name. They drive him to Greenwater and fly him from there. Liam OíSullivan & Tino Villanueva put up new signs. Forest McBrian sends them to a snowboard accident. Diana (54) was taking lessons and wiped out on her ankle, she curses and jokes about it. Jeff Henderson works on her and she needs shocks on it. Her ankle is broken and swelled bad. Michel Longstreth says she should be pain, but is in shock. They put a cast on her and she says sheíll be back. Reider built an illegal jump and they dig it up. Craig Wilson says if you are a patroller and you fall they call Auger and you wear a wood necklace and pass it on to the next one who falls, whomever has it on payday has to buy drinks. He lost, but they got word Reider is going to make it. 10/20/08
102 Air Raid - Michelle says they have paraskiing now. Luke Aikins says they go up on a chute and fly 60mph through gates. They watch for them to fall, most are parachuters, but not skiers. One guy goes down and says his ankle hurts. Devin goes to Green Valley for a snowboard accident. Justin M did a jump, flipped over and landed on his head in the ice. He canít breathe, his back hurts and he's bleeding in one eye. They think he broke his spine. Magoo Run has 2 teens making an illegal jump. Forest tells them to take it down and they curse at hhm. If they don't they'll lose their tickets. It's 4 feet high and serious. They ask why he has to be such a dick. Itís his job. They canít have regular people jumping it. They are all mad they are like cops. Chris was buried alive in an avalanche in 2007. 10/20/08
103 Rough Start - Lucky Shot Trail - Andrew Longstreth says two guys went flying by on snowboards on the beginners trail, one is wearing a blue toga. He tells him they are too fast. They say they paid for their tickets and are just having fun. No one should be at the bottom of a jump anyway. He wants to see their tickets. They say whatever man, if you can catch us. He radios down to the guys on the bottom to grab them. He says they werenít going fast. You are done for the day. The say one more run. If you keep pushing youíll be done for a week. Liam OíSullivan goes on a lift to a head injury call, but canít find them. Ben went right by her. Andrew goes down, supposed to be a 14 year old girl. Jackie Dalton fell over and the ski hit her in the back of the head cutting it open. They are high up, itís slow going and the visibility is low, it will take a long time to get down. 10/27/08
104 Speed Demon - Jackís Summit - Chris Petry sleeps there and wakes up checking things out. They got 10 inches of snow overnight, itís 5 below. Chris Morin goes to a collision. Russell has a head injury. Kim Rausch says he needs oxygen. His vitals are low and he needs to be stabilized. The woman he hit, Kaley, hurt her knee and back. He doesnít remember what happened to him. Jeff Henderson needs information. His brother Ryan says they hit, he fell and she slid down. He wasnít responsive for a minute. Mike Roley says thatís not a good sign, could be a brain injury. Itís a long drive to the hospital and he needs to be stable. His brother thinks heís doing better now, they saved his life. 10/27/08
105 Chairway to Heaven - Blue Mountain - It's Mike Leddy & Joe Urbansí first day and they are excited. 2 minutes after opening Judy Arnold goes to a call of a guy with a major head bleed. He says a girl hit him. He asks if itís OK, itís not stopping. He needs to go to the hospital. The girl is freaking out who hit him. He says itís 2 stitches, not really dizzy. Ed Kupillas says there is electrical problems with the Comet Lift chairs. They have to switch to another. Jim Dailey says theyíll have to do rescues for those trapped up there. Mike says you canít expect anything in return from this job but satisfaction. On a lift a girl says sheís freezing, are we stuck? Sheís freaking out and scared. They have to shoot lines up over the cables. Mike & Joe ski their first person down. They were going a bit fast for the ice. 11/5/08
106 Need for Speed - Snowcats groom the slops at midday. Everyone waits for them to pass and then goes at once. Robin Carosella talks to Ryan, he lost his 18 year old girlfriend Sue Green on the trail. She was in all green. They do a preliminary hasty search and canít find her. Sheís been missing for 2 hours and called that she was hurt, must be off the trail. Brenda Richards is in charge of K-9s. They go out and scout off the trails. They find her off Lazy Mile and sheís out cold after hitting a tree. They have to take her down to a helicopter. She needs a bag valve mask to breathe. They are worried Ryan will pass out. Sheís airlifted out with a head trauma and needs 8 weeks to recover. They are out slowing people down because itís crowded. A snowboarder is stopped and doesnít think he should be sent home since he stopped. Ed says the big problem is people out of control who donít know what they are doing and reckless people who go too fast. 11/5/08
107 The Final Test - Blue Mountain, PA - First Aid Training - itís the final toboggan test, if they fail they arenít going to make it to patrol. Allan Blanchard is working with his daughter Jenna Blanchard who is taking the test. They have to train with a victim and itís a lot of work. Brian Joho got engaged to someone who didnít ski, so she joined him. Brian Hohenshilt goes to an injured skier who is the daughter of a person there. Indiana screams she canít feel her foot, her leg hurts, sheís in pain. They get a call of man on Paradise with a crossbow. Then they hear itís a bow and arrow. Steve Hopstock goes over Jennaís vest and how to pack it. She wants to be a doctor. He says triple pack and it wonít bend. They bring Indiana down and pull her boot off and she howls. Mike Leddy says he foot might be broken. Glenn Amey finds a backpack with an arrow. They say their college brought a deer mascot and the opposing team shot at it. Jim Dailey says Jenna was doing tricks, if she gets hurt, no test. Sheís bruised from it. Zach & Scott LaBarre are a father and son team. Zach goes to a guy who twisted his knee. They find the guy with the boy coming off the ski lift. He asks whatís the problem. They have him take the backpack off and he has booze on him. He says itís a prank. No alcohol allowed, he has to pour it out. They are kicked off, but they donít understand, it was a joke. 11/12/08
108 The Great Chase - Blue Mountain, PA - Jim Dailey says they average 300,000 skiers a year. They are the first and last down the mountain. Jim Feeney & Ted do a speed trap. Top Shack - Josh & Courtney Seremula are watching the bad weather for accidents. They get an accident call on Lazy Mile. Tommy, a 14 year old boy broke his leg, itís turned the wrong way and heís in pain. He wants them to take the boot off, but they canít. Kevin Sutjak calls a helicopter. Jim stops a speeder, he says he was killing it dog, like sick. He is getting a ticket warning for the rest, because heís speeding on a beginner slope. He wants black diamond, but it was closed, he was born to speed. Tommy is brought down, they take the boot off, heís skied before. Brian Joho says it was a boot top injury, the ski blades make it a common injury. Ted Catranis is out slowing people down. There are kids with leashes. He whistles a guy, they keep going, then Jim gets them. He stops the guy in red who was with the guy in black before who got a ticket. He doesnít want any part of it. He starts flipping out, he just got out of prison 2 weeks ago, he doesnít want to go back, he canít afford this. They are from Philly and are mad. They just like to go fast. They punch their tickets as a warning. 11/12/08
109 Who are You? - Blue Mountain, PA - Brain Joho gets to paid to ski the first run and can't believe it. Jenna Blancahrd says itís like a big family. Courtneyís parents both work there. Josh Wetzel says they work together and date, only time they see each other. Chris dislocates his shoulder, heís in pain, needs oxygen. His brother tells his parents who donít believe him. They tell the parents heís bad and needs to go to the hospital, but needs his parents approval. His dad wonít give it yet. The doctors want them to go, if it was their kid they would. Allan Blanchard says lots of guys are interested in Jenna. They trick her into coming to rescue them and are better when she shows up. The dad finally allows his son to go to the hospital. He broke his clavical. Mitchell (17) smacks his head while snowboarding. Linda Jones says he has a head injury. He doesnít know where he is or the year. They keep him straight and brace his head. He asks how he got there. They load him up for he ambulance. He had a concussion. Sam Strohl is stopped for speeding by Jim Dailey. 11/19/08
110 Panic at the Ski Slope - Blue Mountain, PA - Jim briefs them, itís sunny, will be their last run. Brian Hohenshilt is out there for beginners. A girl on Burma freaks out and doesnít want to move up or down. Sheís having a panic attack and is shaking, sheís scared to even take the snowmobile because it might fall. She closed her eyes on the lift and saw the view going down. She thinks the snowmobile will tip, they say it's very sturdy and to close your eyes again and she does. Zach Labarre has wasps at the shack. Steve Hopstock calls him a wimp when they spray and set fire to the nest. He didnít think it was flammable. It's right on the can. Claire a 12 year old girl got lost from her group. Dad is worried. Bobbi Fluer is checking the lifts. She came into the ticket officer saying she was lost. A mom falls while snowboarding and breaks her arm. Her son takes pictures. She went off a rail and fell off a jump when she celebrated. Her sons are only worried about going home. 11/19/08
111 Downed Beginner - Crystal Mountain - Kevin McKinzey leaves the season early to farm. Green Valley - Brooks Werner & Chris go to a bad accident call. Johnny, a beginner went down the most difficult trail and hit a rock off a 15 foot jump. He had to go past many warnings to reach the cliff. Christina Von Mertens reaches Johnny. Heís done, not responding and there is a blood trail. His friend is with him and they have him block traffic. He lacerated his butt and they need a helicopter. They give him oxygen and work on him. Dan Harrington goes to an accident. Aaron Mainer brings the tobaggan. 90% of these calls are knee and wrist injuries. Scottís friends told him to learn he had to go on the tough slope. They laugh and take pictures of him and leave him. Johnny - Chris Petry says itís a lot of blood, 8 inch wound. Chris Morin is worried about his spine and hooks him to a snowmobile. Itís a severe wound. Andrew Longstreth says he lost a lot of blood, have to wrap him up warm, need all the medications they can. They drive him to the chopper. Powder Skiing Competition - Seth Waterfall does powder 8s with a partner. Kim Kircher says it takes a lot of teamwork. Lots of patrollers do it do raise money for rescue dogs. Devin Platt & Seth go on huge jumps. Dougís 7 year kid does it. Dan & Tino Villanueva do huge 8s to impress the crowd. The kids win. Iceberg trail - Kim got stuck in the snow and flipped over. Anne Keller says her knee popped. The snow is melted and she sank. Her husband led her down the wrong hill. They have to lead her down a 2000 foot steep hill on slush. Itís tough on the legs braking most of the way. Kim felt like an idiot going down the hill she shouldnít have and thought she would get a lecture. Kevin is leaving to go to Idaho. Craig Wilson says ití sad. Liam OíSullivan says heís 33, the old man. They take him to a bar. 11/26/08
112 Break a Leg - Kim Kircher says they go out to check the ropes and look for hazards to start the day. Chris Petry meets the Birdman, heís a regular and one of their best skiers out there. They go down together on a crazy run. Half the time you donít know what heís saying. Chris gets the call of a girl Elizabeth (10) that was hit by a snowboarder. Sheís OK, says her head hurts. Andrew L works on her, gives her oxygen. Her mom says at least sheís alive and aware. Rich Starrett is looking for the boarder. He said he was going for help, but didnít. He has light brown hair and a green helmet. Christina looks in the lodge for him. They bring her down. Devin Platt is searching high for him. Liz doesnít want a shot. Cory Meador says it might be a concussion, not just a bump. She didnít get up right away, was lying down. Jesse Mears & Curt Osland go to Winny who twisted her knee. Her friend laughs and takes pictures. It was her fault taking her down a run she wasnít able to do. Brooks Werner comes down and Christina is there with a guy who looks like the hit & run snowboarder. He admits he did it, thought she was OK. They say itís just like hitting a car. He says itís lame. They ban him from the mountain permanently. Andy Steiner patrols on a snowboard and he says the older guys give him crap. Chris Petry says he thinks he can run faster than them. Heíll take the challenge. Mrs. Longstreth says heís like a cute 12 year old. Isaiah goes down on a snowboard, tries to miss others and wipes out. The people with him keep going. They have to put a splint on him and wrap him up. Andrew Longstreth & Doug work on him. Heís claustrophobic and itís a problem. They take him down where Eric is waiting for him. He waited for him and thought he passed him. They want him to go to the hospital. Chrisís band Bits of Knowledge plays at night. Jeff Henderson says itís fun. 11/26/08

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